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Open file (45.44 KB 750x500 uy vuit.jpg)
ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕚𝕣 Anon 12/15/2020 (Tue) 21:02:22 No.3259
Is your chair /comfy/? Is there any chair you wood buy, during the next available sales? Any recommendations for fellow anons?
Open file (18.71 KB 496x741 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>3259 >wacky headrest >see-through material Hmmm. I have a chair similar to this one, had it for years. It's berry comfy indeed. I remember there were some really weird chairs on sale when I bought it.
>>3259 I hate wheels on chairs, it keeps sliding all over the place. Who though it was a good idea to put wheels on office chairs? I am not /comfy/
Sitting all day has given me butt rash, even using a cushion. I'm currently looking into one of those standing chairs.
Open file (95.54 KB 749x694 1573519610941.jpg)
>Is your chair /comfy/? Not at all, makes my back hurt >Is there any chair you wood buy, during the next available sales? Wish I could get one of those you just posted but I'm broke. Sorry for uncomfy post
Open file (187.66 KB 704x1024 chair.jpg)
Ever since i got my see-through material chair my ass no longer hurts when i sit in front of a computer all day, either my ass has grown numb to pain or see-through material chairs are just better.
Maybe we shouldn't sit so much.
>>3304 We really didn't evolve for it. I think sitting constantly is a big contributor for certain health problems a lot of people deal with.
>>3300 >I'm currently looking into one of those standing chairs. That's only a temporary fix to your problem, you should do at least Glute Bridges three times per week
>>3311 I've been trying to do them sometimes. I spend several hours of ever weekday walking and try to activate my gluteal muscles at all times when walking.
>>3259 My chair is broken and I'm getting a new one soon.
>>3315 I wish you a comfy chair.
>>3312 That's good to hear
sat in one of those chinese rebranded gaming chairs for years until it just wasn't usable and i had back pain, went to a surplus store and got a $100 ish certa chair, it's pretty good for the price and if you're in that price range, i'd go for it, but there are a lot of really nice chairs in the $300+ range sorry for the essay :P
>>3323 Don't be sorry, I like reading anon's essays.
No. It's one of those fake leather executive chairs with minimal adjustability. The height is wrong and the pleather makes extended sessions on the chair into an unconformable and sweaty experience. Better than the Ikea dining chair I used to use.
>>3525 That said, once corona lets up and second hand chairs are available at a reasonable price I'll grab an ergonomic office chair. Looking forward to the comfy.
Open file (115.85 KB 1000x989 product_image.jpg)
Pillows on floor is where its at.

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