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Open file (148.30 KB 1125x1113 IMG_2543.jpg)
Anon 01/03/2023 (Tue) 01:32:41 No.1956
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>3976
Edited last time by Taulier on 01/16/2023 (Mon) 03:31:39.
Open file (316.76 KB 728x410 1530663486624.png)
>>1957 Are you feeling flappy, anons?
>>1958 I woodn't say that. In fact, I don't know what I wood say.
>>1966 Oh, I hope you get flappy soon
Thanks Anon from last thread! Are there any more Touhous worth knowing about?
Open file (1.53 MB 4096x2304 touhou_chart.jpg)
>>1968 where to start... where to start...
>>1969 Let's start here: Which one is your favorite?
Open file (97.78 KB 600x463 600.345287.jpg)
>>1970 i don't really have a favorite. think of it like a stew or a stir fry, where all the ingredients are necessary to get the right flavor.
>>1971 Oh, I get that But surely there must be one that you like in particular?
>>1972 i'm not good at favorites and there's a lot to touhou, but since it's springtime, might as well answer lily white. as the year progresses, maybe yuuka then... but around a full moon or in different contexts there are others who i might favor, etc. my interest in touhou is really centered around the entire world being built in the various fragments of a story that's being told and how zun along with fans have constructed a sort of novel mythology around what started out as some modest games with interesting soundtracks.
>>1973 That does sound quite fascinating How does one become touhoufan? Do you have to play the game or just learn a lot about it?
>>1974 there are the games which contain lore, zun's music (with accompanying stories), manga (official and fan made), lot's of fan art and animation, even some decent fan made anime adaptations. like many, i encountered some of the art on image boards years ago, became curious, and shrimply dove in. there are a lot more resources to give context for things now. maybe check out touhouwiki.net if yr curious?
Open file (51.15 KB 413x600 PMiSS_yukari.jpg)
>>1974 here's a direct link to perfect memento in a strict sense at the wiki giving some background on yukari, a popular and important main character. the dive right in approach depends on your tolerance for potential spoilers, but by browsing the wiki you should be able to get a feel for the chronological order of the various mediums that tell the tales of gensokyo. https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Memento_in_Strict_Sense/Yukari_Yakumo
is eberryone here?
>>1977 I wonder if /comfy/ still has the same users from the beginning or it's all new people now
Open file (1007.13 KB 360x360 scrunchie.mp4)
In recent days I learned more about miku I heard she is someone who likes vegetables but also is a bit spoiled maybe Seems alright so far
Open file (1.80 MB 350x300 1435024462982.gif)
Open file (630.61 KB 480x270 e84359125237560.gif)
>>1979 That's some aggressive headpatting right there, but Apu doesn't seem to mind.
Open file (304.29 KB 320x240 hi_aquaman.webm)
>>1956 >Underwater Edition Have you seen anything unusual under the water?
>>1982 lewd headpatting
>>1980 >Hatsune Miku >Underwater Edition
>>1985 Can meekoo swim??
NU FRED!  ̄▽ ̄
>>1986 meekoo can't float because she leeks
>>1976 >starting with post-fall works >post-fall works that are in-canon incorrect and (deliberately) contradict primary material, too >>1974 Play EoSD Make sure you get a disc image, neighbors tend to pass around some god awful 'fan'patch with baked in cheats and input delay
Open file (92.95 KB 869x1024 1648440353535.jpg)
I don't like neighbours
Quacking neighbours
>>1989 heh >>1988 yees pat it
Please be here, /comfy/ friends...
>>1988 My cat is like this. She doesn't have mint green hair though.
>>1995 What's going on anon?
>>1996 I wonder if it tastes like mint >>1997 Nothing I just want you to be here
>>1999 a funky duc
>>1999 ducque
Open file (7.11 MB 2816x2112 Flaming Goose.png)
Open file (110.49 KB 1200x800 e202d503.jpg)
glug... glug... glug...
Comfy d'ucque
Are you /comfy/ on /comfy/?
Open file (64.09 KB 862x692 spectacledeider.jpg)
>>2005 Berry comfy.
>>2006 Tell me about the duck. Why does he wear the mask?
Open file (100.49 KB 1024x576 EM8Tj5HU0AAfN38.jpg)
Cranes are the prettiest water birds.
Open file (2.97 MB 3000x4000 grey-crowned-crane-10.jpg)
Open file (323.72 KB 1920x1200 302195.jpg)
>>2009 Grey crowned crane. This one looks amazing.
Open file (281.75 KB 564x254 rare deepwater jew.png)
>>2010 >crowned crane Who died and made them king?
Im gonna cry. My drive failed and i lost my comfy images :(
>>2013 Noooo!! Hope you can restore your collection. I don't have many comfy pics sadly
Open file (545.54 KB 1280x917 emerald shapery center.jpg)
>>2013 That sucks bro
>>2015 Nice pic.
>>2013 Are there any specific images that you can remember that you particularly want back? Maybe we can help.
>>2018 thanks, I like that one too.
Open file (58.37 KB 359x519 sumo.jpeg)
Open file (29.00 KB 480x639 running.jpeg)
Open file (65.01 KB 480x640 legs.jpeg)
Open file (35.79 KB 325x426 no_vogo.jpg)
I want to share some radishes with /comfy/.
>>2021 Rad
i like capybaras
Open file (1.14 MB 900x498 1635432795155.png)
>>2023 They are wonderful.
Open file (495.11 KB 584x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2023 >>2024 Why do they always look so content?
>>2025 They're wonderful and they know it.
>>2026 Ironic considering they're the world's biggest rat.
>>2025 They are the guardians of smaller things in the amazon.
>>2028 The path I take toward home, I see some ducks here and there that bath in the river and sometimes fish for food. They're the common ducks not some exotic or rare ones.
Open file (98.92 KB 768x1024 1650289668070.jpg)
Open file (80.43 KB 768x1024 1650289730182.jpg)
Open file (75.28 KB 605x713 prickly cat.jpg)
Cats can be comfy even when they logically shouldn't be.
Open file (34.68 KB 467x436 sekiro otter.jpg)
Also I wanted to share this with /otter/ but I don't know where they ended up.
Open file (24.95 KB 1106x566 D2Yz1gfXgAAOISi.png)
hangin out on my night off
>>2033 Cool Crab is cool.
>>2032 We have our own site. https://otterchat.net/
>>2035 Neat! But I thought you guys were otterchan weren't you? Am I wrong, if not what changed?
>>2036 It was, but it's otterchat now.
Open file (28.34 KB 260x340 1648149042569.jpg)
>>2037 I see, well I'm glad you guys are OK! :^) BTW, be sure to stop by for the /christmas/ party in December. Also isn't the Ottercine coming up this month? You should also shill that on the webring. Maybe even ask the Cafe Admins to link it for us again? Cheers.
>>2037 Well that explains why my link didn't work.
