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Open file (2.58 MB 1920x1080 1596688477741.jpg)
Anon 08/08/2020 (Sat) 01:08:54 No.2377
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number three. Autumn edition. old thread >>1239
Open file (430.06 KB 1080x1350 n9kfb.jpg)
it's late late hours for me now. i just wanna sit, and enjoy the idleness of staring & listening to the waves at a local beach hope you, wherever you are right now, are well
Hope you’re having a good Saturday guys. Also to that guy who got banned for being POC I think it’s a shame there’s no politics board for proper discussion anymore. I know this is a term the media uses to complain about white people who stand up for themselves, but that board is now white supremacist rather than WN. They’ve gone beyond caring for their race, they want other ones to perish.
Today had been such a slow day that nothing has happened which made me remember. It was like I just skipped a day.
Howdy /comfy/ >>2386 It's not a big deal, political boards are stressful anyways.
After maybe half a year, I realized smuglo.li is two four-letter words. I always saw smuglo and thought that was a fun word. Man I feel dumb but in a nice funny way.
Comfy beginning of the week, I hope you're all having a good day.
>>2395 Berry good advice.
Open file (54.16 KB 402x287 really2..PNG)
>be me >just made oolong tea >in my new thermos >waiting for tea to cool >something comes up >I have to leave my house for an hour or so >ohshipmytea.png >put the lid on the thermos >leave to do thing >come back >tea is the perfect temperature
Open file (48.91 KB 600x400 wet46zs34as.jpg)
guess you indirectly gave me a push to spend on a thermos
>>2398 I wanna try oolong tea, but it's pretty expensive here.
>>2400 What is it? I never heard of it.
>>2401 It's a fairly broad category of tea roughly in between green and black
>>2400 Where are you specifically? You can get a hundred pack on amazon for around 13 dollars.
Good evening, eberryone. Let's all take it easy today.
Who ever keeps complaining about /fascist/ ruining this board? I must invite you to relax.
Open file (4.92 KB 226x125 ca.png)
>>2401 It's tea that's not green but not quite black either, some people call it 'blue tea' where I live >>2403 >Where are you specifically? Argentina, problem about buying stuff off amazon is that we pretty much have to pay double the product's value on taxes. Also see pic related, most products can't even be shipped here.
>>2406 As this anon said, whoever is doing this just needs to stop already with this.
>>2407 Interesting, Maybe something like Alibaba or maybe buying a live green tea plant and making your own tea through that maybe?
>>2409 There’s also a physical store that sells a mixture of teas in Córdoba
Open file (209.88 KB 1920x1280 dre5yye.jpg)
>>2407 what abt other teas brewed from tea leaves? honestly speaking i prefered green tea and other types of teas 😆
>>2409 I'd love to grow my own plant. >>2410 Nice I'll check that out >>2411 I love green and black tea, and infusion made from other herbs, I just wanted to try
Hi comfy. Forget you guys exist, pretty cute little board, visiting from /late/, mind if i stay a while?
>>2413 Of course, and thank you for pointing out /late/. It looks like a pretty nice board.
>>2407 Where in argentina bro? Im from southern brazil, do you guys drink mate all over the place or not in some regions? What do you think of mate yourself? I love the stuff. Especially cold. >>2414 I cant believe it, an actual reply /late/ faces some troubles. 1 post per day, maybe less. I like this place. I will try to post here, and contribute to the threads
>Where in argentina bro? Northeast, so we're probably pretty close, bro >do you guys drink mate all over the place or not in some regions? As far as I know people in the entire country drink mate, but I've never been down south so I'm not that sure. >What do you think of mate yourself? I love mate and used to drink mate amargo all day long, not anymore because it wrecks my stomach and keeps me up at night, I still drink it, just not as much.
