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Open file (1.07 MB 1280x720 1538856039223.png)
Anon 03/02/2020 (Mon) 17:11:09 No.19
Post here whenever you visit /comfy/ So we can get our numbers up a bit.
I have visited this good and nice board.
>>20 Another anon here, I can confirm this
Huh, so this is the top board now. As it should be.
>>19 Feeling comfy.
>>27 I believe that to feel truly comfy one must make himself feel uncomfy from time to time. Resting after an exhausting run is much better than just resting, and being warm after being cold is much better than just being warm.
I like taking comfy naps with my waifu.
>>30 Since it's raining, I'll now take a comfy nap with the waifu.
Open file (157.53 KB 896x639 1437901623476.png)
Good morning.
i'm not feeling very comfy
>>34 Only until it's morning again.
Please come join this game, it's comfy. >>>/int/71
Open file (565.17 KB 733x1200 1542435661691.png)
Is smuglo.li timing out for anyone else?
>>55 Must just be you
>>55 It timed out for me two days ago.
It's a comfy feeling.
At work but also comfy.
Open file (1.57 MB 400x225 1520319921370.gif)
I'm not comfy! I'm NOT comfy!
Open file (446.84 KB 422x309 1584021388621.gif)
I post the post. The post which is posted by me is mine.
Open file (42.35 KB 500x750 1577651395520.jpg)
>>73 I'm physiologically incapable of being comfy.
>>73 >>77 Yukkuri shitte-itte ne~!
>>78 Are yukkuri even comfy or are they just assholes?
Open file (147.46 KB 600x480 sleep.jpeg)
Open file (119.23 KB 500x440 baka pashta.jpeg)
>>79 These images are quite comfy, in my personal view.
I hope you lads have something nice to drink.
>>91 I've got some cawfee to drink.
>>91 /comfy/ is sponsor by coca-cola. Drink coca cola please. It good for you.
Open file (437.27 KB 420x420 1512013202658.gif)
>>93 Cawfee is comfy. Do you drink it with milk or sugar anon?
>>96 I like my cawfee like I like my animated cuties: light and sweet.
Open file (3.55 MB 1200x1556 ClipboardImage.png)
>>95 >good for you Guinness is a truly comfy drink. It's so nice a creamy.
>>140 What happened with meguca?
Open file (400.82 KB 687x519 1537093646128.png)
This place is still alive
Sleep is always so comfy
Open file (369.24 KB 752x1062 77397414_p0.jpg)
A comfy way to end my day
Are ghost girls comfy?
>>155 I like to think they are. I want to be a ghost.
I think I have body dysmorphia but instead of feeling like I'm too masculine or feminine or fat or skinny or anything like that I just feel like I'm not supposed to be human. It's so weird that I'm made of meat, it's not right. I'm a weird meat monkey. In other words I very much agree with >>157. Physical forms are overrated.
>>158 Yeah, I'm dealing with something like that. It's a feeling I can't find the appropriate words for; I'm not sure if there even are any. It's like a vague but pressing feeling that I don't belong here; that I want or need to be someplace else that is possibly not of this world. Like life just feels alien and incomprehensible and vulgar and I want desperately to detach myself from the fleshly world and its burdens. But it's not overwhelming, it doesn't affect how I live my day, I can distract myself from it; not a single soul knows or would even suspect I feel this way, and this is the first time I've ever decided to confess. As I said, it's vague and also subtle like a whisper. It's a heavy weight that always hangs on the back of my mind, but it only becomes corporeal in my most deepest anxiety attacks. I do feel homesick, though; extremely homesick and heartbroken, but I don't know over what. It seems like there's something really wrong with me.
>>161 >vague but pressing >doesn't affect how I live my day this. It's always kind of nagging, but sometimes when I'm alone it's a borderline panic attack. My body is a restriction that I can't overcome, maybe that's why it bothers me. I can shape my mind with discipline and patience, but no matter how hard I try I can never change the nature of my body. Its appearance, maybe, but not its nature. I'm locked in, trapped inside this weird body. And beyond that I'm in a world that, if you think about any single part of it for more than a minute, unwraps itself. At least I can find some respite in dreams, they're pretty nice.
I like to think about my grandmother's house from time to time. It makes me feel comfy thinking of the times I would go around and explore the old wooden garage full of junk, the shed full of cornmeal, the empty, decrepit barn, and the pastureland full of cattle. I remember chasing the geese that would waddle single-file toward a small pond, so I could catch one to make my pet. I remember that on hot lazy days, I would be picking fleas off my grandmother's big mutt, because I had nothing better to do. Isn't that the image of /comfy/?
Open file (381.17 KB 500x281 ClipboardImage.png)
/comfy/ used to be the top board on this site and I thought we all agreed to make this the top board to bring in new users to the site? Anyways, you MUST post here when you visit, it's no longer a suggestion. If you don't I'll have no choice but to follow up on my image.
Open file (60.29 KB 587x587 1581462993451.jpg)
>>171 But I don't know what to post. I have poster's block.
>>172 Well that's funny because you just made a post. Can't have that much of a block, can you?
>>170 Grandparents' houses were very comfy. Feeding and chasing the the chickens. Learning to command the dog and sneaking off snacks for yourself and him from the kitchen. Herding the cows to drink and graze until you get that one calf that absolutely refuses to move. That's when your grandpa shows off his ji-san super strength and shows both you and the cow who's the boss of this ranch. Picnics out in the fields, skipping stones along the lake shore. Setting the front yard on fire after one too many fireworks.
Open file (1.98 MB 1280x730 salute.gif)
Open file (42.62 KB 1024x580 1574072744874.jpg)
>>19 im visit
Open file (3.09 MB 1760x1065 ClipboardImage.png)
>>177 >>185 >>187 Looks like Operation: Get Comfy is underway. Keep up the good work!
hello i'm comfy i hope you're comfy
Open file (1.39 MB 1600x1606 1532121810183.png)
>>192 I am inwardly comfy.
>>192 I'm feeling pretty comfy right now. Thank you for being comfy as well, friend.
Open file (559.13 KB 1753x2048 1585258600311.jpg)
>>192 Hello Comfy, I'm Uncomfy.
>>196 Why fren?
last night i had a dream where i was digging through the shelves at my workplace to find a clamp and i found a box that said "keep this side up or the universe will end." When I flipped it over, I woke up.
>>171 aesadsadsfdadf
>>203 aeiou
Open file (6.42 MB 2268x2880 75102868_p0.png)
>>201 The universe did end, it seems.
posting from in bed under a pile of blankets. don't usually post from phone or write with the phone generally. Can't seem to add pictures. p. comfy nonetheless.
>>205 I hear Horatio likes tight panties.
It's been a comfy day so far. It's rained both yesterday and today, so I've been confined inside reading in the comfiness of my bed. I also had to cover up some of my potatoes because the soil washed off from them.
Open file (5.55 MB 1946x2500 Strawberries.jpg)
Had a strange dream where I had been accepted by a vampire of all things, and despite it being day and he could die, he came out to defend me from pursuers who had come to take me away. I cannot say why I would dream of something like this since I don't watch monster stuff. It was comfy though because it felt like I finally had a real friend who cared enough to put his life on the line for mine.
Open file (204.59 KB 984x1126 aloha.jpg)
>>175 Im jealous, that sounds absolutely perfect, I would kill for something like that. It's been a long time since i've had a wholesome experience like that with anyone.
Postan. Cheers /comfy/.
Open file (73.74 KB 736x736 comfy_chair.jpeg)
Posting only the comfiest of images
Open file (1.33 MB 1200x1160 sweet potato.jpg)
I found this artist by accident a while ago, and I just love their works, consistent comfy is in all of their stuff.
I am visiting from /monster/, this board is top comfy.
Open file (166.49 KB 850x850 im home.jpg)
I really like this just because of the thought that your home is your haven. I wish I had my own place though.
Open file (2.61 MB 800x4367 daily life.png)
>>224 I like that one, many the anon's dream
Open file (109.38 KB 500x283 raisins.png)
its been a while
Open file (202.42 KB 743x1173 never_ever_anon.jpg)
>>226 Ain't it a grand one? Just you and your waifu enjoying life for the rest of your lives.
So the plan of this becoming the top board (and actually getting regular posters) isn't going so good. what can we do?
