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Open file (57.18 KB 600x800 1544540343982.jpg)
Advertising thread Anon Board owner 05/26/2020 (Tue) 08:43:02 No.1157
You can advertise other sites, events, communities, etc. in this thread, please don't make new threads for advertising from now.
Open file (319.78 KB 718x718 robowaifu_prop.png)
Dear /comfy/, please come use your amazing powers of /comfy/ness to help us each all build our own /comfy/ robowaifus! :^)
Discord servers Out of boredom during quarantine i made a discord server to hang out on and so far there's a few members. Anyone's welcome if u want in. https://discord.gg/EXBAfQ Have a nice day new comfy small active server with minimal rules and channels https://discord.gg/KUwMCmT
Open file (2.33 MB 3983x2813 cover full v2.jpg)
If you're looking for a comfy book to read during quarantine, look no further than Wizardrous! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08745D6BP I hope you like to laugh!
Open file (2.19 MB 1920x1080 banner 1.png)
I came to advertise my own board. I was waiting to release the new update for my game before advertising it here. >>>/hentaiclub/ Is obviously nsfw, but hopefully not like other hentai boards that are just about sumps but people that can come up with really interesting discussion based on great hentai works, games and even comics.
Open file (44.06 KB 640x640 colmesrey_640x640.jpg)
I make comfy electronic mixtapes and there's even a little icecast radio of a friend included where you can chat with up to 40 current listeners. We've never had more than 3 at a time though. Anyway, maybe you'll enjoy it. https://colmesrey.com
Open file (95.74 KB 480x270 dmomd-0-w:480.png)
I've made a game. Check it out. https://decent-userna.me/php/dmomd.php It's all free software. The game is licensed under GNU GPLv3. The art was all created in Krita and is licensed under CC-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike). Here's the libregamewiki article: https://libregamewiki.org/Dmomd
>>1170 Mate they’re dead links
Open file (5.51 MB 3750x3000 CB080#NLA0044.JPG)
I'm posting /retro/ if anyone's interested because it looks like it's dying and could use some activity: https://julay.world/retro/
>>1769 Hey we could have a /retro/ thread on here too.
Open file (1.16 MB 1200x1200 Echoes Lmr4.jpg)
Open file (1.86 MB 1200x1250 P1230305 PS CROPPED.jpg)
Open file (2.23 MB 1200x1600 P1230300 PSD CROPPED.jpg)
Open file (1.70 MB 1200x1800 IMG_3204 PSD.jpg)
I might as well now just for the kicks. Here's a couple of sample pictures from our Photography board /p/, it's currently focused on stuff like resources from books to tutorials, photographer's works and our own pictures of course, to show and discuss sightings or just our probable feelings immortalized on images. Safe to say i think the few users there ought not for gear discussion or technical proficiency but of betterment at expressing a mood through an image. While there hasn't been much posting i think the message is about shooting for fun rather than points. If you'd like to share something, don't hesitate! even if the reply comes weeks later
>>1815 That does look berry comfy Indeed.
Open file (404.35 KB 600x809 evil lord.jpg)
>>1487 Just started listening. Sounds pretty good, Anon! Berry relaxing and comfy.
Open file (94.32 KB 500x667 1348288339008.jpg)
/kind/ has had its own site for a little bit now: https://kind.moe/kind/catalog.html
>>1915 what happened to the old one?
>>1916 It's still up on 8kun, but this one is considered the main site now. The 8kun one still seems to get more activity though.
>>1911 glad you liked it Anon
testing anon.cafe z chan.cc
>>1931 nice, it works
I have /misc/ over at http://antares.oss/misc/catalog.html which is short for 'miscellaneous'. One of its purposes is discussing unpopular interests or hobbies within the webring. The site uses an OpenNIC TLD, which OpenNIC DNS servers are not system defaults. Methods of access: https://wiki.opennic.org/ Here's a preview of /misc/: https://archive.is/1crdV
Open file (87.67 KB 1920x845 tinyib.png)
>>2084 What is the purpose of this board? The only sort of consistency is some guy posting bean pictures.