>>2416 >probably pretty close bro Im 100 km from the uruguayan border, pretty close to you i guess. Wanna meet up for some entrevero? >mate keeps me up at night I have the exact opposite problem, makes me sleep like a little baby
>>2417 >Im 100 km from the uruguayan border same here >Wanna meet up for some entrevero? Nah I'm not a huge fan of going outside, also I can't travel because covid >I have the exact opposite problem, makes me sleep like a little baby Wish I had that problem
Open file (84.20 KB 640x640 1581713740742.jpg)
Today certainly wasn't a comfy day, but it's over now and it's time for some comfort
>>2420 Hey Man what’s wrong?
>>2420 Same here, kissmanga was taken down and I didnt even get a chance to update my saved bookmarks list. All those hundreds series I had bookmarked; Gone.
>>2419 >>2417 Do you guys drink mate the same as you wood a normal tea as a relaxing drink? I have never head it.
>>2421 Just work stuff, I'm so bad at it that my boss thinks I'm slacking off but I'm actually working overtime most days, I'm afraid I'm gonna get fired. >>2422 I had no idea, sucks to hear that, I'm gonna guess kissanime is also gone, pretty uncomfy. >>2423 >Do you guys drink mate the same as you wood a normal tea as a relaxing drink? It's kinda weird, some people here drink it pretty much constantly, it has caffeine so it's not berry relaxing for me, I usually don't drink it in the afternoon, it's great when you're working or studying, it actually helps me concentrate in the morning.
>>2422 im sorry to hear that. i can relate to saving tons of bookmarks and one day they're just gone :(
Open file (2.96 MB 1061x1500 2enx4.png)
>>2434 It should've been obvious that it was going to be taken down at some point, considering they moved domains before. This is why I've started keeping track of my mangas in a notepad software.
Open file (51.79 KB 1079x601 3ri7hod7iky11.jpg)
Hope you guys are having a comfy day
>>2440 I just woke up like 2 hours ago and my day is about to start, so I'll see whether it will be a com one or not, I have this planned to do.
Open file (378.32 KB 645x687 398758322189.png)
>>2425 >>2434 >>2439 Yeah it sucks having to reorganize eberrything but at least I had a back up incase something like this happened. Back when sadpanda went down I imported my manga list into mangadex, so the list I have now is a yearish old. Better than nothing I guess..
>>2441 Lucky, My sleep schedule is Trucked and I have to go to school so I stayed up until six trying to fix it.
I've gone back to college this week, and I already feel so tired and uncomfy.
>>2443 I found that any kind of heavy exercise will tire out my body and crave sleep when night comes, I wonder if it will be the same for you. It wasn't as comfy as I thought it wood but I managed to accomplish a lot compared to the previous days, surprisingly. >>2442 You should take what happened as a warning that it may happen in future, too. I'm happy for you that you didn't lose eberrything, though. >>2445 I've never liked college, eberry time I was there it was like I could feel the air being high-strung and intense, but I suppose that's normal for such a place.
>>2445 Sorry to hear that, friend. College is the antithesis of comfy
I had to reschedule my meeting with the dentist today for another day because I got scared when he told he'll have to open a hole so that he can remove it fully.
Open file (828.99 KB 960x540 tea party.png)
>>2454 I've been watching K-On, so comfy
Open file (222.57 KB 1024x768 wojaks-bar.jpg)
What will it be, fren?
>>2455 What other comfy animu have you watched?
Open file (99.00 KB 1279x719 Non-Non-Biyori.jpg)
>>2457 I haven't watched a lot of anime to be honest, the one that I found the comfiest by far was Non non Biyori, used to lay down in bed watching it with a stupid smile on my face and my brother, who lives with me, gave me weird looks. Then I watched other stuff like nichijou or danshi koukousei no nichijou, which are kinda about the same (daily lives of highschool students) and some romcom stuff, but those end up making me feel depressed because girls like those don't exist in the real world. Also watched a lot of shonen stuff but that's not berry comfy to be honest.
>>2456 Cocoa, hot please, and easy on the marshmallows
>>2454 Made me giggle, not gonna lie.
