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Open file (196.69 KB 384x436 mako thumbs up.png)
Anon 12/31/2020 (Thu) 11:15:24 No.3442
Happy New Years' Eve /comfy/. Thanks a lot for the comfy times and may the next year be much much much better than this one. In the meantime you can post your goals for the next year. I will finally go back to college and get that Compsci degree after zigzagging and going nowhere all these last years. My goal is to actively participate in it and get to finish the first year of the career.
Open file (402.70 KB 589x593 xdp4py.png)
Happy new year, friend! My goals for 2021 are to not get fired and finally move out of my parents' home, and also to stop procrastinating and get into gamedev. I hope I don't watch this thread a year from now a realize I haven't achieved any of that
Open file (533.98 KB 1358x2048 1609421390740.jpg)
>>3442 Happy new year to you too, anon. >>3444 Yeah. It always hurts to see threads you wrote a long time ago, even if just a few months. Do your best so that it doesn't feel as pain
Open file (8.26 KB 200x200 14113993624340.jpg)
It's almoust time to open caviar and pour the drinks. >>3444 If you ever manage to stop procrastinating completely, I wish to know the way.
>>3442 right on anon, happy new years eve!
>>3442 Happy new year and let's do things so it will be more better than last!
>>3444 You know, if you just, like, make a game, then at least one of your wishes wood be somewhat accomplished.
>>3454 >wood wood How did I truck that up.
>>3455 Oh, it's a filter. Nevermind. w o u l d
Happy new year.
>>3456 >>3455 So that is why I keep reading 'wood'. I was talking with someone a day or two ago and was thinking they were a total retard. Now it all makes sense.
Happy new year fags. >goals for the next year. For the project i've been working on the last few months to finally pick up, if it fails i'll have to start a wagecluck job.
hap hap happy new years!
>>3458 >I was talking with someone a day or two ago and was thinking they were a total retard That's berry rude
it's past 1 allready. was watching youtube videos without even noticing it's already newyears. happy new year to eberryone reading this. good night anon.
Open file (102.87 KB 250x250 cowkingneck.png)
Horns up for '21 from The Cow King!
Open file (33.28 KB 500x283 download (5).jpeg)
Happy New Year, /comfy/!
It's raining atop the snow! Gross!!
>>3442 Happy New Year! I want to study Compsci in college like OP, or just learn programming. It's tiring living in my parents' home, despite them not annoying me much. >>3463 >Year of the Ox We got a plague in the year of the rat, what are we getting in 2021?
im trying to into git and reading a fairly difficult book with me luck anon
>>3484 >We got a plague in the year of the rat, what are we getting in 2021? A heavy yoke
>>3442 Happy New Year anons, best of luck to you all. >goals Get an internship, get over my fear of change
>>3497 Git's not hard, actually. https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ Good luck with the book Anon, I hope it's one worth the effort to you.
>>3497 >>3506 Git can be frustrating at first but once you get the hang of it you won't even think about it, when I started working I kept messing up my commits but now I rarely make a mistake
>>3510 >>3506 thank you. It's kinda hard to wrap my head around. For now I just uploaded my gnu/linux config files and as I started using that meme window manager - dwm and other suckless tools recently I also need to somehow get into branches so that I can easily revert back when I install some buggy patches. So that link might be helpful. https://git-scm.com/book/ I read some of this, but it's pretty long for a beginning I guess side effect is it will be easier to learn programming if I'm already familiar with all this software
>>3503 my shoulders are ready

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