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Open file (106.79 KB 800x640 crazy taxi.png)
Comfy vidya thread Anon 06/27/2020 (Sat) 15:23:10 No.1760
ITT we discuss video games that possess the comfy factor. For me it's all manners of RTS games, taking time to gather resources and build a cool base is great fun. Driving games are cool too, I have fond memories of pic related (although I was pretty bad at it as a kid).
Holy ship, I love Crazy Taxi, good post OP. Personally I think Kirby is essential /comfy/. The nature of the game is pretty lightweight and only becomes slightly harder when you try to 100% it. A shame that emulating them sometimes is impossible (Kirby 64 crashes in some mid bosses for example)
I mean exploration games like Minecraft, Subnautica etc. are really calming for me because It feels good doing things
Open file (8.57 MB out.mp3)
I've recently been spending my evenings fused with my couch, playing Kingdom Hearts. Sometimes you have to tryhard, but aside from that I'm really enjoying it. >>1765 Seconded, Meinkraft and Subnautica are the vidya equivalent of melatonin (especially the latter one with its Solar Fields-like soundtrack).
Open file (3.81 MB 1316x1652 spurdo-dony-hawg.png)
The Tony Hawk games are all still fun after years of playing them through. The comfiest part is cruising through the levels enjoying the fun music.
Open file (5.51 MB 2100x1524 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.01 MB 1280x936 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (457.21 KB 1199x900 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.26 MB 800x788 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.92 MB 1374x774 ClipboardImage.png)
Driving games can always be considered /comfy/ They don't ask too much but at the same time you have to not be a bumbling retard. My only issue is that I seem to be stuck with the most formulaic and basic ones. Things like Wipeout or Asseto Corsa are more complicated for me when I just want to be chillin
>>1760 >>1765 Simulator games in general. In another thread someone mentioned Rollercoaster Tycoon, that was comfy. >>1780 >pic 5 Good taste, the City Lights add-on track is top comfy.
>>1780 >Diddy Kong Racing The music alone is just so comfy.
Open file (354.28 KB 960x960 jkijoij.jpg)
I'm a big guy 4 RTS games. They're my favorite genre by far. I really like tile-based puzzle games too. I also like early first-person shooters and older arcade-style action games, but those make me feel more tense than anything. As far as console games go, I mostly stick with the older ones I grew up with and ones I never got around to playing. The NES is the console I find the most relaxing.
Interesting, i was about to make a vidya thread yesterday. My favorites are deadbolt and rainworld. Soothing soundtrack and comfy atmosphere, highly recommended.
>>1787 SMW is nice up till now i've still yet to complete all the stages :P
To me there's nothing comfier than sinking in my bed sheets and playing some of those game that are like halfway in between a vn and a puzzle game. I miss my Ds
Open file (332.52 KB 960x949 1545721896893.jpg)
>>2882 It's a game that's close to me heart, even though I never play it by myself anymore. It was the first Super Nintendo game I ever played and is probably the Mario game I feel most nostalgic for after the original (although it's hard to pick). The last time I played I had trouble with all the special stages, even though I think I beat them when I was younger and have no problems with the other ones. As a kid, the Soda Lake level was the only one I remember standing out as one me and my brother had never gotten to because it's the only stage that has those submarine enemies that are featured in the end-game sequence where all the enemies are listed.
>>2884 The DS and (maybe 3DS, I didn't have one) were underrated.
>>1787 NES games are so hard that I am curious how you find them relaxing. >>2886 They both had good stuff but they hurt to play for long periods of time as an adult.
>>2886 I don't know underrated but definitely one of the best handhelds >>2887 >they hurt to play for long periods of time as an adult That's true, that' s why I stuck with stuff you could play using only the touchscreen.