>>229 It's those damn otters, I swear!
>>229 You'd think that on an online anon ib, just straight talk about any crazy and just comfy would be welcomed as a respite. The only way to increase board activity is to post more ourselves. Currently I want to get into reading mythology again, its something I haven't done in a long while.
>>231 I don't know, most of us probably don't have much to talk about... This board doesn't have a real clear direction as /r9k/ for example did. Maybe it could be said that if everything's a topic, nothing is.
Also, there doesn't really seem to be any difference between /comfy/ and /cafe/.
>>222 Got a link? >>224 Cute >>225 One day I'll move out and have my own comfy NEET den >>228 >That filename Why would you post such a hurtful thing, fren? >>231 >The only way to increase board activity is to post more ourselves. Agreed. >Currently I want to get into reading mythology again, its something I haven't done in a long while. Which mythology? Truth be told I haven't read much mythology but I read African myths years ago and they were interesting. The focus was particularly on why animals behaved why they do, normally as a result of a curse for going against powers greater than them, >>232 I guess you could argue that /r9k/ had no direction either. It was just a place for male virgins after all. What gave it activity was that they had a decently sized userbase so there was more to talk and discuss about. >>233 /cafe/ is a lounge and a place for boards and communities to regroup. /comfy/ is best described as "a board dedicated to anything that soothes the soul and that makes you feel comfortable be it beautiful pictures, videos, anecdotes and even text ; as if you could submerge in said media and everything would be fine, for just a single moment in time."
>>211 In bed again. It's getting easier. /comfy/ #1
>>238 We did it, /comfy/!
Open file (756.30 KB 1200x707 bearrrr.jpg)
>>234 Yeah, heres the link to their pixiv. https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/11165624
up at 4 am again
Open file (594.22 KB 1280x720 1586751463689.png)
How are we doing today?
What a peaceful time it has been, encouraged to thrive at the computer and scolded for going outdoors. Enjoy this reality while it lasts anons...
>>244 But being outdoors is comfy too.
>>234 >Which mythology? Mostly Northern European and Slavic mythology. I have a lot more experience with Greek and Roman Mythology because of high school, so I'm thinking it would be good to read into something new.
>>244 It's nice to have an almost NEET life for now but sitting at the computer all day can get very boring. I wasted a couple of days refreshing tabs on a few imageboards and regret not doing something more productive. >>246 Sounds very interesting. I should find more time to read, especially now that I have time on my hands.
should we make a spooky thread?
>>251 oh nevermind, there is one
Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy
Open file (57.80 KB 800x1054 tiny_gondola.png)
Open file (18.61 KB 601x548 Mein_kamphy_bed.png)
>>28 Indeed, for this exact reason I love to keep my windows open for 30 minutes before I go to bed, so the room gets cold and the blanket gets extra comfy
do you like snow?
>>298 Snow belongs outside, on the ground and on the windowsill and in the trees. Nothing enhances the comfiness of inside like a crunchy layer of snow outside.
Looking at JulayWorld, they always seem to be neck deep in some kind of drama. Makes one appreciate how comfy we have it here.
>>300 Maybe we should spice it up a little.
Congrats to us on 300 posts!
Open file (4.53 KB 155x130 aggry.png)
Open file (3.27 KB 100x130 rabbit man.png)
Ello. Normally I'm in other places but I like browsing small boards once in a while. Have some little drawings I made.
>>300 Definitely agree with you there >>304 HELL YEAH! >>314 Greetings! Hope you stick around
Open file (1007.10 KB 1188x1870 1521607916874.jpg)
Cute girls are comfy. I especially want to drink a nice cup of coffee with one while talking about the comfy things we'd do together.
Open file (171.97 KB 929x1162 black_mage_vivi5.jpg)
>>300 Those who create drama and those who watch drama are (or become?) the same breed. Observe this, too, in normalfags who frequently complain about being involved in drama. >>319 I second this
Open file (2.10 KB 68x136 turuiemon shig.png)
I shall now go to late.city before then taking a shower and go to bed. Goodnight, Cafe Sincerely, the Turuiemon poster
Open file (106.62 KB 768x1100 1521999957920.jpg)
What would you like to do today, anon?
>>322 Goodnight, Turuiemon poster.
>>325 I'm gonna work for my success.
>>325 I don't know, what would you like to do today, anon?
>>336 I don't know, what would you like to do today, anon?
Open file (299.28 KB 1950x2175 1537022203041.jpg)
>>337 Nothing
Open file (1.04 KB 77x75 dream.png)
>>326 And I am awake again. I should learn to have a better sleeping schedule. It wasn't berry good.
>>325 I would like to get back the joy in my life. I want to remember all the great things I have felt, and then experience life for what it is and was.
Open file (170.41 KB 555x800 free as a bird.jpg)
>>341 The sad thing of it all is that it won't happen, at least in my experience. For the last few years i've been trying to recapture that feeling but trying to validate the great memories that I had in the past towards games, or movies, or simply going to favorite places, only to fail every time. I'm just at the point in my life where I kept asking what the heck it is that I'm still sticking around for and wanting to die.
>>340 My sleep schedule is equally as terrible. I've become nocturnal without even realizing it.
>>341 >>342 ho ho capturing that joy back is impossible, it's by looking back to that joy that you can build the new one our world is bleaker than ever, and yet hope lingers still just remember that you are not alone in this world >>343 have you ever tried installing Flu.x? It has done WONDERS for my sleep patterns. I mean, I still go way too late, but the strain on my eyes and nerves has been severely reduced, also at some hour it just basically puts you to sleep because of the palette changes
Hello anons
>>346 Hello fren, what brings you to these parts?
Open file (4.10 KB 229x223 peter hammill.png)
>>344 I'm the person he replied to and I downloaded f.lux. I normally have a night light on but I don't know if that'll help
>>341 >>342 If you feel dead inside it's probably to protect yourself from something. It's possible to start feeling things again but it's a full package deal.
listening to music and doing work right now, pretty chill. it rained this morning so it is kind of cool and humid here. not too bad
>>346 Nice composition in that photo
>>298 Snow is very nice outside, but I hate going through snow. I always was bothered by snowball fights because even with gloves my hands would get red from being partially frozen.
Open file (584.37 KB 960x842 trolley_problem.png)
Open file (446.03 KB 962x720 waifu.jpg)
I often imagine it would be nice to have a woman with four arms. She could hug you twice-- at the same time! Not four boobs, though. That is a bridge too far.
>>359 Imagine being princess-carried by her. She could support your back, butt AND legs, while stroking your hair with her fourth arm
Open file (21.50 KB 400x400 cursor disco.gif)
>>349 That's something I never really considered. I know that it started back when I was in my second year of high school, and the fear of being kicked out of the house mixed with dying essentially robbed me of a lot of things. I had thought I overcame it by accepting it and ultimately becoming excited to die, but maybe its still there and I haven't realized it.
Open file (7.26 MB 1024x728 smokin.gif)
Open file (420.35 KB 616x338 smoking.gif)
Posting some comfy smokin pics.
I really love this one, the person who made this was just so great.
>>366 I really don't wanna start smoking because it's gross and smelly but damn if it isn't aesthetic
Open file (932.00 B 80x80 soft ball.png)
Open file (6.18 KB 181x201 think.png)
>>356 This is interesting. Let me think. >Albert says "I don't know which is the correct pad, but I know that you don't either." >Bernard tells him "At first I didn't know which was the correct pad, but now I do." >Albert then replies "Now I know which is the correct pad too." This leads me to two conclusions: >The points have to do with what each henchman said. >The points do not have to do with what the henchmen told each other. I also believe that the number of people in the trolley doesn't have to do with the pad in question. If the points do have to do with each henchman: >Albert knows the letter. >Bernard has the number and Albert tells him the letter. >Albert now also knows both. Which would mean that Albert stated something about either which letter or which pad. And Bernard stated something about his number or the pad too. It can't be a number with just one pad because Bernard would know immediately. That narrows it down to rails 1, 2, 3 and 4. It also can't be on A or B, because those are the letters that B5 and A6 are on. Thus, you can narrow it down to just lines C and D and it imagine it as just those two rails. This means that, because Bernard knows the number and letter, it can't be 1, which leaves you with two options. Therefore, the answer is D2, C3 or D4. We can apply the "two option elimination" again, and because D leaves you with two options, making the problem again unsolvable, that means that it can't be line D. The answer is C3. If the answer does not have to do with Albert and Bernard: Cheryl is lying about planning to kill 50 people, and made the problem so that you will kill 20 people for her. This was really interesting to think through. Thanks, anon.
