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Open file (221.35 KB 212x256 2.png)
Thoughts and opinions Anon 04/02/2021 (Fri) 19:47:32 No.4106
A common proverb shared on the internet, thus: "If your profile picture is from an anime, your opinion doesn't count." Thoughts on said proverb?
Open file (878.22 KB 864x931 fennec2.png)
Opinion havers are rather unappealing to me.
Open file (133.38 KB 1920x1080 Hirasawa.Yui.full.982848.jpg)
Anime is comfy and people who hate anime are just jealous they can't apreciate the highest art form.
Open file (25.51 KB 640x457 3.jpg)
>>4125 cope
Open file (199.62 KB 785x731 1586784911422.png)
>>4128 dial late
Open file (37.61 KB 1200x675 img9uc3hier.jpg)
>>4106 >Thoughts on said proverb? source? citations? i always find the lack of either of these disturbing and un/comfy/
>>4129 This place really turned into cluckchan...
>>4106 >If your profile picture is from an anime, your opinion doesn't count. My name is Anon, and I, in good faith, approve this message.
>>4234 'Atta boy!
Open file (54.31 KB 171x256 robo_sweetie_belle.gif)
If your political opinion makes more than 30% of your talks, your political opinion is wrong, you are wrong, mean and overall boring person.
Open file (27.75 KB 640x333 source.jpg)
>>4154 >source? citations?
>>4316 Do you have a peer reviewed study to back that up?
Open file (151.90 KB 1012x1012 pinkie_cake.jpg)
>>4316 >i have beliefs i can't defend but i want to win arguments on internet >i will waste my time by making a chart to defend my idea Why don't you just post a cute pic, call your opponent a idiot then leave the thread? Not only do you win the argument, your opponent gets a cute pic, win/win.
>>4318 Asking for sources is a way to avoid actual discussion. It becomes a fight on who can discredit the other's source's better.
Open file (4.79 KB 141x200 otter_feet.jpg)
>>4319 i am not defending people that ask source or something, the important thing is why are you arguing with a cattle? Just post a cute pic and gtfo before they can ask for a source or call you a nazi/jew/elitist/freetard... .
>>4321 Because i'd get banned anywhere if i post what i find cute
Open file (367.90 KB 1004x1632 megumin.jpg)
Open file (177.99 KB 774x1024 megumin_0.jpg)
Open file (276.22 KB 566x800 megumin_2.jpg)
>>4322 post them 2d then, fbi chan ignores you when you go the 2d way. Some megu(13) to improvise your weaponry.
>>4323 megumi is basically a hag
Open file (22.67 KB 1200x900 hilda_twig.png)
>>4324 I will post my cute pic and leave before fbi-chan thinks we know each other desu. This ones not lewd in any way.
>>4325 Ok my dear friend, see you later
>>4234 Hear hear
Sir, The proverb is correct, sir.

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