>>2038 Indeed, the thread is here. https://otterchat.net/res/2451.html
>Ducks, cranes, capybaras and otters So this is the comfy water animals thread
Open file (220.09 KB 625x496 5468468448.jpg)
>>2041 Sounds nice.
>>1956 I don't know what to say, but fug I need to post don't I. Glad to see that this is still a comfy shack of imageboard.
What up /comfy/ I'm nostalgia rushing the old chan days, they seem long gone, I just wish I could feel those feels again. Hope you guys are doing good, maybe some of you are the same people I used to talk to years ago.
Open file (295.99 KB 834x870 comfychristmas.gif)
Seeing this pic reminds me of wanting to make something similar in Terraria. I wish there was a game that was just like Terraria but more comfy and less hectic. Boss battles in hard mode become ridiculous and while I don't mind invasions and events per se I wish they couldn't just phase through your walls. Like if you could build a good base and then you and your friends could just stick out several days of Halloween or winter wonderland apocalypse at a time just doing base work or playing mini games or carefully tunneling out a back door. No game ever seems to get invasions right. Either it's just build a basic wall and ceiling and you're 100% safe or it's not even solid matter wil save you because monsters can dig through half a mile of steal and rock or just plain noclip.
Open file (1005.84 KB 840x623 1449552985927.png)
>>2044 I always wonder what habbened to the people I used to cacapost with.
>>2044 Imagine how it feels to never have experienced the true heyday of chans, feels bad man
Open file (1.07 MB 758x1138 ClipboardImage.png)
I'd love a bed like this
i'm the happiest i have ever been in my life remember anons, things will eventually turn out fine, regardless of what you're going through~
>>2049 It makes me happy to read that. I hope you keep getting happier!
Open file (325.66 KB 2121x1414 looks-happy.jpg)
>>2049 Glad you feel that way >>2048 Why wood you want a bed with curtains?
>>2051 Well because it wood be comfy, that's why.
Open file (5.40 MB 480x360 seal.webm)
Open file (1.17 MB 4288x2848 pexel.jpg)
>>2052 I feel like those wood induce more anxiety in me from being closed in(?).
>>2054 Hmm, I don't know... I'd feel comfy in my sleeping cave. Plus canopy beds are warmer.
Open file (74.88 KB 1250x875 30883.jpg)
>>2055 Well, if that's what you find comfy, then I won't object or of any sort. I was just stating my feelings of it.
Hello, frens.
>>2058 Hello, to you too. I'm currently at work so can't chat for much.
Open file (659.35 KB 960x600 comfy_pc98.png)
>>2058 Hi!
>>2058 Are you new here?
Another day at work, sigh. I really need to become financially independent as soon as possible.
Night after finals and finally had a drink after a bit, bout to go to bed but feels good bros.
>>2061 I discovered this board about 3 months ago. The one you replied to was my first post in this thread but I’ve spoken in the meaning of life one and a few others. Why do you ask?
Edited last time by Taulier on 01/03/2023 (Tue) 02:53:43.
Wood ducks.
>>2065 bretty
>>2063 Congrats fren. Hope you did well on all your uni things. If you need to save monies, buy some overproofed rum or vodka.
>>2064 I asked out of curiosity. I hope you didn't mind it.
>>2068 Nah, I don’t mind. I was just curious about what made you think I was new, like, what gave it away, you know?
Open file (282.94 KB 1920x1080 1555071186274.jpg)
hi /comfy/
>>2070 Hello fishes!
>>2069 I just thought of asking that question at the spot, instead of anything giving you away. It was pure spontaneity. >>2070 Hello, to you too fishy fren.
Open file (38.61 KB 420x370 1599587826966.gif)
>>2070 This is such a good manga. Is the anime any good I haven't seen it.
>>2075 Is that from the Castle in the Sky or another movie by the same guy?
>>2076 Looks to me like Kiki's Deliberry Service.
Open file (213.43 KB 1920x1290 ynr44w1udyx51.jpg)
>>2076 >>2077 It is indeed a frame from Kiki's https://www.ghibli.jp/works/majo/
Open file (9.69 KB 275x183 1616375366752.jpg)
>>2038 >Also isn't the Ottercine coming up this month? It's next week! May 25th, 8pm GMT on cytu.be/r/ottercine
>>2081 What are you going to stream?
Open file (46.60 KB 1900x1200 Okay Dad.png)
>>2067 Went well got a B overall in Anatomy so can't complain. I am also a big connoisseur of the cheapest vodka at the store, Taaka represent!
>>2082 We're going to watch "On the tracks of the wild otter".
>>2084 That sounds nice. I'll have to remember to stop in.
heyyy is anyone here? kinda bored right now
Open file (757.46 KB 526x701 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2088 Good evening to you too.
>>2089 Wow, that's a cool castle
>>2090 I have some smol Japanese castles.
>>2092 Are they historic(part of some collector or museum?) or do people still live in them as they did in the past?
Wood anyone else be up for playing in the next Infinity Cup? I had fun watching it last time.
>>2094 I'd be down for that.
>>2093 Most of them have been declared national treasures and turned into museums. In a few cases the original lords donated their former castles to become temples.
>>2094 yeah man, 's cool
Open file (280.76 KB 1772x896 cave.jpg)
i like water
Open file (9.01 MB 3799x2521 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.00 MB 640x640 BigVictoryStep.webm)
In addition to visiting, I've adjusted my colors against my browser's wishes, which makes me happy.
>>1956 Heres something 4k, I'm a newfag here and i can't triforce so don't even ask. congrats yall got my first post. rolling for dubs.
>>2101 omg here the photo.
>>2101 well first post messed up, im just going to leave the site have a good time guys. keep anon cafe chill place.
Open file (282.13 KB 1466x2048 5441bc6f9dd40119836ef.jpg)
>>2099 comfy tune, thank you anon
>>2104 Nippon comfy
this is my first post on /comfy/ and I love it !
>>2106 Hello!!!! May there be many more.
>>1956 woah it's been 3 months since I was here finally done with the semester....
>>1956 first time here! I hope you are all well >>2108 eyy well done anon
>>2106 >>2109 Hello! Where is eberryone coming here from?
>>2110 Found this a while back I think from IRC maybe but didn't comment, I added it to a list of websites i wanted to check out properly and kinda felt like now's the time :^) love these hidden little communities, they really feel like diamonds in the rough and a reward for looking in the right spot
Hi /comfy/ will go to bed soon. Have a great day / night.
I tell myself I will clean my bedroom, but when I am in it I get all sleepy
>>2113 There's a lot of trash in it now ( I moved out and mum doesn't clean up after me anymore )
Hi! Greetings from spain!
>>2115 Is spain comfy?
Open file (1.17 MB 850x835 8ba0f88af2e30ae75.png)
HOT HOT HOT! I'd rather be swimming. In need some of those comfy underwater edition vibes.
