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Open file (117.56 KB 601x1068 rgre43w4tAsdf.jpg)
❄❅❆ 𝑫𝒆𝒄𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓 ❅❆❄ Anon 11/30/2020 (Mon) 23:33:05 No.3058
Well, here we are, the last month of the year. What's your go to for year end /comfy/? Snuggling up in a thick blanket while drinking hot choco with the TV or radio runs in the background? Or just staying at home, enjoying the idleness?
>>3058 You have no idea how jealous you guys having holidays on winter makes me, here is really hot on december. >What's your go to for year end /comfy/? Usually getting drunk with my brothers and playing videogames while listening to music.
Open file (194.83 KB 338x461 moomsnow.png)
It's the same as always, but cold.
Thinking of sitting with my family with a blanket, and watch some stupid movie on tv with them. Failing that there's always vidya. >>3062 Sounds comfy anon, what games are you thinking of playing this December?
>>3087 Been playing Digital Devil Saga lately, next game on backlog is Spec Ops: The Line, when I beat that other one...as for multiplayer stuff been playing some fighting games lately, mostly Street Fighter III 3rd strike and Mortal Kombat 2011, which is surprisingly fun, I really enjoyed the story mode too. I'm really bad at fighting games but I'm trying to improve.
>>3058 I hope we get some snow here this year. Especially before January.
it doesn't even snow one bit. it's only cold and boring outside.
>>3098 well snow wood make it cold boring and gross so that's a plus now isn't it?
Open file (851.88 KB 600x947 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3103 but snow is comfee, anon
>>3105 Not when you only get a little bit of snow which then turns into mud.
>>3105 is it? I never seen snow before in my life.
>>3108 Snow is both comfy and annoying. It can be comfy to walk around on a day where it is snowing and it is almost dead quiet outside, or even to look out the window at the untouched snow, but where it becomes annoying is when one has to shovel out the driveway, or worry about ice on the porch, or even moreso on the roads.
I've never seen snow irl and it does look comfy but I imagine it being kinda annoying too. Had a friend from northern UK who used to tell me how he sometimes had to shovel like a meter of snow to leave his home, that's pretty uncomfy.
>>3058 As someone living in an equatorial country, where it's summer all year long, winter is my favorite season whenever I find myself in a temperate country, be it on the coast where one can feel the winds of the sea or a snowy inland like in OP's picture. The cold makes you feel sharp and alive. And there's also that comfy feeling where you're by the fireplace enjoying some nice winter snacks and a warming beverage (I like rum and hot chocolate). Although, I woodn't want to be in a situation where I'd have to shovel snow, like having a driveway. People have this notion that living in a tropical country, where its summer all year long, is somehow a pleasant and fun experience. That's true when you're on vacation, but believe me - it gets boring and stressful when you actually have to live in one fulltime. You have to deal with insects, sweltering heat, a higher chance of getting a heatstroke, and your brain preforms worse when its hot. I suppose the inverse also applies to the those living in temperate climates. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. I suppose it's just my nostalgia talking, since I spent my early childhood in Maryland, Whatever the case may be, I have a strong desire to go out into the world and experience winter again, along with its comfy feelings that I seldom experience.
The December holidays woodn't be the same without snow to me, but if I had my way it wood be warm the rest of the year where I live. The main drawback for me wood just be the wildlife of warm climates. I absolutely hate bugs of an almost any kind, and seeing big ones wood absolutely terrify me.
>>3109 >>3110 >when one has to shovel out the driveway, or worry about ice on the porch, or even moreso on the roads. >sometimes had to shovel like a meter of snow to leave his home, that's pretty uncomfy. as a asocial introvert, this is the upmost comfy haha. curling up in a thick blanket not going out anyway during the holidays, while the piled up snow wood discourage anyone from coming.
>>3117 Almost never get snow here until late January at the earliest. Last winter I think we went pretty much all winter without snow until some time in late February/early March. I was actually working back then and I was working outside. Probably the first time I was not happy that it was snowing.
Open file (786.59 KB 832x682 drive thru.png)
I wonder where I'll pass christmas on the net. Hope there's an event for it somewhere, last christmas was berry good since I spent it with brazilians but I can't understand what they say.
>>3139 how do u spend ur evening on the net?
>>3140 I just lurk imageboards, that time though was special since eberryone was taking photos of their monitors showing a special thread with a special image and posting them. Some were doing a thumbs up, some with a toy, some with energy drinks. Mods also started playing some music, eberryone was pretty ecstatic. I did participate in that. It was a good time, hope I can have a good time on the nets this christmas and new year's eve
>>3141 Back when I was using discord I always spent time on russian servers. They are nice people. The ones that could speak english at least. I'm too retarded/autistic to keep up proper conversations unfortunately. Mostly I wood just listen to their conversations without understanding anything, just some noise to wash away the discomfort I feel most of the time unfortunately. I don't use discord anymore because I wood spent too much time there among other things that make it an annoying plattform. These days imageboards are enough from as a form of human interaction for me. Merry christmas, anon
Open file (885.70 KB 500x230 1600400211882.gif)
>>3229 >discord That reminds me of someone who wanted a friend on another imageboard, I asked them for contact, they gave me a discord thing, and I absolutely dismissed it. I kinda feel bad now after seeing my regional imageboard die indefinitely and most of the userbase ending up on forums that asks you for username and password disguised as an anonymous forum. Wish I had his number, he seemed so alone, and now I am alone.
Open file (148.91 KB 545x640 3hoj2tsh.jpg)
a berry /comfy/ christmas/christmas-eve to you all!
>>3235 I'm really feeling that GIF. Are you feeling the lonely still this cursed new year?
>>3548 Oh definitely, I'll see how to remedy this. I'll start taking drawing classes this saturday, since I did try to learn in may last year but can't do Gesture Drawing. I just don't know how to get friends, maybe I'm just too cold.
>>3552 Have you considered joining some sort of club? Your drawing class might have some options to collaborate with other people. I joined a private gym a couple of years ago and we all get together to go out to eat, one of the members helped me find a car as well. The nature of a club having a shared activity makes starting conversations much easier.
>>3235 Why do people use discord? Does it have any benefits over Mumble/Tox/Matrix/whatever, other than network effect?
>>3570 Instant belonging into a community where eberryone is interested in the same things as you. And you can be anonymous and change identities like changing hats. Whereas in social media you are expected to show your face and the chans are impersonal where no one are friends and reddit is mob rule by upvotes while Discord can ban any type of behavior and can be semi-private. Discord also puts adults in contact with children which is the other reason why its popular. Many scandals. Stay away.
>>3566 >Have you considered joining some sort of club? I don't know where to find those clubs though, I think they're a myth created by entertainment

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