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Open file (6.38 KB 225x225 revicon.jpg)
barely ever touch women transporter319 03/22/2021 (Mon) 09:36:54 No.3999
I just turned 41, I have been alone so long. I can talk them up and get to know them but going on dates or being in a relationship never happens. They seem repulsed by me if we ever hang out. The only times I have touched a woman in the past 15 years is drunk at a bar or once from tinder. I am so tired of being rejected. I am a decent looking guy, 6' tall white economically stable enough I am just tired of feeling like a loser. I live in Chicago plenty of decent women here but it's eating away at my self esteem and making it even harder to get with them. I feel so pathetic no woman has ever been in love with me and the women I like always reject me. How do I change
stop caring, stop chasing them, do you, they'll come. getting a gf isn't your purpose in life.
Wish I could give you any advice, anon. But I'm an almost 30 kissless virgin so...
>>4002 take this advice from me, a chad. >>4001 I managed to figure this out despite having autism.
>41 op it's time to stop thinking about women and look into retirement homes
>>4003 I never chased after women, though, at this point I really don't care.
I wish I could help anon, it seems quite confusing and scary to me that one could fail to mate in our world. Although I believe the same happens to women too. Hell, look at Japan. It seems sad as well, since you are being denied your ability to procreate due to the circumstances of our modern world. It is my stated policy that if I ever end up in the same situation you do (no offense, and certainly no fault of your own) I wood try monasticism. Perhaps that can give you some closure.
>>4001 I'm only 25 but that's not really great advice, at least for my social pattern. I've only had three come to me, one was a friend's friend and the other two were approaching me only to ask if I was gay on behalf of a male friend. I wish I were bi, I could have made out a berry conventionally attractive version of moot while dressed as Patrick Bateman, I am not even kidding
>>4009 >>4005 You are still caring Stop caring
>>4011 I only care about comfyness now
it's hard not to care, not having sex and effection makes the world such a harsher place. like you can get away without caring for a few years in your 20s but if you do it for 20 years it becomes really painful. I drink a lot of beer to compensate but my life feels so empty without love
>>4031 Honestly, at that stage I think only a direct relationship with God Himself can suffice. Women alone will never be satisfying.
>>3999 this is the beginning to a manifesto preceeding a grocery store shooting
>>4087 As long as it's not the one I work in, it's all good.
>>4088 >Digits confirms it is the one Anon works in
>>4090 Oh well, I had a nice life
Open file (12.84 KB 426x400 morsa.jpg)
I woodn't worry too much about women, they probably stink a lot.
>>4126 No, you stink!
Open file (196.88 KB 1000x1500 1616620435978-v.jpg)
>>4131 Sounds like something a woman wood say! Hmmmmm........
>>3999 All I can say lad is get some books on non-verbal communication. Women are more attuned to that than men. Don't make sudden or quick movements it scares females. Don't act proud or arrogant. Don't shirk forward or slouch. Stand up straight. And try not to be too rigid. If you need to let off some anxiety, scratch the back of your head and look down. In total pay attention to the body language of people who are successful with women.
>>4751 Forgot to mention, Joe Navarro writes good books on non-verbals. And on toxic personalities. I'd read that too just to make sure you aren't a terrible person.
>>4751 This must be a joke. It sounds too robotic and fake to be real. Nobody out there does a 24/7 monitoring of their own body language. If you have a good flow then things should flow around or through obstacles and be generally enjoyable. However this century has had several bad flows: recession, corona, recession 2, adhd pill scam, video games increasing exponentially in addictiveness, granny pedophiles grooming minors to mutilate their genitals, capitalists importing scabs from brown and black countries and /pol/ in general spreading anime and frogposters and autism eberrywhere. Survival of the fitess means a general compatibility with any environment, not only prospering in one environment but in all environments. The ability to exude a good personal flow in the face of a miasma of bad flows.
>>4752 > I'd read that too just to make sure you aren't a terrible person. Kek, sounds too much like a woman's logic tbh. Maybe I like being a toxic 'person' I only know of men or women, btw. Never met one of these so-called 'persons' before tbh. I've had plenty of women thus far, I suppose they like my toxic personality as well in general.
>>4752 He didn't talk to you, why are you talking about yourself?