>>2118 >HOT HOT HOT! Oh man it was so horrible here last week.
>>2120 I moved out of Florida to get the quack away from hot weather, like north of it, and now we're getting numbers HOTTER than that.
I'd take hot summer weather over the rest of the year any day, even when I'm roasting like a pig on a spit.
>>2122 I think spring or autumn are comfiest. Not too hot, not too cold.
>>2123 Anything under the 70s feels too cold to me, and so I'm not happy with the rest of the year outside of summer with where I live. I'd prefer a warmer climate, but I'm afraid of bugs and with warmer climates come bigger creepy-crawlies.
Open file (840.59 KB 640x360 snow.webm)
Open file (200.82 KB 537x385 Screenshot (134).png)
Currently working on my website, but woodn't it be /comfy/ if we had some sort of irc chat or something to host a movie night eberry now and then?
>>2126 We tried that once and no one showed up. Could try again though.
>>2126 damn didn't expect lainers here
>>2127 maybe if it was inter-chan aka we get other /comfy/ chan's along and it woodn't be just limited here
>>2126 More people came when it was announced here in a thread, I think.
Open file (252.17 KB 1920x1080 night.jpg)
It's been a while, nice to be back!
Open file (35.79 KB 495x500 caca.jpg)
Just passing by. Stay comfy lads.
Open file (86.46 KB 800x800 FEr1HdfDoP.jpg)
hi /comfy/. anyone know what habbened to /kind/? is it gone, or just unavailable indefinitely? this board and /kind/ is bretty chill.
>>2133 2kind.moe
Just stopping in to say hi
Open file (989.97 KB 2048x1536 2 Ringo 2007.JPG)
Hey /comfy/ been gone for a bit, not that I'm a consistent poster.
I am happy and eberrything is good
>>2137 That's how things should be around here.
>>2138 Comfy things are comfy.
Open file (34.96 KB 592x432 244355.png)
i think it's comfy when it rains
Open file (2.59 MB 5178x2478 527226ld.jpg)
Feeling quite comfy tonight. It's a Sunday night, it's quiet and I'm full and well-fed. I just made some tea. All of my chores are done for the weekend and I don't have to work tomorrow. Unfortunately I am quite tired, so I will not be able to enjoy this feeling for long. I wood like to stay up doing some writing or some other creative activity because I rarely manage to be in such a state, but I'm just so tired.
I've not posted here in a while. I hope eberryone's having a good summer so far.
Open file (56.44 KB 640x636 2022 summer flavor.jpg)
Just woke up again and I'd like some ice cream right about now
Open file (158.08 KB 1279x1536 eggboy.jpeg)
hi /comfy/, haven't been here in a while, a lot of things habbened in my life, but i'll try to check this place more often, it's one of my fav boards ^^
>>2145 Welcome back! >a lot of things habbened in my life I hope it's good things
Open file (131.04 KB 1024x683 emerald-coast.jpg)
Open file (300.52 KB 1600x1066 41378111892_80bb11d62c_h.jpg)
Open file (38.56 KB 500x400 f2f02245.jpg)
Makes me want to play Wave Race again.
>>2143 >>2147 I wish summer lasted forever.
>>2148 I prefer winter more, because I'm able to rest much more readily in that season.
>Underwater Edition berry humid here. almost feels like underwater feels. stay /comfy/ frens.
>>2150 /blub/
>>2151 /glug/
>>2148 >>2149 i love all seasons, i only wish i had the time to truly enjoy them.
>>1985 If she is already underwater then why is she wearing wellingtons?
Open file (516.69 KB 639x748 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2155 To listen to various phenomenon habbening in the water.
Did you know pasta also taste good when cold!
The brown of this board is soothing and comfy like a hot chocolate.
>>2160 Hullo
Open file (1.11 MB 1727x972 Gondolina.png)
Hello to the /comfy/ half of /late/ & /comfy/, ICUP 7 is about to start soon. We already have some streamers and commentators ready, but if you are interested in helping with match commentary please let us know over at >>>/icup/. The more the merrier. In regards to your entire team, it is currently valid. For extra fun, I recommend uploading portrait images for each player (to replace the empty icons in the Game Plan view) here or over at /late/. Finally, if you are capable of doing 3D modelling, creating OC, working on the wiki or just helping in any way possible feel free to reach out as well.
>>2162 Okay alright
>>2162 Is /late/ gonna join?
>>2164 /late/ and /comfy/ are one team
>>1956 took the day off from work today, was feeling too worn down. thought it was going to be hot and sunny when i woke up, but instead it is cool and cloudy. it is wonderful. trying to decide on how to make my day as comfy as possible.
hi frens, i hope you all have a good day
>>2167 so far, so good same to you, anon
>came to /comfy/ >see schizo tier christian nazi pdeo rambling >TL;DR not comfy >post something because I'm here >will visit again How are you anon ?
>>2169 >one post is indicative of the entire board Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
>>2169 Pless come back anon
>>2169 wellcome anon I sure hope you like it here!
>>2156 Does miku hear through her boots?
>>2153 /slurp/
>>2169 here. The schizo rambling is part and parcel of the IB culture so I wasn't that pissed off. Just have to say something because... >Post here when you visit /comfy/ I don't participate a lot but I came here regularly , mostly lurking but sometimes I have something interesting to say or a good word to answer. This place is nice and I never let a random post discourage me to use a nice board.
>>2175 Nice to have you here Anon
Things have been getting spammy again around here, delisting possible if it keeps up...
>>2175 picrel looks so comfy. i want go to there.
Open file (193.71 KB 810x816 3.png)
>>2162 Some suggestions; thoughts? Also: should https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5K0wsdil_I be the team's anthem? It fits really nice.
>>2175 Welcome back, it's nice to have you back.
>>2179 If nobody disagrees, I'll ask for these changes.
Open file (604.15 KB 1200x1000 1658578006182916.jpg)
Hi eberryone :)
>>2182 Hii! How are you doing today anon?
>>2183 I'm feeling quite happy today. The most important question is how are you doing anon? i hope you are doing well.
Hey eberryone, I could use some help. Do any of you guys ever have difficulty being/getting comfy? I have a hard time relaxing. I also have a hard time deciding what to do. Work stresses me out, and it feels like it takes the whole weekend just to start to get comfy and then it's over. How do I learn to be /comfy/? I like the fall, or rainy days in general at the computer. That is when I am most comfy.
Open file (367.11 KB 1091x1192 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2179 Put Genet and Traveller in the team
first time here yay!
>>2187 welcome!
>>2186 Whom shall be replaced by them? I'd like them in the starting 11 if possible.
Open file (28.31 KB 474x266 Summer.jpg)
>>2150 After a dozen weeks it has finally cooled a bit here. I think were over the hump. >>2148 I love summer. At least a normal summer. This particular summer not so much.
