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Open file (91.91 KB 720x479 hongkong.jpg)
Anon 07/10/2020 (Fri) 20:13:13 No.1972
>haven't talked to anybody outside my family for years >I constantly truck up with autism/mental retardation and dropped out of hs 2 years ago >will be 19 in a month with nothing going for me >eberryday I feel more worthless and incapable of changing anything about it >I can't even enjoy watching anime or similar media anymore and haven't played vidya for years and don't enjoy anything anymore -tried dopamine fasting which only made me feel even more worthless >have lost eberry motivation to do anything I feel so trucking lonely bros when is this ride gonna end
19? You're joking, right? You're still a teenager, barely a kid yet.
>>1973 in a year I'll be 20 that makes me apprentice wizard
Well OP, go on a spiritual quest then. I'd recommend Christianity as the actual truth, but as the Bible ordains test eberrything, so find out for yourself. This is an utterly amazing universe we live in. Go out into the country on a clear night and look up at the stars for hours wood be a good basic beginner-tier start. >>1973 With all due respect, it's exactly this kind of feminized brainwashing that destroys a nation's virtue. 19yo is berry definitely into manhood.
>>1976 >I'd recommend Christianity as the actual truth, Slave-moralizing Jew cult? Nah
>>1977 Suit yourself. But eternity is a long, long time to regret flippant decisions Anon.
>>1978 I can assure you it’s not flippant, Jewboy
>>1972 Sounds like you need God in your life.
>>1977 >>1979 I will give you a taste of my shoe
Go back to /christian/, uncomfy friends
>>1980 >>1978 These freaks always try to pull the weak and suffering into their cult and fill them with a fear of non-existent hellfire and spooks in sky.
>>1982 Apologies, but the OP definitely begs the question of spirituality, and Christianity is the answer to fill that void. BO is free to delete my posts if he wants to ofc. This post, and these two >>1976 >>1978 are mine. >>1983 The simple facts are you can't objectively prove hell isn't real, and I can't objectively prove it is. So it's down to a matter of God the Holy Spirit convicting your consciousness of your guilt before God and need of redemption from destruction. You can eventually turn that off during this life if you insist hard enough, ofc. God is a gentleman in that regard. But what is objective however is that there is strong evidence for an Intellect, a Creator, behind the creation. The God described in the Bible certainly matches the characteristics of this Being that can be inferred from scientific & philosophical observation.
>>1983 God is real and the afterlife is real. Christianity might not be as true as Islam, but it's truer than whatever meme you believe in.
>>1984 Christianity, a corrupted faith led by a corrupted and divided church, is most certainly not the answer. You couldn't get much further from Jesus' teachings than Christianity in today's form.
>>1986 Seems to me that's a rather broad generalization regarding a 2'000 year old movement that has encompassed literally 10's of billions of individuals during that period. Satan has obviously (and understandably) targeted the leadership of the single institution that threatens his plots against God and humanity. And Christianity (even in it's 'flawed' form you suggest) is regardless the primary message vehicle concerning the one and only doorway into eternal life, Jesus Christ.
>>1987 Christianity has been corrupted from at least 300 AD, if not earlier. That's when that paradoxical and bizarre concept of Jesus literally being God's son was made up. And that's just the first of its flaws, such as believing in 'original sin' and that little babies will go to hell because of it.
>>1972 Finish the trucking school.
>>1985 Islam is retarded. Need proof? Look how muslims live in their countries. Their countries are so ship that they emigrate, while no one wants to immigrate to their shipholes.
>>1994 Plenty of people migrate to Muslim countries.
>>1994 Nope. >>1995 And nope.
>>1996 Some of them are made up of more than 2/3rds immigrants.
>>1997 Give me the facts. Are people who immigrate there nonmuslims? What countries?
>>1998 Qatar: 88% of the population are foreign workers, mostly from India UAE: 88.5% foreign workers Saudi Arabia: 37% immigrants Kuwait: 70% expatriates.
>>1994 >judge a religion by its followers Irrelevant. Muslims are not perfect, Islam is.
>>2002 I suggest you take it easy.
So this is what happens when you share a site with rabble-rousers.
