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Anon 07/01/2021 (Thu) 13:28:02 No.5202
hello comfy, any one here knows about practicing programming? Like practice optimizing your codes and stuffs like that but i feel like i could never know the best code and thinks like that...
>>5202 There are various sites that present programming challenges, and you can submit your own code and at least get a basic grade pass/fail on your work.
>>5203 wow, this place is sloowwww >programming challenges wow i forgot this exists! Man, thanks alot. Any place you usually frequent? >in general whtt if i dont wanna use those internets? how should i come up with my own challenges and solutions? This seems like a forward thinking stuff...not like daily jobs....
>>5204 Well it's kind of hard to just give you a simple answer to your questions Anon, not really knowing anything about your experience or abilities. I don't really frequent these kinds of things myself today, I focus more on learning from highly-experienced developers in the areas I'm interested in. However, I don't think that's exactly the same as what I think I hear you asking. I personally subscribe to the Go big, or go home philosophy of life. So I tackle something that so obviously out of my depth that it will be a literal miracle by God's grace when we actually pull it off. That's how I 'challenge' myself in this kind of thing. I think you'll probably need to figure out your own way towards that in your own life Anon. Good luck with it.
>>5205 i recall that. It used to be a popular mantra. As of highly experienced developer well, thats out of my reach unfortunately. So kind of only make do with what i have. But i get what you mean. Thanks, i ll keep them in mind.
>>5206 >thats out of my reach unfortunately Not really, there are plenty of conference & other training materials and talks available online. Just look around on youtube, etc.
>>5208 hmmmm, never saw some people's conference. that's to be expected. cheers. i got some idea now. thx
>>5202 What I did to practice programming when I was starting out was contributing to random projects on Github. People are usually nice and willing to help when you need some
>>5213 How do you contribute to a project as just some rando on the internet?
>>5214 Find a project that accepts pull requests, fix a bug in their project, then submit a pull request. Simple as.
>>5213 >>5215 Seconding this. It's especially satisfying to have a patch accepted in a program you use. Even large projects often have bugs that are too niche for the core developers to spend time working. Just check the issue tracker and work on something, or even better fix an issue that annoys you personally.

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