Open file (211.05 KB 955x445 tje4rYUsh.jpg)
>>1780 the free racing game Nitronic Rush is still pretty good after like 8 years since its release. it was only a pity that it isn't openworld. https://youtu.be/vNuSvuzPL10?t=14
Open file (44.34 KB 442x330 1530006686113.jpg)
>>2887 >NES games are so hard that I am curious how you find them relaxing. Largely nostalgia for the aesthetic and the games themselves. I don't really like easy games either. People say that the original Castlevania is a hard game, for example, but I've beaten it like two or three times. A lot of the games aren't so hard once you start to recognize patterns and memorize things like level layouts. If I'm trying to beat a game, I usually just train myself with save states on an Everdrive to go through the difficult areas and then do a clean playthrough. I'm far from any kind of a pro. When I was younger, I don't think I cared that much if a game was too easy and really liked stuff like Kirby 64. Nowadays I can still appreciate that for its presentation and my memories of it, but as far as gameplay goes it's lost its appeal. I'm a lot more into challenges now.
Open file (142.68 KB 256x372 Gimmick_boxart.PNG)
>>2887 >NES games are so hard that I am curious how you find them relaxing. Not that anon but there are definitely a bunch of NES games you could say are relaxing once you get the hang of them, I always play Super Mario Bros 3, for example. >>2892 >People say that the original Castlevania is a hard game Castlevania 1 is 100% muscle memory, I beat it consistently in about an hour. Another game I always play when I have a few hours is the original Metroid, another game that can be berry frustrating if you don't know what to do but once you memorize the map you can just beat it over and over. There are also games which are frigging hard but I don't mind dying because they're so good, like Mr Gimmick
Open file (332.69 KB 500x317 1389027350888.gif)
>>2894 >Castlevania 1 is 100% muscle memory, I beat it consistently in about an hour. Yeah, exactly. The hardest part is the final boss, but I can easily beat the game without much trouble now. >Another game I always play when I have a few hours is the original Metroid, another game that can be berry frustrating if you don't know what to do but once you memorize the map you can just beat it over and over. That's one I should play more at some point. I usually dislike Metroidvania-type games (other than Clash at Demonhead), but for some reason Metroid appeals to me. I think it's how spartan and somewhat creepy it feels relative to the other games in the series. >There are also games which are frigging hard but I don't mind dying because they're so good, like Mr Gimmick Don't remember how far I got in that one, but the soundtrack is good from what I remember.
>>1760 I've been playing Super Mario 64 on my DS which I'd say is pretty comfy. It's too bad I don't have the original version but the DS version is nice anyway.
Open file (1.16 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is pretty comfy. They have an activity mode where you can fly bush routes in small planes, where all navigation is by landmarks and the flight plan is written like a guided tour of the region. It's got just the right balance between active and passive to be comf. I like getting up in the air, setting my trim, and then gazing out the window at the scenery going past as I find my way to the next flight leg.
>>2901 I love flying IRL the few times I've had the chance, and Flight Simulator looks pretty realistic tbh.
>>1780 can you name pic 3 and 5 anon?
>>2918 Not him but pic 5 is Super Tux Kart
Open file (1.99 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Playing Sakuna as of late, berry comfy indeed
>>2953 Great game.
Probably isn't comfy for most, but One Way Heroics+ for me is one of my best comfy games. Whenever I'm in a poor mood, going to that perks me up.
Okay so Controversial pick, but Modded Fallout 4 is comfy to me personally because it feels to me somewhat nostalgic for 2016.
Open file (151.60 KB 365x244 City and Management.png)
Haven't played one, but could Citiy management games be comfy? I always loved building up bases in RTS. I'm afraid the sheer amount of systems to manage maybe too much.
Open file (357.64 KB 1440x1080 stalkan.jpg)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl
>>3398 Comfiest game of all time.
Does Rocksmith count as a game
>>3399 agreed :-)
>>3399 How buggy is it? I've heard you can't go an hour without it crashing.
>>3408 It's not that bad, I played vanilla and could beat it without much trouble, and at this point there are mods that fix pretty much eberrything.