>>1992 Christ is the son of God, that's what the Messiah is. Sprinkling babies is a pagan tradition from the pagan church of the Roman Catholics and the other hobbits the Orthodox who claim they can change scripture to suite their needs because it's "their book". Baptist is the way to go, and no, not boomer infected baptist, I mean traditional baptist who understands that Christians are supposed to hate those that hate the truth (God) and that God is not Barney the Dinosaur.
All of you fags go back to /christian/
>>1999 Aren't those slave workers often tricked to go there and without the ability to go back to their country if they wanted to?
>>2009 So you mean son of God literally?
>>1972 Have you tried exercising and getting a part-time job somewhere? Keeping busy with a consistent schedule has helped me feel better. >>1980 There's probably not a god in a personal sense. >>1994 You're not wrong. The Muʿtazilites could have put Islam on the path to catching up to Christianity back in the Dark Ages , but unfortunately their beliefs fell out of favor. >>1995 To the oil-rich ones that pay well, yeah.
>>2009 See you don't even have a united religion but instead split into a trillion sects to go at each other's throats. So whenever someone criticizes Christianity, you go >Oh no, that's just what church X believes! you have to believe in church Y, but only branch A of church Y, eberryone else are pagan hobbits!
>>2014 >put Islam on the path to catching up to Christianity back in the Dark Ages lololololol Muslims were light-years ahead of Christians in the Dark Ages (which were in fact the Golden Ages of Islam)
>>2016 The Islamic world during that period was largely relying on the discoveries of non-Muslims. Al-Ghazali's influence ended up putting the kibosh on the advancement of the Islamic world.
>>2019 >The Islamic world during that period was largely relying on the discoveries of non-Muslim And Christians were completely reliant on pagan philosophers and theorists.
Open file (287.39 KB 1324x1028 EHlt_KLXkAEaVS6.jpg)
Open file (166.56 KB 930x1316 six-pack-workout.jpg)
I turned 20 recently and I used to be in the exact same position as you from age 15 to about 18 but I managed to somewhat improve my life, although my social life is still non-existent. I wood recommend you try to improve yourself physically through lifting and exercise in general, do nofap and noporn, eat a healthier diet and try to use your free time with something more useful like reading books. It will not fix eberrything that is wrong with your life but living physically healthy is the first step to stop feeling mentally like ship all the time.
>>2020 Christian theology was heavily influenced by pagan thinkers right from the outset (especially the Neoplatonists), but Christian thinkers ended up building on their influences on a way that the Islamic world was never able to do. Philosophical and scientific progress in Muslim societies were smothered in the cradle.
>>2028 Yes.
>>2026 >snake oil google images workout At least you can post some actual routines bruh, these wont help ship.
>>2029 Alkali alala Alibaba
>>2031 عفوا ما فهمت
Open file (84.49 KB 1068x601 gigachad.jpg)
It is unfair to OP that the thread has turned to shipposting, the religious debate will cease below this line. ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
هذا الموضوع... LOL
Based BO, thank you.
Do you have any skills OP? Some jobs increased my social capability and confidence a lot. If you can find a job relevant to your skills it can help and make you money. Of course, try not to get a job that makes you hate life. Some countries make this easier than others.
>>2030 Not that anon but if you have access to a gym the classic /fit/ recommendation is a good starting point. If you want more flexibility to include cardio, 5/3/1 is a good choice. If you don't want to go to a gym, Pavel Tatsouline's kettlebell workouts are good, he has several books. If you don't want to get any equipment at all, Convict Conditioning and Never Gymless are two good books on calisthenics to start with. If you just want to run, look up the "Couch to 5k" program. If you want to be a weeb just do the One Punch Man workout. This stuff isn't easy but 3 solid months of training can dramatically improve how you feel and your outlook on life, and 3 months is enough to develop a habit.
