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Open file (151.43 KB 1200x1200 er6j5dale00.jpg)
/Comfy/ room Anon 02/26/2021 (Fri) 01:11:48 No.3834
Is your room /comfy/ as of now? Are there anything you will do to make it even more so?
Not berry comfy since I share it, I hope someday I'll be able to move
Not berry comfy since I only use the room to sleep and get dressed, and my haven room is shared so I cannot make it berry comfy. I hope someday I'll be able to move.
>>3836 >>3849 Where do you go to find some peace of mind?
>>3850 I usually stay up berry late and just hang by myself in the living room when eberrybody else is asleep
>>3850 My computer[s] is my haven. For better and worse. The hours late at night are pure so long as I'm not silly enough to be annoyed by anonymous users.
I'm about to get my own apartment and I plan to make my bedroom as comfy as possible. No backlit screens, except my phone far away from the bed. Blackout curtains and I'll invest in one of those sunset/sunrise simulation lamps as my alarm. While it simulates a sunset I'll read on my ereader til I fall asleep. Looking forward to this comfiness
>>3860 Sounds amazing. Keep us posted, anon!
>>3834 For years, it's been a dump, I thrashed it when I was in my teen years, haven't slept there since then. Later I kind of started using it as a storage room. I'm trying to clean and organize it a bit better right now, I started with the bookshelves, which now have books and notebooks. But it really is a pain, especially since there are a lot of toys from when I was a kid, I never got rid of them, I didn't want to lose the memories I had. The room needs a lot of work to be done. It's tiny, so tiny the bed is actually a top-bunk bunk bed, to allow for floor room. There's a childish "The Jungle Book" movie wallpaper all around, so I'd have to remove it and give the room a new coat of paint. I'd like to get a big bed, but I don't think it'll be possible. I'd also have to move my PC there and get an internet connection on that side of the house. tl;dr: money is tight and my room is a dump.
My room is definitely /comfy/ now. I'm separated from the rest of the house but still in the same house. To access my room you have to go through a small hallway outside, kind of like a hotel room. I even have my own bathroom, I really don't have much to complain about it.
>>3860 Ngl, the sunset / sunrise simulation lamp sounds amazing anon, I am going to try this...
Open file (65.77 KB 427x600 no money just sleep.jpg)
My space is in the basement, though it doesn't have any doors, the previous owner thought it wood be nice to tear out the extra wall to make it a sitting room, though after her fire and the flooding she realized this was a bad idea. I can't complain though, I keep the floor swept, the window clean, got a nice case for my vidya and books, plus a doggo to keep me company at night. I plan to eventually put nice wooden slats down so that it shines when you mop it, and I also plan to put up pictures that I find online and frame to give it more of a personal feel. Just one step at a time.
>>3860 >one of those sunset/sunrise simulation lamps as my alarm. am curious as to how does it work ( ꒪⌓꒪ )
>>3864 >I didn't want to lose the memories I had You're lucky it's even an option for you Anon. Most of us had our old toys thrown out by parents. I'd suggest you regard each one as a treasure, and figure out the ones you want badly enough to carefully pack and transport across an entire continent with yourself. Then for the others, I'd suggest you stop in at /toy/ and ask for the best ways to sell each type of them. The old movie posters from a Frank&Ollie movie are unarguably collector's items, certainly.
>>3896 >Most of us had our old toys thrown out by parents This coupled with younger siblings that destroyed eberrything I had
no. i hate this shippy room. it's like a prison. but i know the outside world is even shippier, so i rather stay locked up in my cage
>>3975 The problem is you aren't in the country. If you were, then you wood rejoice to go outdoors each day (even in the rain and snow, for the welcome hearth on your return). At least go visit the closest outdoors place to you soon Anon.
>>3981 But I live in the country. I go outside somtimes with neighbours dog
>>3982 Oh do you? My mistake then. I'd just suggest you keep getting fresh air then. Be grateful for it too -- not many of us get to enjoy fresh country air where we live! :^)
>>3984 but I barely have the motivation to go anywhere. when I return, crushing despair sets in
>>3996 Welp, as my old granpappy used to tell me "Just keep throwing sh*t up again the wall some. Eventual somethin will stick". Just keep at it Anon, things will get better somehow.