>>3398 While they may be comfy megamods like Anomaly are superior
Open file (292.03 KB 431x426 extra rations.png)
Stronghold's peak comfy, atleast the original was. Crusader's more challenging but that kinda takes away the comfiness a little
>>3415 I really need to play the gamecube zelda games
Open file (212.91 KB 1680x1050 growhome.jpg)
While I don't like many games released in the 2010s, the first half or so of Grow Home is quite comfy. It had an open-world sequel called Grow Up, but I don't find it worth recommending. >>3499 The camera in Stronghold is problematic in my opinion. While the pixel graphics can look nice, there's a problem with building walls, when you never know if there's a gap the bandits can get through or not. It pretty much kills the game for me, which is a shame because it does have comfy elements.
I found the DS Castlevania titles to be oddly comfy, especially POR. I really have a thing for Victorian aesthetics.
>>3408 I wood recommend you to install the best mod for stalker: Stalker Anomaly. It combines the best elements from all 3 games : - atmosphere and open world from SOC - faction war from Clear Sky - weapon/armor modification and non-linear quests from Call of Prypiat. It basically run without crushes and bugs for 90 % of gameplay time. https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-anomaly
Open file (97.44 KB 360x360 Charlotte_Aulin.png)
>>3573 Those games are berry comfy and Charlotte is berry cute.
>>3573 >I found the DS Castlevania titles to be oddly comfy I think it partially because of the pixel art. It's berry reminiscent of the classic consoles, but a little more detailed and with a wider range of colors.
Open file (753.06 KB 1368x768 2021-01-19_20.19.16.png)
>>1765 Minecraft is especially comfy when you build comfy places.
>>3597 Looks berry comfy.
Open file (123.65 KB 960x720 6.png)
If you're a fan of turn-based RPGs, I recommend Knights of the Chalice.
Open file (110.41 KB 1024x640 cheydinhal1.jpg)
Open file (442.38 KB 1920x1080 cheydinhal2.jpg)
Open file (11.73 KB 480x360 cheyhinhal3.jpg)
>>1760 Cheydinhal from TES4: Oblivion is quite underrated. I could easily see myself relaxing here during the springtime.
>>2900 Super Mario 64 on the DS just ships on the original. >don't have the original version Emulation
>>1780 >pic 5 SuperTuxKart has an old add-on map called City Lights that mostly still works (e.g. trees are missing). I find it pretty comfy; night but light, empty city, nostalgic graphics.
>>3398 There's something I just love about a game which gives you a hostile world you have to fight your way through, but also has pockets of civilization where you can just relax, take in the atmosphere, and gear up for your next journey
Okay I wanted to ask this - I've been playing Hollow Knight a lot recently (berry addicting). And I was thinking of trying Castlevania SOTN. Many say it's the best metroidvania game out there. But the thing is my dumb ass watched a video showcasing how good the maps and bosses are. In other words, a spoiler video. Should I still play a video game even if I got the spoilers?
>>3820 Silly question. You should still play it because its a fun game.
>>3823 Yeah but the fun in a game stems from unexpected things waiting to leap onto you. Then the experience is geniune. Like I'm gonna try and practice the habit of never looking up a walkthrough for a game unless I REALLY give up. There were times like that. An example wood be Super Mario Sunshine. There was a King Boo boss in the hotel casino level. I had no idea wtf I was supposed to do because the game can't tell me.
Open file (318.67 KB 1024x768 metroid22-crop.png)
>>3820 Yeah you should still play SotN, it's a great game, though I woodn't call it the best metroidvania while this exists >>3824 >the fun in a game stems from unexpected things waiting to leap onto you I believe the fun in this kind of games stems from exploration and figuring out stuff like "How the hell do I open those yellow doors?"
>>3597 minecraft is comfy when you build bridges to cross rivers or islands that close. No more swimming and hoping from the boat , carrying and reusing again in the next body of water.
>>3826 Super Metroid was AMAZING. Like it was a retro game that genuinely got me hooked. I play most retro games because of how fun they are and also how much of a nostalgia fag I am. It was like advertising to me that games like these CAN exist and that it will be fun. Truck that one Norfair secret though. You know which one I'm talking about.
>>3833 >Truck that one Norfair secret though. You know which one I'm talking about I try to 100% the game eberry time but not sure which one you're talking about.