>>19 Are there any 4chan veterans here? i know most fled to lesser known boards to escape the great flood of lower people once it got unfortunately popular, it is these still uninterrupted corners of the surface web that i am thankful for.
>>372 >uninterrupted Sorry i meant uncorrupted.
>>372 Yes. I was on 4chan from late 2004, watched it weaken in 2006, and mourned the terminal cancer of 2007. That for me was when the special time and the culture I loved faded away. When the exodus to 8chan happened I was overjoyed because for a brief time it felt like we were back in 2005-2006. What we have now will never be the same as it was back then but I don’t mind that anymore: It was in its time and in its place.
Open file (4.35 KB 200x234 character.png)
>>372 I use 4chan (mainly just /mu/ and /wsg/), but usually there's not much of value there, so I'll go to some small boards, check in and then leave to do whatever because a lot of those boards have an extremely small amount of traffic (like 1 post per day). Plus I'm pretty new to imageboards in general (started hanging around post-election but for completely unrelated reasons). /mu/ has some good threads but most of the time it's either something I don't care for or a thinly veiled attempt to troll people because 4chan never ever gets tired of bait. Usually I just sit around and listen to music.
Hello /comfy/ anons, what are we doing today?
>>376 I’m learning to glaze (not caramelise, turns out there’s a difference) carrots. It’s apparently difficult even for seasoned professionals so I figure it’s worth learning.
>>377 Very nice. Post results when you're done? Maybe we should have a food/cooking thread. It'd fit this place.
>>378 I made one and posted my results there. It's at >>380
Time for a mid-day nap, frens
>>382 Sleep snug, anon!
Open file (51.63 KB 481x406 1543187737.png)
>>383 I did indeed sleep snugly, my good fren.
Open file (1.92 MB 400x300 1466396661794.gif)
Open file (977.53 KB 640x640 1587951504862.webm)
Open file (525.27 KB 756x880 1587947885126.jpg)
>>371 Correct, the answer is C3.
Open file (1.09 KB 144x96 anon.cafe.png)
>>393 The idea that Cheryl is getting you to kill 20 people for her honestly makes more sense. >>391 Cute kotek
I wish I was a cute catboy in a slice-of-life anime
>>399 I love this
>>398 >nobody says hello back =(
>>398 >>402 Greetings, anon!
Henlo fren
/comfy/ is best board.
First post on /comfy/ I called out of work because I was still tired after my shower. I didn't go back to bed but I'm going to take it easy today.
Open file (54.14 KB 800x480 bane-kun.jpg)
Is baneposting comfy?
>>407 For you
>>405 Not unless we make it so.
>>405 >>409 What is it that makes a board "best board"?
Open file (224.53 KB 515x554 gondola_blanket.png)
>>410 Just big and popular enough for anons to be comfy, and discuss things without being dead most of the time. Small enough it doesn't attract rampant shitposters in need of attention.
Open file (159.53 KB 799x685 1542185995815.jpg)
>>406 Welcome
>>410 The board is best which is true to it's own spirit and has posters which cherish that spirit. All boards are best when they are in that golden age and all boards are worst which have transgressed against the mandate of the board spirit.
>>400 I completely agree, it's one my favorites too. If only something as convenient existed, i'd never leave it. Lots of naps and aria watching:) Hoping that the afterlife is something similar to aria, it gives me hope.
Open file (135.53 KB 850x478 together!.jpg)
Was replaying grisaia the other night, and it got me fairly good, the camaraderie they hold, how complete strangers can be like a family who would die for one another. Under tale being another example, putting aside that furry nonsense, what it represents, friends who actually want to see You, who want Your company. How nice it would be to have that huh?
Open file (187.59 KB 778x779 1587995281524.jpg)
The world has gone completely insane and this board is still sane. We are in strange, strange times.
>>418 That's all a matter of definitions, isn't it?
Open file (714.47 KB 2560x1440 gondola_sitting_on_couch.png)
>>418 We've been in strange times for the last 70 years. It just takes time for some of us to notice it.
>>419 If you're retarded or autistic then yeah it probably is.
Open file (730.05 KB 1200x750 bliss.jpg)
>>421 better to be austistic then being a happy go lucky, god fearing sheep that keeps their head in the sand and refuses to see how shitty the world really is.
>>421 No need to be rude now.
Open file (4.55 KB 301x232 gusic.png)
>>418 >>420 I think that the 2020's might shape up to be one of the worst decades in modern history. I wouldn't be surprised if something just as bad happened in the later 2020's. Especially since nobody had any clue that the wu flu even existed on New Year's.
Open file (265.56 KB 844x828 comfychair.png)
>>424 Whether 2020 is horrible or not doesn't matter. I can tell you it will definitely be fun to watch so hunker down and get comfy.
>>425 Completely agree, let those idiots out there tear themselves apart. I'm not sure about you anon, but i'm hoping for a nuke, not being anywhere near d.c., and being a filthy autist, I won't have to worry about being potentially drafted, and even better, it might even give me purpose in life.
Open file (3.79 MB 1280x720 maid.webm)
>>428 Thanks anon for sharing, had me rolling!
>>429 Smile and the world smiles with you, fren. >>422 I apologize for implying autism was a negative. I meant that autists fixate on things like definitions. >>423 I don't go for moral reletavism. The world has become like a cancer that eats itself. This board is still trying to smile. I'm a little too far gone to argue over pedantic frivoltries.
>>422 >>424 >>426 The world isn't that bad.
>>431 The world is a dreamlike illusion. It has been enslaved and is steadily being culturally genocided, in addition, potentially, maybe literally now, to other forms of genocide. I swore a vow to assist all beings. The horror that I see being inflicted on people has become so overwhelming. There are no "good guys", just shades of grey lined with varying amounts of ignorance. The more I observe, the less I want to. Buddha became buddha because he couldn't save his people from old age, disease and death. Christ let himself be crucified. We are in disturbing times, and great sacrifice seems to be called for. I would happily die to protect others, but how to do so? While my fundamental nature may be buddha-nature, or christ-like, here in this dream I am hamstrung and lost. Night-time nightmares seem to blend seamlessly into my waking "reality", the truly holy teachers are few and too busy to help. That is what I see. It would perhaps be better not to have eyes.
>>432 No, this gloomy-doomy-everything-sucks attitude doesn't befit /comfy/. The world is beautiful and life is nice, despite the realities that come with it. We'll all return to God in the end, something to look forward to.
>>433 Anything that exists within time and space is just another illusion to be discarded.
>>434 We must take care of ourselves and the world around us, even if it's temporary.
Open file (784.86 KB 3000x1280 battle station nine.jpg)
>>433 Being among fellow disturbed individuals who seek respite within comfy is perfectly comfy. This board is a haven.
>>438 Disturbed? I'm not disturbed.
>>439 Apologies, I phrased it wrong,
>>441 It's cool, I just don't want this board to be treated as a /r9k/ replacement.
>>443 Hello!
>>444 Is there a dedicated thread for just chatting?
>>445 It's this one, I do suppose.
Open file (152.17 KB 675x629 chairrrr.jpg)
>>445 It might not be quick, but at least it's full of comfy art and stuff.
>>447 It's much quicker than I expected.
>>447 That's fine.
So Julay.world is shutting down... There's probably gonna be lots of anons flooding here, let's see what that means for us. Could be a good thing, but it could go south for us as well. Let's take care not to drown.
>>450 How popular was it? Aside from a few of the chans, endchan, 4chan, 8chan, and finding myself here on way or another, I don't know much.
>>451 Well it's the biggest site on the webring and has over a 100 boards. It seems their migration here has already begun.
>>438 VERY comfy room, thank you
Open file (135.09 KB 1000x1283 kurumhina.jpg)
>>450 I just heard about this, but I was under the impression it was temporary before they bring it back up. Did I miss something?
