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Open file (241.51 KB 768x614 1473606593-3.jpg)
2hus are berry comfy
Alice a cute
I demand that youall post more houtous!
Open file (40.84 KB 425x510 EFk2kWpXkAAx5pJ.jpg)
Trying to beat the games on one credit isn't berry comfy to me but they themselves are.
Open file (257.53 KB 485x750 1494105905390.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 1280x1395 1494103994689.png)
Open file (713.21 KB 1257x1360 1494103982362.png)
Open file (587.20 KB 800x1400 1494103977780.png)
Open file (209.42 KB 500x584 1494105914485.png)
Las 2hus Mexicanos son muy cómodos.
>>2275 Lies, Heresy!
Open file (454.86 KB 1277x1356 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2282 It's a bit of a kick in the dick though, eberry time I boot up Touhou I only do as many plays as playstyles are available and shut it down 'til the next session, I'm stuck at LLS since at least half a year I believe. Though this time the difficulty was on Hard as default so that may be taken into account.
>>2292 Im not sorry but you need to get gooder
Open file (141.92 KB 349x268 jijardium.png)
>>2294 You're a berry funny lad, did you know that?
>>2294 What's the secret to become gooder then?
>>2298 Don't be bad lol
>>2294 I know, I dedicate at least an hour a day to getting gooder, I will eventually.
Open file (4.42 MB 600x675 ^v^.gif)
>>2297 Yes. >>2298 You must first accept the true and bestest touhou gril >>2300 Resistence is futile as you can only get gooder
PEAK comfy. Hidden world, lost technology, nature and nicegirls.
Open file (119.74 KB 781x800 879786312687932987.png)
>>2315 Yes. 2D grills fighting each other is berry comfy
>>2258 >A forgotten place. >Peaceful days. >Potential for fun. Yes, it is. I wood like to go there someday.
>>2279 That was the most unexpected crossover.

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