>>3835 You don't know? It's the one where you Xray a wall and it shows that you cant go through it. But you actually can. Sneaky devs wanting you to find that 1% in the next playthrough...
Open file (885.04 KB 904x692 ssslo.png)
>>3837 You mean this one? It's kinda tricky I guess. Thing is I've been playing this game for so long that I feel like I've known these things since forever, so I don't even know how I figured this out, or maybe I just read it in a magazine.
Open file (18.39 KB 640x360 norfair wall.jpg)
>>3838 No no, it's this one. This pic shows that the player has gone past the wall (the right one) but what I mean is that if you xray it before you go in, it shows nothing (making you think you can't pass through it). But you actually could. I am so glad that DEER FORCE did not do this more than once. If the game had half of such secrets, the trust between the tools given and the player wood be broken and it wood make him give up.
>>3840 >the wall (the right one) Sorry I meant the wall that's slightly near the center of the screenshot
>>3840 >>3841 Oh ok that one, but that's not a secret, it's the path you have to follow... I think it's in the same room, the thing about that room is that since it has those firefly things lightning works differently and the X-Ray scope doesn't work. But I think it's just hardware limitations, not devs being cheeky.
>>3597 >greenish wood stairs Mod or texture pack?
Open file (2.69 MB 1198x962 ClipboardImage.png)
I got myself a 3DS and I'm currently playing DKC2 on it. Despite audio issues, it's berry /comfy/
Open file (189.75 KB 1024x768 quake ad_15_chapter1.jpg)
Open file (158.07 KB 1024x768 quake ad_15_finish1.jpg)
Another game I find oddly comfy- Quake. Specifically with some of the modded maps, they look quite cool and perfectly match the gritty 90s look of the original while expanding it in to so much more. The mapmakers clearly appreciate good architecture.
Open file (89.55 KB 1202x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
You'll call me crazy but I find the fitst RE game comfy, I already played it so many times it's no longer a challenge to me and exploring the mansion and listening to the music feels just right.
Open file (98.70 KB 400x225 QuakeLive.jpg)
>>3961 Same here anon, but for a different reason. I've been playing the ship out of Quake Live recently and while I'm still ship enough that eberrybody wipes the floor with me, it feels good to slowly see the progress in your skill levels and the fact that this game is still there. There can be cataclisms, impending doom etc. and you'll still find someone, somewhere, playing Quake. It's one of those static points in a constantly moving world.
Been playing Umihara Kawase as of late, it's pretty /comfy/.
>>3826 B-but Aria of Sorrow is the best Metroidvania.... I'm actually replaying Super Metroid (right after playing through Aria of Sorrow on it to see if the Eurasia intro rom wood freeze, didn't) on my pocketgo. Lags with all layers showing sadly. I always wanted a gp2x and blah blah blah. It's a nice game but I always feel stuck at one point or another in that snes game. >>3961 >>3964 Quake did have good art.
Open file (39.04 KB 600x663 1284034961642.jpg)
>>4246 Berry comfy but also berry tough, I haven't beaten it. >>4414 >B-but Aria of Sorrow is the best Metroidvania.... It's up there, definitely one of the best Castlevanias. >I always feel stuck at one point or another in that snes game Did you remember to break tubes
>>3415 Golden Sun is peak comfy, probably one of my fav games ever, even if it's a bit generic in some parts.
>>4442 I get stuck at bosses often and forgot to super run down the hall to break the floor to power bomb it. That burned me out and I switched to metroid II and are now running in circles trying to kill all the metroids. I've not beaten metroid II before so I feel like I'm missing out. With the gambatte emulator I can choose many fun looking 'mono pallets' and such, super gameboy makes Samus look kinda orange and probably looks the best but I tend to keep vb and 'gb' mode on. But I'll probably stop and play something else on my backlog like Grandia 1 before I end up dying from old age on the game(s) (I've not played). The pocketgo won't allow that though so I figure I might try out Oriental Blue or something instead that I've not played at all as it will run on it and JPRG's are easy so no stress. I've also never played through lunar legends, the gba port wood work on it. Back onto Castlevania, on my normal computer, I was playing the Castlevania n64 and stopped when you have to carry around that bomb without jumping nor being hit. Too stressful D: I quit games a lot in short. >>4519 The first two are indeed of my favorite games ever. I wish my pocketgo could play the second one, it cannot. First one acts like it will be okay though. Gpsp has a page on github somewhere complaining about how badly the second is programmed but I've seen evidence that the second pocketgo (of which you literally cannot buy as it's always sold out) will play it on it's regba, for mips cpu's, the first device is for arm so it can't do that emulator. At the same time I should probably stop using the thing in general but I feel at least safe from my android a bit having an alternative 'in the woods' sized device to rely on. Also technically it can read books but not really with no bookmark nor searching of text files. Also, one could use it's media player but I have not. I like 'general' devices. But anyway, yes golden sun 1 and 2 are great.