>>454 According to the plan it'll be back up in 3 months under a new name
>>454 The basic story is that someone named Esther is reporting a bunch of imageboards for loli, and Julay became the latest target. So now the big picture as I understand it is that Robi's going to reboot Julay. So many boards are going to have to find new homes elsewhere.
>>456 oh so that explains why 8kun staff are cracking down on loli and shota
>>456 They're supposed to make new homes, not find them.
>>459 I just hope that all this witch hunting doesn't cause the new site owners to ultimately go private in the hopes of keeping folks like Esther away. I may be being paranoid, but that's what it feels like. Then all that'll be left on the normal web is 4chan in all its decrepit glory.
Open file (391.89 KB 1512x2016 1587741016374.jpg)
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
>>461 The thing about globalism is that you can. But still, there's no place like home.
Open file (602.02 KB 1125x1600 liv 1.png)
Open file (697.67 KB 1124x1600 liv 2.png)
Open file (555.04 KB 1127x1600 liv 3.png)
Open file (690.81 KB 1126x1600 liv 4.png)
>>461 I would want it to be small, I dream of living somewhere where everyone knows everyone and we are united through camaraderie in order to surpass a common goal. Pics related. The island is a place where folks who continuously tried to kill themselves were dumped since society didn't want to waste money saving mentally ill individuals. By working together and accepting each others faults they essentially created a paradise for themselves.
>>461 Iceland for sure, but I'd be happier if I was an actual Icelander. I don't wanna come there as another tourist and contribute to the alienation that many Icelanders are feeling now.
>>461 I'd live in my granny's old house. I still dream about it even though I haven't visited it in ages.
Open file (3.81 KB 100x100 flying along.png)
>>460 >is 4chan in all its decrepit glory. I'm not really sure that 4chan is going to last very long. Esp. since section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is the only reason it still exists. And Hiro hates the site, too. I imagine that imageboards aren't going to die out any time soon, especially harmless ones like /late/. Can see a lot of other boards getting gutted, though.
>>469 It's honestly a miracle it lasted this long.
>>470 And the new boards with a good userbase immediately become dumpster fires within a year or two (/trash/, /bant/, /qa/, /his/). Old /bant/ was so good. Now it's just moeblobs and one liners as far as the eye can see. And I probably would've loved 4/trash/ too, but GR3 wasn't enforced there so it became endless porn generals. Why can't imageboards be good anymore? Were they ever good? At least they aren't social media, but we have chomos and other assorted freaks to worry about.
Open file (261.89 KB 1024x775 gondola_tadpole.png)
Thank you for protecting us from the feds board owner.
I'm gonna keep being comfy. How about you anons?
Open file (1.24 MB 1150x1200 Calico.jpg)
>>513 of course, feeling pretty comfy right now to be honest, I uploaded my comfy folder to my google drive, so hopefully itll be safe should my computer die. It is and has been my favorite hobby in a while now.
Open file (327.61 KB 1280x854 maamökki.jpg)
>>513 staying comfy
>>522 It's a bit rainy today. A good occasion to roll up in a blanket and sleep all day.
Open file (35.89 KB 680x582 smugtae.jpg)
>>522 That's a real comfy home.
>>523 It's always a good time to roll up in a blanket and sleep all day, but when it's rainy, it's even comfier.
Open file (5.00 KB 404x248 sri lanka.png)
Does /comfy/ draw, doodle, &c? I've already posted a lot of my drawings, so here's a tracing of the Morning Leader.
It's raining outside My room is cool Sitting in my chair with my blanket It's delightful to be this comfy
>>528 I like it anon, wish I had that kind of talent, (mine turns out as squiggles), also never heard of the morning leader so I googled it, and found some neat pictures, Thanks for sharing.
>>527 Man I wish I could do that right now.
>>19 Hello, I'm about to leave halfchan and other stupid boards. Looking for the anon experience elsewhere.
>>535 Hello. You've come to the right place.
>>535 Hello fren, make yourself at home and get as comfy as possible!
Open file (3.53 KB 254x166 take it easy.png)
>>530 It was a joke shared around 4/bant/ before they stopped making original memes. Plus, you can always trace your hand to be sharper by trying to draw in straight lines, circles, etc. >>535 Welcome, and remember to take it easy. Then you may find the anon experience here.
Open file (728.63 KB 2048x2048 body_v06.jpg)
Open file (360.70 KB 2048x2048 body_v07.jpg)
>>536 >>538 Thanks for the warm welcome. I gotta say, I'm impressed of the state of this chan to receive three responses under three hours. >>539 You mentionned squiggles, but I'm more of a 3D guy, and since this place is literally more active than /3/, I'll follow suite. Been working on this character during the confinement. First time I actually give a shit about anatomy, actually, so anyone with decent knowledge in that is free to criticize it.
>>540 I like how you've paid attention to the creases in the pants and other fabric. It makes it a lot more vivid. I can see you're going for realism over beauty here, skin color aside. You might want to have a look at >>>/make/ as well. >chan Imageboard, friend. Time to learn the old ways.
>>535 Please don't let the other cuckchanners know where you've gone.
>>542 They're welcome here too.
Open file (509.38 KB 472x633 stock.png)
Open file (116.56 KB 1300x867 stock a.jpg)
>>540 That character's eyes made me think of a shocked/"what the-" expression (first picture). Plus, with the brows that close together it feels like they should have a crease in the middle, like the second picture. Still, the other anon pointed out the attention to detail, so you must be pretty skilled at this. Most I can do with 3DCG is maybe a square in SketchEdit lol
Open file (201.52 KB 1087x449 fun curve.png)
>>543 Careful. Remember that we're also a gateway to the webring and that the culture has limited ability to acclimatize new arrivals. That was cuckchan's downfall in 2006-2007 and it was heartbreaking. Those who find their own way are welcome but a wave would be dangerous.
>>545 Don't worry anon. Even if somebody posted a link to us on 4chan (which has already happened anyway, they know we exist) I doubt there'd be a huge wave. If anything mods there would probably delete it anyway. There's actually always been plenty of overlap between 4/8chan users.
>>546 >There's actually always been plenty of overlap between 4/8chan users. Then those that travel between must be excellent at switching cultures. I don't think the overlap is as large or as simultaneous as you assert. Mostly the senitment from anyone I've seen mentioning looking at 4chan has been grief and disgust.
>>547 >switching cultures Not much of a problem, acting Roman when it comes to board cultures isn't too difficult. I still occasionally post on 4chan, but I don't let it show when I'm around here. Except for now, obviously.
Open file (713.51 KB 993x919 upperview.PNG)
>>541 I'd like you to elaborate on the realism over beauty please. I am generally a bad judge of my own art. Right now I'm aiming for an urban look, but I still want her face to be pleasant to look at. By realistic did you mean "oh yeah she's wearing proletariat clothes, regular lady" or "she looks rather dorky"? If it doesn't show, I suffer deeply from ESL syndrome. Also the skin color is the final one. In the piece, she's meant to be an android-like figure in a cyberpunk universe, waiting for the bus. I'll add some serials and plates and LEDs and everything once the skin is finished. >>543 Don't worry, I have no intention to. >>544 Thanks for that, she's supposed to be in a neutral expression for rigging, I'll fix it. In case it's due to the camera perspective, here's a render from an upper angle.
>>19 I feel like doing nothing today. Maybe I'll do nothing tomorrow.
Open file (56.68 KB 500x508 gondola_landscape.jpg)
>>547 >Mostly the senitment from anyone I've seen mentioning looking at 4chan has been grief and disgust. That's because most people who post on 4cuck do so because they are fine with their draconian moderation. It's not good to foster that kind of attitude.
>>555 Those are impressive trips. I meant that you have taken care to faithfully replicate ordinary facial features like pronounced nasiolabel lines, strong brow-lines, whatever the sticking-forward mouth area is called, acne scarring, a small skin cyst, and so on, instead of producing a more idealised face. Her body also appears to be a standard-issue rectangle shape. I find her neither pleasant nor unpleasant to look at, but I do find the detail interesting. She passes to me as a real person, with all of the interesting little imperfections and "average" features real people have. >In the piece, she's meant to be an android-like figure in a cyberpunk universe, waiting for the bus. I'll add some serials and plates and LEDs and everything once the skin is finished. What an interesting idea. I want to see how it turns out.
