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Open file (289.17 KB 2048x1246 EprfPO7UUAA6SVy.jpg)
Comfy Jigsaw Thread Anon 03/26/2023 (Sun) 02:16:09 No.4861
I wood like to invite anyone browsing to come and solve a few puzzles together. Post an image and I will make a jigsaw of it if you want. https://jiggie.fun/comfy
Open file (1.23 MB 1920x1080 comfy_tree_village.png)
>>5008 i gave up on this one, it's too tedious.
Open file (67.13 KB 663x378 this.jpg)
OK did some work tonite.
>>5030 Please send help!
>>5031 I'll take a stab.
Open file (97.78 KB 726x421 progress.jpg)
I, along with another anon that was there before me, are making progress, but I'm basically having to brute force it. Bretty image though.
I don't know how to post a message. I can't tell colors on my monitor. I'm going purely by shape.
>>5034 Just press the 'return' key to open up a chat bar, and you change your background colors (might help you pick out shapes better), by clicking the little gear icon over your username.
Let me see if I can find a brighter pic to use for the next one.
>>5036 i have a good one if you want me to post it
>>5037 Sure.
comfy12 done
>>5039 Just so you know there is a daylight version of that pic.
>>5039 How? It seemed impossible!
>>5044 I can't say for the other anon helping me but I myself just matched edges and shapes.
>>5044 once it got towards the end i could tell roughly where the pieces went
>>5045 you are not making this fun for anyone but yourself
>>5039 Good job anon. This one was the most difficult of the series. >note to myself : next time chose wisely. >>5051 Yes, even for me it wasn't that fun, I almost regretted afterward. >>5042 Wood have been better for sure.
>>5052 I tried saying this in a indirect way but you have missed the point several times so I will try to be as direct as possible. You aren't making anyone have fun with these jigsaws, the original idea was that they weren't made to be hard but to be a cool board activity where not only you post jigsaws. The point was that eberryone wood make their own version and then let the next person make one even if takes a while. Alternative imageboards are slow by default and you have to be patient to have an interaction, you bumping this thread to infinity whenever you feel like it disrupts other discussions and the creation of other threads. Me and others anons tried to say this in a way your feelings wood be spared but you missed eberry single criticism so I unfortunately am posting this.
nta but sorry for not being comfy the way you want, but hardly anyone ever shows up here besides us and bumping the thread doesn't hinder any discussion. but since its your thread i will stop posting after the last one gets finished. i never thought we wood have middle school drama in a place like this, especially over puzzles lol. i might just make a thread on /late/
>>5051 >>5055 That was actually the first puzzle I had participated in. It looked eberryone was having trouble and I wanted to help out.
>>5056 If I offended you I'm sorry. I was debating if I should say anything or just leave the same anon making the same puzzles and not getting a hint. You may not know this but having the same thread on the front takes the discussion of other threads that may have a bump or two. For threads that have a bump a week its important to not clog anything with empty bumps or middle school drama. Either way I'm not even doing puzzles anymore, I just wanted this to become more in the board culture instead of a glorified chatroom. Feel free to do whatever you put your mind to. Also I don't think complaining equals automatically into drama but have your way too. Posting a reply for a person that isn't even talking to you in that tone wasn't berry nice either.
>>5058 > I was debating if I should say anything or just leave the same anon making the same puzzles and not getting a hint. 3 or 4 different anons have been taking turns making them. >You may not know this but having the same thread on the front takes the discussion of other threads that may have a bump or two. before the puzzle thread i wood come here eberry 2 weeks or so and there wood be maybe 1 or 2 new posts, are we not meant to bump a thread because it might be slightly easier for an anon to find a response to a 2 week old post? there aren't that many threads it isn't hard. besides, any other thread that gets bumped will always be the second thread after this, so it's a nonissue. >Either way I'm not even doing puzzles anymore, I just wanted this to become more in the board culture instead of a glorified chatroom. explains why you think only one anon is making the puzzles. glorified chatroom? it's a community thing right, why does it matter if anons chat while they do the puzzle? >Posting a reply for a person that isn't even talking to you in that tone wasn't berry nice either. i'm just annoyed that you are micromanaging a successful thread because it got more popular than you wanted it to be? i really don't see the issue, and the reason i took that tone is because i can tell you are being passive aggressive about the whole thing and it's killing the buzz.
comfy13 done
>>5060 Let me try one. I'll have to find the image I was looking for.
>>5061 idk man that other anon might get mad at you name it comfy14 for the url
>>5062 Well for whatever reason it's not letting me create the room so I guess someone else will have to do it.
>>5055 You might think that it's the same anon who post the puzzles but I can assure you it's not. I uploaded 3 of them (the hardest one that pisses you off, sorry again it pissed me off to at a point). The thing is, nothing prevents you from creating another puzzle room that is easier than the other. I think 2 puzzle rooms can coexist. Even I wanted to create an easier one when the harder one (I uploaded) started to annoy me and was in a need to relax. >>5058 I don't understand what's the problem with the bumping and I'm joining >>5059 on that point. Anyway I pin the thread as it have some popularity for the moment.
