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Open file (542.36 KB 1024x702 ClipboardImage.png)
daily checkpoint Anon 06/04/2021 (Fri) 20:07:23 No.4977
what did you do today? and how was your today? and date
>>4977 Dataminer-kun, woodn't it just make things simpler for eberryone if we all just gave you a DNA sample, retina scan, and fingerprints? None of this mucking about with inferences & speculations, yea?
>>4978 wtf you are saying?
>>4978 People are allowed to ask how your day was on /comfy/.
>>4981 Heh, fair enough. But >'and date' begs the question, does it not? Surely we should kindly provide GPS coordinates to the OP along with those dates, yea?
Open file (64.81 KB 512x512 export-mazafatidate.jpg)
>>4989 If OP wants some fresh dates, that's understandable.
I've been thinking about death all day. I'm still exactly where I started, we really have no idea about the subject.
>>4992 We know that we're all gonna find out.
>>4977 Today I ran my online tabletop game. 4 out of 6 players showed up. After the game we went our seperate ways. I spoke to my parents, anons on imageboards, and other people on Discord but I still feel unsatisfied. Years ago, after working on some club activity, a bunch of us wood go to a diner shoot the caca, eat, and relax. We don't have this here anymore. I want to do a casual social activity after an 'event' social activity. I find myself watching anime where the characters hang out with each other and podcasts where the hosts act like my friends to substitute my own lack of deep relationships.
>>5064 I know this feeling I used to have a best friend but he moved on after college, I mean I still talk to him but he's kind of busy with his own life and i can't blame him. I don't really like talking about my friendships on /v/ or /b/ because those autist thinks it's gay to have a best friend, I don't want to get bullied and get too many (you)'s
>>4977 Pretty decent. Left my gf place after a cosy night together. The England - Scotland game was a bit of disappointing though, but I did cook some tasty burgers with perfectly seasoned chips. Went for a run this morning and felt pretty good. Gonna have to clean my suit for a nice dinner this week so wish me luck with that anon
Open file (1.21 MB 2136x2248 E38xocuX0AcXiHO.jpg)
>>4977 a lot of lust on the mind (due to a new lust provoking friend) but coming here has calmed me down. i've been playing a lot of vidya lately but theres a lot of other stuff i need to do to make sure my future is well rounded. i might try to get back into checklists to get things done. lets hope for the best!
>>5130 In last 2 weeks i got more text notifications from one random youtuber than i got from eberryone else combined, i don't know what to feel.
>>5132 are you close to them as a fren or have you only recently started talking to them?
>>5143 neither, he just responds to most of his commenters.
Open file (92.90 KB 599x370 1620064446356.jpg)
how the FUCK do i get a job LOL
>>5154 if you're in america there has never been an easier time to get a job. the pay is better than it has been for years, too (relatively speaking). there is no excuse for you to not be able to get SOMETHING. simply read a bunch of resume templates, make something similar, and apply. if you're applying to a retail store, you will probably not even need a resume, and will simply fill out an online application and potentially take a psychological profiling test. of course this sucks, but this is how you get a job. go for a nice walk and think about it, then tell yourself you'll take the first step when you get back.
Open file (63.60 KB 657x527 calmness.png)
>>4977 Cookenings some pidza right now. Was bretty gud tbh. Scheduled some doctor visits too. Also cleaned my room after making a raly bad mess. Also played some vidya. Day was ok
>>5155 Not him, but thanks for the good advice Anon.
Get got
Pored over the design doc/checklist for this shmup project just to check off stuff I've finished since the last time I touched it. Then tried to think up some more enemies because I only have a handful so far (outside of boss ideas). Berry slow progress but it's progress nonetheless. Better than going days without doing anything, or working like a dog several days in a row and burning out.
>woke up >drank tea >made mac and cheese >made pancakes >listened to podcasts >posted on forums >got upset on the internet >listened to music >feel better now
Was far too lazy at work because my current project's the kind that has too little funding and time to actually get something worthwhile out of it. I'm best when I'm juggling multiple things at once because if I get too stressed out at one job I just move on to the next. The chicken I cooked was nice. Now I'm trying hard not to look at lewd things because I'm sick of going to confession for the same reason eberry week.
Went to work. Came home, read some recently purchased manga (Machimaho: I Turned The Wrong Person Into A Magical Girl). Spent an hour or 2 on various imageboards. Currently listening to some sweet synthwave.
Except work I don't have much motivation these days. I want to do things like biking or hiking but I woke up too late (nightworking), so I want to go to dance, drink beer and listen music but COVID has ruined the vibe for the moment... So I spent the little part of the day on the computer, go to work, sleep and repeat. I know it's just a phase so it's ok.
>>4977 Watched the little ones for several hours. It was a good day, for a day of babysitting.
>>4977 nothing important except work
Open file (242.42 KB 1200x859 1629068165032.jpg)
I got up about an hour ago. Took meds. Funposting and cacaposting afterwards. Will probably continue this the rest of the day. Need more webms and mp4s.
>>5479 I have collected enough mp4s and webms for the time being thanks to the webring.
Open file (2.85 MB 1920x1080 potato_gondola__.webm)
>made green chai and plum rice porridge >watched a comfy show set in the countryside >hot shower with the window open , I can already feel the coming Autumn breeze, wave at neighbour >get in bed, with my librebooted thinkpad >Thinklight on, dim the brightness, adjust the screen temperature >turn on a dim warm table lamp, in the corner >put on Hakumei to Mikochi OST >it rains while I read and browse the interwebz One of the comfiest evenings that I had recently. How was yours, Anon?
>>5535 Watched a livestream of the first season of Spice And Wolf with several others. Different from most of what I do all day.
I'm getting ready for some guitar practice. I'm trying to learn tremolo picking.
Yesterday I dentist. Today I physical therapy.
i bought some nice books
Worked a bit on my neocities css and also made a super simple markdown parser in lua for fun.
Fell asleep at 5:30pm and woke up around 12:30am. Oh boy.
No one on this forum cares about you.
>>5688 WRONG. We all care about eberryone else in the world. Deeply so. Just not you. Truth be told, you are literally the only person in the entire world we don't care about. Bad things happened to you today? LOL TL;DR It must be a sad, strange existence for such a sad, strange little man as you are. Regardless, farewell.
everyone cares about Anon
Struggled to get out of bed, posted here and elsewhere, still dark out.
managed to come to class, not sure how the rest of the day will fare, probably won't do much after getting home

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