Open file (1.06 MB 894x1723 1529848254606.jpg)
Learning languages is an official /comfy/ endorsed activity. Please pay our friends at >>>/lang/ a visit, they have lots of helpful tips and resources on many languages.
>>558 Then that sounds exactly like what I'm trying to convey, thanks for taking the time to explain it to me. I'm trying to go for everyday futurism, where she's just a regular ol' worker catching the commute with a smoke or something. I've also started a thread in /make/, per your suggestion, so any artist is welcome to come post their WIP.
Open file (22.45 KB 525x657 1583321416237.png)
Open file (3.18 MB 640x360 wonderous.webm)
>>568 very cool anon, Id kill to have a view like that. Where im at all of the places with views like that have houses on them, so you cant really see it without trespassing. It's a bit annoying to be honest.
>>559 What languages are you learning?
Japanese, call me a weeb but ive always wanted to, I learned the hiragana, and somewhat katakana, but the kanji is a road block. Id kill to have someone to practice pronunciation with.
>>570 I've been starting to learn Arabic, so far it has been much easier than I expected.
>>575 Yeah we know, it's been happening for a while.
>>559 This is a friendly reminder that even though we're the top board, you should still visit all the nice other boards in this cafe! Don't just stay here all the time, go out and explore!
>>575 Why do people do this? What's the point of terrorizing random people on the Internet? Especially since they're trying to kill off all of the altchans because of "muh trannies" even though they themselves are a weebfag altchan. It seems like they hate Jews but are saying that the altchans are competing against "le jooze." That's some fucking zoomer "three layers of irony" mental gymnastics bullshit. And how is it possible to not kill 4chan when that shit happened to 8chan? It seems really easy, especially since 4 kanker is on its last legs. >>577 Where's it happened so far?
>>581 Idk, the thread reads like they're describing something happening, not planning it.
>>582 It definitely words like they're not planning it, but the general air of that thread feels like they're the ones behind it and then blaming it on some scapegoat to further alienate people. In either case, there's definitely some shit that's happening. I'm amazed they're too limp to spam on Kohl and 4chan. It seems pretty easy to take down sites like those.
>>581 >zoomer >chans Imageboards and faggots anon. To asnwer your questions 4cuck is a honeypot that makes money so taking it down is much harder than a much smaller site since they can't afford to protect themselves, higher lawyers, or grease some palms. To answer your second question we had someone spamming CP on multiple webrings and boards including this one a few days ago. It got reported and taken down in less then 20 minutes, but it was very recent.
>>586 >To answer your second question we had someone spamming CP on multiple webrings and boards including this one a few days ago. It got reported and taken down in less then 20 minutes, but it was very recent. I must have missed it, then. Not a bad thing to miss that, though.
Open file (352.31 KB 1575x1181 1504970922302-0.jpg)
>>569 I wish I could also experience a lot of those scenes in person. I'm sort of stranded though, even pre-distancing measures. Been having the urge to drive random places and just walk around, which isn't something I'd normally do. Might be a good time to do so; not sure how desolate it might be out there.
Anyone here /nightwalk/? One of the comfiest thing I've ever done, walking through deserted streets by yourself, looking at the lights... It's amazing. Especially when it's still warm enough that you don't need a jacket.
>>590 whenever I go out for exercise I only go out at night, I cant stand being out there during the day. Lots of hills, lots of streets, and since theres hardly any crime around here it's nice and safe.
Open file (3.35 KB 162x126 thonk.png)
>>589 I had a thing where I would walk as far as possible. Went to some places I never saw up close. Gave me interesting feelings. Lol the mice in the breda >>590 I've always wanted to go on a night walk, but I've never really mustered myself into doing it. In any case, I should start walking again
Open file (146.46 KB 1280x522 ppf.jpg)
>>589 It's just a matter of waiting until its darker and finding paths that folks don't use as often. The other thing is how big is the area where you live, and how dangerous is it. Where I'm at you can go pretty much anywhere from one in the morning to six and youre not getting mugged, it doesn't happen here. Try that in chicago and youll be a statistic in a "future doctors" career. Side note, wonderfully comfy picture anon.
Open file (147.48 KB 640x642 1586816684654.jpg)
Listening to local classical radio station. A little sleepy, drinking a nice bitter cup of coffee to help keep me up a bit later into the night. Air conditioning was fixed the other day; experiencing cool breezes I haven't felt in years. I really underrated the importance of good air in comfy level.
Open file (1.28 KB 74x74 walking along.png)
>>594 I've been sitting around all day listening to 80's jazz fusion that YouTube keeps recommending me. It sure ain't no Canterbury Scene, but that's alright. I really need to get out and walk...
>>590 Nightwalks are very nice. They turn the darkest thoughts to poetry. I do warn anybody who hasn't gone on one before but might be thinking about it to not jump in. Make sure you're in good shape, well clothed, watch out for cars or suspicious characters, stay to safer parts of town, look out for animals and know what to do if one confronts you. It might be a good idea to go on a few walks during the day, to get the lay of the land. You probably don't want to get lost.
>>596 I go on them because I want to get mugged to be honest. Too scared to kill myself, but as long as it happens I don't really care.
>>590 I've always wanted to live in an area where I could. I love the night, it's very peaceful and quiet. I have too many of the dark folk around here for it to be safe, though.
Open file (35.37 KB 656x492 1588304266694-pol.jpg)
I'm a man with a devastated heart, can I come in?
I just received my new hardware for my computer today. I hadn't planned for my heatsink not to fit on this motherboard, nor for my PSU to be missing a CPU power cord... This'll sit in my chamber for a while. >>600 You are more than welcome.
>>600 welcome to the party anon, we got feels!
Open file (162.35 KB 504x467 1585953574367.png)
>>601 >>602 Feels nice being welcomed. I have gone through so much stuff lately, digging through the rabbit hole of imageboards seems to be an action that I regret. I'll try to type this as I have my eyes red and it hurts when they get damp, but everything after El Paso has been a complete trainwreck personally. It was bad, sure, but now it leaves me crying and with a headache. All those good anons lost forever, all those imageboards that have been shutdown, all the constant running from place to place. I just wanted to have a nice time with anons that could help me fill the void, talk about struggles, learn something, make an in-group quip. Now they're just so few, that every time I see an anon of that caliber just leave, I lose my head. I never thought I would feel so bad for strangers on the internet, never did I feel this way for any in my family or my older group of friends. Fuck I can't stop crying, I'll finish the post here and try to forget all that happens
>>603 Losing friends hurts, it really does. Coming from a person who really has a hard time making them and connecting with them, your thoughts hit home. The worst part is after they're gone, leaving you behind to suffer with the happy memories stuck in your head. Makes you not want to try ever again, because it feels like adding more fuel to the fire. In my experience it makes me want to die in the hopes that I never feel like I do again. Hopefully that's not the same for you. From what i've seen this board is really nice, and I hope that it temporarily alleviates some of that suffering anon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NifjSoQ6ndo&
Open file (12.03 MB 4000x1980 gondola dinner.png)
>>607 >The worst part is after they're gone, leaving you behind to suffer with the happy memories stuck in your head. It mostly makes me regret that I didn't treat them better. I can live without some anons, sure, but I wish I could've done more stuff with them, or at least stretch the amount of time they were going to be there. >Makes you not want to try ever again, because it feels like adding more fuel to the fire But the thing is, if you spend a lot of time lurking on imageboards, you eventually start to get the jist of it, who is who, and the problems and achievements each of them have. It's just a matter of time something pulls the plug, either disinterest in a topic, shutdowns, you name it. So it's a cycle that will sadly be repeated over and over. I'm incredibly sad about it, but at least I have mom's homemade flan and greek yoghurt, so I guess that should help with the lows.
>>609 Here is the finished pic. Or should I say Finnish!?
Open file (545.00 B 122x78 the worm.png)
There was an image of a caterpillar that looked like spurdo sparde, so I isolated it. Say hello to "pieni perhostoukka"
>>572 Why the interest in arabic? i've also been curious but it's not high on the list and i'm still learning french going on for a few years nowpartly because i have other stuff to d, part because i'm lazy and/or prefer to play games in my free time
>>617 Religious reasons. Also, 200 million potential new friends is a great motivator.