>>4801 update: Oriental Blue is about zombies apparently so it might not be technically in a comfy game category.
Open file (505.78 KB 608x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4442 >Berry comfy but also berry tough, I haven't beaten it. That depends, I'm playing the 3ds version and it isn't as difficult as the SNES one, since you can choose from which level to start. I've only got two endings, but getting all the bags is a big challenge in itself
>>4836 Oh I see, I've only played the Snes version
Open file (197.16 KB 497x293 ClipboardImage.png)
I want to know how to play mahjong with vidya, no 5 hour video. Is there any cool game that teaches you that? Preferably on the DS/3DS, but I can emulate as well
Open file (107.37 KB 256x256 Legend_of_Mana.jpg)
Open file (383.32 KB 600x600 14228910.jpg)
Open file (1.36 MB 1093x896 23447301.jpg)
Open file (133.87 KB 736x413 legendofmana.jpg)
The comfiest!
>>4869 berry comfy
Just downloaded and played Crazy Taxi for cacas and giggles but stayed for the comfy frenzy feel it gave me. Managed to reach class A after a while. Berry nice 10/10
>>5044 I remember this game..maybe I'll dust off the old PS2 some day.
>>5045 You're gonna be happy for having done it, trust me.
>>3597 I like building "natural" places, ie, digging out a cavern that looks like it came that way. And sometimes adding structures that go with the land instead of flattening out a place and dropping buildings on top of it. Who needs a plains biome when you can make a tree village accessible by vines? A lot of extra work to drag villagers up there (temporary plank/dirt stairs to push them up or a boat up a temporary waterfall with a lead...) but worth it, and an alternative to defending a town with a fence then a row of berry bushes and/or cacti.
>>3415 (me) In retrospect (no pun intended) I should put FF9 here for 'comfy' and also lose the Castlevania in that list for something like The Minish Cap or a Mario game like the first RPG one on the SNES of course. I never play FF9 as it lags on my favorite potato a bit. More like skips randomly. Jus' saying, FF7 and Castlevania are dark games really. Metroid Prime 2 might be stressful also even if pretty. Something like Spyro, though far too easy, is comfy. Kirby is a good example of overly easy and baby looking but obviously comfy. This image is merely my fav image image when i should have made another one. Then again it does not need to be 12, so subtracting FF7 and Aria of Sorrow makes it 10 anyway as it might should be, then switch out Echos for FF9 or Mario RPG or something.... Also switch out Twilight for Minish I guess. >ff9 >metroid prime >golden sun >golden sun 2 >megaman legends >megeman legends 2 >cave story >windwaker >chrono trigger >minish cap ....hmmmmm.....
Open file (14.72 KB 480x360 Skyline.jpg)
Open file (166.36 KB 1079x809 Street Gambler.jpg)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero is my go to comfy game. It can get tough in the later stages if you're new to racing games, the TXR series, or don't min/max your builds. However, cruising around the highways (even if you don't race) is really comfy to me. Unfortunately after a fair of amount of 6th gen entries the series died after their one and only 7th gen entry, Import Tuner Challenge. Thankfully it has enough of a cult following that there's a one man dev team working on a spiritual successor called Night Runners that I'm really excited for.
>>1760 league of legends
>>5144 I feel soo bad for you.
