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Open file (249.70 KB 590x771 1487643791395.png)
Anon 05/29/2020 (Fri) 09:17:11 No.1239
Post here whenever you visit /comfy/ The second thread. Old thread: >>19
Edited last time by Butterberg on 06/01/2020 (Mon) 18:57:47.
Open file (154.36 KB 720x535 kotted.jpg)
>>1239 Komfy kot zone
>>1241 What did he do to the birds?!
Open file (1.05 MB 600x903 111111111.png)
Nothing is more comfy than being a NEET
Open file (5.24 KB 235x211 neet.png)
>>1247 I imagine that there will be many who turn to the NEET life and never come back in these times.
>>1247 maybe if ur rich
im posting
Open file (461.48 KB 833x630 1584991247413.png)
>>1247 >>1249 Postan from work, myself; I use to be a NEET but the setup I had going at the time just wasn't allowing for optimal comfy levels. Hope things continue to go well for you Anons, though; have a good 'un.
>>1247 My objective in life to get a steady source of income so I can go back to neetdom. I was a neet for 5 years but without money it just doesn't work for me.
What's the comfiest meal to make and eat?
>>1261 Pancake
>>1262 Pancakes are berry comfy. I always make them for meals with my waifu.
>>1267 What do you like to put on them? I think berries wood go well with them.
>>1268 I haven't put berries on them in a while, but I've used some chocolate chips before. I should try blueberries or strawberries if I do berries again.
>>1261 Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Hot dogs and baked beans. Ramen noodles with a softboiled egg (gooey yolk). Smores over a campfire. French toast with powdered sugar.
>>1272 Lovely taste anon.
>>1272 Pure beef franks and kielbasa are the best wieners, especially with sauerkraut.
>>1273 Italian or sourdough bread is always the most comfy bread choice, btw.
>>1274 I prefer pork for the higher fat content. Getting just the right ratio is divine.
Leaving behind stress here, /comfy/-anons.
>>1285 Thank you for visiting. I have also visited.
>>1286 Thank you.
Here I am.
Open file (49.19 KB 595x447 20138700_36_600_450.jpg)
Are you fellas feeling comfy? Because I certainly am.
>>1287 Thanks. >>1288 Thank you. >>1289 Thank you berry much.
>>1289 I'm feeeeeling alright.
Open file (5.32 KB 250x230 1492870511769s.jpg)
obama obama
>>1292 Thank you for your post.
>>1268 I like to have em with rasberries, never tried to use honey, but its similar to syrup so it should be ok...
>>1289 I am, thanks for asking
>>1295 Thank you for being comfy.
Open file (1.91 MB 680x292 mirrors.webm)
>>1289 I don't know. The fire rises, I'm out of its path for now, but who knows how long. I'm close to underageb&, never shot a gun, wood be hard pressed to get 10 people to come to a party, and SHTF quite possibly this year and definitely this decade, maybe good for society in the long run but I feel incredibly unprepared and don't really know what to do
Open file (2.56 KB 165x176 comff.png)
>>1290 You're welcome
>>1298 That's alright anon, we've all lived through chaos this year and will probably continue to do so for a while. You don't need to be some sort of epic innawoods commando, revolution has always been a spectator sport.
>>1302 *Just be a spectator, that's what's comfiest anyway.
Do you like to take foot baths? I think they are peak comfy.
>>1303 Completely agree with this, watching and enjoying the consequences of choosing degeneracy in our society is so much fun to watch. >>1302 Don't go full commando like anon said, but i'd at least try and practice some way to defend myself, even if you aren't berry good. That little bit of effort is the difference between living and dying if ship hits the fan. Most importantly if you have something to offer, it could be easier to join up with others, even if your charisma is that of a stone, (mine is there too).
>>1308 Even if it seems boring sometimes, the most exciting stories are always the real ones. Just enjoy the ride like this anon said.
>>1309 I definitely am, but I also don't feel too keen on dying at the hands of tyrone either. If im going to die it's going to be on my terms.
Good morning, /comfy/. What are you doing today?
Open file (3.39 MB 2935x3740 earth knees.png)
>>1316 Just had a cup of tea with some lemon, may go out and take a ride on my bike and do something else as well. Could be better but it's good as it is
>>1316 I woke up I had breakfast I had a shower Now I sit and study a bit
>>1317 Anon, you are good. Have a good day.
I LOVE this board.
Open file (1014.95 KB 960x1280 1590646220241.png)
>>1321 Oh, you're silly!
>>1323 Thank you for being good
Open file (1.13 MB 4096x1974 EZhJl2FU0AIi_AX.jpeg)
>>1316 I planned to read all day in my bed but my father started to listening some 80s' rock in the morning at the highest volume and he still doing it. I can't concentrate at all.
>>1327 That's unfortunate. Wood be good to have some noise cancelling headphones for when that happens. What are you reading anon?
>>1328 A light novel called 86. Nothing too serious stuff but I find it berry entertaining.
>>1325 please stop anon i can't take these compliments so bluntly
Open file (656.11 KB 1980x1020 seinfinity.jpg)
I'm tripping so hard.
>>1329 Is there somewhere else you can go to enjoy it anon? Sounds annoying to me.
Open file (513.31 KB 1550x1150 three sisters.jpg)
>>1322 I agree with you, the boards really nice, I don't find pictures to add to my comfy folder much but I enjoy the people here.
Open file (18.15 KB 809x604 giant.png)
drawan in 3... 2... 1...
Open file (108.37 KB 1024x666 pajama party.jpg)
Normally I'm not a fan of models, or sets, preferring drawings, but the artist hit the nail on the head with the comfy here. Heres the da if anyone's interested. https://www.deviantart.com/wasabi78/gallery
Open file (85.89 KB 417x600 transatlantic.jpg)
Do any of you fellow anons have a nice place to find comfy pics? I've basically exhausted pixiv, zerochan, crystalcafe, and deviantart, (that one was painful). It's been a while but i'd love to add some more stuff to the collection.
Open file (454.01 KB 572x779 happy.PNG)
I recently had a youtube video go over 100 views! What are some good things that have happened in your life lately, anons?