>>618 Assalamu Alaikum, akhi
>>620 Wa alaykum salam
>>621 من أنت؟ مرحبا بك في \مريح\ . ن
>>622 > من أنت؟ أنا لا أحد >مرحبا بك في \مريح\ شكراً م
>>623 اريد أن أكون صديقك لا أحد. هل أستطيع ذلك؟
>>624 ممكن من اين انت؟
>>625 شكرا أنا من لبنان, و انت؟
>>626 أنا ألماني كيف الجو عندكم؟
>>627 الجو جميل و هادئ. ماذا عنكم؟
>>628 اليوم جَيِّد. لكن انا تعبان
>>628 كيف حالك؟
>>627 أنا بخير, الحمد لله لِمَ تشعر بالتعب؟
>>631 من المحتمل بِسَبَب الصوم
>>632 تقبل الله صيامك.التعب جيد, جسمك يزيل السموم و الأجر أكبر لأنك تعرف معاناة الفقير. كلنا فقراء في هذه الدنيا و الله هو الغني. هل هذه أول مرة تصوم فيها رمضان؟
>>633 شكرا, أَنْتَ عَلَى حَقّ. نعم, هذه أول مرة لي. تقبل الله صيامك أيضا.
>>634 آمين. هل لي أن أسألك, كيف وجدت طريقك إلى الإسلام؟
>>635 قصة طويلة. انا كنت مسيحي لكن انا كنت حيران. ثم قرأت عن دينات, أولا بوذية, ثم زرادشتية, تعلمت كثيرا. ثم بدأت انا عن الإسلام و إنه الاحسن (في رأيي ).
انا الآن النوم
Open file (6.17 KB 300x300 tv.png)
arabic text in the threda< cool. hellow muslim friends
>>613 hello pieni perhostoukka.
Just passing thru you gitz
Open file (11.85 KB 627x554 spurdoe_nadzi.png)
>>613 This is very important. Where did you find this image? And hello.
Open file (36.35 KB 244x155 worm spurdo.jpg)
>>650 He was originally here. I don't know what the context is but it's probably not Spurdo Sparde-related
>>655 What's this?
Open file (47.47 KB 731x536 2879-1adoaz9.jpg)
>>656 Since it's a safe for work board, something that should be reported.
Open file (236.40 KB 689x1080 G3lI_BolinY.jpg)
Are you guys feeling comfy? I sure am.
Open file (154.70 KB 810x1080 vM3-kiYH2H0.jpg)
>>761 I wish.
Is there a comfy app like dashchan or Kuroba/Clover for webring boards?
Anyone plays any /comfy/ open source game here? >>743 Why is this girl's only appearance on a google search a russian board? What's her call to fame there? And yes, I'm a dirty coomer for checking.
These look like comfy cows.
>>368 Fucking based!
Open file (488.51 KB 809x1080 RbLXvDl3IPE.jpg)
>>771 >What's her call to fame there? idk, because she's cute I guess.
>>603 We remember the Alamo not because it was a triumph but because of the brave few who answered the call to suffer the worst defeat when it was necessary for them to do so. Anons come and go but Anon never dies.
>>772 Lovely ungulates, fren
Open file (6.84 MB 640x360 carameldansen)
>>785 I can't wait for the 00s revival
Open file (55.25 KB 500x706 1588822239111.jpg)
>>603 beautiful post, anon.
Open file (548.70 KB 1920x1080 1580362188282.jpg)
>>603 >>607 >>609 I wish I had engaged more in a lot of the places that are gone now. I've been a lurker for over a decade now and I'm making more of an effort to post. We need good posters more than ever on the quality boards we have. I'm not usually an optimistic person, but I'm confident in the future of the webring. I think we have the opportunity to make things better than they ever were. >>300 Similar pic I have to this. Anyone know if they are they from a set or is one an edit of the other?
Internet nomad staying the night. It bothers me how easily the imageboards were consumed. I knew most of us were weird, but were that many of us insane? Or maybe I'm just seeking out the drama lately... Hopefully. I must admit, the decentralization of imageboards is largely a positive but I fear for the echo-chambers this may create.
>>590 >/nightwalk/ Walking down the middle of a street at 2am is a beautiful thing.
Open file (96.25 KB 646x563 Ke0mawSI6R8.jpg)
Open file (61.51 KB 578x680 EW68gt6WoAE401t.jpeg)
Open file (180.77 KB 705x686 1588822972456-pol.png)
Open file (183.16 KB 853x768 lego aesthetic.jpg)
Feeling tired, but comfy.
Open file (2.09 MB 720x720 4BFFEGcxVDiWKzXj.mp4)
I'm so fucking bored I'm getting fat
>>813 Don't get fat. It's bad for you and makes you uncomfy.
>>817 >makes you uncomfy How?
>>820 Joint aches.
Open file (124.68 KB 1000x585 1585285748495.jpg)
Open file (405.68 KB 3281x2330 yukicaffè.jpg)
I just visited /comfy/ (for the 1st time)
>>824 Welcome! I hope it becomes many more times.
Open file (168.12 KB 570x657 ia_3400003096.jpg)
>>19 >>824 first time posting on /comfy/
Open file (2.26 MB 2560x1440 1454722946236.jpg)
Open file (347.66 KB 761x1080 wEPfVQzdrKQ.jpg)
Open file (15.92 KB 393x290 cone_mashed_large.jpg)
I miss fatchan why did they have to come and take it away ;_;
First time visiting. Hello.
Open file (486.67 KB 540x604 1589003262674.gif)
>>864 There will always be something that you will miss and wish it didn't fade away. The only thing we can just do is better ourselves for when a similar thing appears again, and enjoy the moments we will have before they vanish forever
>>870 Pretty good advice, as far as it goes Anon. I would just add to that we should be actively preparing for a more resilient approach to their attacks. Staying abreast of your enemies' plots is always a prerequisite during war. Daily reminder: It only takes one side to start a fight, and you fight when the need arises.
>>867 Hello, friend.
Open file (2.31 KB 125x91 1532231584945.jpg)
I just found out about the whole webring thing yesterday. Exploring it is pretty comfy. I'm going to keep lurking around as long as these boards stay up, so I wish all of you a nice day.
>>824 >>831 >>867 >>873 Hello! Where have you guys come from?
>>873 Thanks! :^)
Open file (2.65 MB 642x800 tfw.webm)
Hope everyone is doing well tonight.
>>877 pretty well thanks. just waking up and having my first cup of joe.
>>870 thank you budy your words are true
I'm shilling late.city!
>>880 So umm, what about it Anon?
>>877 I am doing quite well, although it is now morning.
Open file (2.33 MB 900x1547 586662_original.png)
>>874 german eurofag here
>>887 Ja moin
Open file (3.69 MB 640x360 fahnen hoch.webm)
>>888 was geht Bernd schöne Zahl hast du da
Open file (193.22 KB 900x675 YA2-b2IA_bI.jpg)
Open file (520.92 KB 680x382 EVtjQRLXkAAIaaX.png)
>>874 Le Russland :DDDD
Open file (176.64 KB 680x753 nomade.png)
>>874 if you mean chan communities nowhere in particular I have nothing I could call a home really
>>891 Verry based and nomad pilled Well I hope you stay with us for a while, traveller.
>>892 I like this place it has a very unique atmosphere
Open file (1.45 MB 1920x1080 249611.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 1280x720 731778913869498.png)
Stalker is my comfy game of choice. Even though the zone is dangerous and scary the games atmosphere makes it feel like a second home to me. I actually find myself daydreaming about being a stalker more then I care to admit.
>>894 I love Stalker, nothing beats the atmosphere in that game. I hope Stalker 2 goes in the direction of Call of Pripyat with how the gameplay and story was handled as opposed to how linear the first game was. Back when I had a decent PC my go to comfy game was Skyrim with mods to make the peaceful times comfier and the enemies harder so that going on quests actually felt like an adventure because of the contrast between the two. I also added shitloads of immersion and atmosphere mods to turn it into into a realistic dark fantasy game.
I'm very excited because my board finally got 2 posts that are not me.
Open file (12.86 MB 640x360 Surface of the sun.mp4)
>>774 If you like that one, heres another that I really like of saint elliot, its not as comfy as that one but it's nice. It uses parts of mumkey's reading of his manifesto. It ironic just how much mumkey jones really affected me. Hes the one who showed me saint elliot and allowed me to see that I wasn't alone in my suffering, and that there were those who were willing to die for something greater rather than offing themselves alone in their rooms.
