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Open file (48.68 KB 768x562 MARGHERITA-768x562.jpg)
Anon 03/08/2021 (Mon) 06:15:16 No.3938
Hey anons! Are you feeling fine? What's going on in your life?
It's five am and I should've gone to sleep some hours ago So I guess not great
>>3939 what did you do the whole night?
Open file (352.95 KB 1014x256 1597001084431.png)
I need to sleep
>>3942 Trying to sleep and not being able to.
>>3938 yes feeling fine can't wait for Christmas time to come again ha!
>>3938 I'm doing well, sleeping well and for the first time ever I don't completely hate my job >>3945 He's over 40 now, I hope he's doing well.
>>3938 Doing just fine and I start to get my ship together
Open file (12.81 KB 474x248 finefinefine.jpg)
watching Surfs Up, having a drink, and ignoring my problems. Life's good
I've a bit of insomnia. I'm looking for a new place where I can post without getting cyberbullied for being autistic or trans.
things are nice
>>4014 >I'm looking for a new place where I can post without getting cyberbullied for being autistic or trans. I think /grannypol/ created their own site recently? I'm sure they wood welcome you there.
>>4018 This post made me laugh, someone should make a granny imageboard
>>4014 Anybody who uses an imageboard and genuinely has a problem with autists needs to take a look in the mirror. As for a place that's accepting of grannies, I think there was one or two over on sushigirl. Not too sure if crystal.cafe wood welcome you but it may be worth a shot.
Thanks for the laugh BO, that word filter is bretty gud
>>4021 back2lc whore
Open file (34.09 KB 474x372 download.jpg)
I've been putting myself out of work for one year due to COVID. Now I'm trying to get comfy with finding volunteer work to return to the work force in some way. Finding a paying job feels like too much pressure after being out of work for so long, so volunteer work is the next best thing. And so I'm trying to get comfy with finding it, because even for things which are demonstrably easier and less pressuring, trying to start a new thing always makes me feel a little lost and anxious.
>>4143 why not just start a small part time job? those can be comfy as well.
>>4144 That was the first place I looked, and I have part time employment at a local grocery store as a long term goal. But even for something as small as that, I want more confidence in my job history, my current events, and people skills. In particular my job history. For only one is still in business, and although I left it politely and voluntarily, the berry strange circumstances (to put it lightly, and I abstain from explaining details) surrounding my quitting still left an obviously negative impression on my supervisor, who was already struggling with positivity. Doubly so since I was among the top employees. And so I have a preference for restarting working life with something yet more comfy than a small part time job.
>>4147 You don't need any kind of job history or experience for that anon. And A part time job in a supermarket is a pretty unambitious long term goal to have.
>>4148 I'll do what I do.
>>4149 Try doing what you don't do.
>>4150 I'll pass.
Open file (442.68 KB 634x386 smils.png)
>>3938 things are looking good for me, but nothing can heal the hole in my heart. my heart aches for ashley guys, i miss hikichan :( i've literally found myself crying over her for the past 3 days, i just love her so much. i wish there someone else like me that i could talk to.
Nothing much. Grades are fine and I'll soon enter uni. I'm already hired to work this summer. But for some reason, I can't stop feeling empty. I really hope I can make friends in uni and hopefully a gf (not sure who wood fall in love with me but hey, one can dream).
>>4014 u are brainwashed
>>4014 It seems like half the people on imageboards are autistic.
>>4178 and a quarter of that half are being groomed into being grannies by psycopathic glowneighbour bikes
Open file (2.33 MB 200x190 1402533597079.gif)
>>4206 >those wordfilters
>>4206 The wordfilters are a work of art

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