Open file (87.67 KB 1920x845 tinyib.png)
>>2170 Why you posted that image again?
Loads of cuteposting at https://princess.cat !
>>2089 Comfyposting.
>>2196 That's already what this place is for.
>>2198 Right, exactly! What else do we need?
>>2227 whoops, image didn't pr0azd
Can someone suggest a place with some activity? It doesn't need to be comfy but I just want a place free from 4chan nonsense and /pol/. I check out /kind/, sushichan and their affiliate websites. but they're still slow. I also check kissu which has good activity but I kind of stopped watching anime so I can't participate in discussions. It's sad that comfy has to be delisted or it could have been more active and nobody posts on /late/ anymore.
>>2436 Depends on what you're interested in I'd say. Hobby boards and niche discussion boards are plentiful, but all the general comfy boards do seem rather dead.
>>2437 I read fiction and spend time on youtube. I used to post on /late/ but took a gap and now that place is deserted. Yes, exactly. I just want a general board to discover new ideas and gossip around. I hope things go back to how it was here soon.
>>2436 I think most active communities went to places like Discord or into more niche parts of the internet in which nobody really can find them.
>>2436 If you're okay with registering a username, you could always join the fediverse. I could recommend a few cute/comfy/calm instances.
>>2458 fediverse doesn't seem comfy at all.
It really depends which parts, its like saying imageboards dont seem comfy. A lot won't be, some are prime comfy. There are hundreds and thousands of communities to choose from.
>>2498 Sorry if i seemed to be hostile, i just don't like the audience fediverse is pandering from what I have read about it.
Open file (111.13 KB 2222x2222 22chan.png)
>>1157 Visit us for a comfy time without having to see reposts of normalfag trash!
>>2574 Ah, I’m a texan so this doesn’t really affect me for now.
Open file (4.16 KB 225x225 download.jpg)
Greetings from https://chanroast.me ! We're a new, and berry tiny comfy imageboard looking for more people who value comfyness as much as we do. The cafe is always open Anons, so come on down! It's freshly roasted, just for you. :)
Open file (273.95 KB 960x271 zzz-chan-animated-1.0.gif)
>>2585 Come visit zzzchan.xyz, 3 times comfier than zchan and with 3 times fewer hobbits! >>1487 I'm listening to it right now, It's pretty good. The drum machine in the CYAN EP reminds me of the Metal Gear Solid 2's OST. Did you make all that by yourself?
>>2669 I like zzzchan because it sounds like sleeping, so I just call it sleepychan
Open file (16.84 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
come 2 late pls n ty is also a comfy place https://late.city/late/
>>2679 Your board is cool, but your banner i must spoiler
Open file (48.70 KB 230x248 lizchan.top.png)
We back lizzies
>>2688 You back lizzies?
>>2672 No, I like you :)
Open file (87.68 KB 544x767 1568451570788.jpg)
>>2689 Yes
>>2717 >>2689 >>2688 Disgusting. Kill yourself now.
>>1914 Why are you sorry anon?
Open file (849.02 KB 1920x1080 GAHOOLEVSWAIFU.jpg)
THIS SATURDAY OCTOBER 24th @ 6 PM CENTRAL TIME. THE FATE OF TVCH WILL BE DECIDED! The Waifufags have ONCE AGAIN challenged Gahoole to a no rules brawl, but this time the OWNERSHIP OF TVCH IS ON THE LINE! Who will emerge victorious as the NEW LEADER of the site? Find out this saturday LIVE! https://youtu.be/XehXKJD7rmM
Open file (1.42 MB 1080x1512 movienightkindv1.png)
Your friends at kind.moe are hosting a Halloween horror stream, and you're invited! All the details are in the above image. I hope to see you there, friend.
>>2875 Cool, i want Slothchan back too
>>2875 Knew a guy from telegram who used to go by the name µ, he was a pretty cool dude, I don't think that board has anything to do with him but I like to think so
>>2876 >>2877 Thanks guys.
