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Open file (245.64 KB 800x720 15049865349.jpg)
Anon 12/31/2022 (Sat) 09:00:27 No.1133
Tell me a short story from your life. Anything mundane, exciting, nostalgia, emotional. Literally anything as long as it's a vaguely happy one.
I died.
>>1134 but then how are you writing this?
Open file (806.08 KB 3840x2160 download (12).jpeg)
A beautiful rainbow appeared right outside my house today. I've never seen one so close and vivid before. It was like it was almost solid and touchable. 🌈
>>1136 Wow! I don't think I've seen a rainbow in at least 5 years.
>>1137 Yeah I never used to see them until a ritual out of enjoying the post-rain sensations like petrichor and fog. Its funny but nobody ever seems sad when they're looking at a rainbow. It must be some primal thing.
>>1138 *i made a ritual out of. i can type........
Open file (382.56 KB 680x544 ff3.png)
People I remembered only as memories appeared to me again in reality Where I once thought I was long forgotten, they too remembered me. We take our precious time together to create even more memories
This one time twin toddlers were here And they threw tupperware eberrywhere! But they were meant to be thrown And so the mess was sown And nobody had to thwack a derriere!
>>1142 Wow thats kinda gay anon
>>1142 Sounds pretty painful.
>>1133 When I was a teenager I used to hitchhike eberrywhere. One night, I’d hitched to a near by town (50km away) and drank with friends. Near the end of the night, we realized that there’d be no party or anything so most of my friends went home but I was tuck in town with my best mate (from my town). We had no where to stay and I’d kind of assumed that we’d crash at a The party hosts house as we usually did (but no party see). So we wanted around town until we ran into some older folks (25-30). After some brief convo they realized we had nowhere to stay and offered to pay for us to get a cab home ($60, an absolutely enormous sum for me at the time). It was the kindest thing a stranger had done for me at the time (was used to strangers being a bit meaner) and I thanked them profusely, and it legit turned my life around. I realized that there were kind people out there and people for whom $60 wasn’t much, and that I could be both of them..
>>1145 That was nice of them.
>>1133 >in first grade >get one of those shrimple vocab assignments >it was just writing words that end in -it >put down "caca" because kids are dumb >teacher complains to my dad >"But did he spell it right?"
>>1147 meant sh*t, weird word filter.
I lost my virginity at 14 behind a tree in a public park. One of the neighbors heard and I almost got arrested.
So I got a new boss, and things got bad. Then things got even worse and I was on my last legs and decided to leave. Got a new job in a new company, things got better. Oh yes, you want the happy part? Sure, that habbened when the police called me - about my ex-boss. The bog cheese was not distinctly smaller now, and I was prosecutor's witness! The ex-boss was jailed for fraud. Life is good.
>>1150 Huh? What did he do?
>>1152 It was fraud. The company was in dire troubles, and was extra vulnerable to fraud. Essentially there were many private purchases presented to the company as travel expenses and thus paid back in full.
Huh, almost forgot about this one. It's bee ages ago a friend of mine and me where around 14/15 and went to a local park to take some photographs. We stayed there past opening time it seems and when we wanted to get out, the gates where closed. It's a park build in the middle of the towns medieval defensive works, so there few exists. It was also the middle of winter so we where freezing our asses off. (I can't remember why we didn't just exit through the turnstile, maybe it was broken). My memory is hazy, but we must have wandered around there for quite some time, trying to figure out how to get out. Eventually I remembered that there is another exit where it should be easy to hop the fence. And as we climbed the hill towards it and the exit gate came in sight, there was a gust of wind that gently opened the unlocked gate towards us. It was a truly magical moment. It's a definitely a "you had to be there to get it" story and I probably woodn't tell it to anyone else, but here you go. >>1136 Berry nice makes me want to go on short hikes more often >>1140 That sounds nice, I for one don't even know if I want to meet the people I knew from long ago. I've changed so much as a person and I'm not sure if I want to be reminded of my past self. >>1145 heartwarming. Reminds me of when I fell asleep on the bus in the middle of rural nowhere, where two stops ca be 10km+ apart and had to walk back and a nice lady just saw my walking down the road and asked if I wanted a ride over. Even asked me which address I need to go to when I was just happy to not have to walk through fields for an hour.
in elementary school, i really liked ranma ½ and i met a boy who also really liked it, so we chose to get married. it was a big event in my school like a girl brought her parent's digital camera for it. he kissed my head and we were legally married. we divorced after i told him i liked cowboy bebop better than ranma ½. i think back on it a lot, its one of my favorite childhood memories
>>1155 haha what
>>1155 children are quacking wild. I'm pretty sure we had several "law suits" in our childhood friendgroup
>>1155 I am confused in ways I can't express
>>1158 >>1157 says it well.