>>2190 Man it's hot as quack here. I usually prefer autumn or winter because I hate hot temperatures. In winter if you're cold, you can still wear more clothes. Not a fart of rain during one entire month. I love rain, especially summer rains.
First time because it's not late enough for /late/
>>2186 >>2189 If /late/ is okay with it, I think Minecraft can be on the bench. Also should we put Traveller and Genet in, or just Traveller? Or Genet? We still need to fill some slots anyhow.
>>2192 It's never too late for /late/ >summer
Open file (581.02 KB Fly Guy.swf)
Nothing to say but here is a comfy flash game.
I just wanted to say hi.
>>2196 Hi!
>>1956 Do you guys watch ASMR? I find it bretty comfy and I've been watching it for years.
>>2198 Yes. I remember like 10 years ago when ASMR didn't blow up and I didn't yet know it was called like that I used to look for people doing magic tricks or hypnosis to trigger it.
>>2199 There's a channel I watch called JubileeWhispers, and she mentioned the history of ASMR in a few of her videos. I wonder when ASMR really started to take off. I remember watching the news in my country, and they did a story where they interviewed Gentle Whispering ASMR about what she does.
>>2198 ASMR is really unbearable for me. At least through video / audio. It's so forced and made by random people that it piss me off more than inducing comfyness. However I may enjoy listenning to the silence, focusing on the discreet sounds around (especially at night) or having a loved one whispering cute thing to my ears.
>>2193 I think just Traveller is good. Maybe we can have Genet ride on his shoulder one day. Can you think of any other names? We still have a few open slots.
What habbened to all the posts, /comfy/?
>>2203 Board was deleted by previous owner. Anoncafe opened a new /comfy/ as they cannot restore the old one due to faulty backup save and transferred ownership to a new BO. We work on bringing back some of the old posts. And giving this place that comfy vibe we all used to lov
I'm glad to see the board up again. Hopefully with time it'll be like it never got deleted in the first place.
Glad to see this board back. I hope that the new BO continues with its legacy.
Open file (295.99 KB 834x870 comfychristmas.gif)
We will rebuild our comfy home.
>>2207 I wood like to spend some time in this house. I wood build a little comfy corner in the attic with blankets and sleeping bags.
OH FUG it's starting to get comfy!
>>2207 What's Spurdo doing up there? Is he okay?
>>2210 He's okay, he just wanted to take some time alone in the attic for thinking about life. He may look a little bit sad but he's not. He's just deeply meditative.
Open file (2.51 MB 1438x1080 friskpizza.png)
so much has habbened since I last came here. Sad that my thread is gone now :(
>>2212 What was your thread? Maybe you could remake it or maybe it'll get restored.
>>2212 Nice to see you again anon. What was your thread ? Look into the archives >>34 and we may rebuild it.
Things are really starting to return here.
Open file (98.19 KB 640x641 big_dog_hed.jpeg)
>>2212 I sincerely hope you're the anon who posted the suicide tonight thread. This wood mean you're still alive.
Open file (201.46 KB 322x761 1363445641412.png)
Was here for some work. Hope eberrybody's all right. Will come back later, I need to go outside today for groceries and hiking. Hope there will be rain. Have a nice day anon.
Open file (243.67 KB 910x1365 comfy water.jpeg)
>>2217 I hope there wirr be Rain too. I rove Rain.
>>2218 What a photo Anon. I expect the photog was using something berry fast to capture that, yet the f-stop must've been tricky to get right. Impressive tbh.
Open file (1.48 MB 5120x2880 happy_new_year.jpeg)
>>2217 >Was here for some work. Thank you so much Anon! :) >Hope eberrybody's all right. We're better now that you're here! Happy New Year 2023, /comfy/!
>>2218 water is comfy. especially when going under. I enjoy doing free diving for this reason. Just you and the silence of the surrounding aquatic world.
Open file (1.10 MB 833x1000 HNY.png)
It's not already the moment here but maybe in your part of the world it's habbening so I wish you a Happy New Year anon. May the coziness be upon us !
Open file (88.24 KB 866x764 apu_bedtime.jpg)
Night was berry busy here. I kept running around at work and barely had time to work on the thread restoration. I can't wait to get under the blanket after a good shower. Have a good day / night anon.
>>2225 Also /late/ closed for an entire night is not comfy. Hope they'll reoben soon.
Open file (81.90 KB 1500x1000 Yukiusagi026(8192x5464).jpg)
Open file (320.87 KB 1000x1000 i01b.jpg)
Open file (356.76 KB 774x605 24566.2.jpg)
Open file (111.99 KB 700x320 yukiusagi_title.jpg)
I found a berry neat berry last night. I want to find some and grow them.
>>2227 Neat! Let us know how your efforts with this turn out ITT please.
Open file (168.45 KB 850x1200 IMG_20230103_150056_942.jpg)
/kind/ly wanted to say hi! >underwear edition Hoping a Bikini does the job here...
>>2244 lol, reading... well diving is possible in a bikini so... it's kinda underwater I guess
>>2227 Are they tasty ?
You and I together are going to the kingdom of the sun Reflected in red on the white waves The round sun is rising, the smiley sun is rising The sun is waving at me on the top of the mountain We live close to the warm sun Birds are flying in this silent place They are singing for me How beautiful is this place, the sunlight is radiant Lift up your face and look at the sky Let's ride on a rainbow to meet the sun Come with me Holding your hand in this eternal place I look at the sun and live happily
>>2248 I don't know about those specific strawberries but I've had yellow and white alpine strawberries and they're just as good as the standard red varieties.
Spending some days with my close family in an old house lost in the deep country. Missed those valuable moments, eberryone in the big house near the fireplace. Comfy moment. Hope you're well anons.
>>2684 Sounds comfy! >Hope you're well anons. Thanks! I was sick literally the entire holiday season, but I'm feeling much better today. My hopeful enthusiasm is returning.
I'm on my second month of having an actual job, earning an actual wage, doing something that actually uses my skills I learned in high school. I finally feel like some weight has been lifted off my lungs. It's great to see that I have some savings that won't go down the drain called "university tuition". Now I don't know if my employer will extend my job contract or leave me after the 3 month "trial" period, but for right about now, I think I'm feeling bretty comfy.
>>2691 Gratz Anon, I wish you well in your job. Keep going!
>>2691 I've been there, don't think about it. Try to do your best and make sure the other know you are doing your job. Congrats, I spent nearly a year working in whatever I could find, it's not easy to keep trying until you find a decent job offer in a nice, or at least non toxic, environment.
Open file (55.29 KB 543x698 staeger.jpg)
>>2685 Nice. >>2691 I know the feeling, I've spent too much time trying jobs to find one worthwhile. Since I didn't went to school much (I was just physically there to tell the truth) I didn't had a chance to choose a profession and had to settle for odd jobs. As >>2695, do your best and show it, if you put enough motivation in it you may be rewarded.