>>2585 Did chanroast shut down?
does anyone else have a neocities site? Or a personal site at all? I like having a small website. To me, it's definitely /comfy/. Here's mine if you want to visit: https://floppys-lounge.neocities.org/ anyone else want to post theirs?
>>2904 That's a nice little island. I don't keep any personal websites because of OPSEC but I miss the days when they were a nice thing to have, before the wave that started with MySpace when having Internet presence became trendy.
>>2905 Thanks anon, I try not to have any real identifiable personal information on there, but I do have another personal website that simply has my resume and some projects on it. Of course, it looks nothing like my neocities site.
>>2904 That's pretty neat, anon. I always thought about keeping a personal site since I work at webdev but never got around to making one. Maybe I'll make something on my free time.
This thread seems tangentially related so... Whatever happened to 8ch and what's happening to the various imageboards now? Because as someone who is just now accepting 4chan's death I'm wondering where I should go. Sorry if this is off topic or whatever, I just actually don't know where else to ask.
>>2922 It's a long story. Did you sleep through it all anon?
>>2923 Just wasn't paying attention or dealing with the chans much at the time.
>>2922 Ooh boy you got a lot to catch up... there's people who don't want us in the internet, and they seem to be doing all they can to drive us out.
>>2922 How'd you find us here if you've been out of the loop so long, Anon? >Whatever happened to 8ch and what's happening to the various imageboards now? There's a thread about the Fall of 8chan at smuglo.li's /support/ board: https://smuglo.li/support/res/1467.html That links to a text document that tries to summarise the events: https://pastebin.com/D26zURD2 Some of it is inaccurate and it gets into inter-site e-drama towards the end, but the fundamentals are there. The short version is that 8ch got deplatformed by CloudFlare after a mass shooting, its shipty infrastructure and alternatives couldn't hold up after that, and it went offline for a few months. The webring (a group of bunker sites that automatically exchange board information, including smuglo.li, anon.cafe, tvch, and a few others) sprung up to shelter displaced anons. When it became apparent that 8ch's new incarnation 8kun glowed in the dark (also that it wasn't berry good and owner Jim intended to devote himself 100% to Q-boomers), the webring became our new home. There's also 8ch.moe, which sprung up and declared itself the "new 8ch". Their admin Acidman shat on the webring and its method of exchanging data (just the usual euphamistic ship that anyone who knows how this stuff works can see through in an instant) and any time one of the member sites displays any instability they appear out of nowhere offering to "help" boards migrate onto 8moe. There have also been a few attempts at DDoSing and deplatforming the webring member sites from a few crazies but so far nothing has stuck. There's more but it's small stuff. Hope that gave you some of what you wanted to know.
>>2926 Oh, yeah, for a while there was also some nasty business with the so-called "Alt-Chan Federation" who worked together to spam and shill their shady boards. They'd nothing to do with the Webring, and I'm not sure what happened to them. I assume they died out. Some members of the webring (like antares.oss and rita.null) use alternative DNS roots that can't be resolved without adding OpenNIC resolvers first.
Any news on the little cripple hobbit? Did the feds catch him yet?
>>2932 Doesn't really matter, does it? this board is safe now
>>2933 Still curious.
>>2926 >How'd you find us here if you've been out of the loop so long, Anon? Linked to Julay.world from >>>>Twitter mutual then moved after julay's collapse. So where's the vidya community then in this webring?
Open file (1.96 MB 350x196 1479560946819.gif)
>>2908 if you make one post it here!
>>2944 Have a click on that link in the top panel that says THE WEBRING and it'll bring up a list of all boards across the place. You probably want https://zzzchan.xyz/v/
>>2946 don't forget about /geimu/ and /vg/ :)
>>3031 Don't click. CP
>>3032 What a surprise.
>>3032 >>3033 Nope, no CP at all and will always be deleted. Engine changed to vichan because tinyib trucking sucks balls. Let me know if all works ok. http://onionch6w7tfrf4exxyvivkavfz7cqxa3i4uud4qrrp6esul2yqye2qd.onion/b/
>>3273 spammer with a honeypot pregchan.com/b/res/5837.html 16chan.xyz/b/res/17271.html comfy.chat/b/res/279.html prolikewoah.com/hgg/res/15844.html frchan.bet/int/res/2674.html late.city/late/res/1981.html disabled thread creation rn because people are spamming back
>>3289 aren't there enough /b/'s already?
