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Open file (1.43 MB 2560x1440 hammock.jpg)
Anon 05/27/2021 (Thu) 21:58:02 No.4886
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #5 Sunshine edition Previous: >>3183
Open file (241.14 KB 1024x659 rocks_maud.png)
I drank a beer for the first time in my life, i hated it but drank till the end because it was the most expensive drink i have ever bought. Here is a poet about stones.
>>4888 I've never drank a beer in my entire life. My dad said I could drink one once when I was a teenager, but I didn't like the smell of alcohol so didn't drink it.
>>4889 I've never had any either. I've just never had an interest in trying it. On top of that, I don't see positive coming out of me getting into it. I think I might have had an alcoholic drink before at a family gathering, but if so there wasn't enough alcohol in it for me to notice. I'm really a complete teetotaler as far as alcohol is concerned.
How are you doing /comfy/? Life's treating you badly? Rest assured it gets better. Most of the time
Open file (501.84 KB 1792x1200 SakeContainers.jpg)
Open file (454.07 KB 1000x1000 Goldwasser_likier_0,5l.jpg)
Open file (38.04 KB 464x588 Preparing_absinthe.jpg)
Open file (79.93 KB 681x1024 Tequila_Sunrise_glass.jpg)
>>4889 >>4891 I've never drank alcohol and I really have no desire to, I do oddly enough find the concept of making alcohol to be really interesting. There's so many different variations.
It's good to avoid alcohol. Way overrated at best and dangerous at worst. I'm convinced people only like beer because they think they're supposed to.
>>4888 >>4889 >>4891 As someone who likes his drinks, I cannot understand how people drink beer. The only way I can drink it is mixed with lemonade, but I'd never choose to drink it over something else. I drink for the taste and to get drunk, and beer does neither. While we're on the subject what are people favourite beverages? I usually drink my coffee black but with milk and a bit brown sugar it's a great comfy drink.
>>4897 what yould you recommend for someone that tried beer and didn't like it, i like the idea of "drink that makes you think less" but beer tastes horrible. I want something that actually tastes good. I drink coffee for caffeine usually soo half a big spoon of nescafe gold with milk full milk, i don't use water in coffee.
Huuh, did we always have captcha enabled on here?
>thread #5 >coming up to 5000 posts COMFY BIG COMFY STRONG
>>4896 >I'm convinced people only like beer because they think they're supposed to. I think a lot of people like getting drunk as way to escape their lives.
>>4900 I think it's a 24-hour captcha.
>>4902 Yeah but they like being drunk. They don't like beer.
>>4899 Cider is good, good for "I want a nice drink but not get too drunk" at a gathering. Strong cider for some reason always get me drunk pretty quick and a good drunk, my current go to since it's cheap. Mixing drinks is also nice, cheap lemonade or coke with whiskey or rum is what I did for a while. Other good liquor mixed is berry nice. It's up to you to try it and experiment, but do be cautious, it became a habit for me during lockdown last year, one that I kicked. Now I only drink Friday or Saturday nights. >>4902 I just like feeling of it, although some people definitely use it as escapism.
>>4904 I like being drunk and I really dislike beer, it fills you and makes you feel uncomfy.
>>4908 Hi!
Open file (152.58 KB 600x684 1421728375604.png)
Open file (369.25 KB 1000x590 fluttershy_reply.gif)
>>4910 hi!1!
>>4908 hallo!
I have posted
>>4914 You have posted!
>>4911 hows it going anonn?
Open file (202.77 KB 1024x768 1470934738804-3.png)
>>4886 Someone mentioned that they liked rain, and another said they didn't. I believe that was on this board, but I searched the catalogue and cannot seem to find them. Does anyone know what I'm talking about that can point me to the thread? Thanks.
>>4919 I don't, but I do know that the robowaifuists have created a tool called Waifusearch they can use to search their own board. Since /comfy/ is a compatible board type, it's doable that you could set up a search system and find it, if it really matters to you Anon.
Open file (76.81 KB 800x859 Teagan.jpg)
>>4920 I guess it doesn't really, but this is a neat tool, thank you for sharing it.
Open file (1.13 MB 1009x1061 rain is not comfy.png)
>>4919 I'm the rain disliker, I dislike rain.
>>4919 I live in a semi- tropical climate and I used to work outside with my dad. I never liked the heat because sweet gets in your eyes and misquotes and other bugs just eat you up, when I worked outside I learned to love the rain because it cools you down, it feels berry great on my skin. When it's hot and sunny even if I could get under the shade it wood uncomfy especially when there is no wind, plus all the times when my a/c broke, makes me appreciate the rain. If I lived by self I wood travel north somewhere cool and comfy, the hot weather isn't berry comfy
>>4923 The north can be pretty comfy, but from what I understand, they can get pretty uncomfy with having snow and cold weather for four to six months of the year. Still, I find cooler weather to be superior to warm weather.