>>1356 >doesn't post the video
Open file (140.01 KB 409x412 yelledat.PNG)
>>1364 I didn't want to come off as shilling. Also the video isn't berry comfy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQXhM4dGblw
>>1365 That you in the video anon?
>>1366 Yep! I'm the one with long hair
>>1367 I don't want to bring negativity but that stuff was so underage I cringed.
>>1368 It's chill, I've always got an eye out for constructive criticism. Our intention was for our music to be laughed at, low hanging fruit that you shouldn't expect much depth from. Peace and love, king.
>>1365 It has a nice style reminicisant of early youtube, so thats nice at least! So tired of overproduced garbage these days. I wish to return to filthy frank style videos.
Things are comfy online again, for me at least. Certain little dramas have resolved, trolls have gotten board. I'm also glad that decent Tor-friendly imageboards are in style again. That used to be an issue.
>>1261 Hot chocolate is a nice food.
blinkenlights are comfy: Y/N
Open file (62.15 KB 640x512 bebox.jpg)
>>1379 aYe. Some /tech/ can be pretty comfy, especially /retro/. >>1386 Hello anon
I'm about to go the first real job interview in my life tomorrow and I'm scared a bit.
I am feeling berry /comfy/.
>>1391 Just be yourself Anon. Probably should crack a joke about being nervous as the opener. >>1392 Nice. It's raining here atm, which always makes me feel /comfy/.
>>1391 It's gonna be alright anon, just remember that it's all routine for them. Just prepare a bit for the typical questions that might be asked and remember that nobody ever manages a flawless interview. What position are you applying for?
>>1387 Please post more comfy retro tech stuff
Open file (1.93 MB 6000x4000 1548366303955.jpg)
Open file (184.88 KB 765x1052 pcad.jpg)
Open file (137.99 KB 833x624 apple lisa.jpg)
Open file (51.52 KB 1000x664 s-l1000.jpg)
>>1387 Please post more comfy retro tech stuff
>>1396 >>1397 >doubleposted again
Poor guy, that stuff is terrifying, definitely let us know how it goes. Our support might not be much, but you got guys here who hope you succeed. It's definitely nerve wracking, but the key is try and at least seem composed when you arrive.
Open file (46.91 KB 480x678 1507175122809.jpg)
I love mai waifu.
>>1391 How did it go anon?
>>1403 I can never tell if people are serious or not about the waifu, maybe because ive never been around alot of them. Then again I have my own waifu, so I cant talk much.
>>1408 Don't worry fren, I'm berry serious about mai waifu. I love her so berry much.
Open file (278.13 KB 1384x1624 EZ4Ybn2U0AAt3S4.jpeg)
>>1393 >>1394 >>1406 It went good, thank you anons! I still have a few step before they actually employ me, but I think I can manage them. It's just a generic office work, but even being a wageslave wood be the biggest improvement in my whole life.
I've found myself posting less and less on imageboards
>>1413 I can appreciate that a bit, the downside is meeting less and less people with the same interests. A lot of the people here you won't find just walking down the street. Though I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
>>1411 >It went good, thank you anons! Good lad. I hope you finish up with it and get in. Just do it for a couple of years, build some experience then maybe look for another job with better pay down the road. Keep up the good work! >>1414 >though I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Kek. I think it all comes down to honesty. Slimeballs like the /v/ Mark, or the Dolphin glowginger are obviously bad news and deceptive af. OTOH, most of us are relatively good blokes you woodn't mind having a pint with in the pub. Just be yourself is my advice.
>>1415 I just mean that, most of the people out there living normal carefree lives, don't feel the need to hide away on a image site. Obviously not all anons are like this, and good for them, but plenty of us do. We can find companionship and solace online as opposed to outside. I know i'd sooner trust a person here who has dealt with stuff and knows that its not all roses, as opposed to a blissful fellow whose never had a hard day in his life.
Open file (45.46 KB 640x717 lone dog.jpg)
>>1415 >Slimeballs like the /v/ Mark, or the Dolphin glowginger and then there's this fag that won't stop bitching about mark eberrywhere. gets tiresome
>>1417 It might not be all roses but it's more roses than you think anon. Be patient when times are hard and grateful when times are easy, and rember that it always gets better.
>>1414 >Though I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. For me, it depends on the board. I'm met some anons in person (non-politics 8anon through IRL interest, various former 4anons who left around 2015/6) and they were good people. You could tell half of them were clearly the 'raised-by-the-internet' type but that doesn't bother me. Many webring anons have made my life better and I'd love to chill with them. There are also many anons I've seen on the webring who I wood... prefer not to be around. I think they are wrong in harmful ways and woodn't mind if they stopped living. But do you see the delicious poetry in this? Those two types of people may be the same person. That's the magic of anonymity. You and I could be fighting on another board right now spewing vitriol at each other while peacefully relaxing here and we'd probably never know. There are good conversations I've had here with people I wood probably hate in person. Your politics, your race, your sex or gender, your attractiveness, your economic class, your academic intelligence, your social reputations, none of that matters until you pull it into the conversation. I'm always surprised by how often girls are on IBs hell, the owner of nanochan (darknet /tech/ IB) was allegedly a 20yo girl from virginia.
>>1418 mark, pls. truck off back to 8moe. you're not welcome anywhere on the webring. >>1419 that is great advice Anon, thanks! :^) >>1420 >That's the magic of anonymity. It has always been kind of a neat thing tbh. OTOH, there are boards that are focused on creativity or other process-tasks that actually significantly benefit from namefagging, etc.
>>1421 >there are boards that are focused on creativity or other process-tasks that actually significantly benefit from namefagging, etc. Yep source: I do it for a thread but on IBs they often still get those benefits from pseudonymity. If they use the same name on unrelated boards, it's somewhat disrespectful.
>>1421 Eberryone is welcome here.
>>1422 >If they use the same name on unrelated boards, it's somewhat disrespectful. Sure, agreed. Anonymity should definitely rule the day: let a post stand or fall on it's own individual merit not on 'personality'. However, in an engineering or art board, namefagging can really cut to the chase in a conversation where lots of pre-shared information is known to be understood. It can potentially have another benefit, namely a sense of community. We had a fairly tight-knit group simply b/c we all knew each other. >>1425 I get that, give newcomers the benefit of the doubt. But his reputation proceeds him. You do know how intentionally destructive he has set out to be against anything not in his personal interests, right? He's a manipulative psychopath.