>>3292 this
>>1487 some nice tunes on there bud, should do a few harder mixes tho bit of jungle and that
Open file (439.68 KB 798x562 proxy-image.jpg)
Friendly griefings. We're gonna watch The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya at UTC 1000 in a couple of hours. Please join us. https://cytu.be/r/nanochananimeclub
Open file (165.29 KB 850x981 proxy-image.jpg)
Stream begins in 30 to 40 mins. Join us please it's trucking dead.
Open file (23.72 KB 614x472 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3314 Advertizing is okay in this thread even if you do it in other places, that's what it's for!
>>3492 >another /b/ board Why?
Open file (401.51 KB 598x1021 9p8vntzwsl051.png)
Looking for a comfy imageboard wirechan.org
Open file (34.69 KB 640x480 1596455081871.jpg)
Hey /comfy/, do you like otters? Come over and chat with us https://otterchan.net/
Someone over on smuglo seems to be making a newspaper. Could be fun to participate: https://smuglo.li/rec/res/609.html
>>3875 It's for smug only but it's a cool idea.
>>3877 Having participated in erischan's zine and viewed lainzine, I don't that as a reason not to contribute!
>>3881 If that's then.
>>1914 Omg Wholesome Reddit moment 100!!!!
Open file (606.02 KB 680x703 sad.gif)
>>3885 pls no bully
22chan gets agitated by spacing oh boy. twice the board, twice the amgery lol. how ironic. is that wealth???? hahahaha muust be a curse
is 22chan trapped in hell for its atheism? i thought we re one and the same but i honestly find it appaling to be so hurt it s like being advertised with radicalism
>>3924 >>3925 Ok who invited the bots?
>>3926 it s like no matter what i do it ll just make you look sad this is unfair, you should have more charisma! not be a retarded IRL stalking pricks
>>3926 ....the anon thinks itself is funny. because no one irl does so. this is terrible. we should be more than IRL not ironic sad shipposters
>>3926 shhh just leave it be. theyll die in their own irony. yheres no helping. they ll remain hateful,
>>3926 look, do you need help? pls dont sound so malicious....it makes eberrything looks so gay and...gay.
>>3926 It's an Indonesian with .. social inexperience. Unfortunately they don't seem to notice that posting many posts in a row makes other users dislike them. We've told them before, but they think that 'no matter what they do' we all act like bullies, when if they just took the advice then less people online wood recognize them or be annoyed.
Open file (333.42 KB 478x480 coreubena.png)
Lets get this place rollin... lolifox.club
Open file (53.08 KB 435x800 IMG_20210323_050232.jpg)
Shippost with us and do it an english imageboard https://lolifox.club/ukko/
Trash board >>>/pro/
Open file (130.80 KB 1024x768 likmgmo8xq641.jpg)
>>>/retro/ is now part of anon.cafe.
It has come to our attention that Ganbatte is running a Paedophilia network of spambots. The lead admin is called Patch is running bots from South Korea and Russia. We are warning imageboards and textboards to block Ganbatte bots from posting. https://dis.4ct.org/read.cgi/lounge/1616604390/73 https://archive.vn/Om9s2 http://bbs.4x13.net/threads/0chan/1616871061/ https://dis.tinychan.net/read/prog/1616616491/ They now have a list of boards to spam Including this one.
>>4048 None of those links have proofs though
>>4048 wizchan is down due to cp
>>4079 Okay
>>4079 expected
Not sure if I should make a thread for this or not, so I'll just post here. I went on an autistic search going from image board to image board and sometimes even text boards to try and find a place I liked. It didn't work. I'm pretty sure I recursive checked most advertisement threads, but maybe I missed a link or the site was down when I tried. The closest I found was wirechan, but the place just didn't click with me and the no-porn rule is slightly restrictive. I just want an anonymous funposting IB with varied topics and seemingly non-existent moderation, with emphasis on seemingly. Something in the range of jp sushichan(but not as strict as us sushi) and mewch(but not as shipposty as kc/int/). Are there any such places left on the internet?