>>5065 comfy14 done
Open file (779.92 KB 1860x1409 2023-04-15_00-13-07.png)
>>5067 Based BO. New one. > https://jiggie.fun/comfy15
>>5070 comfy15 done
Open file (623.10 KB 2042x1432 2023-04-15_15-03-05.png)
Saturday easy mode > https://jiggie.fun/comfy16
Open file (812.09 KB 1893x1411 2023-04-15_18-15-13.png)
Heh, this was supposed to be for Sunday's hard-mode, but since Anon did Saturday's so easily, we can just drop it here now. > https://jiggie.fun/comfy17
>>5072 comfy16 done
>>5073 Done.
>>5077 /comfy/ is a puzzle-solving machine! That was fast. :^)
Open file (792.19 KB 2237x1405 2023-04-16_01-38-47.png)
>>5079 The story so far. Send halp plox!
Now I understand why zebras have stripes.
Open file (650.91 KB 1280x854 water-3807418_1280.jpg)
>>5082 Lol >>5083 Nice job anons!
Let's try this: https://jiggie.fun/comfy19 I hope this picture will be fun.
>>5085 Completed.
Open file (116.12 KB 648x368 comfy20 teaser.jpg)
>>5087 Forgot the teaser pic.
>>5088 Done.
>>5090 In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree Where Alph the sacred river through caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea.
Open file (244.25 KB 840x668 comfy21.jpg)
Somehow messed up on the url but here it is: https://jiggie.fun/comfy
>>5092 Completed in record time!
>>5094 >>5087 How did you recycle the URL?
Open file (196.07 KB 986x620 2023-04-17_00-49-31.png)
New one for after some badmitten > https://jiggie.fun/comfy23
>>5094 Finished in < 1.5 hrs.
>>5095 Apparently it deletes after some time of inactivity.
>>5097 Who's this artist? I've seen them before but can't place their name.
>>5099 David Inshaw
>>5099 David Inshaw, if you like his style take a look at some of the Leonard Koscianski's paintings posted in the wallpaper thread.
Open file (669.56 KB 2332x1191 2023-04-17_06-04-07.png)
>>5096 The story so far. Send halp plox!
>>5096 Completed. It was fairly hard tbh.
Open file (700.27 KB 1220x872 puzzle.png)
>>5105 Next: https://jiggie.fun/comfy24 Hint: Lot's of /comfy/ posting was done on these
>>5107 Comfy 24 done!
Open file (148.74 KB 493x559 comfy25.jpg)
New puzzle is up and running: https://jiggie.fun/comfy25
>>5111 25 complete!
next time, can you please allow image preview ?
>>5114 okay, i enabled it because that one is kinda hard.
>>5113 Done in only 15 hours!
Open file (540.74 KB 819x622 comfy27.png)
Open file (1.99 MB 1920x1200 294694.jpg)
>>5122 27 Finished
>>5123 Nice image Anon.
Open file (273.52 KB 1007x853 pzzl.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy29 yes I created a comfy28 but I messed up the room options This one is relax, hav fum !
Open file (961.48 KB 927x721 kiki.png)
>>5125 Done. Berry nice choice, good variety of textures and colors, didn't need the preview pic at all.
Open file (570.41 KB 708x852 30.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 1061x1500 town.jpg)
>>5127 Done.
>>5128 What a cool pic.
Open file (748.91 KB 1944x1388 2023-04-19_18-03-23.png)
Open file (555.99 KB 1871x1366 2023-04-19_22-05-42.png)
>>5130 The story so far...
>>5130 Done.
Open file (647.83 KB 912x891 32.png)
Next -> https://jiggie.fun/comfy32 Beware the repeating elements and limited palette!
>>5134 done
Open file (879.13 KB 1089x905 33.png)
>>5138 Thanks to the anon who came in and helped out. Don't put yourself down; there's all sorts of tricks to solving puzzles, you'll get better. There are plenty of ways to improve speed and efficiency, which you'll see some anons doing, but don't feel bad about sticking to whatever way is most fun and satisfying for you.
>>5139 Not that anon but that's kind words. Made me smile :)
Open file (319.23 KB 1099x777 kiki.jpg)
Another cute Kiki for our enjoyment guys. https://jiggie.fun/comfy34
Open file (402.13 KB 1492x810 kiki.jpg)
>>5147 Done ! Chose next anon.
>>5121 From the thumbnail I thought that pic was from Hellraiser II.
Open file (82.16 KB 506x386 63194.jpg)
New puzzle! https://jiggie.fun/comfy-35 That dash is important. I made an oopsy.
Open file (201.56 KB 695x577 2023-04-22_20-18-49.png)
>>5150 And one for after yours Anon. A 1K'er > https://jiggie.fun/comfy36
Open file (438.97 KB 394x634 peanuts.png)
Open file (502.97 KB 1768x1385 2023-04-22_23-17-24.png)
>>5150 Progress so far, send halp plox! >
>>5152 lol
>>5155 Interesting image. What's this from?