>>4751 >Don't make sudden or quick movements it scares females. Are they deer? OP, if your asking for advice i wood say try to not obsess over it. Pick up some hobby's, stop drinking, go to the gym, do your best to just be happy. Wood you want to date a women who's constantly mopey and has a beer gut? keep your head up man, there's a lot more in this life than just women.
>>4810 >tfw no deer gf
>>4811 As far as i can see people that think they are girls are not stable or nice in any way.
>>3999 Wanting to touch leads to touching which leads to wanting to touch more which leads to wanting to touch more which leads to her sucking your soul dry and then leaving you because she enjoys breaking people's hearts and you didn't agree with her enough. Just say no
Open file (1.35 MB 1178x999 tears in the rain.png)
Don't bother interacting with women. Imagine being close to dying to starvation and you find some really good looking food, only for it to have glass shards inside it. Or something else, imagine a figurine or body pillow of your waifu but getting shocks eberrytime you touch them. That's how interacting with women feels like, I've heard it constantly on imageboards, but I just had to find out the hard way.
>>4892 Sounds like you had a rough time. What happened, Anon?
Open file (38.46 KB 649x577 life.jpg)
>>3999 >41 Christ, that's the nightmare, huh? Y'know, I think there is a group of people out there, who are not unattractive and enjoy a good standing in life, but we're weird. Weird in a way that is difficult to describe, in many small, unseen ways, but other people can pick up on this. Not even necessarily consciously, but they notice the way we talk, our body language, the bad posture, awkward way we carry ourselves as we talk, a strangeness to our language, something... People can tell, just like the animals do. They can see what's different, and they shun it. Anyway, I wonder, do you have any irl friends around? I believe it is through our social connections that, statistically speaking, most relationships around found. I've managed to make some normie friends now, and I'm counting on someday that investment paying off, that I'll get a 'hey anon my gf has this friend we can introduce you'. It's a longer strategy that requires patience but realistically, if I keep living, there is a real chance it will actually pay off someday. Of course, being 41 probably makes your situation a bit more difficult again... >>4791 >It sounds too robotic and fake to be real autism and /r9k/ exists; what kind of people do you think are posting here?? if anything your post sounds far more 'fake' lol. >>4810 >Wood you want to date a women who's constantly mopey and has a beer gut? Uh, of course? I'm not gonna pull an attractive normal woman am I? I want someone to be sad with, where we can support each other, get drunk and rub our fat bellies together as we have gross stinky sex.
Open file (51.69 KB 538x438 Morrisey_Noose.jpg)
>>4894 Oh nothing, just the average "talk to somebody for a while and think a good friendship will happen but later says she has a bf" case. I personally think being a friend of someone who already has a bf is wrong because, there's just one reason why most people approach people of the other gender. It feels awkward. And if the person I'm talking to is not in a relationship and doesn't want to be, that's great, I just want some intimacy after all. The idea of talking to someone who already has someone else for their most intimate stuff just feels all wrong for me. Plus, these people I talk to seem to be from imageboards, so I'd have thought they wood also be the average "friendless loser who only has himself/herself to rely on". So that probably pissed me off. All of this diatribe just to avoid saying "I'm on the friendzone". But I personally think it goes deeper than that.
>>4907 If you're just looking to get your wick wet then its easy enough. Anything beyond that is a dream. Just be a quackboy. Ever notice how all women hate them? Its because the first, second, and third dude that had the joy of pounding in that fresh puss wore a flatback hat backwards and drove a dodge avenger. Even though you are in your 40s now: I've seen grandpa catcalling from his car and you know what? The girl got in. Don't even waste your time with dating, that's a solid indicator shes looking for someone to support her. And if you're just fibbing about being 6' tall (already a ticket to pound town with these vapid size queens), then just book a ticket to manilla or volunteer to build a school in some third world country.
Open file (781.63 KB 1200x675 87744172_p0_master1200.jpg)
I think women are good friends... It probably helps that I'm a eunuch without interest in sex.
>>5187 They certainly are. Particularly older women. Benjamin Franklin certainly thought so... https://web.archive.org/web/20210518113612/https://www.swarthmore.edu/SocSci/bdorsey1/41docs/51-fra.html
>>5217 Dude, Poor Richard was an old goat. He was bonking those ancient grannies.