Open file (218.77 KB 600x900 h298hsy.jpg)
wanted to create a thread for sharing those /comfy/ quotes, captions, and phrases that warms your heart. but i guess i'll post some here first. >Summer wasn’t always like this. When I was growing up in a small California town called Lagunitas, a perfect stillness awaited us when we stepped out of school for the holidays. We had no summer classes, no camps, no relatives to visit. The calendar was a blank. >Eberry summer day the hills of Lagunitas pressed in and the light pressed down. It was as if the planet had come lazily to a stop so we could hear the buzzing of the dragonflies above the creek – and the beating of our own hearts. >Without school to tell us who we were – fifth-graders or sixth-graders, good students or idlers – we were free just to be ourselves, to build forts and to roam around the neighbourhood with a head of schemes. >There was time for eberrything. Minutes were as big as plums, hours the size of watermelons. You could spend a quarter of an hour watching dust motes in the shaft of sunlight from the doorway just wondering if anyone else could see them. >I don’t really miss those long, slow days. What I miss is summertime, the illusion that the sun is standing still and the future is keeping its distance. On summer afternoons, nobody gets older. Kids didn’t have to worry about becoming adults, and adults didn’t have to worry about running out of adulthood. You can lie on your back watching clouds scud across the sky, and maybe later walk down to the shop for an ice cream. You could lose your watch and not miss it for days. by Adair Lara
>>2452 wisdom tooth?
>>2464 Yeah, it's a wisdom tooth. >>2463 "Eberry breath we take, eberry step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity."
Why am I so tired all the time? Not even coffee cold water and exercise helps.
>>2466 Have you checked your diet? That can cause problems with your health, too. On a side-note: I want /comfy/ to be unindexed again, it has gotten kind of slow.
Open file (310.31 KB 2048x1638 59532934_p0.jpg)
Open file (285.85 KB 626x841 2.png)
I want to give her head pats and squeeze her cheeks! I love mai waifu so berry much!
>>2466 >>2467 Take it even further and get a blood test, you may be deficient in something that can be fixed but you can't confirm without a blood test. Vitamin D is a common deficiency for anons.
>>2469 >tfw your waifu gets introduced late in game and gets next to no development
>>2472 Such is the fate of characters introduced later into the game, anon.
>>2471 >>2466 could be Anemic
is it autumn already for you? from where i’m at, there’s only hot, rainy, and warm & humid. cool temperature are only for a short while.
>>2477 It's almost spring down here, although we're getting 30°C temperatures already
Open file (65.04 KB 672x408 6570832907880.jpg)
Can you be comfy and depressed at the same time?
>>2479 I can only when I'm watching anime (or sleeping) and forget eberrything else. But only for short periods of time.
>>2478 does it get cooler (even slightly) during November~December period? can't wait for that period to come.
>>2481 Nope, it's the opposite, summer starts in December and January/February are hellish. I wish holiday season was in winter like up there, I wood actually enjoy that time.
>>2482 yeah me too, wood love to have snowing season hahaha! but that will probably mean the earth is drunk and tilt its axis way over.
Open file (556.55 KB 199x150 Je0uXRf.gif)
Ha! Just realised if you type the words "every" or " would", they will changed to "Ebery" and "wood"
Being evil is berry comfy
>>2484 Also happens with berry and ship
Open file (538.23 KB 2000x2000 ComfyBoi.png)
How was your day anon? I hope it was berry comfy. why doesn't /comfy/ have a board mascot?
>>2487 >How was your day anon? It was nice, job was ok, it got a bit colder and it's raining outside, now I'm having some tea and playing videogames, berry comfy. How about you?
hello i am new here. i like the vibe here already and am looking forward to becoming a member of the community! overall i have been feeling not comfy for a while and really need a place like this to relax. so i guess thank you to eberryone here!
Open file (53.64 KB 800x731 Wikipedia_Puto.jpg)
>>2488 It went well anon >it's raining outside lucky you, it's berry sunny in here >>2489 welcome to the club anon >i have been feeling not comfy for a while and really need a place like this to relax. i hope you get better, here have some rice cakes.
>>2487 >why doesn't /comfy/ have a board mascot? It does
>>2491 the pink haired anime girl?