Open file (592.33 KB 1687x1355 2023-04-23_11-44-42.png)
>>5151 Send halp! :)
>>5156 The Promised Neverland. The redhead is Emma.
Open file (841.13 KB 2166x1319 2023-04-23_22-12-11.png)
>>5157 Further progress made
Open file (128.45 KB 749x537 update.jpg)
>>5163 We're getting ever closer.
>>5166 Done!
>>5170 You probably should create the next one Anon. Say a 750'er?
>>5170 This one was a real marathon.
Open file (103.18 KB 821x1024 1606456225188.jpg)
>>5170 >>5174 Ja maybe an easier one next time
Open file (188.76 KB 631x529 parade.jpg)
>>5170 GG guys, this one was hard !
>>5178 awesome ty
Open file (16.83 KB 540x540 1607306149509.jpg)
>>5178 Neighbor i said easier
>>5182 S-sorry! I'll give a hint. When you start pooling all the orange pieces together be aware that they go in multiple places. Same to the red pieces.
Open file (49.06 KB 861x219 infestation.jpg)
>>5174 It was just a Sunday-Hard-Day one. We should do these once a week to stay on-point.
>>5182 >>5182 I think my problem was that I was visually misinterpreting the scale of the image and it was causing trouble with me figuring out where eberrything went.
>>5178 >>5184 Oni all over the shop. You'll be one sooner or later
Brand new puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy38
>>5188 Cute!
Open file (2.05 MB 1164x879 hellscape.png)
>>5189 Done
>>5192 /creepfy/ lol A new one for tonite ? Will post one later if nobody does it first.
>>5174 I made the forest in the bottom right corner I am so happy!
>>5194 GG Anon, thanks!
>>5192 Now name them all.
>>5192 Also I'm bretty sure this tengu is doing the Devil Trigger dance.
Open file (292.31 KB 959x803 comfy39.jpg)
Easy and comfy. https://jiggie.fun/comfy39 Have fun !
Bummer. ITT Anon's laptop screen shattered in an accidental drop while working a puzzle. Please send help, /comfy/.
>>5199 Finally done some one should create a new one.
Open file (663.35 KB 1911x1417 2023-04-26_16-08-42.png)
>>5202 Just got back from the store with a monitor. It's working great.
>>5209 Great! Thanks for the good news Anon. :)
>>5208 What anime?
>>5212 Bretty sure it's 耳をすませば. Look it up, IDK the English title.
Open file (141.96 KB 689x481 best girl.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy41 Here's a new one to replace the one I finished.
>>5214 Oh I hope this one won't bee too hard. I lowered the number of pieces but maybe I should have lowered them more.
>>5213 Whisper of the Heart.
Open file (611.31 KB 2423x1219 2023-04-27_08-39-37.png)
>>5214 Send help
>>5214 enable image preview plox (ノ・∀・)ノ
>>5218 Sorry, I will. Been asleep all day.
finally done
Open file (358.72 KB 1392x702 done.jpg)
>>5214 Done ! New one : https://jiggie.fun/comfy42 Have fun :)
Open file (217.04 KB 722x592 1677837700042301.jpg)
>>5222 I posted it first
Open file (102.22 KB 625x425 cafe.jpg)
>>5222 We've got a good start but berry disorganized.
>>5226 It reminds me of the town of Lumina from Legend of Mana.
Open file (146.52 KB 593x631 same theme.jpg)
New puzzle. https://jiggie.fun/comfy43 Should I enable preview for this one?
>>5231 Berry cute image Anon, nice choice!
>>5232 For now it seems good as it is. Maybe if we figure out it's harder than expected. >>5231 I want to go there...
>>5232 Finished. Anyone doing the next one today?
Open file (647.30 KB 1946x1413 2023-04-29_10-29-17.png)
>>5223 Heh prbs b/c he was busy working hard to create the next puzzle. :) Talking of which, fun & easy one: > https://jiggie.fun/comfy44
>>5235 This was the Van Gogh cafe pic that I was talking about the other day btw.
Open file (105.18 KB 419x499 tropical.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy45 New puzzle for saturday!
>>5236 Forgot to post previous.
>>5239 Was this a screenshot from Kiki's Deliberry Service? It's a bit blurry.
>>5240 I didn't make that puzzle but I wood say yes given the file name.
>>5240 Yep! You got it Anon. From the credits. Yeah, the copy I had was bretty lo-qual tbh.
>>5238 done
>>5245 NEW ONE forgot to name it comfy https://jiggie.fun/UpQMQI
>>5246 done
Open file (2.08 MB 1966x1414 2023-04-30_00-39-32.png)
Posting Sunday-hard-day one now. > https://jiggie.fun/comfy46
Open file (1.60 MB 2316x1249 2023-04-30_02-39-56.png)
>>5251 SEND HALP PLOX! :)
Open file (1.62 MB 2343x1311 2023-04-30_09-02-11.png)
Some bit of progress, but a ways to go today. It's a bretty big puzzle! :)
Open file (3.77 MB 2332x1368 2023-04-30_15-55-24.png)
Anon is doing some good work today!