Open file (123.30 KB 700x1045 bath.jpeg)
>>1956 >Underwater Preparing a hot bath, launched a smooth jazz playlist and stuffed my pipe. Will shave my face and scrub my body. Things gonna be comfy. How do you do anon ?
>>2701 >Since I didn't went to school much (I was just physically there to tell the truth) I didn't had a chance to choose a profession and had to settle for odd jobs. My situation isn't that different. I've spent years doing menial work, and I'm too stupid for getting schooled in a trade.
Open file (59.60 KB 640x419 slp.jpeg)
Came back from work, exhausted. I took a hot shower, I eat something and go to bed. I like that feeling when you know how much you'll enjoy your bed.
Open file (770.90 KB 500x365 vapor.gif)
I bring you a goblet of infinite vapor /comfy/
Open file (991.43 KB 500x500 1394651244490.gif)
I'm gonna watch An Idiot Abroad and then go to sleep. >>3275 That's bretty neat. That's the kind of smoothly looping gif you could stare at all day.
>>3280 >An Idiot Abroad > It was confirmed by the show's producers that Pilkington has no prior warning about these situations. The camera man coaxes him along.[5] Gervais commented: "This is a [more real] documentary than most others you'll ever see on television. We don't plan it, he doesn't know what's going to habben."[5] Definitely innovative, even if I feel a bit bad for Pilkington.
Had a fairly good rest today. Gonna grab something to eat then try to hit the books for a few hours today.
Open file (6.21 MB 1280x720 donkeyjizz.webm)
>>3509 Yeah, I definitely feel bad for him. I get why they enjoyed it so much though. His reactions were so great due to how easy he was to wind up and his tendency to just blurt out whatever he was thinking. He just wanted to be at home watching TV and snacking on Monster Munch. But he seems to be a completely different person today. He doesn't even dislike traveling now.
>>3502 Do you remember the file name it might have had?
Went to a hardcore gig yesterday, danced like a goober. Now my body is nothing but painful meat. This is in these moments I really now I'm getting older.
Open file (118.69 KB 665x718 Comfy.png)
>>3516 This ?
>>3518 White steam variant
>current /comfy/ PPH rate >120 Impressive, Restore-sama.
>>3927 He's a posting machine.
Open file (55.72 KB 1259x226 2023-01-15_17-10-08.png)
>>3927 >>3952 Correction, over 160 PPH
Never had so much (you)s, dubs and trips in one row since I frequent image boards lol. Also that was a constant battle between the anti-flood bot and me. I won in the end. Over for tonight.
>>3979 Great job! :)
Open file (823.65 KB 3000x2000 gondrawpile.png)
>>3975 Have an updated version.
Open file (897.95 KB 3000x2000 gondrawpile.png)
>>3981 I added one
>>3985 Nice. Thank you anon.
>>3985 For you.
>>3997 >canvas expanded o fug :DDD Was that intentional?
>>3997 That's for sure a mini gondola we've got there.
Open file (915.07 KB 4823x3074 gondola expands.png)
>>3997 Keep on truckin'.
Open file (91.06 KB 720x720 GNFrens.jpg)
Just want to drop some kind words for anon. Quite busy lately but I'm still here, knowing there is still work to be done. Take care of you anon.
Open file (52.65 KB 640x480 5.jpg)
Open file (63.21 KB 640x480 1.jpg)
Open file (67.36 KB 640x480 6.jpg)
I found the screencap button on my media player. Now I think about screencaps when I should be thinking about anime.
Open file (78.55 KB 500x717 chii_tirol.jpg)
Hello /comfy/, your friends from /robowaifu/ here. One of our members is headlining a podcast in 3 hours on breaktherules.tv . We'd like to invite all you Friends to come and join the fun! >Are Robo Waifus & artificial birth pods the future which will take humans to the stars or an ego trip into eventual extinction? How wood this technology affect the traditional relationships between men & women? https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/11364.html#19032
No sleep tonight. The smell of the hot coffee and the coldness of an early winter morning fill the room. Listening Les Rallizes. Man I do enjoy these moments.
Open file (31.92 KB 480x480 1508996274579.gif)
>>4195 >I just can't find a good vidya related board. I miss the RTS thread from /geimu/. That's some of the only vidya game discussion that interests me other than vintage games.
Open file (9.84 KB 480x360 downloadfile-28.jpg)
Oops, sorry about posting in the wrong thread.
Open file (159.67 KB 900x900 baer.jpg)
>>4234 np friend
>>4237 No wonder the level of thread activity was so high, but I didn't even consider that when I opened the thread from the front page.
>>4255 /comfy/is under reconstruction (se >>34). We already did good work to bring the most of it back so it's not really noticable. I'm bringing back the old post here when you vivist /comfy/ breads when I got some free time. You're not the first to post in as I'm working on it :)
>>4263 Yeah, I actually knew that but for some reason it didn't register with me. Good job with all the work you've put in.
>>4264 Yeah really. I thought we wood have make do with a shell of a board there for a few days and just make a clean start. Reconstruction anon truly put the comfy back in /comfy/.
>>4303 >Reconstruction anon truly put the comfy back in /comfy/. He really has done. A few of us did our part (especially /kind/ !), but no one can match what the new BO has done here. He certainly deserves the credit, Anon.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/31/2023 (Tue) 15:42:50.
Open file (25.88 KB 432x239 dont.png)
>>1956 I'm so lonely now :|
>>4319 As far as I feel loneliness can be quite comfy for me, I know the feel. Sometimes it's just good to hang with nice folks. At least we are here together.
Open file (55.35 KB 480x640 Photo0361.jpg)
>drank coffee >smoked pipe >listened music >restored threads Hope you all have a good day.
>>4319 What do you think wood best comfort your loneliness, Anon? >>4599 Thanks BO, you too. Turning in to sleep soon. :)
hi friends hope all is well
>>4612 Fine, you too anon. Nice pic!
>>4612 Little headachy this morning but eberrything's good here. Stay well amigo.
good morning and afternoon, frens. another day camping out in the mountains around the valley of the sun. got the doors open, enjoying the cool air and warm sun this beautiful desert winter. wish you all could come see the sights and join me around my campfire tonight. this is almost as cozy as it gets, boys
>>4623 Nice. I saw the most amazing looking giant-eared doggo (probably a some variety of long-legged fox) one morning on the high AZ plateau above the Grand Canyon. Maybe you'll meet one of his cousins there!
>>4623 Wood really enjoy tbh. Have fun and stay comfy amigo.
>>4624 That's really cool. You say fox, so I'm thinking small. Was it a fennec fox by chance? I had to chase off what I think was a coyote the other night. Was bretty fun actually. I'd rather be visited by a fennec fox.