>>4116 >Something in the range of jp sushichan(but not as strict as us sushi) and mewch(but not as shipposty as kc/int/). >Mods help prevent shipposting WAH! NO MODS!11 WAH! NO SHITPOSTING!11 Kek, you're a tough one to please lad. Here's a thought: Be the future you imagine. Why not get up and show us how it's done instead of moaning about things mate? No one is happy with the way things are r/n. Most of us are just trying to muddle our way through. If you have a better way then please show it to us all.
>>4117 >no mods See "with emphasis on seemingly".. I don't want a lack of moderation, I just don't like when mods stick out too much. Old sushichan was perfect in that if a post was against the rule it was nuked, but the mods never used tripcodes unless it was absolutely necessary to make that post. >Why not get up and show us how it's done instead of moaning about things mate? Servers are expensive, I'm probably too autistic, spastic, and incompetent to properly make the place I want to make, and it wood probably die day 1 due to CP and me not being present enough to moderate it without trustworthy mods. I know the kind of place I want, but I have absolutely no idea how to get there from scratch.
>>4118 >I know the kind of place I want, but I have absolutely no idea how to get there from scratch. Alright fair enough, then. At least you responded like a man. So, why not give it a shot over at Endchan or some other self-serve/low-entry barrier site? Thousands of us are running our own boards that way w/o having to manage the actual site itself. Regardless, one thing's certain Anon: If you never try, you'll never know for sure. Proof's in the pudding, as the saying goes lad.
>>4120 I've thought about it, but even if I was to try I'd have no idea how to go about it. With other boards you can start with some resources or stuff, but since what I want is pretty much a /b/ with quality control I have no idea how to start it. Samefagging is NG, making a bunch of no reply posts makes the place feel like a schizo den at best, and without posts there's just rules. This way wood take too long even with shilling and by that point I'd get bored and give up.
>>4121 Hate to break it to you, but none of us 'knew' what we were doing when we started. >tl;dr Stop making excuses and go make a board Anon. If you have something good, we'll show up there eventually.
>>4118 >Servers are expensive Kek no they aren't, my IB runs on $5 a month.
Open file (100.49 KB 560x700 herd.jpeg)
Come on down to Freech! We have flags. All goons, herdsmen and anons welcome. https://freech.ltd/intl/ Tor: http://freech74amlzoxrrv2c2yi4l2q6qqk5rlo6lrhhq6phdr2ddxkwuinad.onion/intl/
Open file (537.87 KB 702x540 1421836122226.png)
>>4189 Isn't this site an IP scraper?
>>4191 Technically, eberry site is.
>>4124 >$5 a month you're gettin ripped off anon i'm paying $3.50/mo
>>4193 Don't shout at me I don't know.
>>4195 Alright my apologies. I presumed you were the spammer. Freech are berry un-/comfy/ bunch of retards BTW.
>>4196 Freech.ltd is quite comfy tbh.
Come shippost on https://coronachan.me which is the best chan apart from here of course
Open file (3.12 KB 146x169 cat_leaf.gif)
>>4207 that website is full of coomers desu. They are horny and horny is not comfy. >>4331 why does a onion website has a clearnet link? Does it have a relation to our shiny neighbours? If i get it correctly gif below is copyrighted by a crazy catlady, use at your own risk in normiespace.
Open file (24.12 KB 300x298 anarchan.png)
>>4371 Be warned, this is another generic "no deletion" imageboard that's already being hit with illegal pornography spam.
>>4427 >no not the law! don't break the law but yeah, it's ship. no theme, no community
Open file (433.88 KB 700x600 1596037877529.gif)
https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php Forum for retro ship, you can post anonymously too.
/kind/ is back up, for anyone interested who doesn't know.