Open file (13.24 KB 640x640 squilliam flat 1.png)
Open file (6.16 KB 640x640 squilliamF.png)
Open file (10.50 KB 640x640 squilliamM.png)
The /v/ is in dire need of Squilliams. Are you a bad enough dude to make your own and post it for the compilation?
>>4931 All /v/s are trash. Sorry nothing.
>>4895 nice bottle, the Goldwasser.
>>4888 >>4889 >>4891 >>4895 >>4896 >>4897 >>4899 >>4902 >>4904 >>4905 >>4906 generally i don't drink alcoholic drinks as they made my head feels heavy and so drowsy. but a sip or two while chilling with people i know is Ok.
starting to not like the meta board. Berry bad place. Ill just stay here, here its nice and comfy.
Open file (25.48 KB 639x641 amongus.png)
>>4931 SUS?
>>4951 Nice.
I have exited Cooking Mode and am now ready to activate Eating Mode.
>>4982 You're not a bot, fren.
>>4982 >>4983 >"The danger of computers becoming like humans is not as great as the danger of humans becoming like computers." >t. Konrad Zuse
>>4983 >>4985 Robots don't have an eating mode though.
Open file (102.45 KB 498x544 disgusted_doll.png)
>>4986 >not drinking tea with your robowaifu >not slurping noodles with her >not grokking the mysteries of robowaifus
>>4987 No I'm not gonna marry a computer. Computers are stoopy.
Open file (17.34 KB 340x573 marry_me_pls_jade.png)
>>4988 Literally Hitler, pls. Waify 'Pooters are smart, smart, smart.
Open file (1.40 MB 309x201 robot.gif)
First time visitor.
>>4995 kekd, hadn't seen that one yet. Hey, at least the poor little guy didn't actually explode into flames or anything. He didn't even cry when he fell down. I bet you'd cry if you fell like that Anon.
>>4996 Cute pupper. Welcome Anon.
Hope eberryone is good, currently suffering with hayfever, this is one of the main reason why I hate summer other than the heat.
>>5000 Am in the same boat anon, although it's not as bat this year for me so far
First time visiting this board. Nice to see you guys.
Hi anons, I'm new here. It's nice to see small communities still hanging on. Does anyone have more links of forums or imageboards that share the same vibe of being niche and interesting places?
>>5025 kind.moe late.city t.me/cozytimes
>>5025 Jubst click the webring link at the top.
>>5027 Yeah I noticed just later that it existed. Cheers friemd.
>>4652 They don't. It's just a pleb opinion, in the same way plebs don't really have opinions of their own. How can anyone actually get that upset over pineapple on pizza? It's because they're not, they're just parroting the behaviors/opinions of others. And through this parroting of beliefs, they then absorb these beliefs, becoming. This is one of the many reasons why it's so important for hierarchy and censorship to exist in society, because while foods are pretty much harmless, these unfiltered memes can and have and continue to affect more important things, such as sociopolitics. At the berry least, always remember to mentally filter what comes into your mind, not just what comes out of your mouth, even for simple things like slang; consider whether you actually want such things to be a part of your person. If you do that for the little things, when it comes to more important things, you'll have better control of your thoughts. >>4859 I forgot about this character until you reminded me of her. >>4848 Your voice kind of reminds me of this one narcissist on YouTube who attention-whores on waifu threads on /a/ and I think /jp/. Thing is, while I don't like him, I sort of find his speech mannerisms a bit "comfortable". That being said, I will never forgive twitchfags for popularizing gachimuchi among Western plebeians, as well as turning many video games boards into chat spam, as if they were chat spaces. Anyway, I assume you like lolis?
>>5032 *They don't. It's just a pleb opinion, in the sense that plebs don't really have opinions of their own. *as if they were chat spaces, among other reasons to hate twitch and general stream "fagetry", even if it can be "comfortable".
Aww, he deleted it.
>>5038 Still saw it, though.
>>5032 Pineapple on pizza is pig disgusting.
Open file (566.62 KB 757x896 sip.jpeg)
>>5032 >Your voice kind of reminds me of this one narcissist on YouTube who attention-whores on waifu threads on /a/ and I think /jp/. I don't care about any imageboard feud. >That being said, I will never forgive twitchfags for popularizing gachimuchi among Western plebeians That's less the 'cause of twitch and more the case of more people using the internet. If it wasn't twitch, it was going to be something else. And I don't see what's the fuzz with that as well, people just want whatever they want to stay niche and hidden as if that is going to give them some internet cred. Who gives a caca about normalfags discovering something you like, do they matter that much to you? >as well as turning many video games boards into chat spam, as if they were chat spaces. That's the same as above, you'd have to remove stuff that makes the internet attractive to common people just to have whatever you like stay underground. And as well, inevitable. I also can't sympathize with you, I discovered imageboards in mid-10s and I've always seen them as cesspits, sometimes less sometimes more. In fact I decided to get into streaming just to see if that will stop me from lurking imageboards. They're just decadent and don't seem to have the content I want. The only reason I'm lurking here is because /kind/ can't get on its feet without wheels. I hate the fact that the only way I can talk to people on the internet is through imageboards. And I hate that this is one of the few I can lurk with no issue. >Anyway, I assume you like lolis? I'm no lolicon, but I have no issue with loli
>>5042 You are nuts, kind sir
Enjoying the sun. Sun + face = comf.