I don't know what this is but it's neat looking.
Open file (1.68 MB 1952x1417 2023-05-01_03-28-53.png)
>>5265 Completed.
Open file (660.96 KB 1976x1440 2023-05-02_06-24-53.png)
New one! New one! https://jiggie.fun/comfy51
>>5275 Bretty.
>>5276 Done
>>5280 Cute
Who do I report the fact that the mix pieces option doesn't work?
>>5259 Its where the inhabitants of your computer live! :)
>>5285 I love my 'puter. All my frens are inside it!
>>5284 There's probably some kind of 'contact' link at jiggie.fun ?
>>5282 I finished it up. The room is spinning if I turn my head too fast.
Open file (264.82 KB 697x777 EGA.jpg)
New fresh puzzle: https://jiggie.fun/comfy53
>>5289 I want to pet the doggo :)
>>5291 Same.
>>5289 Wait is that wallpaper cacao pods and papaya leaves?
>>5288 I looked around but I didn't see one.
>>5289 Nice. I like that tub & room. Must be an interesting old house. >The room is spinning if I turn my head too fast. I hope it gets better soon Anon!
Some kind anon finished it but forgot to post the completed pic.
>>5297 Lol. For some reason that one actually hurts my eyes to look at.
>>5300 Sorry.
>>5301 heh no worries mate. probably just my eyes being tired is all. :)
>>5298 done
Open file (205.72 KB 767x593 wallflowers.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy55 Hopefully this one will be bretty easy too.
>>5304 >that little basket of white petunias
Open file (249.08 KB 955x691 rano raraku.jpg)
>>5306 Since no one made a new one yet https://jiggie.fun/comfy56
>>5311 Surprisingly accurate to the actual place too.
>>5314 Easy parts done.
>>5315 Hard parts done too.
>>5314 >>5315 >>5316 Bretty cool-looking Anon.
Open file (251.39 KB 859x681 a little windy.jpg)
Here's one more quick one before tomorrow's hard one https://jiggie.fun/comfy58 >>5316 Neat looking library.
Open file (203.23 KB 961x649 accident.jpg)
>>5321 Uh I think there's been an accident. What habbened?
either glitched or you someone changed the autism setting >>5323
>>5321 doooooone!
>>5323 >>5324 :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Open file (2.94 MB 3008x2008 most-reka-velosiped.jpg)
>>5326 done
Open file (283.78 KB 935x801 zx.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 2171x1374 2023-05-06_20-20-33.png)
new one, not quite Sunday-tier hard, but still. :) > https://jiggie.fun/comfy61
>>5329 Completed!
>>5328 Interesting looking Anon.
>>5328 >>5333 I'm still trying to figure exactly what kind of structure and environment that in that picture. Is it a river or is it an artificial waterway? It seems like it's in a city or town since they're are a series of little pedestrian bridges.
>>5335 Thanks Anon! I couldn't read it tbh.
Sunday post-puzzle puzzle: https://jiggie.fun/comfy62 Inspired by the theme of the previous puzzle.
>>5330 Done
>>5339 good job guys
Open file (253.92 KB 1175x733 this city.png)
>>5338 oh dog hepl
Open file (1.34 MB 2322x1006 2023-05-08_08-37-50.png)
>>5342 Well, my name's not 'dog', and it may be of little help. But such as it is, here's what my autism has to offer. >
>>5342 noice. looks like a lot of work done already.
>>5346 I enabled preview to make it easier.
>>5346 We done it!
>>5350 Done
>>5354 "Hey Zeon watcha dooin'?"
>>5355 Comfy lake.
Open file (250.56 KB 804x663 80s water.jpg)
Open file (406.78 KB 1870x1328 2023-05-09_07-20-22.png)
>>5360 >the comfy has been engaged
>>5364 Nice job Anon, that was quick.
Open file (1.38 MB 1088x768 80s.gif)
>>5364 And here's something extra comfy.
Open file (218.53 KB 1105x793 green.jpg)
Parts of this one's going to be difficult I'll warn eberryone right now. https://jiggie.fun/comfy66 I've got easier ones after this but I just really liked this picture.
Open file (144.17 KB 1048x662 52% done.jpg)
>>5368 It's over half done.
Open file (105.25 KB 929x669 AYY.jpg)
>>5370 You guys are absolute mad men XD
Open file (195.11 KB 635x583 double the fun.jpg)
Sorry about the rough puzzle. I've made the next one for those who want something easier and more fun while I finish up the last one. https://jiggie.fun/comfy67
>>5369 >>5370 We're at 80%!
Open file (60.87 KB 2560x1600 1584237107.png)
>>5378 I AM SO SORRY!
>>5379 What for?
>>5380 That 48% of the puzzle was black space.
>>5381 Doesn't seem that big a deal tbh.