Open file (982.22 KB 924x1022 a.png)
Mount&Blade is comfy. Even combat is comfy when you get good at it
>>5147 yeah
You stoopy fags your fave games are from the 90s cause your sad neckbeards fight me irl
>>5278 That's not berry nice.
>>5278 In a year i will have the cash to waste on unnecesary travels, when that time comes i will find your home, beat you and call you idiot. I bet you won't be tough after that.
>>5278 Sad neckbeard here, I like games from all decades since the 80s
>>5279 >>5291 >>5292 He's just griefing. Ignore him and the I.P he listed
>>5293 He won't be griefing after i beat him up
Open file (648.29 KB 3840x2160 Maps.jpg)
>>1760 Dark Souls is the comfiest caca, when you crawl through some undead cacahole and finally return to firelink
>>5298 How is it comfy? I break at least one keyboard while playing the game.
Open file (299.80 KB 560x663 1626905719366.png)
>>5302 >playing with a keyboard There's your problem
Open file (118.72 KB 1600x900 005.jpg)
Open file (3.21 MB 1920x1080 1564549691-3.png)
Open file (4.11 MB 1920x1080 1564549691-1.png)
Exploration in Souls games is quite comfy even if enemy encounters might not be for you. I think this is arguably one of the things that makes Sekiro so good since you can sneak around unseen or grapple away from most encounters if you just want to explore and sight see. The environments themselves are extremely comfy.
>>5320 The reason why i play witha keyboard is i broke the ps controller while playing ds2.
Open file (131.51 KB 640x395 1535300699.jpg)
>>5324 While you were playing DS2 or because you were playing DS2?
>>5331 After wasting my life watching buff men i created die in stoopyest ways, i had a schizoid attack and broke the controller thinkingu was winning.
>>5332 Was it the hitboxes that got ya or was it the lack of invincibility during door opening animations?
>>5333 I think that was in the first giant area's bonfires door. Some skeletony thing comes and hits me while my fat lard tries to push the quacking door. It was horrible. I don't like games when they put restriction on my characters instead of making the enemies strong, i also don't like when games force me to be tryhard.
>>5324 find better games
No love for Stardew Valley? You escape your droll, work-a-day life to chill on a farm in the comfy Pelican Town. No rush, just grow your crops, make friends, fall in love, rebuild your community. It's great
>>1765 Rather than exploration, i like to build and enhance my little comfy village in Minecraft, i can spend hours and hours
Open file (42.40 KB 412x329 valis.jpg)
Just wanted to mention a new board /valis/ is now open on the webring. It's a place about entertainment systems using video or rich visual mechanisms as feedback that may or may not have been put together by a few 8vg anons :^) Discussion can also range to saloon activities like cue games and card shuffling due to their social and classic nature in the ludic activities of people around the world. Having or remembering fun and sharing tips and tricks sounds like the goal, come visit sometime
>>6213 gaems
>>1765 have you played Vintage Story? It has a stronger emphasis on voxel based crafting/forging rather than just building giant structures out of blocks It also looks a lot better with more realistic biomes and weather, exploring it feels a lot more meaningful than just the endless repetition of Minecraft worlds Also make sure you're using the most up-to-date survival expansion mods for vintage story, the base game is caca unless you mod it out the ass, trust me.
What are some comfy games to play with friends lads? An open-world game like Minecraft or Vintage Story (see post above) seems like a good idea, but I want something different. Maybe an RPG like FFXIV that one's really popular right now.
>>6376 I used to play valheim with a couple of guys and it sounds pretty sinilar to vintage story from what you're describing. I thought it was really comfy building a base and taming wolves or boars to have as pets.
>>6376 Divinity Original Sin 2, or similar party-based rpgs
>>6376 Breath of the Wild. It's such an easy game for me to just get lost in. In a good way ha.
>>6451 botw is probably the comfiest gaem I've ever played, I could just spend hours doing nothing, just screwing around in the map
>>6461 I used to do that in Morrowind.