Open file (281.54 KB 270x480 rr4ge.gif)
the difficulty of deciding whether to drink cold or hot coffee. anyway, i guess /𝒍𝒂𝒕𝒆/ is dead again? around 24hrs ago it got 502 error, now it's 404-ed
>>2493 >Upgrading and fixing things is what it says now. I'm sure it' s nothing to worry about.
Open file (565.88 KB 640x785 sluggish.png)
>>2493 Finally the admin answered to the emails sent to him, I really hope he'll be fixing the issues about not being able to post images.
I just want all the drama to end.
>>2499 Me too, fren.
>>2501 I wish I was talented enough with plants to grow a cherry blossom tree. I am in a similar temperate region but I'm sure it isn't easy and insects in my area are ravaging trees.
>>2499 I sure as hell dont, the only thing I look forward to is the inevitable collapse that draws nearer with eberry passing second.
>>2502 Nothing is stopping you from learning, fren.
Open file (14.63 KB 224x224 moonfisher.png)
>>2487 >>2491 >>2492 I used this green Polandball for one of the banners I made and I always associate him with this board.
>>2504 I hope so too, i doubt things will just fizzle out, but it woodn't be the first time it happens
>>2509 I thought the pole was a cigar and the string was smoke and I was wondering why the smoke was going "down", then I figured it made sense because if he's on the South, his "up" wood be down when looking from this perspective but then I realized I'm just a dumbass.
>>2504 agreed, if things can just "go back to normal" with them gleefully having had their fun and us tolerating their existance, well we don't deserve to continue to exist.
>>2513 who's "them"?
Open file (1.46 MB 640x800 IMG_4848.MP4)
>>2514 Shh, we don't want to invite "them" here.
>wake up >eat >coom >sleep >repeat There surely must be more to life... Right?
>>2516 Ofcourse, but tell us what's bothering you anon?
Open file (5.74 MB 720x405 0123956873289.webm)
>>2517 Nothing and eberrything. Im just getting older
>>2516 Of course, prayer.
>>2518 Go work out. Lift weights or join a martial arts class. You need exercise in your life, it’ll make you feel much better
Open file (11.02 KB 747x491 1564784541227.png)
>>2516 That was my life until I started working a few months ago. I miss it
>>2514 the anarchists running around burning and looting with no end sight mainly, while the people who live in those communities, sit back and ask for more.
>>2523 And here I was thinking it was just some board drama.
Open file (250.23 KB 551x256 youtube inexact.PNG)
I am thinking about opening the board again soon. What do you guys think? It should be fine right?
>>2525 Oh, nevermind, seems like /cow/ are trying to setup shop here now.
Open file (179.78 KB 540x405 1046688262708.png)
>>2520 >work out tried that meme, it made me feel weaker eberry day and I had a consistent workout for like a month, I figured i was doing something wrong and gave up >>2525 please no
>>2525 I was wondering why it was gone from the main board. It woodnt bother me either way, its always been comfy to me regardless.
>>2527 Were you taking rest days for recoberry in between your workouts?
>>2527 >tried that meme Well you can't just leave it at that. What were you doing as a workout, what was your routine?
>>2529 Yes >>2535 Pushups, situps, curls, jogging. If you guys have any suggestions that arent overly complicated I did probably do it, eberrytime I go over to /fit/ they info dump alot of ship I woodnt know how to properly do or understand. Not obeese just skinefat and I dont have a local gym.
Open file (163.81 KB 310x275 ai.png)
Herro /comfy/ how are you today?
>>2538 Berry good, I just woke up from a whacky dream.
>>2538 I'm doing great, friend. How about you?
>>2538 Today is my work from home day so I can write my reports on the couch with my baby kitty
>>2538 Breddy gomfy :DDDD
>>2538 Not daijoubu I guess
>>2538 Eberry muscle in the body is sore and it feels like I've been kissed by a freight train.
>>2540 My sleep schedule is messed up but apart from that I am just enjoying my comfy time. Remember not to take your comfy for granted and to always do your best.