>>1519 link s dead fren
hi guys if anyone alone and want to talk ı created a telegram groub where you can talk with new frens t.me/frenworld
Open file (1.14 MB 1000x1200 1619664338017.jpg)
why not come hang on with us on leftypol anons? We don't bite, that hard... leftypol.org / bunkerchan.xyz / http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion/ We also have a catalog for our overboard.
>>4963 Never mind. They're having problems again.
Open file (59.81 KB 250x250 logo.png)
I made a new imageboard. It's got loose global rules for free speech. It's slow moving right now but we are hoping to see some quality communities spring up. Come funpost or lolipost on /b/ or /lg/ or make your own board, no email verification required (just contact the SO eventually!) Find us at https://smolbox.pw Tor posting mostly works and tor address in the future (probably)!
>>5020 The smaller boards and non-USA country threads are actually pretty comfy, :0
>>5087 >>5030 >Cunny boards Eberrytime.
>>5090 The tech board is berry top tier, tbh.
>>5092 Many such cases! Sad!
Open file (87.32 KB 936x556 jeden.png)
Open file (103.04 KB 955x466 dwa.png)
>>1769 >julay That's part of the alt chan datamining thing. Or at least it was. robi called it quits so I don't know at this point
>>5133 The board's on here now anyway. In retrospect, it should have moved here a long time ago.
>>5133 Go away Tengu, anon.cafe is a site of peace and will not accept you anywhere in the future
a frend of mine told me about this place and I thought the board was super cozy, idm shilling my own IB here too to leech off of the good vibes <3 https://www.comfy.chat/
Open file (28.89 KB 959x365 beware-L.png)
>>5030 >That board DANGER Don't go to that board guys. See pic rel. It's a legit honeypot and I.P scraper loaded with really bad content.I wood get rid of it just so other people don't get into a bad situation. Also, all of these websites >>4371 >>4331 >>4207 >>4189 >>3963 are related to one another and made by the same people. There is practically 0 difference between them. The people who make these cacaty chans have been doing the same ol tricks for awhile. So just stay far away from them
>>5134 I was naive enough to go to julay's too. And now I suffer for my mistakes. I'll be more careful next time >>4191 >Isn't this site an IP scraper? They'll sell all of your info and raep you over it
>>5159 Julay was a great place for its small boards, the main ones not really to be fair, but their /v/ and the ones now here were cool until the place was sabotaged from inside and outside. >now I suffer for my mistakes I suffer from the anons and boards that never recovered or don't seem to be around anymore.
Advertising some good music (actually testing file uploading, sorry if anyone feels like a guinea pig :) >>5161 Agreed. I miss Julay. :(
>>5179 Hmm, that didn't work.
Open file (209.97 KB 480x480 what.png)
>>5161 >their /v/ was cool What? Back when I was a regular on most /v/'s you couldn't go five threads without someone bringing up "him" or being accused of eating cake if you so much as confessed to enjoying a Nintendo game. It got to the point that when Julay finally died I was happy to see it go. Mind you I got banned by king cake after defending his stoopy actions so there's no lost love there. It was great to have a /v/ that wasn't controlled by him but you can't move on if nobody else is gonna either. These days I wonder why I even bothered with vidya forums.
>>5192 So, where do you think all the evil itself came from there Anon? It certainly wasn't the group that just wanted to be left alone there, rather it was an intentional attack. Same caca he's pulled eberrywhere he's ever gone. The book of Proverbs warns men to drive someone like that out of their presence.