>>5382 It's not but it kind of boring and I hate that it habbened with that pic to because I think it's really neat. I should have edited a slight gradient in the bottom left corner to have made it easier.
>>5375 Finished.
>>5379 How do you even solve this, just by trying each piece eberrywhere?
>>5389 There's a few tricks. 1. Put the pieces in groups based on their shape. 2. Try to put pieces where there's at least two sides since that greatly limits the shape types that you have to try before you get a match. 3. Look for pegs (peg holes) that dramatically point up or down or right or left. It makes it a lot easier to match up without having to try eberry piece or eberry piece or a particular shape. 4. Try to match pieces outside the frame first and make them into little lines or clusters before you set them into the main puzzle. It can be easier and quicker to match things when you can move them around and kind of collect a "katamari" of puzzle pieces. This technique can work real good when it comes to normal puzzles that are proving tough too. Of course the best thing to do is don't be a goofus like me and try not to make puzzles with large sections of monocolor or at least keep the piece count below 500 if you do. Of note large sections of seemingly single color that in actuality have a subtle gradient to it are completely fine. You wood think puzzles like >>5097 or >>5245 wood have difficult sections to solve but in reality they went bretty quickly. The truly difficult ones are the ones with sections full of solid flat colors and the ones with lots of little intricate areas (like tree branches).
Also I've done several over the past week including two unfortunately difficult ones. Does anyone else want to make the next few or should I make another one right now. I don't want to monopolize the thread.
>>5390 Great explanation Anon, thanks! We'll try this at home. :) >>5391 I don't think anyone here feels you're 'monopolizing' anything Anon, go right ahead. Same's true for others: they can go ahead and make one too ofc.
Open file (239.76 KB 719x851 gness1.jpg)
>>5393 Room built!
>>5399 done
ok nobody seems to be making one so here's the next one https://jiggie.fun/comfy71
Open file (2.32 MB 3840x2160 UDhmv9c.jpeg)
>>5408 Done again, going to sleep soon, so somebody else should start the next one.
Open file (730.69 KB 1817x1345 chrome_i3YEbCtSiZ.jpg)
>>5413 Done, next one here: https://jiggie.fun/comfy73
>>5418 Done
Open file (336.65 KB 1005x755 white gness.jpg)
New puzzle! https://jiggie.fun/comfy74 This one's my favorite of the set.
>>5420 Interesting choice of material for the walls separating that bath from the rest of the room.
>>5426 Done, made the next one: https://jiggie.fun/comfy76
>>5428 Definitely an un-comfy looking place.
Do we have a Sunday Hard puzzle yet?
Open file (798.01 KB 1920x1411 2023-05-14_14-19-30.png)
>>5432 Sorry about that, I was waiting until the other was finished. > https://jiggie.fun/comfy77
Open file (666.75 KB 2275x1318 2023-05-14_15-52-21.png)
>>5433 >autism activated
>>5429 comfy is in the eye of the beholder.
>>5428 We dun it!
Open file (755.19 KB 2397x1177 2023-05-14_22-39-18.png)
>>5433 Anon has been hard at work and doing well tbh.
>>5440 cool pic, too bad i missed this one.
>>5441 Done! Really bretty.
Open file (190.93 KB 689x787 retro.jpg)
This one's pink instead of yellow. https://jiggie.fun/comfy78
>>5440 Just in case somebody doesn't know - that's the New Eden Mall from the game Mirror's Edge, one of my favs, it may not seem to fit the "comfy" vibe but it definitely feels comfy to me, maybe it's just nostalgia, but there's also a sense of freedom and being outside(or literally above) society.
>>5449 Yeah I only realized after it was done that it was a CGI mall and not a real one.
Open file (741.77 KB 1600x1200 VHtudor1600x1200.jpg)
>>5453 done
Open file (329.43 KB 1222x765 press bhutan.jpg)
Open file (244.25 KB 1182x694 half way there.jpg)
>>5458 We're doing good.
>>5456 What a beautiful place. I love what my people do.
>>5462 I found out recently that the building style where the higher floors overhang the lower ones is called "jettying".
>>5461 Finished
>>5464 I really like this one. Reminds me a little of Shangri La.
>>5465 It's the second one I've posted that sort of has that theme.
>>5469 done
Open file (117.67 KB 2048x1152 1627684452371.jpg)
>>5475 done
Open file (243.91 KB 794x638 giddy up.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy84 Hootin' and holleran' starts!
>>5478 >>5479 Oops it looks like I made mine too quick without asking.
>>5480 its fine don't worry
>>5478 Thank y'all little doggies right kindly, I tell ya hwat.
Open file (844.00 KB 2048x1280 virN4ZF.jpg)
>>5483 done
Open file (148.56 KB 523x611 vaportech.jpg)
New! https://jiggie.fun/comfy86 >>5484 That's a bretty scene.
>>5484 What a beautiful garden
>>5485 D o n e !