>>1426 I could imagine a future where the people from this board all become best friends, in that case, sooner or later anonymity woodn't be an Issue anymore.
>>1427 >I could imagine a future where the people from this board all become best friends, That wood be berry /comfy/, at least for the true comfyers. :^)
Open file (83.63 KB 900x587 friends set you free.jpg)
>>1427 I'd love that sort of thing, it's probably what I'd want most, even in rl. A nice close knit community where eberryone knows each other by name, even if you aren't friend friends, you're close enough where others wood look out for you at the berry least.
Open file (4.06 MB 1280x720 Take my hand.webm)
One of my favorite things from papa, and just in general, that kind person willing to lend you a hand of friendship, who cares, how much easier it wood be to have such a person in our lives with which to connect. Suicide wood be similar as well, how much easier it wood be having someone encouraging you so that its not as terrifying.
Open file (471.44 KB 540x720 girls dorm.jpg)
>>1419 I try to for sure, I know that I'm grateful to have found this board, you guys have all been so neat.
>>1432 You're neater.
>>1427 Sounds good, I never had many friends anyway. If I think about it, I don't even have close friends at all. Although I doubt that some of you are eastern european like me, but that's just my bad luck.
>>1397 Man really took a step back when computers stopped beeping.
I won't be here for long (need to sleep, its been 38 hours so far and I'm at the limit), but I hope y'all are doing well. Please take care of yourselves.
>>1439 >38 hours Wah, sounds like you had a really uncomfy day. What have you been doing anon?
>>1434 I'd take that over being an american czech who never was taught the language by my ancestors, because "we're american", americans must conform to american culture.
>>1441 It's not too late to learn it anon, maybe head to >>>/lang/ and ask them for material.
Open file (1.19 MB 1304x1304 comfy corona-chan.png)
I got a new mattress today, so I'll be able to enjoy full comfiness tucked into bed.
Open file (886.13 KB 1500x1000 doggos.jpg)
>>1445 ooh that is so cool, blankets and mattresses that you can just sink into are ultimate comfy, no matter what anyone says.
Open file (164.24 KB 511x1200 blanket.jpg)
>>1445 Sorry for the double post, I was curious, if youre looking for a good pillow, go for microfiber, I bought registery pillows, (the kind that hotels use) and I love sinking into it, something nice about that sensation.
>>1447 Thanks for the recommendation fren, but I already have two comfy microfiber pillows.
I hope you are all doing berry fine today.
>>1456 Thats ok fren, at least im not the only person enjoying microfiber goodness.
>>1440 Driving a truck, delivering medical supplies to small rural towns. The night is so clear out here.
>>1462 Isn't it dangerous to be so tired at the wheel? I hope you're okay anon.
>>1462 berry jealous, Im terrified of driving but that wood be the job for me. I grow bored of where I live berry quick, so driving and seeing the states wood be ideal.
>>1463 Yeah, it is. Takes a lot of willpower to stay awake while driving. That and coffee. I'm glad I got two days off. >>1464 Why? Did you have a bad experience while learning? As for me, learning was difficult - but now it feels like the vehicle is an extension of my berry being.
Open file (37.92 KB 373x521 1511288317594.jpg)
Eh, spent the whole day writing C++ not because I want to, but because I have to. Feels bad man.
>>1471 Berry interesting. What stuff are you working on anon?
I finally got some replacement strings for my guitar, so now I can start playing comfy music again
>>1470 I over think and stress about eberrything, am I going too fast involving the guys in front? am I going to slow for the ones in the back, am I too close to the sidewalk, etc. I wood love to goout on the highways at night though.
Good afternoon /comfy/. How are you today? I'm a bit stressed because I'm writing a test which will probably decide my future tomorrow. >>1478 The trick is to take it easy and do what you want, who really cares what other drivers think you're too slow? They can go around you if they need to.
>>1471 >C++ My favorite language tbh. >>1481 > I'm writing a test which will probably decide my future tomorrow you'll probably need to give some details here anon.
>>1471 Need any help?
>>1484 I don't know what you wanna know anon.
Open file (294.96 KB 1342x2048 24210100.jpg)
I released the update of my game today but since it have been like half a year since the last update the reception is lukewarm. Can't blame them, I've been busy and I'm not berry social in the first place so I just disappear. Some people received it well, though, and I'm glad some people still support me. So all in all, it feels nice.
>>1490 What game are you making? I wanna play too!
>>1490 Reminder, there's an >>>/agdg/ board too and it sorely needs some love
>>1491 It's a VN with porn, so if you like that, go ahead. I wanted it to be as good as classics like Yume Miru Kusuri. Also, shameless shilling, but check my board, I just posted it there: >>>/hentaiclub/ I will use the little income I make from the game to hopefully hire an artist for my next game. >>1492 Yes, I thought about posting there too, but I don't want to spam the whole board with the game, so I'll post in a bit, maybe a bit later or so.
>>1494 Oh... Never mind, then.
Open file (3.85 KB 363x111 Captura.PNG)
>>1495 Don't worry anon, I'm aware it isn't for eberryone, that's why I mentioned, but trust me there's far less focus on porn than anything else, I just wanted to tell a nice story before moving to actual games.
>>1495 looking at the greats like katawa shoujo, and tsukihime, having sex scenes in a vn, doesnt mean that that story isn't good. If anything in things like those, the porn takes second seat. One of my all time favorites, grisaia no kaijutsu, is a perfect perfect example of this. You got the bonding of the professional disturbed mc, with fellow disturbed girls, who essentially helps them through their trauma, survivor guilt, suicide tendencies, etc and only near the end do you see those things, which are quite easily skippable.
Open file (6.62 MB 3330x1950 grisaia.png)
>>1499 Man of taste. My inspirations go from Grisaia to Yume Miru Kusuri. No way in hell I'm in a level of story writing like that yet, but I try.