OP here I forgot I made this sad embarassing post. Not much has changed even though I am vaccinated and free to mingle. I. try to chat women up at the bars but they are so dismissive and act like I'm some kind of creep. I can talk to women on various apps and we seem to have a connection but they never want to meet up, or ghost me. I wish I could pay for sex but my detective won't get hard around someone I don't get to know first. Escorts seem so phony. Again the problem isn't just wanting to quack, I am looking for love (and sex). I get along with female family members and they tell me nothing is wrong with me. Maybe I should visit somewhere in Asia or something. I heard they love white men there. It's lame as hell to admit, I have not even done anything since my last post to make me more appealing or in shape for women. I've been a little depressed.
>>5239 >Chatting up women at bars and dating apps Perhaps this is the wrong strategy as the women who use such locations for pick ups are hypergamists, desperate crusty spinsters and those who want a cheap fling with no strings. It may be a good idea to consider asking your female family members more about what women like and perhaps get a job where you can accumulate and exhibit knowledge in their interests and get to know their tastes on a personal level. Also, a wine tasting course wood not go amiss. >They love white men. Guessing it's more or less a form of fetishization. Same as how some white men have 'yellow fever' for Oriental women and of course how some white women who love neighbour detectives.
.>>4907 >because, there's just one reason why most people approach people of the other gender I think this is the cause of your problem. This is simply not true. Most people want to make friends and talk to people while having a partner. If they don't do this, they're more likely to grow tired of their beloved and seek something new. It is natural for people in relationships to also want friends for new experiences, and having their partner for safe and reliable experiences. I understand your desire for intimacy, but unless they have particularly led you on strongly they have done nothing wrong to seek out friends. You yourself said a good friendship could happen, not a relationship. You are sabotaging a possibly great friendship in frustration that they are not open for a relationship.
>>5271 >You are sabotaging a possibly great friendship in frustration that they are not open for a relationship. Facts. There are a great many people who wood be greatly envious at the prospect of having a friend. It is not something to take lightly. That and said friend may know other girls who may be more suitable partners and this may be a great way for him to connect. Especially as he wood have said female friend to assure them that he has no ill intentions to them and further endorse him as a nice person.
>>5239 >I am vaccinated that explains it, you're a pooch
>>5449 It's understandable to become bitter when you want something in your life and they reject you time and time again. It hurts. I won't hold it against OP that he has been having troubles. He asks how he can change. He acknowledges that it's not simply just their fault, but that he is partially responsible as well. It's often hard to pinpoint the exact problem, but I'm sure at this point he has accepted he must self-reflect and try to better understand the women.
OP is a ticking time bomb and an obvious threat to soyciety. https://web.archive.org/web/20210416223307/https://www.hsdl.org/?view&did=850267
>>5495 PDF's are a security threat, what is the content?
>>5496 If you're an "incel", multiple governments are considering you as part of a terrorist organization.
>>5523 It's much more than that. If you belong to any "male supremacist" group, i.e. any kind of male advocacy or male-centric group, and you don't fall in line with the feminist narrative (the dominant narrative of soyciety, then you have been branded as a danger to womyn and soyciety.
>>5495 -> Please don't bring politics into /comfy/.
>>5523 >be me >post ponies on ib's >be threat to society >wanted in terrorist in several states >be YPG militant >be misunderstood individual >be freedom fighter >be hero in Europe after you migrate
Open file (64.23 KB 638x539 kuma.jpg)
>>5551 >>post ponies on ib's >be threat to society >wanted in terrorist in several states
Open file (45.85 KB 150x164 Freshcoat.jpg)
Open file (135.88 KB 1024x576 GreatAuntTia.jpg)
Open file (66.04 KB 951x789 V-Scratch.jpg)
>>4001 I'm 45, been married 14 years, have to agree wholehartedly. I considered myself a social outcast, and I think most of my friends considered me that way too. But a gal asked me to help her, and somehow over the next five years we fell in love with each other. We aren't great for each other because we aren't great people, but we're a LOT happier together than we wood have been apart. >>5528 This post is so out of the blue, it forced me to come here from the overboard to see if, indeed, somehow, the one referenced post and none other could be construed to have brought politics into a thread about politics. Stop lying to yourself, Anon. Eberrything is political. Have you ever ordered a latte and asked for almond milk? Why? What's wrong with cow's milk? Why do you have to bring politics into coffee? Have you ever bought whole wheat bread with oats & nuts? Why, white bread is core to what makes America's Heartland strong! Why do you bring politics into the kitchen? If you want to say "don't bring me down this is /confy/" then say that. If you want to say "I don't understand the connection between societal labels and loneliness" then say that. But to say "you bring up politics" when referencing a post whose only claim to politics is that you disagree with them, is ITSELF anathema to anything that could be considered comfy. You destroy all semblance of credibility with your nonsense, and I have come here to express my distaste your post leaves in my mouth EVERY TIME I CLICK OVERBOARD. >>5551 > post ponies on ib's Yes. Yes, for the love of eberrything that makes us comfortable in our own skin, let's go back to posting ponies because at 4AM the Jannies probably aren't watching.