Open file (5.74 MB 2560x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (5.38 MB 2560x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.16 MB 2560x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
We're almost at the long weekend frens. What're you planning to do? I'm looking forward to cleaning my living room and getting some internet spaceships time.
>>2550 >long weekend You're so lucky bros, hope you have a comfy weekend >Remember not to take your comfy for granted and to always do your best. Good advise, I put a couple of extra hours into work today so I didn't have to do stuff during the weekend.
>>2550 Exercise, eat, exercise, I'm trying to increase my weight massively. Hopefully I'll muscle up and fatten up.
Good evening, this night was pretty comfy. I got to sit on my terrace and drink Nesquik while watching the rain fall.
>>2553 That's pretty nice, fren. I'm gonna have some for dinner, thanks for the suggestion.
>>2447 Nothing like a cute cat to start the day comfy
>>2467 I think i need some vitamines.
Open file (5.07 MB 4101x2628 2h42i.jpg)
>>2557 Why? Has something happened to you that you need to take them? Are you perhaps not eating enough veggies and fruties?
>>2558 Yes i eat fruties but perhaps not enough meet
We're indexed again. Let's see what happens.
>>2559 Well, you should meet your dose, pills can sometimes give you side-effects. >>2560 Thank you, BO!
>>2562 >cluckime
>>2563 Hi new friend!
>>2563 oh no.........
>>2565 anyway
>>2562 Yep I wood rather get my nutrition the natural way.
How are you today /comfe/?
>>2567 hunting and berrypicking?
Open file (282.93 KB 750x420 8902138000869.mp4)
Open file (359.76 KB 1600x1060 comfy cabin.jpg)
>>2568 Even if my day doesn't go so good, comfy I remain.
>>2568 Last night I was berry uncomfy because my cat had disappeared, she had never done this and I was really worried something might've happened to her so I spent all night looking for her, luckily she turned up fine this morning so I'm good now.
>>2575 I am glad to hear that your cat is safe anon.
You lads are showing on the board list and there's a briefcase next to the board name. Are you guys okay? Has the BO disappeared?
>>2577 Ignore me lads, I completely missed >>2560 Hope you have a /comfy/ experience with it.
>>2577 The briefcase means that the board's SFW.
>>2575 Whenever I go outside of my home, I always check to make sure my catto is all fine and god.
I keep forgetting about posting here, ill try to post daily so at least its not 100% inactive I really like this place. I am comfy today, had a good night's sleep, a rarity >>2571 That is the spirit of the comfy poster For we could get drafted in a war and we'd still be comfy
>>2576 Me too, turns out she didn't even leave the house, he was just buried under a bunch of clothes in an old closet. She just wanted to have a night of comfy sleep. >>2580 I never leave the house so I'm pretty much always with her, she just disappeared in a ten minute window while I was doing some stuff.
>>2582 Outward circumstance cannot affect our inner comfy.
>>2584 >>2582 This is our sanctuary and each post is like a prayer.
good to see eberryone doing ok i was gone for a while, hows the re-listing on the boards going?
Surprisingly ok, since it happened just before a refugee drama raid event.
>>2588 Huh? I didn't even notice that. >>2587 Berry good. We already made it to top board for a while.
Open file (434.23 KB 1440x810 1598239116175.png)
I like comffyy
Open file (154.20 KB 1043x398 EgagC3wWsAAvifh.jpg)
It's friday frens, just one more push!
Open file (85.15 KB 526x716 13a0aef9f5411622.jpg)
>>2590 I like you too.
Open file (63.83 KB 679x655 1230087130798.jpg)
Just shipted it was berry comfy
eberrythings gonna be daijoubu, we all make it someday
>>2595 Yes You especially
I'm losing any and all motivation
>>2595 大丈夫じゃない
>>2598 No negative thoughts allowed here, fren.
>>2595 make it to where?