>>1500 Yume miru kursuri is also a pretty good one, it wasnt as good as grisaia, but I enjoyed it quite a bit, (seeing shiraki and the mc deal with her bully was so good!). Ill definitely give yours a go, im always looking for more vns to read. The kind that I enjoy are always harder to find. Also thanks for posting that image, berry interesting stuff.
>>1481 Good evening /comfy/. My test went pretty well and I am feeling berry relaxed because of it.
Open file (191.60 KB 712x960 1592060670959.jpg)
2020 has been quite a year so far, it'll be interesting to see what else is in store.
>>1509 Definitely interesting to watch others going nuts. I heard that minneapolis is going to disable their police force to be more "public" friendly, oh my.
Open file (23.87 KB 160x191 comfy day.png)
i'm feeling pretty comfy, hopefully you are too. here's a little friend.
>>1511 That's berry berry good to hear anon, comfy feelings are what we need more of in the world and I am happy this place exists to make it happen.
>>1511 Also your little friend looks nice, but a little tired.
Open file (118.28 KB 700x855 vxds2-PGbSs.jpg)
I like doggos, doggos are comfy and cute.
>>1518 Yes doggos are the best. They're loyal and don't hold grudges. Unlike women. I only need a dog and a quiet place to be happy.
>>1520 >I only need a dog and a quiet place to be happy That's true anon. Disregard succubi.
Open file (322.63 KB 600x427 smokin.png)
>>1520 subscribe to the epicurean way of life anon, and you'll be happy. Thats the pursuit of pleasure for oneself above all else, maximizing enjoyment while staying away from relationships. If you need the pleasures of the flesh as long as you don't commit yourself to her, then its ok. The last bit is radical though, it involves terminating oneself once life can no long provide you the pleasure that you enjoy.
>>1524 Sounds like pure materialistic hedonism, no thanks. Why not live for something greater than cum?
>>1525 I was just stating what the average one is, I agree that life is far more than to risk one's health for feminine pleasure. After all, catching something from them wood reduce your enjoyment in life overall.
>>1524 >not knowing that Epicurus’ hedonism isn’t hedonism at all and he was borderline ascetic
>>1527 I apologize if I misunderstood, ill not lie, it was a bit above my head, but that life style sounds extremely appeasing.
I visit my board eberry day. But it's dead.
>>1531 What is your board anon?
>>1532 See >>1485 I wanted to have friends and stuff to talk about these kind of niche interests, but I guess it's way too niche or people just don't share my take on it. I tried to post as much as possible to kickstart conversations, but other than 3 or 4 posts, it have remained dead.
Open file (9.03 KB 113x113 yotsu happy.jpg)
I quite like how the webring is getting a steady growth recently. I hope tomorrow will be yet another bright day.
>>1535 Has it really grown that much? I don't really pay attention outside of here.
Open file (325.44 KB 600x714 lay.jpg)
I adore pixiv so much, unlike deviantart, especially with that new update that messed with the format so you can't browse properly, it isn't filled with stuff that has no business being called art.
>>1535 >I quite like how the webring is getting a steady growth recently. I hope tomorrow will be yet another bright day. What's the (((webring)))? I'm new.
>>1541 It shows.
>>1542 >It shows. What shows? That I'm new or that the webring is growing?
>>1543 Implying that the webring is jewish shows that you're new here, and using those brackets shows that you're new here too. But that's okay.
>>1544 >Implying that the webring is jewish shows that you're new here, and using those brackets shows that you're new here too. But that's okay. I used the brackets, becaues the (((webring))) sounds scary.
>>1545 It's not, you can stop now.
Open file (120.53 KB 640x640 awk.jpg)
>>1546 Thanks for lifting my fear.
Open file (988.70 KB 640x360 1543096739840.webm)
>>1518 Agreed, although I don't like the more aggressive breeds.
>>1549 What a good doggo. They can form such great bonds with their masters they will put up with all kinds of silly ship just to be pleasing to them. :^)
>>1549 Agreed, although I don't like the more aggressive breeds. Yeah, I also dislike islamists.
Open file (65.85 KB 800x537 1532433717293.jpg)
>>1550 They sure can. Have you checked out the comfy animal thread yet?
Open file (444.82 KB 800x1130 1530528656374.png)
I like you, anon.
>>1518 Dogs are quite nice, unfortunately most people seem to get them as accessories or only because they are cute.
Woah, I just realized how different browsing imageboards is when you zoom in and make the text bigger, I like it tbh.
Open file (949.96 KB 1198x677 ClipboardImage.png)
I;m comfy. are you comfy?
>>1578 what this
Fresh air in the morning is berry healthy. And comfy.
Open file (131.36 KB 503x720 1495399283922.jpg)
Open file (395.42 KB 1280x1280 goldendoodles.jpg)
>>1593 I think golden retrievers might be my single favorite breed. They're so friendly and good-natured. I really like poodle mixes too.
The only kind that I have really owned is a rotwiler bulldog mix, and hes the sweetest boy you could hope to have. I can't wait to go home soon to see him.
Open file (15.63 KB 500x333 dogg.jpg)
I like that we are talking about dogs, it's a berry comfy topic to discuss indeed.
Open file (47.69 KB 640x853 Doggo.jpg)
>>1599 Well I mean, doggos are absolute purity.
>>1600 Is that yours? He looks pure indeed.
>>1600 Or is it a she?
>>1600 yeah hes mine, his name is ichigo, well my brothers named him that since they love bleach, but I call him poppy.
Open file (40.52 KB 600x579 yoba.jpg)
I've stayed up again... I don't think I've slept before midnight since March. But what can an anon do?
>>1609 It's definitely tough lad. For me, the solution is to consistently go to bed and get up at the same time even if I'm not tired. Eventually it'll kick in. The tough bit is moving myself from my PC to my bed...
>>1612 >The tough bit is moving myself from my PC to my bed... Just take your PC to the bed. Problem solved
Open file (221.70 KB 592x592 tomat.jpg)
does /comfy/ like to eat tomatos? i do
Open file (578.33 KB 4032x2495 bed.jpg)
>>1613 I saw pics from some who was injured and bedridden for weeks and had their PC/monitors installed over their bed. Somewhat comfy. (picture is not it but related)
Open file (9.69 KB 493x182 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>1612 Reminds me of this meme from another time
>>1618 I do, they pair so well with cheese, not over cooked like in pizza, but nice grape tomatoes with small slivers of cheese, or glasses of milk.