Mine is pretty comfy. The main thing I think is to have good lighting which means warm light, not cold and soulless white light. In my desk lamp I have an incandescent bulb that has more filaments that a standard bulb you'd buy and it glows a berry rich amber color. I don't always use it, because I have a regular soft white bulb in the floor lamp in my room, but sometimes late at night I'll use it. Berry comfy. Also I have some houseplants and my room looks like it could be from the 90s which is also /comfy/. I like to relax sometimes and listen to some records.
Mine is not comfy. It is too warm unless it's cold out and then it's too cold in here. It's small. What few shelves and drawers fit are crowded.
>>5833 unfortunately I don't suppose there's much you can do to cool it down when it's hot apart from having an air conditioner. You might try covering the windows with some sort of shade or blackout curtains to stop sunlight from getting in and heating things up, though. I almost always have a window open in my room when it's warm outside as well. When it's cold you should bring out some blankets and stuff to get cozy when you're sitting at the computer
Open file (1.17 MB 1025x687 2555.png)
getting a new bed today, decluttered some things, mopped my whole floor as well. going to be a comfy reading night tonight
No, I'm running out of space.
Open file (340.86 KB 1079x1500 399418_0.jpg)
>>3834 >Is your room /comfy/ as of now? Somewhat. It's small which I like in terms of comfyness, but it also gets berry messy as a result (leaving a single thing lying on the floor leaves the impression that the entire room is a mess) Also I repainted the walls recently and rearranged some furniture so it's a lot comfier than it was before now (I can actually see when someone enters the room now when sitting at my desk, got tons of unwanted scares earlier) >Are there anything you will do to make it even more so? When I have time on Christmas break I want to decorate the walls a bit, some of them are still a bit barren. Might get one or two of those wall mounted vinyl displays to put my fav records in (currently only have a display for what's currently playing on a shelf above the record player), if I'm going to get any books for Christmas (I will) I'll need another shelf on the wall to fit them. Also currently have this Blade Runner poster above my desk. Also own a The Thing and Kill Bill print by the same artist, just need to get some frames and a place to hang them.
Open file (68.17 KB 1024x576 my-comfy-room.jpg)
I have the comfiest room of all. It's perfect for me. I love this room.
My room has barely any room for anything, i use the desk for eberrything soo i have to clean the desk if i want to get stuff done. I like my room as is but i deff need black curtains, i literally can't sleep at night because my room is really close to a streetlight and it lights my room like it is morning. >>6171 if this really is your room, it is great.
>>6172 > if this really is your room, it is great. My post wood've been weird if the picture wasn't my room.
>>6171 Why is your wall only painted around the windows?
> Why is your wall only painted around the windows? That's not paint. That's spacklling material. (I've had to look up the word.) There is no point in painting it if it works. Why put in the effort? It's not like the room gets less comfy from that.
>>6171 If it has eberrything you need, then it's a comfy room indeed. It's a bit messy though, anon, but I understand.
>>6179 > If it has eberrything you need, then it's a comfy room indeed. It's a bit messy though, anon, but I understand. I don't know anything else I wood want. I have eberrything. I have - my own router to use for my servers - an ok computer and a good microphone - all my art supplies here - a few books I can read - warm clothes - a comfy bed - a heater - a mirror There is so much I can do. I can never be bored. In addition to that I have access to the vastness of the internet. CRAZY! I can just talk to all kinds of people around the globe. And I can go outside if I feel like working out or when I fresh air. As you can see in the picture, I even stretched a string across the room, so I can dry my clothes on it, because it's winter and it's too wet and cold outside to dry clothes.
>Is your room /comfy/ as of now? yes! i hope i get a bed a bedframe soon tho. it have eberrything i need -my clothes -a little fan -my laptop -all my candles -cat bed for cat >Are there anything you will do to make it even more so? i wood like to have a desk buuut i like to lay down in my bed anyway! i also thimk i should get all the food i have in my room out but who doesnt love snacks?

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