>>5192 >you couldn't go five threads without someone bringing up "him" I can count the RTS, /vg/ music, stealth, dreamcast and Mount & Blade threads, that's 5 and i don't recall being involved in any inter-board wars UNTIL the actual flood came from fatchan that spammed and cacaposted for weeks, then the real cacastorm happened and busted the board in 3 days. That already shows you either had a death wish for questionable threads made by the native Julay residents or didn't hang in the established (you can even call them hugbox) threads that had previous users already in the known from either /vg/ or /vr/. >It got to the point that when Julay finally died I was happy to see it go. To be fair me too because those dark weeks were pure battle, but denying something good happened between November 2019 and February 2020 is being dishonest, it was the last run for the old /v/ alternatives made in the 8. >but you can't move on if nobody else is gonna either. On the contrary, i find that i and maybe some other anon around are the only ones who stopped posting after that happened, all the /v/ alternatives are dissimilar to what we had there yet nobody vocal enough has attempted or worried about it. The Dreamcast project didn't continue and the stealth charts weren't finished (AFAIK), the /vg/ music thread never returned, the Sketchio events stopped soon after, the guy who reviewed in form old games continued for a while but stopped because nobody read or replied to his detailed multiposts, should i continue? I want to name you names too for being forgetful but i think eberryone did other than a couple of us who stopped posting. But worry not, that when i get some money i will probably do an experimental IB on the webring and try to document what happens when you open a new /v/ but without being called /v/. Probably zero users but it's not that expensive to try.
Open file (21.92 KB 474x284 streamergrill.jpg)
this is a livestream onion that i created, check it out http://iliurdpsynwcmtxmsjuz4jdx3f7gfotaeeni5x5lveqknoakne4edjyd.onion it's open source so you can potentially run it yourself
>>5223 what is behind that link?
>>5224 it's a livestream that is live right now, it's supposed to look like twitch
>>5225 why the onion link? the girl in the photo?
>>5227 it's only available at that onion link, the girl is streaming which is what i'm doing
>>5229 This is just a cacaty I.P scrapper. Don't go there unless you want your data stolen and sold. Just as this post highlighted >>5158
>>5030 Also, why is this board still up, when it is known to be a honeypot?
>>5231 Looks like it's gone now. The people making those boards are scum though. Just don't visit any of them and eberryone should be fine
Come join 88chan, onion only board. Board creation is open! http://etyeightq2htksjpeda3fdmmcge7sbozxsyomzwzq3fq4yg6lx3geyqd.onion
>>5240 >come to my new datamining botnet guys >totally different from the millions of others I've make Or you can go quack yourself spacechan mod
allegedly 88chan was made by a different person to compete with the regular "freech/patch chans" allegedly
>>5243 You're not fooling anyone faget. All of your datamining boards are genuine carbon copies of each other. >>5240 Explain why you posted an underage child in your picture though. Seems like berry k*hl-esque behavior to me
>>5244 >in your picture though *in your post
>>5240 >Another CP filled data miner Can mods delete this caca?
>>2561 Just lost /pol/ but oh well, perhaps it could be a good thing.
Open file (114.78 KB 480x480 peak comfy.jpg)
Hello anons. Did you know we have a new retro vidya board on the webring? No depressing news, no political sperging, just wholesome posting about the golden age of gaming. Do come and get /comfy/ if you're into all manner of retro games. https://fatchan.org/vr/catalog.html
Open file (186.72 KB 552x554 heyuriSealOfEpicWin.png)
I like Heyuri and I think you will too!
>>5300 heyuri.net
>>5299 What's the deal with Fatchan? Could someone explain it to me? I'm almost exclusively into older games but don't want to post on a honeypot.
>>5303 It's on the webring so it's fine.
>>5303 Care to spell out your concern Anon? There's certainly no indication I'm aware of that Tom is in anyway related to 9-eyes. Either in this incarnation of fatchan or the first one. His apparent near-normalhobbitry when he first began creating JSchan software was vaguely offputting to typical anons, but he quickly came around. I interacted with him dozens of times during the first installment b/c I BO'd a board there. >>5304 Kek. So was the known fed-honeypot mark.blacked.gov!
>>5305 Mark got kicked off tho.
>>5306 Fair enough Anon, you're correct. Much to eberryone's relief I might add.
>>5307 indeed
>>5305 >Care to spell out your concern Anon? Just that there have been some sketchy boards linked here in the past before they've been removed. I really don't know anything about Fatchan other than having heard the name before.
>>5312 fatchan is certainly okay
>>5301 CP on /b/, Nope.
Hi /comfy/, eberryone who likes non-mainstream films, or want to explore them can join /film/ here on anon.cafe. We're not pretentious, just enjoy interesting and comfy films. You're welcome. https://anon.cafe/film/catalog.html
>>5313 Okay. I tried to post on there but am having problems with the Block Bypass. I have no clue what the object of it is supposed to be, other than that it's obviously got something to do with chess.