I visit /comfy/, I post. Simple as
Open file (1.14 MB 1102x1631 1532476506781.jpg)
>>1644 Yes.
>>1623 What kind of cheese do you like your tomatos with? For me it's mozzarella.
>>1648 definitely it's a tie between mozzarella and brie cheese, the gooey inside, and the rind just mixes with the tomato taste, like it was meant to be.
/comfy/ got fast all of a sudden
>>1666 Only if you keep it that way.
>>1667 I honestly like it slow
>>1668 I honestly like it when you post many nice things.
>>1666 No, I just posted a little more than usual.
Open file (1.26 MB 323x396 eucliwood.gif)
>>1674 hello
Open file (504.65 KB 1200x849 lovely reading.jpg)
>>1668 It's just slow enough which is nice. Having it too fast means having your post potentially skipped in favor of ten or more "interesting" ones.
Open file (5.53 KB 100x100 232unnamed.jpg)
>>1678 Whats this?
>>1679 It looks like something team fortress two related, I recognize the gloves.
What other boards do you anons like to visit?
>>1683 I used to post on perfectchan but now the admin just locks it whenever he goes to sleep He sleeps a lot apparently
>>1684 That's pretty weird.
Foam mats are pretty /comfy/ to walk on, I got them when I did bodywieght exercises. I think I am gonna covert the room to a /comfy/ homegym. I just never did it because the gym I go to doesn't charge me for some reason, it's just annoying to leave the house eberryday and wait for someone to finish using the equipment
>>1683 I like crystalcafe for the comfy board there too, although its the female version of r9k, no guys, will ban!
Do any of you anons, know something good for propping up the side of a mattress? I like sleeping on the floor with mine, and itd be interesting to have a slope, but Id be scared to use a suitcase or something of the like
>>1682 It’s a force o nature scout on what appears to be a custom map (Maybe Smash fortress) on a I believe 125x125 resolution.
Today I cum on my waifu. Berry comfy.
>>1707 If anything else anon, you got courage! congrats fam
>>1709 It set the day off just right. Afterwards I gave her a bath.
>>1699 is from when people on youtube had their profile picture same as the thumbnail of their most viewed video, it's some guy doing a rocket jump map as scout
>>1710 Bathing with your waifu has to be the most comfiest thing in the world
Open file (563.05 KB 850x637 12903251_p0.jpg)
I like robots.
>>1736 >>1721 >>1721 >>1736 please stay safe around electricity and water, comfy friends 'w'
Open file (3.36 KB 251x95 mame.png)
Wish I could read the Mameshiba comic book again. It was the coolest
>>1741 can't find anything online anon?
>>1736 havent played persona 3, but I've heard good things about it. Im really enjoying golden on steam though. Its been a nice diversion
Open file (41.33 KB 435x571 1445224693558-0.jpg)
>>1721 >Bathing with your waifu has to be the most comfiest thing in the world Is it?I I used to watch anime when I in my in my teens and collage years I was too busy shipposting on /pol/ /fit/ and /ebola/ and a few other small boards can't think in the moment fun times but I am in my thirties and as time passes I realize never gonna get laid. I am getting old and lonely
Good morning, time for a comfy Sunday!
>>1798 What, O Anon, are you gonna do this Sunday?
>>1799 not that anon but sundays looking good might go hiking today by myself and just exist with the sounds of the trees
>>1800 >having nature so close to you that can do that easily on the go I envy you
>>1799 Sleep and maybe a walk around town, besides that I got nothing. All the stores in town close on sunday to "respect the sabbath".
>>1810 Based Jews.
>>1810 its mormons actually, thank goodness theres no jews in town but meh.
>>1813 Why? Jews are pretty cool.
Open file (444.65 KB 300x150 judaism.gif)
>>1826 with sunday coming to a close whats anons plans monday work? school? comfy loafing?
>>1831 Studying C++ and Unreal plugin development for a potential high-end job offer. Will be crunching all week at it tbh.
>>1832 (not that anon btw, missed the link thinking it was just a /comfy/ datamining general question.
>>1833 maybe ;)
>>1832 we'll be watching i hope you get the offer
Open file (540.82 KB 836x820 1574073872282.png)
Posting here from my gov't job. Thanks to this COVID scare, our workplace schedule now has me working 3.5 days and then taking 10-24 days off; still getting paid in full for the off periods, though so I've been a borderline NEET these past few months!
>>1833 >datamining Don't worry, even behind these seven proxies I lie half the time :)
Open file (4.11 KB 396x182 beandogs.png)
>>1742 Haven't searched, there probably is. Woodn't be surprised if there were a few more
Open file (1.73 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (353.41 KB 720x720 ClipboardImage.png)
having a seat at the library being comfy
Open file (78.49 KB 720x538 1593086419986.jpg)
It's nice and cold down here, I'm gonna watch some anime on bed
>>1860 Good plan anon, definitely sounds comfy
>>1860 What anime will anon watch tonight?
>>1862 Was watching Dorohedoro, it was ok but I didn't care for the cgi. Now I'm going to rewatch Nichijou, it's been a while now.
Open file (519.19 KB 940x1368 family.JPG)
>>1863 read the manga, minus the second half, its a comfy souleater esque type slice of life. During that first half, there was so many times I wished that I could have been apart of en's family. Screw the people on the nonmagic side, and the crosseyes. Though thats just me shoving my own feelings into it. Wanting to feel apart of something and having others consider you to be one of their own is one of the best things you can feel in life.
>>1867 Indeed, it was really cool how "the antagonists" became more of the protagonists for a time, i was always rooting for Fujita too, a shame the last third or so gets so rushed, hectic and hard to follow, the world was more interesting than the plot.
Open file (125.46 KB 640x905 btcgril.jpg)
extremely comfy
Open file (209.75 KB 800x1200 Love 4.jpg)
Open file (207.89 KB 800x1200 Love 5.jpg)
A while back I found a manga named ana satsujin by accident and it's really out there. The mc is typical as far as normal mcs go, but by the end hes a suicidal sociopath. The gf is a serial killer whose nature rubs off on him. It's sort of like black lagoon but not as good. Minus the end, it was a fun read all things considered.
