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Social media Anon 04/27/2021 (Tue) 19:26:27 No.4459
Do you anons use social media or other forums where sign up is required?
>>4459 Dataminer-kun, pls. Ofc we all. It's the main spot we can lrn2code, after all.
Open file (103.98 KB 327x333 what.png)
>>4460 What?
Open file (127.03 KB 252x329 fluttershy.gif)
Open file (155.00 KB 418x337 fluttershy_pc.gif)
I tried mastadon(always used federated board/feed thinghy), reddit, discord and ruqqus they all have ugly and slow UI while not giving good content. I genuinely believe using social media rots your brain. I wood love to rant about how eberry website is only used for twitter screenshots but it won't be comfy.
>>4461 Lol Anon has reached levels of confusion that should not be possible.
I got rid of my Facebook account a long time ago and have never looked back. The last time I was an active forum poster was long before that, although I still lurk forums sometimes.
>>4513 I wish I could, but unfortunately I have to keep one and check once a week for invitations to osocial events, unless I want to go full cybernomad. I did trick Facebook by adding fake interests though. Fun times, but no substitute for deletion.
>>4520 I kind of wonder if my old friends ever wonder about what happened to me. Maybe it was a crappy thing for me to do without telling people in advance. Oh well, we weren't close and were drifting away anyway.
I don’t have any socialmedia accounts at all. I only create what I call “decoy accounts” with randomized usernames and password which have no ties to my true identity if an app or website forces me to log in to have full access. Yes, that includes darkmode. These accounts are created in a way that almost makes them one time use only. Other than that I have tried multiple times to have an account on pages such as ruqqus which only results in me deleting the account all together after a while. I just can’t have an account, it doesn’t work with me. This is why I mostly if not only use IBs to communicate with strangers. This IB is the only one I use because it’s the only one I have seen where nsfw posts are a minority. That is why I favor this IB over others.
old forums are dead
>>4563 What forums?
>>4563 YOUR DEAD

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