>>1154 That's pretty cool. I can almost imagine the scene. If you have t he time, give more detail about the area you were in. What is this park built into a defensive works? I'm in the US so we've really kind of thrown away any defensive structures and localities. inb4 any gooberanon starts spewing amerimutt BS >prior military and national infrastructure/historical management >>1155 what the quack? ok Bebop is actually amazing and probably the single best anime created but again wtf. You're leaving so much detail out. I'm not the only anon wtf'ing over your post. Come clean
Open file (15.97 KB 474x357 gaf)
>>1154 Your story reminds me of mine. Me and my friend were going to spend sleepover at his place, at about 11pm in a cold winter night (something around -25). In my country buses are free for kids under 18 but i looked on 16 in my 13's so mean driver refused to board us. I was accustomed to insanely long travels. I could easily walk a marathon in a day so we decided to just crawl back because calling parents wood've caused a lot of trouble. As we were going my dumb sleepy head started suggesting wacky shortcuts. -We should cross this road. -Why? -Your home is on that side of a road! -It's not dumbass, yours on that side too! We continued arguing on the go as we came to closed (at night) bazaar. We stumbled upon a pack of stray dogs that started barking as soon as we appeared. My friend suddenly shouted: "Where the funk are you going! I told you my house is across the road!" And dragged me through road in a blink of an eye. We were laughing the whole way back. I won the argument
>>1155 I will not react as others anon to your story by throwing wtfs, it just reminds me how kids could be weird sometimes and how I used to be one of those weird kids myself. Hopefully kids grew ups and usually the weirdness fade away.
several years ago i worked in a grocery store food court, and there was a strange woman who wood come in and hassle people. she had a berry distinctive high-pitched voice like she was sucking on helium constantly. apparently, the place knew of her and she was actually banned from coming there. she wood show up anyway in various disguises, such as big sunglasses, wigs, scarves, etc. so that she could continue to shop there. this failed miserably because eberryone wood recognize her helium voice. one day she was hassling me about trying a sample of salisbury steak, which we can't really do because if she didn't buy it then i wood have to throw it away. she reassured me that she wood purchase it, she just wanted a sample first. i told her that if she was definitely going to buy it then why did she need to sample it first. she insisted on the sample. at this point a manager came over and told me he wood handle it. this is the moment i actually realized she had been banned, and finally understood her weird costumes. she argued with the manager and claiming that it was actually her identical twin that was the one causing all the trouble, but nonetheless she was escorted out. interestingly enough, turns out she actually DID have an identical twin who also shopped there, but i guess she didn't cause problems, and the disguised lady was trying to throw her under the bus.
Open file (124.35 KB 960x842 tfw comfy gf.jpeg)
After years of being single at the point I was slowly turning to a wizard, I see an ex girlfriend again, we flirt nicely and rediscover each other. She is a nice girl I think I am in love with her. She doesn't have good music tastes but she really enjoy spending time with me doing nothing but staying under a warm blanket cuddling and listening music. I really appreciate she's curious about discovering new music and enjoy even the weird things she's not accustomed to listen generally. It's berry nice having a comfy gf my dudes.
>turning to a wizard not sure if trolling or just goobered
>>3983 Definitively ot trolling, maybe a little goobered yes. I wasn't using this term pejoratively tho. After so many years (at least a decade) being alone that was how I felt although not being a virgin.
>>3984 >I wasn't using this term pejoratively You're shrimply using the term wrong. There is no relation. It isn't a pejorative term in the first place. It's a term of disdain projected outwards. You are less because you aren't a wizard, that's the whole point. There's some cancer in your brain which makes your taste caca, and effects the way you act such that you've marked yourself forever as less than human.
>>3986 Calm down dude, I understand the meaning of the term and was not using it claiming I am one. Being a wizard implies more than just be a 30 yo male virgin (even if it's the primary point). Not a reason to throw rudeness here.
>>3982 Congratulations Anon. I hope you enjoy your new relationship and showing her new music, perhaps even discover something new yourself. Your post has made me realize how little I've come to care for relationships. I've surpassed my disdain for women only to find I never needed one. >>3986 Anon what are you even talking about?