Open file (72.75 KB 819x1024 Rev_Flutterbat.jpg)
Open file (107.41 KB 793x1024 b763b9072cdf452c.jpg)
Open file (319.10 KB 893x730 10856edbfbf2660a.png)
Open file (99.21 KB 1100x744 35fcb4da637d90ff.jpg)
>>5584 >we wood Sometimes, I wish there were an edit button. Y'know? Double entendre not intended. "W0uld" >Eberrything Oh. Word filters, much? I'm going back to bed. Enjoy your bread & board, and hopefully my corrections will push the offending post off the overboard for me. And you. Have more ponies looking comfortable.
>>5584 > Eberrything is political. Don't conflate you abstracting politics from things with intent.
>>5585 Hello and welcome to /comfy/, we hope you ebjoy your stay.
>>5584 >Eberrything is political >Even coffee Consider therapy, honestly. I mean no harm with this statement.
Open file (990.48 KB 500x442 1604663176250.gif)
Open file (916.26 KB 2700x2000 1604664451882.gif)
>>5585 Fluttershy in Alucard cosplay is the cutest thing i saw in a long while. >>5589 Eberrything is kind of political because money itself is political. We always vote with our money without even realising most of the time. Even coffee as he said. Choosing to drink coffee from a local seller instead of Whoever the big guys are is "quack megacorporations" in practice for example, even if you didn't intended to do that. Especially nowadays there are always some regulation on the legalization table, you don't even know when something you always did becomes illegal.
>>5590 >Eberrything is kind of political You are only choosing to see it this way. However — it is understandable that one may see things this way if they find that they have little control over their life and want to make sense of things. I buy coffee from local sellers because it tastes better and is cheaper than buying convenience store coffee. It is not a political decision. You can choose to make it one, but it doesn't have to be that way if you want to relax on the politics for a bit. Old habits die hard though.
the onlything ticking is my balls needing to explode. and my need for love. It is true I also have an anger problem and rely on medication, some women can't handle my intensity and I can't mellow myself down for them, unless I'm drunk. Only the ugliest skanks will let me hit, IF the stars align. I feel cursed and like I should RIP myself
biggest and oldest female psyop is convincing men they aren't needed to induce them to simp and chase. actually, the opposite is true: women need men, not the other way around. if you resist them, you're pheromone scent literally changes, you smell different. females can smell your single status and lure you into their pussy slaberry like this simp >>5584
>>5797 Take your meds.
>>5798 It's true.
Welcome to your 40's once you hit 27 women won't fall in love with you. Any success after that is purely for your status and material and if you don't have high enough levels of either to turn heads welcome to being invisible middle age guy - this is even if you are somewhat fit and handsome. If you're not, idk what to say, become a hermit or do a backflip. If you are charismatic and dress/groom yourself decently and aren't ugly or offputting in appearance then you can get into the outer one or two "orbits" of 5/10 women - they'll keep you on burner but never seal the deal. If you just want friends that's fine and maybe, just maybe they'll hook you up with one of their overweight screechy friends with civilian NPC tastes, out of pity for her and you. This is literally why I'm putting my efforts into researching android waifus. This is not a joke, AI wood be infinitely better company than being put into eternal orbit or kept as someone's "pet BF" after their 2nd divorce and 3rd abortion, a life of binge drinking and watching netflix serial killer documentaries ad nauseum just for some sour yeasty missionary sex once a week.
>>6078 A lot of women are actually attracted to older men.
>>6080 You must be responding to the wrong post.
>>6084 Is this some kind of meta joke? Going full schizo by accusing others of being schizos completely out of the blue?
There's nothing remotely comfy about this thread...
>>6087 Yeah.
>>6079 >older men Is that another way of saying rich men?

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