Open file (813.60 KB 1905x759 1631388682293-3.png)
Open file (919.35 KB 1606x693 1631388682293-4.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 1907x759 1631388682293-2.png)
Open file (2.23 MB 1920x1017 1631388682262-0.png)
Open file (2.62 MB 1920x1017 1631388682273-1.png)
https://smuglo.li/vg/res/10891.html >What is Veloren? Veloren is a FREE AND OPEN SOURCE spiritual successor to the short-lived Cube World. It uses similar combat mechanics to cube world, similar crafting mechanics to Valheim, exploration quirks like BoTW, and a minecraft aesthetic. It has both a third person and first person mode, and is all about running around as cute little cube people and murderhoboing your surroundings (or the villages). It is a community-led project that gets almost daily updates. Most importantly, it can run on potato PCs. The entire server uses about half a gig of RAM. The game can be obtained here: https://veloren.net/
> get elytra for the first time > try it out > smash face into ground > half health, but didn't die thanks to feather falling IV > this apparently pissed off two endermen > hurting for certain due to half health and not wearing chest plate > they're too fast: can't eat, can't run > die for the first time since I got all diamond armor with prot IV
>>6814 It seems you had quite a lot of fun on your minecraft run. Try spawning monsters and do a tower defence scenario.
Open file (178.55 KB 900x661 full.jpg)
Open file (179.83 KB 400x261 Populous3-city.png)
god games are one of the comfiest genres imo doshin the giant is a nice simple one. i also love the aesthetic of populous: the beginning. recently i've been playing some modded minecraft
>>6881 >i also love the aesthetic of populous: the beginning. That's a highly underrated game. I just played a level from Undiscovered Worlds not that long ago, and the game popped into my head again today. Apparently there are still people playing multiplayer, but I've never tried it.
>>6882 yeah there's a decent little community that plays regularly at popre.net they have a matchmaking application, and there's another singleplayer version they have somewhere on there with some little extra patches etc
>>6814 reject modernity, embrace minecraft tradition anon.
i don't have a new game to recommend but i just bought a gamecube and luigi's mansion this weekend and i'm stoked
Monster hunter is great Going to the hub after killing monsters is crazy comfy and I always spend more time there than I should https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBBhBI_Tna4
>>7042 How much was it? Have you been enjoying it? I am thinking about getting one of these but I’m not sure I will use it when I have a nice gaming rig, a laptop, a phone and an iPad mini already.
>>7106 That's the Miyoo Mini right? Those Chinese handhelds are pretty good actually if you have a use case for them (lunchbreaks for instance). Something to consider with the Mini is that it's only about the size of a playing card, so cramping is likely to be an issue.
>>7107 Yeah it’s the Miyoo Mini. It does seem like cramping wood be an issue. I also don’t have any specific games in mind so I’ve been on the fence about getting one. Lunch breaks and playing out in the sun most likely. I don’t really like playing games on my phone for whatever reason. I sweat out of my hands more than anywhere else. I’ve already played through Pokémon back when I was able to run an emulator on my iPhone. Now I’ve already talked myself out of it lol.
>>7108 Depending on what you usually play these devices may be a good opportunity to explore libraries that you otherwise woodn't get around to (for me that generally means 4th gen and below, including romhacks). If you wanted to spend a bit more then you might consider something from Anbernic, their horizontal 351 series is still pretty compact without the ergonomic or chipset compromises of mini devices (Miyoo Mini, RG280v, TrimUI etc.). Of course there's little point buying something unless you'll use it.
If you Refresh on https://www.chunkbase.com/apps/seed-map enough times you'll come across seeds where you start near or right next to stony peaks biomes. Why is this good? You start next to huge amounts of exposed iron without having to go underground. For example, the first pic you start near three stony peaks so huge that you could spend over six hours just comfortably mining in peace.
Open file (1.27 MB 1920x1080 2022-08-17_06.36.49.png)
>>7518 By Refresh I meant Random, sorry for double-post.
>>1760 Pic related has amazingly unique comfy/sad vibes. You can spend all day just smoking if you want.
>>7547 This was absolutely brilliant, thanks Anon.
>>7547 I played this one when it came out, and I found it berry grindy :P

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