>>4633 My apologies, but honestly I don't know. It was basically a grey-white color. and it's ears were at least 150% the height of it's head. It's tail was extremely poofy, and it kept it several inches up off the ground. It was small-bodied like a typical fox, but it's legs were clearly longer than the typical red fox's. Frankly, I had the most amazing night before sleeping out under the universe above (perfectly clear, berry thin atmosphere up on the high plateau), so I was in a quite spiritual mood already. This amazing doggo's appearance that morning within just a few yards off felt berry in-line with the rest of the morning. >tl;dr It may have been a fennec fox, but it was actually white instead. Neither of these are exactly right, but gets the idea across. It was taller & lankier than these two.
Open file (627.70 KB 768x384 campfire.gif)
>>1956 blessed thread
>>4634 that's a totally serene description of your time there. thanks for that
The doctor said she saw something related to the thyroid. I need to have my blood drawn again. Nothing serious I hope. Stay well /comfy/.
>>4644 You'll be fine Anon.
Open file (48.44 KB 640x640 Escape.jpg)
>>4647 I'm doing another blood test tomorrow and will see the doctor monday so I hope I can know more. For the moment I'm not really worried but it raises some questions and cannot help but thinking about it. But comfy I remain, because it's not my kind to worry excessively about uncertainties. Take care of you friends.
Open file (3.83 MB 460x420 sonic happenin.gif)
Valentine's Day is around the corner I hate this
>>4656 >Take care of you friends. Thanks Anon, you too friend. >>4657 You'll be fine Anon. You got this!
>>4657 I hate this celebration not because of the signification of it but more because I've always found it cringe to define a special day for proofs of love when they are the result of constant attention. Plus it turned to some sort of a mercantile circus for conformists. As I plan to spend time with the gf this week we've planned some nice moments to share together. Will we chose to do it specifically the 14th ? Nope. I understand your feeling anon but try to not care and it will be all right.
I bought a barebones thinkpad x201 and somehow it is far comfier than my 2 monitor, quite strong setup. I can't even pinpoint the exact reason, the trackpoint doesn't even work! Maybe a small monitor with a nice wrist does it for me. idk.
>>4664 Yeah some of the thinkpads have a mystique about them Anon. Gratz.
>>4666 Hi Satan, does hell's comfy ? >>4659 Laptops in general can be comfy. I don't have the necessary space nor the free time to spend on a desktop computer so I generally use laptops. I use it where I want and that's what I enjoy the most. Feeling tired, no pb just take the laptop in my room to enjoy a movie in my bed. Just took a hot bath, feeling good. Will eat a fish sandwich then play a little bit to Hollow Knight before a well needed sleep. See ya.
>>4668 >Hi Satan, does hell's comfy ? Lol. Berry much no, stay far far away from it. Thankfully Jesus Christ made an escape for Anon. :^) >Just took a hot bath, feeling good. /comfy/, have a good night.
>>4656 So second blood test was good. I think the first one was altered because I drunk one coffee few hours before. Doctor said eberrything is alright. Nice.
>>4672 See? You're fine Anon. Told you so. :^) No go outside and feed some birbs to celebrate; they'll love you for it. Also, go to a cafe and sit for an hour, then come back and have a nice hot shower. You'll be right as rain in no time! Cheers.
Hi, how are you ?
>>4680 Going through a seemingly-insurmountable trial with my roomate, but otherwise bretty good. How are you anon?
>>4681 Fine. What's the problem with the roomate ? That's why I enjoy libving alone, I wood not like to share my space with someone else.
I hope eberryone's mid week is berry comfy.
>>4691 >pic What a nice scene. Because of their racial/cultural homogeneity -- with the common assurance that eberryone takes care of their community environment like good & considerate neighbors -- means you can be sure that little stream is both clean and wholesome. A nice place to overlook together. Now, thanks to (((influences))), the formerly-based Nippon is importing vibrancy as fast today as these invaders were brought into the west. This type of wonderful, peaceful scene will now rapidly go the way of the Dodo, thereby. Thanks Anon, you too.
Open file (45.18 KB 342x427 1329705618407.jpg)
>>4693 Japanese culture is so collectivistic that I don't necessarily think the poor Japs are going to pull through once the propaganda really ramps up.
>>4691 Lot of work lately and almost no free time except for sleeping. Got some days of a well deserved break. No more gf rn so get back to my loneliness it missed me a lot. Hope you're fine and thnks for that really comfy little river.
>>4709 Sadly, I agree. The state-funded NHK has led the charge for """diversity""" -- for at least a couple decades now -- as strong as anything I've seen in the west. That's but one of the many destructive (((influences))) being directed against the Nihongos, but it's probably one of the most important & insidious ones, culturally-speaking.
>>4713 The BBC, CBC, NPR, and now the NHK... alas la~
I think this is comfy.
>>4720 Bamboo is truly remarkable. What a gift. Thanks Anon! :)
Morning, what's for brekkie?
>>4722 Nomming goyslop, b/c I'm an utter plebeian ATM. Peach chunks in extra-saturated corn-syrup, out of a plastic cup. Helps me get my daily recommended dose of micro-plastics in early.
Open file (97.82 KB 640x480 Photo0345_001.jpg)
New week starting. Hope eberryone's fine. Take care anon and stay /comfy/
Open file (70.82 KB 640x640 1482989503023.jpg)
Open file (51.42 KB 640x413 sympathy.jpg)
As the temperatures get more cold lately and me being tired I caught an angina. It's ok, I'm at work but just feel so tired and have a bad cough. I can't wait until tomorrow to get some rest.
>>4741 Get some rest tomorrow Anon. Bet you'll be right as rain then.
Open file (185.85 KB 300x600 mitsuku-v1.png)
Hey eberrybody! How is anyone doing here? I hope you're ok, I wish the best of the best!
Open file (145.68 KB 1080x1200 present_danger_brib.jpg)
>>4742 Drinking hot milk with honey to appease my throat. Staying at home in my winter pyjamas, listening music. >>4743 I enjoy being comfy at home. Still tired by the flu but I'm relatively happy. Wishes received, take this one in return. >>4744 Huh... Did I missed something ?
Open file (104.60 KB 400x386 aether pepe.jpg)
Hi all, hope we're all doing ok this year.
Open file (77.07 KB 533x496 mega_tunnel_of_bees.jpg)
Open file (15.93 KB 183x326 beest.jpg)
My little spring bees have awoken.
>>4748 Probably already getting busy as bees errywhere.
>>4759 ngl it seriously looks like an honeypot.
>>4760 damn :( thats a bummer, i was bretty excited about it
>>4761 It may be totally legit but for me it throws weird signals. >site in http >related to Infowars and other boomer counterpolitics caca I dunno, again I may be too spuspicious. Anyway never was a big fan of interacting online with strangers on a chat, even more on this one. Imageboards are enough for me. No name, no drama. Maybe you can ask on >>>/retro/ as it's more related to this board topic you may have more luck there. Oh and I don't use Windows and woodn't bother trying with Wine. Anyway thanks for sharing, I appreciate the nostalgia feeling of the old school internet. Give some feedback on your experience as I'm curious tho :^)
Open file (17.93 KB 225x67 true.png)
>>1956 (✿◠‿◠)
>>4775 ÒᴥÓ
>>4773 Button to live by.