>>1867 I'll definitely pick it up with that recommendation. Shows and books where the cast band together for a common cause give me this really nice tingly feeling in the back of my neck.
>>1876 Up until the second half, its nice and comfy, but it drops of for a while after that. However, judging by what you said, the end will be a treat for you if you stick with it.
Today I visited /comfy/, just like yesterday and the day before.
>>1902 Me too fren
>>1902 It's the best board in the cafe!
>>1905 so youre saying /otter/ isn't best board?
>>1902 I love visiting comfy with a morning cup of coffee
>>1906 /otter/ is comfy board
Late.city is down so i came here. loving it
>>1933 Welcome! Please make yourself at home.
>>1933 It looks like late.city is back up, that board sure looks cozy
checking in on you guys. hows wednesday looking?
>>1943 hi there, thanks for the checkup anon it helps. apart from the berry shipty boomer neighbors, things are going well. my technical advances are coming along, i'm picking up both unreal and unity through their now-free pro tutorials, and i'm also working through 4 different books: -1 on linux shell scripting -1 on tmux/vim (to support the above shell studies) -1 on C++17 concurrency (and adding in my own C++20 studies on top of it to boot) -1 on general problem-solving approaches from a mathematical approach (Polya) So, berry busy summer so far. I hope I get a great job out of all this! :^)
I eat the spaghetti the spaghetti is what I eat.
>>1943 One week out from math exam and I am a bit spooked. Otherwise not a bad day, I hope my books arrive sooner rather than later.
>>1951 Am in the same boat anon.
Open file (416.52 KB 613x841 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1943 Just found out that I'm getting moved off the contract that's been making me miserable since February. I get to dev with people I actually enjoy working with again. Weight off my mind for sure.
>>1953 That's good news anon, glad to hear it.
>>1950 Read to the tune of Aloe Blacc
Open file (177.18 KB 1080x1080 sleep.jpg)
>>1239 first time posting here because im bored. all anons here seem so cool and being just /comfy/.
>>1990 Hi there Anon. Cute kittehs tbh.
>>1990 I make sure to tell my cat eberryday that I love him and he is special, you never know when he will leave. I also call him baby kitty to try and encourage him to be youthful.
>>1990 Fellow kot friend, welcome. Today I went around my city and fed some cute kots.
Congrats to us on 2000+ posts!
>>2017 Do you drink coffees often?
>>2018 Yes.
>>2021 I do too, it makes me relaxed whenever I drink it. Next time I find the same cats, I'll take pictures so I can back with them. Till then be content with this one.
>>2018 Coffee makes me want to die. Please stop drinking coffee if you value your heart.
>>2023 what about tea?
>>2023 What wood be the preferrable beverage then?
>>2025 Raw milk Coconut oil Orange juice Iced water
>>2034 I drink cocoa with milk. Coconut oil, don't think they sell it where I'm from. Orange juice, yeah I can drink that and Iced water too. Which one do you drink the most?
>>2037 water
Good morning to all. >>2041 Ah, that's probably for the best, I believe I'll get withdrawal syndromes if I don't drink coffee or cocoa. Hopefully, today I'll met the same kats today and will be able to take pictures of them.
Is this the cat thread now?
What comfy music/songs or anime has eberryone watched today? >>2049 No, it's just that I might've gone overboard with it.
Sitting in the sun, reading a coffee and drinking a book.
>>2051 I've been listening to Boa lately, they are the group that created the Lain OP. They have a cozy Alanis Morissette sort of feel.
>>2052 That sounds really comfy, which book are you currently reading? >>2054 Got the link to share?
Open file (103.81 KB 632x768 uc2gdwlh5go11.jpg)
Hey mate's I'm on a different Machine because my normal one can't go on here for the time being
>>2058 The Shahnameh. It's pretty epic.
Open file (9.78 KB 172x293 images.jpg)
>>2034 >raw milk i...w-what anon?
>>2073 You have to suck the cows' udder to obtain raw milk into your body anon.
>>2054 >>2058 Their sound kind of reminds me of Portishead, if you're looking for music with a similar feel.
I am berry happy
>>2077 Mind sharing what made you so happy?
>>2079 Especially you.
Howdy eberryone. >>1247 Honestly I’m happier working, idleness for too long gets me antsy and there’s only so many games you can play before getting bored. It helps that my work is an actual profession and not just something to pay the bills.
>>2094 What's your work anon?
>>2080 Thank you. Today I think I run a bit too much that I managed to sprain my muscle, I guess from tomorrow its back to normal walking. >>2094 That's amazing, hope you'll advance in it , too.
Open file (44.39 KB 445x660 racoom.jpg)
Hello frens, I'm a little uncomfy because I haven't done any exercise recently. It's berry hot outside and thus any exercise done wood be extra uncomfy. However, I want to do it as best as I can. Maybe I should take it easy and do some light work.
>>2098 You can just do exercise indoors anon. And while you're at it, you can post more coons too.
Open file (654.83 KB 1770x1707 052.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 2048x1360 055.jpg)
Open file (738.94 KB 2029x1707 056.jpg)
>>2099 Yes, but I want to go outside. It's a psychological thing. Inside, I'm more likely to spend time being lazy and sitting on my butt. Outside, I'm more likely to be working or exercising.
I thought that maybe anon.cafe had added a /raccoon/ board.
Open file (170.37 KB 1200x1085 cuteotts.jpg)
>>2105 No, there is only /otter/ board.
/comfy/ is unindexed, for now. The invasion has been berry bad in the last few days, and we must protect what we have.
Open file (122.66 KB 285x289 yoyoyo.png)
Despite eberrything, /comfy/ I remain.
What happened?
>>2124 Nothing. Eberrything is okay.
On this day I have visited /comfy/.
>>2115 What happened, and why are we unindexed for now?
>>2141 Too many edgy crossboarders.
>>2142 There's no actual reason to do anything here something like that.
>>2143 Huh?