>>5335 Just stay here. It's better
>>5341 We don't have a /vr/ board though. I guess there's /retro/, but games are only one part of that.
Open file (8.86 KB 327x164 blockbypass.png)
>>5344 Thanks for the explanation. Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
>>5346 Missed out the 2 knights
>>5347 >>5348 Thanks a lot. I thought I tried it that way before without success, but I actually got it to work this time.
>tripfаggоt spoonfeeds some normalfag who can't into captcha with cluckchan posts the absolute state
Open file (3.29 KB 189x189 1354569334599.jpg)
>>5351 I've been on imageboards for a decade and have never run into this kind of captcha. I'm sorry I'm not enough of an expert on arcane captcha systems to suit your tastes, internet pro.
>>5363 That gotte be most glowing IB i have ever seen. Our neighbours should up their game if they want to trick us.
Open file (8.59 KB 220x145 g3.png)
hello.G3 is a set of sister sites comprising of gurochan, gorechan, and loliboard. Gurochan is the first and largest ever guro imageboard, and one of the largest guro websites. Gorechan is its relatively new sister, as the name implies, its for real-life gore. Finally, loliboard, is the newest addition to this trio. It is for lolicon pornography, loli guro, and other topics.
>>5314 where?
Open file (810.17 KB 1338x1579 logo.png)
mewch got revived. https://mewch.cf/
Open file (84.37 KB 188x539 8san_logo.png)
Welcome to 8san. An imageboard centered around free speech. User board creation is enabled! https://8san.org/ Tor: http://a5gomggvi5n75w4llxspnkryrfyiqgcpe6g5kbmlk6dq5t27ujddhoyd.onion/
>>5368 spacecaca always does the same thing. It's hardly surprising at this point. See >>5158 >>5133
>>5371 >where Weird. Just don't go there and stay away from it
>>5363 >>5383 >>5388 >3 datascrapping imageboards full of CP in all of them posted in less than a week Just how desperate are you for money spacechan mod/ patch? I think whoring your ass is easier and less of a hassle than making so many IB all the time. Your mom already does it
>>5352 >I've been on imageboards for a decade and have never run into this kind of captcha. It's made to track your mouse movements whenever you use their board.
the botnets filled with CP are still in this thread mods
>>1914 >going to a site owned by mark mann the federal agent no thanks
>>5403 Don't worry, you cant report them and the admins have deleted complaints about it. This website is literally compromised by pedophiles and feds.
>>5426 mod checked the reported links, found no cp on them, then archived the complaint thread. doesn't seem like too much of a CIA pedophile conspiracy to me
>>1157 Federated image board. https://fitchan.xyz/ There are a dozen more but I didn't want to spam links.
>>5426 Now now, lets keep boat rocking to a minimum here
>>5426 >Don't worry, you cant report them and the admins have deleted complaints about it. >This website is literally compromised by pedophiles and feds. It's starting to look like that's the case. Cuz practically all of the chans that have been exposed here are literally CP botnets made by the altchan federation. Ignoring a problem won't make it go a way. But at least know the site users know what we're dealing with moving forward >>5427 >mod checked the reported links, found no cp on them, cuz they delete it as soon as they get exposed for leaving it around so often. Same thing happened on watkins' and markman's imageboards. Literally a repeat of them because they wood knowingly allow that stuff to stay up The sites are still IP loggers anyway
Open file (94.16 KB 978x765 >normies.jpeg)
Open file (100.73 KB 746x334 cancer.png)
>5431 >Now now, lets keep boat rocking to a minimum here Hello Federal agent. Why do you post so many botnet imageboards with CP in them all the time? While samefagging your own threads? Do you think you'll get any good money from mega spamming them all the time? pic rel is him with samefagging his own botnet thread he made a few weeks ago. This isn't the only site he hits up
>>5433 Okay? Thats good then if they delete it. >The sites are still IP loggers anyway That's literally eberry website including this one.

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