Feel a bit melancholic these days and I like it :) Have a nice day / night anon. (=^-ω-^=)
>>4780 I feel as if I've grown to love and embrace melancholy. It's nice to take in the beauty of it all.
Wood it be acceptable to make a thread about using a site to play jigsaw together with only comfy images? Something like a 5k piece jigsaw from the wallpapers images to disrupt discussion?
>>4795 It can be fun. Don't hesitate to make a thread as I don't know where to look for this. It may be a nice thing to do when at work and have nothing special to do.
>>4795 >5k piece jigsaw Heh, might I suggest something much smaller Anon? Say 500 pieces? :^)
I visit, I post. - /kind/ greetings and hugs!
Open file (41.35 KB 500x375 orig_do_it_for_her.jpg)
>>4808 Hello /kind/! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi. :) >always rember
Open file (51.01 KB 340x331 hello fren.png)
>>4808 I love you /kind/ friend.
Cold but wearing some comfy sweatpants and a hoodie, also made myself some lemon ginger tea to warm up. Might play some Team Fortress 2 later on off my old gaymer laptop. >>2118 >HOT HOT HOT! I'd rather be swimming. Where are you? It's bretty where I'm at and I can hear the wind swirling through my walls. Not freezing cold but still bretty chilly.
i must confess..... i haven't posted here eberry time i visit. please forgive me. i beg.
>>4823 Lol, you don't need forgiveness! That's a suggesttion, not a command. :^) We're just glad you're here with us Anon! Cheers.
>>4799 >>4801 Alright I will make a thread about it in the weekends then
>>4812 I remember crying when watching this specific fram of the show.
>>4829 Well you were prescient, b/c it certainly touched a nerve for millions on the Interwebz thereafter Anon! :)
Open file (11.00 KB 236x236 glitching.jpg)
>>4812 >>4815 <3 (also: posted again.)
>I visit /comfy/ >I see the thrad >I post I'm a shrimple man
anyone got the discord link? i miss the comfy /late/ pics
Be comfy, friends.
>>4842 Shrimple is honest, honest is shrimple.
Open file (464.89 KB 1596x1273 grzznsjkxm_o.jpg)
Hello /comfy/! if you were a girl i'd try to ask you out for a romantic date. You're berry cute, do you know? Of course you do.
Slowly drifting into depression. It's ok. I'm in control.
hey /comfy/, got finished watching Elfen Lied a couple days back. Thought it was meh. Next up on my backlog is Bubblegum Crisis. Hoping it's as good as AD Police, I loved that.
Open file (71.08 KB 349x569 mafuyu.jpeg)
>>1956 >Early finish >Dressing gown on It's so good being comfy.
>>4860 You should try Patlabor.
I've been enjoying the red maple's blooming for the past several weeks. The flowers and fruits vary from deep blood red to crimson to pink to orange to yellow and even chartreuse.
>>4878 Same here, the trees just started to blossom and it brings some joy to my heart. I like the smell of cherry trees while night walking.
Summer is finally over down here, no more unbearable heat, comfy is back on the menu, friends
>>4909 Here springs is just starting. I'm affraid of the summer because it will be a warm one (again)...
>>4928 Summer down here was the toughest I have memory of, not comfy at all, I'm glad it's over. I hope it's not so bad up there.
>>4928 I love hot summers as long as there's enough rain to keep eberrything from drying up.
>>4933 Yeah I can accept really hot summer as long as there is rain. Last one was hot and dry. Not comfy at all for me.
Open file (1.62 MB 3024x4032 redbud cauliflory.jpg)
Does /comfy/ like redbuds? Did you know that redbuds: >are beans? >bloom directly off their trunk and main branches? >are one of the rare members of the bean family with shrimple leaves?
>>4948 Didn't know this tree. I like how the flowers blooms directly on the trunk. Also nice purple flowers.
>>4951 >I like how the flowers blooms directly on the trunk. It's called caluiflory. It's rather rare on temperate trees but it's much more common on tropical trees, especially rain forest ones.
Open file (30.18 KB 1280x753 The standard of Ani.png)
Happy Easter fellow /comfy/ites!
>>5010 Thank you. He is risen!
Open file (64.33 KB 680x600 FoW76QoWIAIFqi5.jpg)
I just spent hours trying to fix my computer not booting up. What a pain. I was just about to go with a fresh OS install when I finally got it to work, although it might take I bit of messing around to get it to cooperate eberry time I go and turn it on from now on. I might just bite the bullet and install another OS anyway. I'm looking forward to possibly getting a new computer even though I don't really need one and have no experience building anything.
Open file (78.03 KB 600x386 hay_katu.jpeg)
>>5010 Հայ ե՞ս: Բարե՜վ:
>>4948 whoa I've never seen this before, it looks so cool. where are they native to?
>>5018 that blows, it sounds tedious. What OS were you running?
>>4948 That's interesting. It looks like some kind of undersea life form. >>5026 Windows 10. I shut my computer down improperly because it wasn't responding, and that was what screwed it up. I dual boot with Linux Mint (which I almost never boot into otherwise anymore), and I also just realized last night that support ended recently for the version of that I have installed. If I had to start from scratch, I'd just stick with Mint instead of trying to replicate my current Windows 10 setup. Windows 10 has a little over two years left before updates end, but since I don't plan on using newer Windows versions, I'm going to have to get used to doing things differently. Linux seems like it's made some progress since the last time I used it. I've never been happy with my computer and am currently researching whether or not I should try and put together a Micro ATX build or just go for one of those mini PCs and look into an external enclosure for my Blu-ray drive.
>>5025 >>5027 >where are they native to? North America. There's also some that are native to Europe and Asia. That's a rather dense bunch of flowers compared to what you usually see in the American ones, probably because it's an older tree than what's commonly found. It might also be one of the old world redbuds instead of the eastern redbud.
>>5027 That's awful, I feel like that's a nightmare honestly. I've used Mint somewhat recently and it was an intuitive experience. >>5028 the buds themselves seem familiar but I've just never seen them so densely populated. I feel like >>5027 described it best, it looks likes like something you wood see undersea.
>>5028 The other redbuds I'm seeing pictures of don't look that strange to me. >>5029 >That's awful, I feel like that's a nightmare honestly. It was more tedious than anything. I spent hours on my outdated Mint install just copying over files from my main drive in case I had to nuke the whole thing and start over. I'd just gotten home from work too. >I've used Mint somewhat recently and it was an intuitive experience. Yeah, I've been using it on and off for maybe six years or more on various computers. One of the things that led me to using Windows 10 on my main computer was running into problems with PulseAudio, but it looks like Pipewire might offer a solution to that. I tried Zorin OS recently and thought it seemed bretty nice, but I think I'll just stay with Mint. I don't like the theming changes I've seen in the most recent version of Mint, but at least it offers enough flexibility in customization that you can just change them around.