>>5032 >It's just a pleb opinion, in the same way plebs don't really have opinions of their own. Insightful.
*throws ball at you*
>>5074 *catches ball* :) *throws ball into air*
Open file (430.20 KB 640x640 squilliam mosaic 2021.png)
Hello comfy anon, just a wandering anon passing by your board. It’s nice to just relax and read your posts. Hope you all have a nice day
>>5100 I don't like stingrays, they killed Steve Irwin
>>5103 They are tasty though
Open file (175.16 KB 500x442 traps.png)
Open file (444.51 KB 2047x1365 comfy water birb.jpg)
i got together with the girl I like berry much and she told me she's so happy that i'm finally hers. life is truly /comfy/, frens.
Open file (47.13 KB 460x444 thumbs up.jpg)
>>5121 look at this lucky fella who has the chance of talking to women that he likes AND are not taken. truly a lucky guy
>>5121 That's nice my friend I hope you live a happy life together.
What's eberryone doing for the weekend? My brothers birthday is today so we're getting a takeout. Probably going to have a few drinks tonight as well. >>5121 Good for you anon, hope things work out for you.
Hope you are /comfy/
Trying out Linux distros and will find the comfiest distro, already found the comfiest board.
Just got my CPU, I'm itching to try it but need to get off work first. >>5152 I'm doing well friend, hope you're doing well.
>>4886 this website is so slow and its so hot outside this is not ok
Open file (140.46 KB 1000x563 flat,1000x1000,075,f99.jpg)
>>5164 It varies from day to day here. Some days it's hot but dry so it's tolerable and even cool at night. Other days it's so humid that fish could almost swim through the air and the AC just can't remediate it and on those days my emotional health takes a real beating.
I'm back
>>5171 well come back!
Open file (99.33 KB 161x218 1528545499961.png)
>>5107 I lol'd
>>5156 oh which distro? >>5162 Intel or AMD? >>5164 >>5166 hope it's not humid at whre you are. personally i'm ok with warm temperature, but once humidity reached a certain level it's pure torture.
>>5181 >oh which distro? Ended up going with Pop!_OS LTS I have a gaming laptop so a deb/ubuntu distro seemed appropriate and noob friendly Mostly play RS3 for comfy grinding and itch.io games
>>5042 Not the other anon, but I don't like you.
>>5051 He's right. >>5036 The only reason you wood disagree is if you are part of the problem. >>5032 Anon if you're reading this you're not alone. This board is too small for the likes of us. <3
>>5183 nice!
>>5042 >I've always seen them as cesspits In what sense?
Open file (1.08 MB 300x300 kitteh.webm)
>>5166 Quite humid at the moment. Not so bad as I was able to catch up on sleep on the bus journey home, the previous night's sleep being periodically interrupted by cries of execration by England fans interspersed with fireworks.
Open file (199.97 KB 1425x1080 1625693053938.jpg)
>>5201 I just can't find a good vidya related board. They always have something that put me off. I just want to talk about vidya and see people talk about vidya, no bullcaca
>>5233 >I just can't find a good vidya related board. They always have something that put me off. >I just want to talk about vidya and see people talk about vidya, no bullcaca I'm sure you'll find something if you try hard enough.
>>5233 Why don't you make a vidya thread here? It's not a whole board but it's a start.
>>5236 There is already one.
>Post here when you visit /comfy/ Hey ! Hi ! I presume... It's been a while I doesn't came to this board. How do you do all ?
Open file (115.82 KB 860x639 apu_mike.png)
>>5233 >>5236 >>5237 >I just can't find a good vidya related board. They always have something that put me off. I think I have a few alternatives that you can try tbh. 1) https://sportschan.org/v/index.html More cacaposty type of board. Lots of fun. Also sports 2) https://endchan.gg/v/ Pretty slow, but perfect if you want to start or continue a new /v/ board. 3) https://endchan.gg/kc/res/42507.html More of a board inside a board. It's a krautchan clone where people have more drawn out and more Serious discussions. More slower, but a lot more interactive forum environment. We are currently in our second /v/ type thread and always welcome to more users and Serious Discussions Hope this helped you out fam. Good luck out there
How are you guys doing, been a while since I posted here.

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