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Anon 04/18/2020 (Sat) 17:35:08 No.268
>holy moly an SFW anonymous board >oh nevermind it is as inactive as a dead sea cucumber.
>nobody posts therefore I won't post
>>269 >maybe i will but i would rather prefer somewhere else since the chance of initiating a conversation is way lower
>>270 imagine wanting to initiate conversations lol
>>268 Activity breeds activity, friend. Make some posts and you will generate more. Also better to have a slower post rate but maintain a high post quality than a high rate of posting but a low post quality. I don't think it suits a comfy board to have a really high pph either.
>>268 I was about to argue with you about sea cucumbers being pretty active, but then I read it again and saw the word dead.
Open file (457.25 KB 1500x1299 seacucumber.jpg)
Stop bullying the cucumbers. Not cool bro
Open file (392.70 KB 1094x1646 marcille.jpg)
Dropping by again to say Marcille is a cute! A CUTE!

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