>>896 It's a very nice board, what can we say, its pretty evident by all the posts from our fellow anons.
Second time i've visited this wholesome board,think i'll come by tomorrow again,sleep time now goodbye anons
>>896 What board, fren?
Open file (1.07 MB 1706x655 sleepo.png)
>>900 g'night anon!
Open file (52.70 KB 474x474 RCwoRn8NZ4w.jpg)
>>904 uh oh, this post isn't comfy
On a scale from 1 to 10, how /comfy/ are you guys right now?
>>909 I think it's 7
Open file (1.39 MB 1038x1200 home home.jpg)
>>909 I'd say that i'm around a 6ish, I'm a bit happy that my favorite comfy artist posted and I've been messing around with the witcher 3, so that's nice, but I cant wait until tonight to go out for a night walk, they're what I live for.
Open file (69.22 KB 768x960 1586531435235.jpg)
>>912 5/10 base comfyness +1 still got tasty snacks to eat +2 bloomer flatmates and their awful baby fucked off out of town for a few weeks -3 the anxiety and loneliness often hits Total comf level: 50%
>>913 Is it one of those cases where you want them gone but when they are, then it gets worse until they get back? Me, I'd love if my roommates would fuck off for a week or two. I could actually eat in the kitchen instead of my room or use the apartment tv without feeling nervous and afraid of being judged.
>>914 >Is it one of those cases where you want them gone but when they are, then it gets worse until they get back? Not at all. It's more like one of those "being alone isn't the same as being lonely" cases. You know how you feel lonelier when you don't exist to the people you want to be around but you're also forced to be around the people you don't want to be around? It's kinda like that, so I'm happy half of the problem is solved and I'm just alone without having to tolerate others.. >Me, I'd love if my roommates would fuck off for a week or two. I could actually eat in the kitchen instead of my room or use the apartment tv without feeling nervous and afraid of being judged. Same here. I'm also happy that I can chill in the kitchen and walk around the apartment and soak in the bath for as long as I want. I hope they could be gone for the rest of summer until I get my shit together and move out.
Feeling pretty comfy. Might bake a cake tomorrow.
The .cafe is gonna grow bigger!
Open file (307.89 KB 580x406 cake.jpg)
>>942 That sounds pretty nice, I'd love to do some baking myself, but I never get the timing down right. Cookies turn into rocks, and my cakes crumble to pieces. On the other hand though, it's fun to deviate from the rut every now and then.
Open file (85.89 KB 417x600 transatlantic.jpg)
>>943 As long as it keeps being comfy, let it grow and enlarge!
Hello friends. How are we holding up today? Seems we got some visitors.
>>946 I've been awake the whole night. It was worth it
>>950 What have you been up to anon?
Open file (515.17 KB 225x300 yui chair.gif)
>>951 Oh, just watching julay/v/ crash and burn. I feel vindicated. I was dubious of them since the webring first started and now it all comes tumbling down just as I thought it would've happened
Open file (2.10 MB 1920x1080 comfy.png)
I don't have a twitter account and this archive host has no other contact method. Can a kind comfy anon help me out? >User: https://twitter.com/Mailia >Question: If bootleg.hamuko.moe is going down, can you upload the videos to archive.org?
Open file (87.05 KB 178x200 QJNENSZ.gif)
Is there a worse feel than being mad and angry, but also tired and needing sleep at the same time?
>>956 Why are you feeling these things anon?
>>956 As long as you are able to at least express it. In my case, it's that feel that comes from fucking up so bad that you can't fix it. A good example of this is hurting someone so badly that they won't give you a second chance. No matter how hard you try, they write you off and don't care. When it finally kicks in personally how badly you fucked up, and no matter what you do or try, your conscience gives you no rest, and all you can do is sob and try sleeping it off because its the second best thing compared to offing yourself.
>>961 >In my case, it's that feel that comes from fucking up so bad that you can't fix it. At least that generates some grief that can motivate you to do something. Being mad is one of the most destructive things you can be, it doesn't let you learn or practise something, it just puts you in the mood for fighting and being a rabid dog. Being tired just increases the misery
I adore this footage, I managed to snag it from one of my favorite youtube shitposters the day it came out before youtube took it down.
Open file (75.81 KB 443x573 BY3kKoFdBew.jpg)
Open file (183.96 KB 577x684 1587141969660.jpg)
You're important anon, despite what the world says about you and how everything is going on everywhere, you're the most important thing I have. So please, don't give up
Open file (570.02 KB 2560x1443 on the computer.jpg)
>>977 Thank you, friend, for your encouraging words. I've been pretty uncomfy today.
Open file (4.60 MB 2340x1316 ClipboardImage.png)
>>979 Oh it's bound to happen. Days where uncomfyness is luring everywhere and sometimes nothing seems worth it. But you have to keep going forward. I need you, the internet needs you.
Open file (31.13 KB 384x482 galatea_is_comfy_tbh.jpg)
>>977 You too fren! :^)
>>981 Love the comfy pic anon, very nice!
Open file (50.43 KB 1539x742 clean cafe.png)
I visit this board every day.
>>981 Thank you fren, after a good night's rest and some exercise, I'm feeling much more comfy.
The day started up pretty bad, but everything turned out alright and I'm ready to have a comfy night.
>>1000 very nice, I always say that night time is the best time to be alive, perfect time for a nice dinner, or maybe a movie with snacks, me, I love getting out the fluffy blanket and pillow and just throwing on something, a personal favorite is the cohen brothers brother where art thou, so many good lines and characters.
Open file (68.66 KB 601x495 1589559735709.jpg)
>>361 My cursor becomes a hand when it wants to join in. Party ruined.
Oh, we hit 1000 posts today? Nice.
>>1006 These bunker boards keep overtaking us. When did /loomis/ become so active?
>>1008 but do they have comfy threads, thats the real question
>>1009 Most boards here are pretty comfy, so yeah. Not /shelter/ and /k/ though.
>>1010 >Not /k/ though That's a lie
Open file (1.42 MB 672x807 3901-18rfg53.png)
Open file (398.97 KB 1000x750 peacee.jpg)
Open file (170.41 KB 555x800 free as a bird.jpg)
I snagged this one from a fellow anon a good while ago, and it's one of my favorites, something so innocent can be paired in such a nice way. Honestly it's just so good. The anon who took this shot is a genius.
>>1026 Nice Ran fumo
>>1027 Its touho related, never would have guessed, always it was something naruto related, like the nine tailed fox.
Open file (217.62 KB 738x1080 U58guKaKKGg.jpg)
/comfy/ af
>>1024 I like this one anon, made me instantly think of no steppe on pepe of all things.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend and a I wish you a good start of the week.
>>1054 Y-you too...
Open file (492.89 KB 892x494 ClipboardImage.png)
If you ever desire for a tropical tint of comfy and cozyness, come to /tikilounge/!!! We're reopening after months of hiatus thanks to our good friend tengu, and we would like it much if you came to visit! The address is tengureich.com/tikilounge/ . I can't wait to see you there!!!
Open file (520.32 KB 1920x1080 1490812033906.jpg)
who /asmr/ here?
>>1060 good to have you back
Open file (47.50 KB 289x291 Asleep.png)
Comfy sleep :3
Open file (1.49 MB 2560x1440 evening snooze.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 500x281 crawl into bed.gif)
>>1072 Nothing like a good nap in the middle of the day, a bit of music, maybe a full stomach, and a nice thick comforter with a pillow to sink into. The only annoyance is being so close to the street, it's not too busy but I wish I was further away.
Open file (50.62 KB 480x640 _qvWkJ_NxyQ.jpg)
How do people stay organized and do what they're supposed to? How do people set goals for themselves? How do you adult?
>>1075 >those three-white, yandere eyes i'm making a banner out of that shit anon. So, I can't really claim to be very good at this to any significant degree but one important thing I've picked up thus far is write stuff down. You only have a limited-size skull like all the rest of us, and writing important stuff down helps keep things organized. Also, if that writing is a goals/todo list thingy then your brain can offload that space for more important things like vidya, anime, or the ever-popular vidya-anime. Good luck Anon, 'just don't quit' is the key to all success in life pretty much.