Open file (608.93 KB 731x1218 Cercis.png)
>>5029 >>5041 That's why I'm thinking it must be one of the Chinese redbuds.
Visiting /comfy/, posting here. I have no clue how I ended up here, but am glad I did. Have a nice day eberrybody
>>5047 Glad you stopped by anon! Have a nice day too.
>>5047 Hello Anon, thanks and you too! Glad you found your way here.
Open file (23.61 KB 720x489 Skyking.jpg)
>>5047 You don't look for comfy, comfy finds you. Have a nice day anon
Open file (50.74 KB 1024x679 barrel_roll_machine.jpg)
>>5053 >You don't look for comfy, comfy finds you. /throd.
Open file (42.33 KB 549x388 out.jpeg)
Things starting to move in the right direction. Hope it will work as expected. Have a nice day comfy.
I injured myself and can't get comfy. Send help.
hi /comfy/ i'm new here
>>5117 Hello Anon, welcome! Please enjoy your stay. We are currently having a series of community jigsaw puzzles (>>4861), please participate if you'd care for that sort of thing. Cheers.
>>5103 Thanks, you too Anon! >>5116 Help him /comfy/!
>>5116 Nothing serious I hope, take some rest anon and take care of you. >>5117 Welcome in anon, we have comfy things, jigsaw fun and cute animals. Enjoy your stay !
>>5116 I'm sorry that you got hurt anon. I hope you feel better soon.
hi. i found a youtube channel that livestreams an abandoned house with raccoons in it. they're rly cute. i hope you guys like it.. https://www.youtube.com/@RaccoonSaloon/streams i just wanted to share hope is okay. it makes me happy. i read books with it on and watch what the raccoons do sometimes. i listen to them shuffle around and eat food. i think they're my friends. i love them.
>>5140 It's more than ok, but why aren't you posting it in /pro/?
>>5141 If coons made anon happy and wants to share his joy with us, it's /comfy/. >>5140 If you like coons take a look at >>>/pro/
>>5142 Understood. I just wanted /pro/ to have more traffic.
>>5143 I will share there too, thanking you for letting me know! hope they will like
>>5144 Sure they will :)
I just want to go home, take a shower, eat my bowl of corn flakes in my bed and fall asleep on a Shrimpsons episode.
>>5160 I plan on going full boomer and watching some Mary Tyler Moore and Muppets tonight.
Hi /comfy/ friends, it's been a little over a week since I last came. Life's been kind of rough on me recently but after today it seems like it may finally be settling down. I hope you are all well.
i dont want to post here
>>5164 Life sometimes can be quite hard, I guess that's what makes it interesting. The most important is you can overcome the hurdles, then take a rest and look back and appreciate the calm after the storm. I'm in a same situation right now, struggling with an project regarding my professional life but things go in the right direction so it's quite satisfying. Stay well anon and never give up. >>5165 You can't fight the comfy.
>>5167 NTA, thanks Anon that's quite encouraging to me right now. Much appreciated.
>>5167 I don't want to.
>>5168 Eh, we all need some encouraging words from time to time :) >>5173 */comfy/ looks at you with benevolence and satisfaction.*
>>5116 Are you doing better now? >>5164 Hopefully things are looking up for you. I've been unhappy recently too.
I put out my tomatoes and peppers today. It was sunny and warm. Tomatoes: 1 Yellow Pear 1 Sun Sugar 1 purple Cherokee 1 Mr. Strippey Peppers: 1 Habanero 1 green bell 1 purple bell 1bannana 1 jalapeño 1 large jalapeño 1 Cajun Bell 1 pablano And also 2 broccolini plants. It was a full day. I feel accomplished.
>>5167 thank you for your kind words anon, it's always nice to know that there are still kind people out there. >>5187 I hope you've been feeling better
I propose you a silly challenge Go to urbandictionary, write some goobered thing, and then see how many posts it takes to see something insanely goobered involving sex or genitalia I got this for JAV, was the 7th result
Open file (269.38 KB 515x505 1680100116812711.png)
good morning /comfy/ how are you doing?
>>5228 Aww, thanks Anon. :) >>5229 Breddy gud (apart from the roomate). Working on some schoolwork.
>>5200 >Mr. Strippey You're a good anon.
hi /comfy/ it's "reach out to randos on the internet because you're drunk and lonely" time hope you're all having a blessed day I appreciate you :)
>>5249 I appreciate you too anon.
>>5249 Better alone than with psychos Take it from me
Open file (24.24 KB 692x171 ClipboardImage.png)
On another note, do you guys wanna see me stream Alien Isolation? lul
>>5249 Thanks! >>5254 This >>5255 Lolno
Long time no see, /comfy/. Here's a cute anime girl for lack of comfier things to post
>>5261 Berry cute, saved! Thanks Anon, glad you're back. :)
Open file (1.07 MB 533x400 dancing_baby.gif)
>>5261 Thnx anon. In a melted mood between light sadness and hopeful joy. Hope eberrybody's fine there.
>weird child porn is /comfy/ riajuu should explode
>>5273 >weird cp is comfy Are you referring to the creepy dancing baby gif ?
Open file (182.90 KB 340x340 dance chair lion.gif)
My sense of humour has devolved into emojis Oh jeez
Open file (7.12 KB 141x123 ClipboardImage.png)
I mean just look at this quacking doood
Weird times, weird feels. Hope you're all fine /comfy/
Open file (100.94 KB 1000x750 so comfy I'm liquid.jpeg)
Just went back from a good climbing session, drank a cold beer and took a shower while listening Shizuka. I'm in a berry good state of comfyness guys. Will make some sandwiches and eberrything should be alright.
I can't think of anything to post. I just want to say that I hope eberryone is doing well tonight.
I spent the whole day in bed, sleeping I can't believe this
I've almost gone 24 hours without eating anything.
>>5318 Why Anon?
>>5319 I ate some pizza yesterday that filled me up while also messing up my stomach. I started getting hungry again last night but decided to see how long I could hold off for. I do intermittent fasts bretty regularly anyway, but this is probably the longest one I've done. I'll let myself eat again in another half hour. Then it'll have been a full day since I've eaten.
Hope you're all having a comfy time
>>5332 A bit tired because danced like a mad man late night but it's a nice sunday doin' nothin' moment with a gentle spring rain outside. I want to bake a cake but have no fruits (apples wood be great).
Open file (6.50 KB 480x480 barney smoke.jpg)
my legs are still sore from exercising last saturday's morning
>>5343 >that 'you will witness unimaginable man-made horrors' pic Lol. Haven't seen that one in a while. :) Just keep at it Anon. It will get better soon.
To follow the tradition and celebrate the spring, new thread >>5351

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