>>5488 done
>>5491 Nice puzzle lol
>>5492 thanks
Open file (2.18 MB 2000x1091 1606976738620.jpg)
>>5493 done
>>5495 done
Open file (184.67 KB 917x715 lo rez smol palette.jpg)
New puzzle. A quick one, https://jiggie.fun/comfy90 >>5497 Berry comfy 70s room.
>>5498 Went real quick.
>>5499 One of these days I'm going to try and turn this one into a banner for /comfy/.
New Puzzle already in progress! https://jiggie.fun/comfy91
Open file (53.67 KB 500x421 aesthetic arcade.jpg)
>>5501 I should post some of these to /retro/.
>>5503 done
>>5503 that was fun it's time for me to sleep
you guys seem bretty quick at this
>>5509 I think we've all gotten good from solving so many puzzles.
Open file (218.65 KB 811x811 beige is beautiful.jpg)
New puzzle! https://jiggie.fun/comfy93 Stability Age Beauty
>>5511 What a comfy treat.
Open file (2.53 MB 1697x1000 1629170118856.png)
>>5520 Done!
>>5521 Definitely not liking where this is going...
>>5511 Here's the finished pic. >>5519 You're welcome anon.
>>5522 done
>>5524 >>5524 >>5497 /comfy/ is becoming 70s central!
Open file (15.58 KB 379x214 i'm_okay_with_this.png)
Open file (206.08 KB 915x741 mill.jpg)
Open file (753.99 KB 1850x1398 2023-05-18_21-15-42.png)
>>5532 Done. Went easier than expected.
>>5535 Complete.
Open file (160.70 KB 493x699 olivetti.jpg)
Good morning to which anons solve the new puzzle! https://jiggie.fun/comfy99
>>5543 century mark!
>>5545 This has been a super successful thread!
>>5543 done
Open file (269.40 KB 739x875 surf & turf.jpg)
>>5548 Finished! I'm guessing that I'm the only one here who's played this.
Open file (479.58 KB 1920x1277 3.jpg)
>>5550 done
Open file (150.54 KB 827x703 marsh.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy103 Another one of these. Should be easier than the other one was.
>>5552 I can't believe it's not Mystery of the Druids!
>>5560 interesting image, we need more fantasy stuff
>>5562 I'm trying to upload the animated version but I keep getting connection failed errors.
Open file (16.87 MB 638x478 Magic Marsh Cave.gif)
>>5561 done
Open file (253.13 KB 917x709 another comfy room.jpg)
>>5566 4/5 rooms done!
>>5569 done
Open file (293.46 KB 1051x749 bliss.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy107 Oh shoot I hope this one's not to hard!
Open file (60.66 KB 2560x1440 1155251.png)
>>5571 Bretty enough to make a wallpaper from :^)
>>5570 berry cool-looking.
Open file (888.02 KB 2560x1440 red-roof-house-wallpaper.jpg)
>>5577 done
Open file (285.58 KB 851x843 WE.jpg)
>>5579 Is that a Hiroshi Nagai painting?
>>5580 At one time Atari were the kings of home computers.
>>5582 To give a better view.
Open file (270.25 KB 1216x1247 2023-05-21_21-54-53.png)
don't be a square bro > https://jiggie.fun/comfy110
>>5584 done.
>>5585 done in record time
https://jiggie.fun/comfy112 Not the one I was planning on but we'll try it anyway.
Open file (198.34 KB 637x755 pink noise.jpg)
Open file (187.60 KB 288x372 cropped record player.png)
>>5591 Finished!
Open file (688.87 KB 1988x1375 2023-05-22_04-34-02.png)
>>5590 Neat looking though.
>>5595 Done! Fairly hard one, but a lot of Anons helped out.
Open file (477.25 KB 1024x678 i-spy-wallpaper-6.jpg)
>>5599 done
Open file (375.37 KB 1084x1355 2023-05-23_20-36-55.png)
another one to follow; for all the /retro/ fans >
Open file (1.09 MB 1500x900 image-asset.jpeg)
>>5603 done
Open file (342.19 KB 1080x1369 2023-05-24_01-21-02.png)
>>5605 20% done already! :^)
>>5606 That's totally, totally 100% CGI tbh. :)
Open file (230.49 KB 925x803 disco.jpg)
Fifth and final room! https://jiggie.fun/comfy118
>>5607 DONE!
Open file (171.38 KB 673x895 that one banner.jpg)
New Puzzle. Same colors. https://jiggie.fun/comfy119
>>5619 Finished in just under an hour.
>>5621 done
Open file (365.09 KB 1209x1377 2023-05-24_23-47-36.png)
new one, another for /retro/ > https://jiggie.fun/comfy121
Open file (492.54 KB 1366x1369 2023-05-25_00-05-03.png)
nother one, for the lulz :) > https://jiggie.fun/comfy122
>>5623 done
>>5625 >>5623 Shoot I'm sorry I missed this one.
>>5624 lol
https://jiggie.fun/comfy123 I'll drop a new puzzle on /comfy/ this fine friday morning.