>>1075 I just set myself a new small goal any time I finish a task and just keep a copybook with all important dates and due bills. Never plan long term it's super gay
Guten morgen /comfy/
>>1082 Good morning!
>>1082 good morning captain
Just checking in on some threads here before I go do something productive; stay gold, y'all.
Open file (3.79 MB 1280x720 maid.webm)
>>1086 Speaking of gold, This is very comfy, thanks for the share anon, Im going to add it to my comfy folder. I dont have anything as good, but ill put something that I find comfy.
>>1086 Apologies for the double post anon, I actually do have a pretty good one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtydfFJESyc
>>230 We've overtaken them now.
>>1094 I feel bad for the otterfellas now. They're pretty comfy guys, after all.
Open file (1.61 MB 300x300 (「・ω・)「.webm)
>>1089 Ayy, I've got that WEBM; 's a good song. Thanks for the YouTube one, though.
If any of you anons like visual novels, i'd suggest fruit of grisaia, they recently made a show that bastardized it with ecchi, but the vn is so comfy. Love the mc, hes the best at what he does, but hes also a no shit taking cynic who warms up to his fellow disturbed classmates and finds a family essentially. Theres five routes and at the end of each theres some hentai, (though I skip that stuff) I love the story, the comedy and the drama as well as the comfy music. If you folks want something to engross you, this is pretty good. I found it completely by accident and it was one of the best ones Ive ever experienced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zwEiFrDwzU
>>1097 Looks pretty good, thanks anon.
>>1100 Completely slipped my mind, if you enjoy this, Don't read the sequels, they take this perfect vn, and ruin it in the way that the pirate of the Caribbean sequels ruined the first one by adding unnecessary plot.
Today is lazy day, day for sleep and comfy.
Sup this place have a mascot?
>>1103 Does being comfy need a mascot? If it does, for me it'd be a nice thick blanket. I'd say food but i'm a terrible cook.
first time visiting anon.cafe
Open file (93.24 KB 960x674 creamytoast.jpeg)
>>1104 You don't need to be a good cook to be comfy anon. Some hot chocolate with peanut butter toast is /comfy/core.
Open file (136.32 KB 745x504 1324785766001.jpg)
Open file (194.03 KB 692x465 1448339233164194904.jpg)
Open file (123.33 KB 962x642 585.jpg)
Open file (65.99 KB 600x772 1318116028228.jpg)
>>1103 Comfy guy.
>>1113 That does sound pretty nice, I actually have two of the three, maybe I might go down to the store and pick up some hot chocolate with some marshmellows. Thanks for the idea anon.
Open file (378.10 KB 850x1183 together at the end.jpg)
>>1114 My favorites the one with the apocalypse obviously. It really isnt the apocalypse right now, but it's still comfy all the same. You don't see most folks outside and you can just chill. The only annoyance is the fact that my window faces the frat house, lol.
>>1114 Whack, I was expecting a chick.
Open file (1.19 MB 1200x816 sidi_doma_.png)
>>1118 Yeah,, that sucks. >>1120 /abdl/ plz
>>1114 Yoba is the epitome of comfy.
>>1121 I just want draw babes is that too much to ask for?
>>1123 Yes, actually.
>>1125 Yes
Open file (779.23 KB 756x644 obesere monk.png)
I miss lizchan, I wish I've learnt to take things easy way earlier, my experience there would've been much better with that
>>1123 Are they comfy babes doing comfy things?
>>1129 Yes
>>1131 yes
Open file (409.53 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1128 Of courshe
>>1133 Bring them on board, I'll call it in!
>>1123 /loomis/ exists
Open file (7.43 KB 200x260 antilamon.png)
Open file (2.56 KB 165x176 comff.png)
Open file (10.43 KB 375x331 ear rub.png)
Open file (3.81 KB 165x176 hug1.png)
I drew some more things since I last posted.
Open file (22.52 KB 700x660 baraqiel and polska.png)
Open file (1.21 KB 140x67 derp.png)
Open file (13.14 KB 479x342 elp legacy.png)
Open file (93.64 KB 2432x1488 evilest of dreamers.png)
It's raining outside which makes me feel extremely comfy.
Open file (1.54 MB 1768x1649 cushionn.jpg)
>>1139 I getcha, normally I love the rain, but todays special, I got a bottle for the occasion, and hope to go out tonight to enjoy it.
>>1140 This room looks way too messy to be comfy.
Open file (1.07 MB 1200x821 roommm.jpg)
>>1142 Some folks enjoy that kind of thing, I don't myself, but the idea is making the space that you inhabit your own, as opposed to copying someone else's style.
>>1142 Sometimes organized chaos can be its own form of comfy.
>>1139 i love the rain tbh as long as I'm staying warm & dry haha.
Is anyone still visiting this place?
>>1165 I am but I have nothing to say
What's the reply limit on here? maybe we need a new thread soon.
>>1166 Just say whatever you are thinking right now!
I can't believe this place is at the bottom of the board list now. What happened?
>>1168 I think nothing
>>1175 Is your mind blank all the time?
>>1176 absolutely, it's better that way
Wow, I just had a thought
>>1179 Tell me anon, im dying to find out
I'm here for the first time
>>1182 HELLO!
>>1183 Hello!
>>1184 hello
>>1185 Hello.
>>1186 .olleH
>>1187 .olle
>>1188 H e l l o
>>1188 h3110
>>1189 .oll >>1190 .ol
>>1191 HI!
Thanks eberryone, this is really a comfy place.
>>1194 It woodn't be comfy without (You).
Open file (734.43 KB 900x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1194 did someone say BERRY?
>>1196 Berry delicious.
Open file (9.36 MB 2591x3168 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1197 ebin :DDD
>>1192 Hi too! >>1193 .
>>1182 How did you find this place? >>1199
Open file (1.48 MB 1187x1682 ClipboardImage.png)
Peace and love to all of you, because you're berry special!
Open file (43.58 KB 251x231 1529435818023.jpg)
>>1201 You're specialer!
>>1202 looks fine to me
>>1204 Ah they don't show up for me sometimes... >>120
Wow, the thread just blew up, Ive had this open for a while now and its never been this active. Nicesu!
Open file (74.57 KB 500x504 slavimu grill.png)
>>1207 It's the power of saying Hi!
>>1200 To be honest, I don’t remember exactly. It was in my bookmarks for a while, but I didn’t have any free time because of my job. But they fired me, so I’ll be a NEET from next week for a few months, so I started looking for a nice place where I can lurk or occasionally talk to someone.
>>1209 Ehhh? What was your job and why did you get fired?
>>1208 HIIIIII! <3 <3 <3
Open file (478.78 KB 1500x2118 adeleine.jpg)
>>1211 Ok I think we should stop now
>>1212 Why? :(
Open file (80.92 KB 1120x747 HungaryNights.jpg)
>>1210 I’m working in a small factory as a below average wageslave, so frankly speaking I woodn’t mind that much that they fired me. They just don’t have enough order nowadays, probably due to the economic crisis caused by the virus, so it’s understandable, but yeah… I’m an Eastern European, it can be pretty hard to find an another job in here. Also sorry for my grammatical mistakes, as I said, I’m an ESL but I try my best.
>>1214 You're doing great anon.
Open file (128.07 KB 1024x805 adelein.jpg)
>>1214 >Also sorry for my grammatical mistakes, as I said, I’m an ESL but I try my best. Don't worry much about it, I've learned english since I was ten but I'm comitting more mistakes now than before
>>1214 >Also sorry for my grammatical mistakes, as I said, I’m an ESL but I try my best. Ehh, you're fine Anon. Most of us who speak it natively make plenty of mistakes. Don't worry about it tbh.
Open file (493.39 KB 600x406 ClipboardImage.png)
w e l c o m e t o t h e c o m f y z o n e
Open file (7.42 KB 454x513 above the cirrus.png)
Open file (28.05 KB 936x747 cottage in spring.png)
Open file (26.33 KB 1097x513 wosr.png)
>>1237 Did you make these? They're great, I used to make stuff like this back in the last year of highschool, same field, same mountains (although mine tresspassed the clouds).
The thread is full, here is a new one >>1239

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