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Robot9000 refugee camp/thread Anon 04/29/2020 (Wed) 10:43:42 No.472
Robot thread because fatchan is dead. Shitpost here till we can get our home back.
Isn't /cafe/ suppose to be the refugee board?
>>473 Oh yeah, I think it is.
Goodbye fatchan.
>>474 sorry, this one is the most popular board. I think most robots arent even aware that fatchan is dead and dont know where to go next. I dont even know about the message till i lurked around julay. But there was mention that we gather on anon.cafe again. http://archive.vn/25CT7
>>473 >>476 I'm thinking about turning /cafe/ into /refuge/ to make its main purpose clearer. Would that help?
>>477 Good idea. Anything helps. What can you do to combat this plague mod? Imageboards are dropping like flies.
>>478 We can survive.
>>479 Tom of fatchan said the same thing.
>>480 We don't have a /pol/ or loli boards. So, not really any point of attack for Esther.
>8chan gets pulled >flee to ac/r9k/ >fucked by dolphin-nigger >use fp/r9k/ as bunker >come back to ac/r9k/ >admin for ac/r9k/ bows down to dolphin-nigger >return to fp/r9k/ >fatchan gets removed Well, might've missed out on the last couple of posts (neither being that important), but still: https://archive.is/PO9Dc I could go and check the number of FTDDTOTs that have been saved (albeit only as text, otherwise it would be even more hideously long and far too much to even consider printing), and I believe it's over 30, every single one I've encountered, and the damn document is well over 4000 pages long if I recall correctly. However, I did have to dig up the very first three from archive.org. I'll even put it on a couple of flash drives just to ensure that it will be safe. Tl;dr Given enough time, 8-AC-FP/r9k/ will probably be more famous and well-known than any historical figure, assuming that I can develop some sort of real-life underground archiving structure, which, considering how much stuff I have saved and how obsessed I am with this sort of thing, I would practically have to at this point.
>>482 anon.cafe didn't "bow" to anyone.
>>481 That's not the point. Kike don't want this particular group of anons to have a place to talk. They will just make up some excuses then cucks will listen to them, because anything related to 8chan is bad by default. Don't you guys have a /k/? That's good enough excuse for them.
>>483 Fucking hell. I meant the mod for the ac/r9k/ board, not the admin.
>>483 read again
>>485 So why don't you make your own board?
>>488 >board you mean my own imageboard?
>>489 Yes, just make an IB for /r9k/, join the webring or don't, and you should be fine.
>>490 Right now I don't have the knowledge and money required to set up my own imageboard. It would take me at least a few more years to have everything I need ready, but it would be too late by then. Anonymity is also a problem.
>>491 From what I hear it's no more than a few pounds a month for basic hosting, and Robi's putting together a nice guide too.
Robots, kindly go here: >>>/cafe/697

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