>>2040 >can dramatically improve how you feel No it doesn't, it doesn't help my state of mind at all. It's just doing exercise bruh, there's nothing much to it. If anything it turns you a narcissist constantly checking your body in the mirror and develop a sense of obsessive inferiority looking at pictures of other men on the internet and real life. If you want to do calisthenics, just do it. There is no secret routine, there is no shortcut, the more often you do the exercise the better you get at it. Running a few times week, push up and pull up eberry few hours throughout the day and you will see drastic changes in no time. Don’t buy into those programs, it’s retarded, it’s always the same conman preying on naive men looking for a way up.
being an electrician is the optimal path. boom. you become an apprentice to a master electrician, he shows you the ropes for 4-5ish years, you learn knowledge along the way, then you become your own master electrician, with your own apprentice. you could get contracted overseas, make big money. you dont even need to go to a trade school. you could also join the military which is pretty retarded but its better than becoming a NEET and slowly rotting away.
>>2043 A complete beginner likely can't just do pullups and some anons can't even do pushups, that's why I suggested different options and instructional books. Eberrything I mentioned can be found for free online. There is a big difference between simply exercising and training to improve, you feel better as you become better. Being able to run a bit faster or jump a bit higher greatly improves your mental state. If you just go through the motions to move around for an hour, of course it won't do anything for you.
Open file (204.01 KB 462x356 grill.png)
>>2055 no thank you
Open file (654.74 KB 1211x1920 aryan ubermensch.jpg)
>>2056 Your loss. /sig/ + fascism is the path to greatness.
>>1976 I had different LARP pagan, muslim, trad cat phases. depression is also preventing me from reading any actual books. I thought about getting rid of my phone at least so I woodn't be tempted to phone lurk all day. but don't know when that's gonna happen. >>2039 I don't have any real skills, parents just think I have some mad computer skills because I'm using computer all day or something like that. I'll be forced to go to some kind autism workshop soon and I already imagine it to be hell. They already have referenced forcing me to move out although they live in a trucking huge house you know typical boomer trash talk "we all gotta move out someday" yeah right. just what I want living in some shiphole city giving half my wagecuck money away for nothing >>2026 I sometimes almost fall asleep while working out although I have at least 8 hours sleep most of the time and get up at 6-7am almost eberryday guess I'm sorry for shipting your comfy board up have a nice day https://youtu.be/rmSWw7T-xHU
>>2059 Nah, you haven't shipted the board up. You're welcomed to continue to stay here.
>>2059 >I don't have any real skills, parents just think I have some mad computer skills because I'm using computer all day or something like that. I'm in the same boat but am almost wizard-aged and have been working menial jobs for years. I tried taking a welding class but ended up having a panic attack and walking out when it came time to actually do hands-on work. I remember people back in elementary school thinking I was some kind of genius, but instead I have no real skills and haven't amounted to anything. I graduated high school by the skin of my teeth. >I'll be forced to go to some kind autism workshop soon and I already imagine it to be hell. They already have referenced forcing me to move out although they live in a trucking huge house Do you have any places in your area that give work to people with autism? That's how I was able to first find work, and now I'm starting to pick up more hours elsewhere on my own since I've got job experience under my belt now. I recently got my driver's license and plan on moving out relatively soon if the political and economic situation doesn't get too bad and my finances permit. Do you have a license? I thought I read a huge chunk people with autism never get one. I think it's pretty selfish that your parents are kicking you out like that instead of letting you stay with them and building up some savings while you ease yourself into your responsibilities.
>>2062 >Do you have any places in your area that give work to people with autism? yes. that workshop I was talking about is some government ship to 'integrate people with autism into worklife' or something along those lines but it's already been half a year since they applied for that and this agency hasn't contacted back or anything
>>2064 Try reaching out to see the status of the application, most places have halted applications because of the lockdowns.
>>2065 I'm glad it's taking so long the longer the better
>>2057 really, has it made you great yet?
>>2069 It has certainly made me more self-disciplined and healthy, at the berry least.
>>2057 >need an entire empire to tell you to do basic calisthenics Pretty pathetic bruh
>>2053 >can't just do pullups and some anons can't even do pushups If you can't even do a single push up or pull up there is something extremely wrong with your behavior.
>>2004 It's unfortunate, I think. But what can we do.
>>2004 Like always, it was going pretty good with the first wave because they knew the rules and most posted here anyways, the second wave ignore eberry rule and are basically rapefugees due to their lack of caring and culture.
You remind me of myself except that i return to school after dropping out for 1 year.

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