Open file (254.84 KB 500x894 1511693849336.png)
>>2141 We had a bunch of rabble rousers making the board uncomfy in the last week more than they usuall do. This thread >>1972 was especially bad. Again today, I woke up to rabble rousers calling each other neighbours and hobbits in my /comfy/. So I decided it wood be good to make the board less visible for now. It's not great and I wood have liked us to be the top board here, but it seems that that wasn't meant to be. My hope for this cafe has certainly become less. I will do eberrything I can to keep this board comfy, but if it dies then i'm moving to /kind/. They are already so much like us.
Open file (103.44 KB 700x800 Birthdaypiece.jpg)
>>2146 I think it'll be okay as long as we keep eberrything nice and polite, so we can achieve optimal comfiness.
>>2147 That's what we've always been doing.
>>2146 I'd wish this place didn't disappear. >>2148 I enjoy this place a lot.
>>2150 We're still here. I enjoy it too friend.
>>2152 I'm going to bed now, my day was more productive than usual today. I was able to read my book and translate a novel that I'm currently reading. I hope eberryone's day was comfy and of no worries.
Open file (602.25 KB 576x768 frenpill.png)
I'm going to take the frenpill, and be frens to eberrybody. That means (You), fren.
Hey frens, I've been playing some tough games and got somewhat overexcited, gonna relax and watch some anime now, hope you all had a nice day.
>>2156 Thats a berry good pill
Open file (13.58 KB 314x353 1594873204042.jpg)
Is it okay if someone gives me a virtual hug?
Open file (380.63 KB 519x567 1517200962710.png)
>>2159 Whats wrong anon?
Hi! I hope you have a nice day today.
Open file (2.13 MB 480x270 headpat6.gif)
Open file (131.85 KB 720x1214 1521638866735.jpg)
>>2163 Nice pat.
>>2164 Why thank you, kind anon fren~
Open file (60.47 KB 550x550 1537459418148.jpg)
Open file (411.91 KB 684x1024 rack.jpg)
>>2167 coons R comfy
I tried sprinting today for 50 seconds top and then I found how an airplane feels when it comes crashing straight down. In the end I got bruised, never try to break your body too much at once.
>>2174 I hope it didn't hurt too much anon. 50 seconds is pretty good though.
Open file (238.32 KB 556x514 1514376286395.png)
>>2174 Anon didn't fly so good.
>>2177 i laffed
you guys scared me for a second i thought eberryone was gone i honestly look forward to lurking with eberryone most eberry day
>>2180 I agree, its extremely wholesome, the boards just so darn comfy.
>>2180 >>2181 Thank you for /comfy/ posting.
Open file (1.36 MB 2400x1771 torrent guide.jpg)
hello there.
>>2183 HI!
Open file (88.53 KB 1200x900 1200px-Mug_of_Tea.jpg)
>>2180 No, we're still here. >>2177 Let's hope next time I attempt I'll fly better and longer or atleast hope the crash won't be just as bad. >>2183 Hello and welcome!
I am comfy whenever I am not stresstd out by minor things.
How do you guys like your coffee frens? I like mine like I like my women: light and sweet.
>>2189 I generally like mine with nothing added and strong enough to keep you going the rest of the day.
>>2190 Thanks for that anon, my night's been awful, but your image made me laugh a bit.
>>2189 >coffee Hot, black, and strong: full of protein and health.
>>2190 No I won't.
>>2190 thank you wizard lady
Is this board /comfy/?
Open file (810.82 KB 1200x675 purple ribbon.jpg)
>>2203 I like to think so, havent seen a bad thread here yet.
>>2203 This board, indeed, is /comfy/. But a greater question remains: are you /comfy/?
>>2204 We are and we should strive to continue to be.
>>2206 I'm not, but I wood like to be, that's why I'm here.
Open file (1.47 MB 640x640 gracias.mp4)
>>2208 It's okay if you're not comfy from time to time, that's just how the world is. Let's grab a nice something to drink, some music, maybe a snack or two, and enjoy ourselves.
I didn't realize we were unlisted from the overboard :0
Open file (548.00 KB 700x700 wunnerful.png)
>>2209 A fellow after my own heart, reminds me of a hobbit. Nothing like a nice cold drink to compliment a meal that you put some time into, complete with some nice aesthetics to make it more special. For me, it's that and finding nice pictures online.
>>2224 To be honest, I woodn't mind living the life of a hobbit. It wood be nothing but comfy, pseudo-English farm and village life for me.
It's so rainy and stormy right now.
Open file (4.11 MB 500x500 giphy.gif)
>>2226 So envious, here it was all day blazing sun. How was your day?
>>2234 Sunshine is comfy too.
>>2234 It was blazing sun here too, but thats why I go out when the sun is setting, plenty of nice spots to enjoy the sun sinking low. That's pretty comfy
>>2238 It's also nice that the mosquitos and gnats and whatnot tend to go to bed with the sunset.
>>2242 I don't have any of that sort to irritate me are there many where you live? Looks like today it will be another blazing hot day.
How was eberryone's day?
>>2244 Berry good. How was yours?
>>2243 Tons. Especially by the water and areas that aren't totally concrete. Fortunately they can't really hit a moving target.
Open file (1.47 MB 320x433 lMuqvYR.gif)
>>2234 >How was your day? Nothing really, just shatpost and got into flame wars, my joobewb backlog grows, I've been in dread about all the crises in the US making me not want to bother doing anything anymore as I'm more and more being convinced that there's no going back to the pre-covid1984 world... but that's not /comfy/ so here's a doge licking a bone.
Open file (26.92 KB 397x400 wrench.jpg)
>>2244 It's 4 PM, I've been awake for six hours, and I haven't quite finished the morning shippost part of my day. On the one hand I'm having fun, but on the other there's stuff I'm supposed to be doing, and even look forward to doing. >>2247 Same. Even today I've still got this goof-ass inertia, despite having kinda turned a corner after seeing huge numbers of people on various sites getting past their disbelief and shock at what's going on, and finally finding their resolve to make things better. It's important to visualize the comfiness that's possible over the horizon and work to realize it. I'm thinking of learning a trade now, not because I think it'll be "useful" in the usual sense of getting vocational training for a career, but because it'll be a practical necessity, and something to bring to the table. More so than programming at any rate, huehuehuehue.
Bit slow here today.