>>3989 After a major heartbreak over 10 years ago, I was in a place where I didn't even want a relationship anymore, at one point I even started to feel contempt for women. But sometimes a chance encounter can challenge your views on life. It's the case with this girl. It may sound a little cheesy but rediscovering the feeling of mutual love is really good after all these years. At least this decade of loneliness has been beneficial because I have taken the time to focus on my personal development and projects.
Open file (82.29 KB 641x500 1665148623640404.jpg)
I experienced love, betrayal, and company from imageboards I'd like it if I was less lonely though
Open file (53.26 KB 886x480 /tmp/php4kepFN)
>>1134 Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory! My father died in an old cheesy zombie movie. It wasn't that good of a zombie movie, but it was a decent cheesefest. I do hope one day I get the chance to die in a zombie movie as well.
>>4028 >my father died in an old cheesy zombie movie Explain.
used to play super smash flash 2 on a crappy laptop with my cousins and siblings when we played especially loudly our grandma yelled at us to be silent because we were screaming when one or all of us abused broken moves (i spammed the tornado move with meta knight)
>>3990 >It may sound a little cheesy but rediscovering the feeling of mutual love is really good after all these years. Heh, it's fine Anon. Gratz. >At least this decade of loneliness has been beneficial because I have taken the time to focus on my personal development and projects. Outstanding! Maybe you can a few here sometime?
>>4714 >Maybe you can [drop] a few here sometime? I learned to deal with my depression and found more stability and confidence with myself. Stopped doing drugs (weed and opiates) and learned Linux (not as an IT guy but just to be able to use my computer for doing eberryday cacas like listening music, browsing the internets and doing all the basic things I need to do). Discovered lot of music and (re)discovered my love for it. Found a decent job that fulfill me in some extent. There was a moment in my life I had the feeling of finally getting out of the darkness and being able to enjoy life as a well balanced young man. It took me almost... 30 years...
>>4715 Also this picture is funny because I have exactly the same pipe and the same jacket. I'm not a nerdy girl.
Open file (45.02 KB 711x669 wtf doggo.jpg)
>>4028 >My father died in an old cheesy zombie movie Anon, it raises some questions that needs to be answered. Was he an actor in the movie ? Was he playing a zombie or a victim of them ?
>>4715 i'd like to get there, it feels like eberry time i start getting confident again something habbens that quacks it up. but i am at least getting in the habit of exercising daily and trying to eat better which is helping some. >>1133 i visited my little sister recently. we don't have tons of interest overlap but i didn't mind listening to her talk about some k-pop thing while she cooked for us. it was nice.
>>4784 >it feels like eberry time i start getting confident again something habbens that quacks it up. I think it's part of the game of life. Soetimes there are some difficulties to overpass on the path. It's what makes life interesting in a certain way. Not eberrything can be always good (or bad). Find the power in yourself to deal with the difficulties, sometimes by opening alternatives way and get out of hte initial path can reveal lot of good things. Keep it up !
>>3994 imageboards are better than a lot of popular other things on the internet..
>>7612 I love anons here :) No rudeness and ebberyone is comfy :)
>>7646 Same as someone who comes from the sharty this cacae is much more browseble in public and just nicer to use in general
Open file (192.92 KB 1024x1016 Green-Caged-Bear.jpg)
I've told this story before on another chan but I think about it a lot. When I was a kid my dad was part of a soccer team. He used to take me to matches but instead of just watching I wood go on my own little adventures around the grounds where the game was taking place. It was relatively urban where I grew up, so these pitches wood normally be in the middle of industrial estates, maybe with a social club for the players. Exploring the winding industry and dingy bars with nobody paying attention to you because you're a dipcaca kid was a special experience and I wish I could recapture it somehow. Wandering through decaying workshops on grey days and walking past tables of drunk men, hearing crazy stories, was like being in some sort of modern take on a Dostoevsky novel.
Sometime when I was single-digit age, I didn't have the money for some food I was buying and somebody paid it for me.
>>7764 I like hearing those type of stories, thanks Anon! :)
>>7702 Don't know why but I have industrial England landscapes images coming to mind when reading this, like a Ken Loach's movie scenes. >>7764 Heartwarming :) >>1133 Met a girl after lot of nice online chatting, was so tired because of a sleepless night so she invited me to take a nap with her. It was so sweet and comfy.

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