>>2562 degeneracy and effeminate behavior is not comfy >>2597 try working out bro, go to the /sig/ thread at /fascist/
>>2601 go back
I wonder if I can make my bed and room more comfortable. Apart from a bit of my mess, it looks kind of... sterile. Makes me want to live in a house of my own...
>>2603 Post pics anon. We'll give you helpful tips to comfyfy it. >>2601 You don't know what comfy means.
Open file (525.81 KB 720x540 comf.png)
Open file (362.20 KB 638x478 comf1.png)
CN City was occasionally berry comfy.
Open file (431.29 KB 636x480 chill with a view.png)
>>2605 I can't think of any comfy western shows, but it makes the comfy scenes stand out. >>2604 Don't grab the bait, friends. It leads to bad replies.
>>2606 I remember a halloween night many years ago where three friends and I were on top of a hill at night with drinks listening to parties in the distance, talking about teen ship. 8/10 comfy, a joint nightwalking + comfythread flavor vibe.
>>2606 The interstitial bumpers are probably the most comfy, like Adult Swim ones can be.
Open file (1.02 MB 1258x714 imp_scrape.mp4.png)
automation is comfy digital archivism footage https://the-eye.eu/public/Random/ytarchiving_1.mp4
>>2601 Go away umcomfy false flagger. t. /fascist/ user
Picked up a coffee table today and it really brings the room together. Feels a lot more comfy sitting on the sofa watching TV with a table between the two for some reason.
>>2611 Berry nice anon. Do you plan to put things on it?
>>2609 It's both meditative and productive.
/comfy/ poll: >coffee >tea >hot chocolate >other
>>2614 Hot choco
>>2614 Green tea
>>2614 I prefer chocolate, but only when it's cold. Coffee comes second but it makes me feel uncomfy afterwards so I usually drink tea. Weird that my order of preference is the opposite of what I usually drink.
>>2614 Tea, chai with and without cream
>>2619 Good taste, Anon.
>>2611 It probably fills in some space, a lot of room is nice but I can't say it's cozy.
>>2616 Japanese green tea with the toasted rice on top is patrician, if you get a chance.
>>2615 >>2617 Choco best tier.
>>2622 Genmaicha is berry tasty.
>>2614 definitely coffee though sometimes hot choc if coffee rans out and i forgot to buy
>>2614 tea/oolong specifically is really nice
Ima simple man I come to comfy I post
>>2614 >coffee >hot chocolate
>>2632 GOOD good
>>2632 Im complex soul I see comfy on overboard I post
>>2635 Being back on overboard has caused a wave of new posts, it's berry comfy
For the last month or so some boards on here have been in a heated debate on which one is the gayest. I think /comfy/ has been the least gay so far.
nice to see /comfy/ indexed again >>2637 honestly it's just one annoying board
I came I saw I posted
I posted I posted I posted
>>2637 And that my good man is a good thing
>>2601 Effeminate behaviour is comfy for effeminate degenerates, anon. It can also be fun and comfy to indulge a little bit of self-deprecatory humour by acting like a massive hobbit from time to time. Also, non-weebs get the rope.
>>2637 >>2638 Berry uncomfy posts
>>2646 Comfy = thing i like
>>2648 Yes
>>2648 Obviously.
>>2649 >>2650 you = comfy
>>2614 Hot chocc with recently added whole milk on a snowy night while covered in a sweater or blanket is MAX comfy
>>2653 That is also correct
>>2655 No, you are correct
Got a long drive back home tomorrow Maybe it'll be comfy
>>2657 Did you get some rest time on your trip?
I'm here, I post. Good to see that /comfy/ is back.
>>2663 >/comfy/ is back. We've always been here
>>2662 It hasn't started yet
>>2663 We never left, welcome back though
>>2635 I see anon post I post
veni vidi post on comfi
Open file (94.44 KB 640x480 1531750740783.png)
La la la la la la la la la
>>2662 It was ok, i had a headache the whole time but now i'm ok
it's /late/ for me now, and it's raining. just finished watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, now listening to some Jimi Hendrix's slow songs while sipping some originally-hot-but-now-is-cooled coffee berry /comfy/

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