Open file (999.46 KB 500x301 kikidrop.gif)
Abiding by the rules of this thread.
>>2256 we wood all live in a miyazaki movie if we could except 'that' one
>>2257 Castle in the sky wood be the one for me, living quietly up in the sky away from eberryone else, plenty of room up there to grow plants. It wood be paradise anon.
did /comfy/ died?
>>2261 No, it's not dead, what made you actually think it was?
>>2262 there were no posts
>>2263 Probably cuz we are 5~10 users and we all have different timezones for example most of the posts have been done when it was early morning for me.
Open file (30.14 KB 347x347 Dp91ZvZWkAEhpyy.jpg)
I live for comfy.
>>2266 Comfy is good but sometimes you have to be productive as well.
>>2267 It is hard to be productive when I have no motivation to do so. So comfy I must be.
Since when is /comfy/ hidden?
Since when is /comfy/ hidden?
>>2273 Since last week.
>>2274 I hope we can go public again and not be invaded by political crossboarders again.
>>2276 >I hope we can go public again and not be invaded by rabble-rousers again. ftfy
I've been feeling kind of tired these days from morning till night, I wonder what's wrong with me. I hope eberrybody else is doing better than I am.
>>2280 I know how you feel fren, I've been feeling just as tired as you have. I suppose it isn't due to a lack of exercise or general activity?
I just realized that I'm poor
Open file (157.57 KB 1024x768 9e8f519f4c5473.jpg)
>>2274 >>2276 Oh ok. Sorry, I come here once a week at best, missed out on this one.
>>2283 You're not poor if you are happy.
>>2284 That's a pretty comfy desktop, takes me back to my days of browsing latin american anime forums. Those were comfy times
>>2286 >takes me back to my days of browsing latin american anime forums Do you know where I can see anime in a good quality and subbed in spanish? I can only find stuff in english in nyaa and the stream sites have terrible resolution
>>2287 No idea man, I just use animeflv but the quality isn't anything special, I have a small screen so I don't mind.
My local chinese restaurant gave me an extra fortune cookie tonight!
>>2289 Great! What did it say?
It said, "You now have WuFlu"
Open file (24.05 KB 500x454 1.jpg)
>>2293 Hello there, how wood you like your beverage today?
>>2295 Cold and refreshing, please.
I hope you has a comfy weekend and I wish you an even comfier week
Perhaps the Webring wasn't such a brilliant idea after all.
Open file (648.49 KB 300x254 1583584361186.gif)
>>2302 I am too comfy so I get nothing done which makes me uncomfy
>>2306 Gotta find something to do, I tend to help with my parents chores like cleaning dishes whenever I have time. Hope you have a comfy night.
>>2308 I already have things to do, that's the problem.
Open file (168.31 KB 2493x1637 2bbrx.jpg)
>>2309 Well, better to do them as soon as possible and be done with them so we can enjoy the fruits of it.
Open file (62.02 KB 413x578 nui547_01.jpg)
Hello I'm new here
Open file (121.08 KB 867x685 apu butterfly.jpg)
>>2318 Hello newfren, I hope you're comfy.
Open file (696.13 KB 446x522 YZOzwfc.gif)
>>2318 Welcome, it must have been a hard time finding us considering we are currently not indexed on the board list. Glad to have you with us here.
>>2318 Welcome! How did you find us?
Open file (60.40 KB 612x472 1573169675469.jpg)
There's people interfering with my comfy time.
>>2328 whats happening anon?
coffee? more like covfefe
>>2328 Same lad. It's rather upsetting.
>>2332 What have they done to cause you so much stir in you?
Open file (665.85 KB 891x686 ww1_German_2.png)
Hello hello
Who do you think you are? You think you can just come up and tell me to post in your thread because you posted a cute girl like that? Without even saying please? Not this time, suckers....
>>2276 No it's great. I didn't have to clean up any bad post since we did it. I think I should keep it this way. >>2346 Stop resisting.
Open file (282.92 KB 1365x2048 2bwig.jpg)
>>2346 As time goes your resistance drops too with it.
>>2328 Who and why?
Just got banned again from /f*scist/ for being biracial, lol. Im sorry if mentioning that name disturbed anyone here. Have a nice day anons.
Open file (115.11 KB 797x749 sip.jpg)
Sup guys. Week's almost over, don't give up. >>2361 Pretty sure anyone who can't handle mere words won't go near an imageboard, and I hate censored words. Either say it or don't, no sense in mangling it. Also how were you banned for being a mutt? That's not in their rules and wood mean a third of the posters wood be gone if it were enforced as such
>>2362 There are many censored words here.
>>2362 >>2363 /comfy/ is a family friendly board
Open file (698.89 KB 2081x2601 5tge5e.jpg)
so what does /comfy/ means? is there a set of standards on what do count as /comfy/? don't wanna post something that's /comfy/ for me but got pointed out they are not.
>>2367 /Comfy/ is just general comfy things. People have different standards for Comfy and many of us don’t really care if they fit a mold.
>>2367 yes if it makes you comfy, it's /comfy/
>>2367 /comfy/ is basically a place where you should be able to forget about most things that agitate you and make you unsettled, instead you should feel relaxed and completely at peace. For a live example you can see the rabble-rouser(s) that made us go unindexed.
>>2372 Let's not obsess over the rabble rousers all the time. That wood be agitating too. They're being kept out now.
Open file (43.16 KB 640x640 1596546905635.jpg)
>>2362 I think it was avatar-fagging and double posting, but thing is they kept insulting me for being a PoC so i started intentionally derailing their threads. >how were you banned for being a mutt? the BO is appealing to the WNs now and alot of them told him to ban all "mutts" and coloured people sad thing is that board used to be berry comfy and diverse, we used to have alot of coloured people and people of different political backgrounds(left and right) discussing the third position. Our mascot is a brown girl because BO wanted to trigger the angry /pol/ types, but sadly he became one now. All they do now is mindless hate and race worship. >>2372 don't worry anon, I'll report eberry thing those White nationalists post until i take that uncomfy board down. >>2373 I'm sorry anon, I'll spoiler it
>>2375 Non, don't do that, just let them have their own board otherwise they'll spill over to the others.
A new thread. >>2377

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