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Anon 10/12/2020 (Mon) 19:30:00 No.2807
What are you thankful for /comfy/? Here's my partial list >I am healthy >I have lots of tasty food to eat >I've got a warm comfy bed >My limbs all work >I have eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth >I can read and write >There is lots of cool and useful technology I can use >I am in education >I have lots of time to do fun things >etc. etc.
>>2807 I'm thankful for this thread OP.
I'm thankful of having a job that I can do at home , it's not too hard and still allows me to play video games quite a few hours a day. Thankful of being able to eat pretty much whatever I want whenever I want. Thankful of having an internet connection to watch anime/videos whenever I want to. And thankful of having this nice board to have a comfy time whenever I feel like it.
I just thought how nice it wood be if people here were thankful for all the comfy stuff they've got. And here's this thread. Was a right thing to make it. I'm thankful for staying at home in these hard times without losing my income. For having enough funds to keep the flat warm. There's a lot more, of course.
Thank you for this thread, OP. >I have a job that's easy, pays decently, I can do it from home, and allows me time to play vidya >I have access to healthy food >My family is decent >I dont live in a dangerous area and I take walks at night

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