>>5630 done, lol what even is this? :)
>>5630 It's a EXTREMELY 70s lounge room. How do you like the TV? Sorry I couldn't make it back to help I hope it wasn't too difficult.
>>5634 done
>>5636 done
>>5633 >How do you like the TV? Bretty cool! I feel like it's one of those old british sci-fi comedy shows or something. :)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy126 I saw someone a couple puzzles ago wanting a nature scene so I've done one. Please enjoy.
>>5639 Finished
Open file (912.24 KB 3162x2100 zbW6PwX.jpg)
>>5644 done
New small one since no one is making one https://jiggie.fun/comfy128
>>5646 Completed.
Open file (223.84 KB 781x761 on the spectrum.jpg)
300 shouldn't be TOO difficult. https://jiggie.fun/comfy129
>>5648 done
Open file (453.00 KB 1338x1342 2023-05-28_14-28-11.png)
Open file (437.37 KB 1355x1356 2023-05-28_17-17-09.png)
>>5657 done
Starting to become a pattern of me starting a puzzle, taking a break for someone else to show up and coming back to find it's been completed lol.
Open file (384.32 KB 1303x659 not sim city 2000.jpg)
New puzzle and a wee more challenging this time. https://jiggie.fun/comfy132
Open file (797.37 KB 1855x1339 2023-05-29_00-13-20.png)
new, probably a bit hard tbh :) > https://jiggie.fun/comfy133
Open file (605.38 KB 2355x1138 2023-05-29_02-56-08.png)
>>5663 the story so far...
>>5663 done
Open file (643.20 KB 2309x1331 2023-05-29_13-02-40.png)
>>5664 The story so far. Send Help Please :)
>>5668 Please turn on image preview.
Open file (4.51 MB 2280x1304 2000.png)
>>5670 Unfortunately, I bounced my box and lost the cookie when the browser closed. I think we have to fly by the seat of our pants here Anon. And tbh, it may not help all that much heh. But at the least, here's the original: >
Open file (900.31 KB 2342x1339 2023-05-30_21-56-54.png)
>>5664 as things stand >
Open file (215.94 KB 725x863 ambaga.jpg)
https://jiggie.fun/comfy134 New fresh puzzle just off the grill!
>>5676 done
Open file (34.58 KB 1200x1600 four-byte-burger.png)
>>5676 Well done!
Open file (786.81 KB 1920x1200 thumb-1920-866040.jpg)
>>5678 done
Open file (244.89 KB 845x853 iso.jpg)
New! https://jiggie.fun/comfy136 I S O M E T R I C !
>>5675 Congratulations Anons. Eberryone's hard work paid off! :)
>>5681 done
Open file (254.66 KB 951x803 zx henge.jpg)
>>5684 Complete in under 30 min.
Open file (205.12 KB 1200x815 D4HSIGHX4AAL_JX.jpg)
>>5687 done
>>5691 done
>>5693 >>5691 I missed this one completely.
Open file (345.92 KB 1345x733 sea breeze.jpg)
>>5695 Done.
Open file (289.10 KB 741x851 mirror.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 2877x3900 aesthetic_puddle.jpg)
>>5697 d o n e
https://jiggie.fun/comfy142 Friday morning puzzle for early risers.
>>5699 Yet another desert computer, completed.
Open file (655.67 KB 1920x1200 441152.jpg)
>>5702 done
>>5707 >>5709 Oh I get them here and there. I've been collecting such things for years so it's not from any one place.
>>5707 He does have a nice collection.
You didn't have to delete your posts, I was just late reading them because I had been out all day. I didn't get mad or anything.
>>5708 done
https://jiggie.fun/comfy145 New puzzle. Get ready to light up the night.
>>5714 Oh I made a big goof. I was testing puzzles last night and I left self destruct on. Good thing neither of us left.
Open file (204.79 KB 1200x800 EQzyRMWXkAAa6l9.jpg)
>>5717 done
Open file (171.56 KB 717x845 64.jpg)
>>5719 Done.
Open file (227.79 KB 637x841 levetate.jpg)
>>5721 Done.
Open file (763.63 KB 3504x2336 antique-toys.jpg)
>>5723 done
Open file (18.67 KB 981x304 2023-06-04_07-15-26.png)
Welp, it looks like the glowneighbors have finally gotten to jiggie.fun, and driven them to (((cluckflare))). > Unless they decide to lift their flat ban on Tor, or you guys find another site, I guess this means the end of my participation ITT. :/ Regardless, it's been a lot of fun jigsawing with you Anons! Cheers.
Open file (4.09 MB 5472x3648 village.jpg)
Anyway, this was going to be a ~1200pc puzzle for the day today. >
>>5726 Damn that sucks :(
>>5726 i'll miss you
>>5727 we'll finish it for you hope to see you back some day. https://jiggie.fun/comfy150
>>5726 >>5727 Is there a different puzzle site that could be used?
>>5730 well for some reason it's all glitched out and not loading for me now, will try to come back later.
>>5726 https://puzzle.aggie.io/ This one seems to work with tor. It's not as feature rich as jiggie but the only thing it's missing from what we've used is "make square".
>>5733 Looks fine, thanks. Will wait someone upload a puzzle there to test.
Open file (138.09 KB 536x522 fug.jpg)
>>5734 Another thing I discovered it that it doesn't have an option to sort pieces as a grid but I think we can make do. It also doesn't have custom url names but that's fine. Comfy151! https://puzzle.aggie.io/hS_Ky0
Open file (243.42 KB 400x400 104901828_p0.png)
>>5735 Another slightly annoying thing is that it doesn't give an option to download after the pic is done. I wonder if there's another instance out there somewhere that's as good as jiggy?
>>5730 It is finished.
>>5736 On chromium rn it dosen't allow right click. Mayb eon firefox with dom.contextmenu.enabled set to false you can right click > save image. I'm not on my computer rn so cannot test.
>>5737 Sorry I didn't help much. I felt under the weather all day yesterday and after we dud the gondola puzzle I didn't do much of anything but rest the rest of the day.
>>5740 hope you feel better
>>5741 Still not great. I woke up today really dizzy. Pollen's really high. Do you want me to make another puzzle and which site should I use?
>>5743 sure, whichever one you want. was johnny able to use the other site?
>>5748 Yeah it worked for him. It's a little primitive compared to jiggie. I'm still trying to find a Tor friendly alternative that's as good as what we had before.
Open file (156.10 KB 463x627 transparent.jpg)
>>5750 Done.
>>5726 Do you think it wood be helpful to contact the dev and see if he can use a different service than cloudflare? It seems like he's an imageboard user so he might be open to dialogue. jiggie is so much better than the other one. https://git.coom.tech/coomdev/reaggie/issues
Open file (173.39 KB 629x775 prince of persia.jpg)
Puzzle 153 here. https://puzzle.aggie.io/DRVtcQ I'm a little wary of making large ones right now because of the issues were dealing with.
>chat log isn't saved either Dangit.
>>5752 Well, cluckflare can allow Tor traffic. While I've never used them before, I presume as a client you can choose what level of blocking you prefer. My guess is, as I mentioned, that glowneighbors spamed his site with CP (ostensibly to thereafter destroy it (and him) entirely, as (((their))) typical approach always goes). He probably did a tableflip and just went down the wrong path out of frustration. I'm sorry about that, because as you mentioned, he does seem kind of like a bro. Wasn't it funny that all this habbened immediately after anons were joking about Clown World in the chat there? Cohencidence? I presume the only way you can 'dialogue' is to have an account for git.coom.tech, which I don't.
>>5753 It is done but this site doesn't have photo extracting soo i can't post it. It is a photo of a T3100 with a game with eastern aesthetics running.
>>5752 OK, does anyone know how to communicate with a repo dev there? I don't see an 'email me' link or similar, just the Issue tab. Obviously him blocking Tor isn't actually an 'issue' in the strict software dev sense.
May have found the reason behind the Tor ban, actually. https://git.coom.tech/coomdev/reaggie/issues/15 Nothing to do with the usual suspects, but more of a /b/tard-tier le ebin trole move. IIRC, he did it to us here once as well (>>5327)
Open file (2.15 MB 1092x1352 2023-06-07_12-01-14.png)
>>5753 done
Open file (131.46 KB 816x1024 T3100.jpg)
>>5760 Yeah that's what I suspected that it was some troll causing problems. >>5759 I'm not seeing another option to contact other than opening an new issue. Unless signing up with an account gives you an option to DM other users there? >>5756 >>5765 Got the original for you anon. I have a tiny handful of these tiny red screened computers.
Open file (168.19 KB 934x626 wheat.jpg)
>>5766 New little one! Comfy 154 https://puzzle.aggie.io/U015cB
>>5766 >Unless signing up with an account gives you an option to DM other users there? Not that I see. I actually did sign up first before trying to find an email link.
>>5769 I guess opening a new issue is the only way.
>>5768 done
>>5776 gg >>5777 Well we'll see how it goes anon. Here's hoping.
Open file (26.64 KB 1061x177 2023-06-08_13-29-51.png)
>>5779 OK, looks like we're back in business! Sorry but I can no longer make rooms though but I wasn't all that good at it anyway though lol. :) >tl;dr Back to Jiggie!
>>5780 >OK, looks like we're back in business! Yeah I just saw that. >Sorry but I can no longer make rooms though You can always post the ones you wood like here under a spoiler and one of us could make them for you. I like your choices for hard sunday.
Open file (425.27 KB 1387x757 welcome back.jpg)
Lets get back in our groove tonight! https://jiggie.fun/comfy155
>>5781 >You can always post the ones you wood like here under a spoiler and one of us could make them for you. I like your choices for hard sunday. OK, I'll plan to do that on Sundays Anon.
Open file (399.98 KB 2343x853 2023-06-08_15-14-04.png)
>>5782 Getting some sleep

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