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Letting off steam thread. Anon 05/02/2020 (Sat) 18:50:52 No.641
Come on in, grab a coffee and relax. Now anon, tell us what is bothering you, let it all out. tell us what is stressing you, these are tense times and it is not healthy to keep it all bottled up, so go ahead, what's wrong?
>>1722 I think its berry comfy. It has the feel. It has nothing to do with if you like the board or not. Its simply a comfy board.
>>1722 It depends on the thread, honestly. Some threads on /fascist/ are berry comfy and full of intelligent people. Other times it devolves into shipflinging if certain people happen to be in the same thread (some Hindufag and the guy who recommends books always derail)
>>1723 >Its simply a comfy board. It straight-up is not. It's about as comfy as this post I'm making. You can like it and find it a satisfying and agreeable place with friends. Sure. For what it is, it's more chill than politics boards often are, and small pockets like /lit/ and /sig/ are usually decent. However that does not detract from: >angry politics debate with a large helping of ad hominiem attacks >generally endorses killing people based simply on racial background (not even important traits like culture, upbringing, personality, degeneracy, intelligence, ...) and has threads idolizing those who have >has an active propaganda thread >eberryone they dont agree with is hitler a jew or fed >busy board that swamps the overboard with hate Some examples of serious uncomfy from just the first page as of now, without even entering any threads: >>>/fascist/2382 (lol anti-fascist post about self-moderation) >>>/fascist/708 >>>/fascist/2283 >>>/fascist/2356 Parts of it? Sure. The board? Not a chance.
Arguing over /fascist/ is uncomfy.
>>1729 /comfy/ is uncomfy! oh noes
>>1726 >racial background (not even important traits like culture, upbringing, personality, degeneracy, intelligence, ...) I agree with your post overall, but those things overlap a ton with race.
>>1735 >overlap Yes, some of them are related but they are not identical. That's my point. A lot of people assume race alone as the dominating cause of those features, which I see as mistaken, especially evident after the rise of globalism. (We can move this over to the /fasc/unpopularopinions/ thread to get it off /comfy/)
>>1726 You can cherrypick all you want but it will still remain a comfy board.
>>1726 Those of us who seek quality over quantity find it comfy. We don't find comfort in the decline and we wish for better times, being able to discuss those better times is a comfort to us. If a man hates D&D but loves the NFL, he's going to find a sports bar comfy while the D&D nerd is going to find it torture. Comfy is subjective and your strawmans don't change that. >>1737 Genetics is clearly a bigger defining factor than culture is. Culture is bred out of genetics and it's why some groups no matter where you put them end up in the same type of places. If your genetic group finds slums to be an acceptable living quality then eberry where you live will fall into a slum. If your genetic group finds slums an insult to themselves they will never allow their territory to fall into one. Nature and Nurture both define who you are, but nurture sits on top of nature because you can only work with the material you have. You can't turn lead into gold.
>>1743 >but nurture sits on top of nature because you can only work with the material you have. Put a plant in nutrient-poor soil. Nurture is also 'you can only work with the material you have' no matter how much potential the genes have. If race is the limiting factor (let's take the common example of a black person), then it wood follow that they couldn't possibly rise to the position of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or become a both pioneer neurosurgeon and presidential candidate (Ben Carson). Look at Philip Emeagwali, with a recorded IQ of 190. Clearly the African race's genetics cannot be a limiting factor of conventional intelligence or success in Western societies, since there are well-documented exceptions. Their races clearly have appropriate genetic material to enable them to rise to the highest humans intellectually. How do you explain white trailer-trash in rural US and the towns with the highest rates of obesity? It's not that their race limits their collective genetic potential for culture, it's their environment limiting the general potential of those who can't find and learn from outside influence. Culture is primarily bred out of the values of those you interact with and the people and things you learn from. That's why people speak English outside of England and why English is rooted in Latin and Greek and German. That's why there is Abrahamic religion outside of the Middle East, that didn't come from our genes. That's why there are Hindu and Roman symbolism in Nazism and Hindu–Arabic numerals in Europe. That's why we use overuse words like 'Anon', 'glowginger' and 'comfy'. That's hardly a result of our genetics. >Comfy is subjective You are right, comfy can be subjective. I just woodn't expect many people to agree that discussing divisive politics is compatible with comfy. Yes, I realize the irony of me saying that in this post in /comfy/.
>>1738 Great, if you find it so comfy you can go back there. We'll let you know when we're interested.
>>1747 There are some humans born with 8 legs, none of them function but they exist. So we must consider all humans with less than 8 legs to be entirely unimportant compared to the octopusmen master race. This is your logic on NA*ALT and it's retarded. There are exceptions to eberry rule but you can't make your rules based on the exceptions. Your example of CEOs is especially bad when you consider the environment we're in. It's easy to get to positions you don't deserve when you're a diversity hire. If you live in a culture that worships foreigners you can expect foreigners to be put in positions they're unfit for based on their foreignness alone. I don't consider white to be an ethnic group. Consider the British isles, Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish. All have distinct group personality types. You find common traits among them no matter where they are born. Like the Irish being thieving bastards.. So white trash exists, but they're probably Irish so that doesn't matter to me. If we return to your plant example than your argument is closer to "A rose can become a tree if it has enough good soil to work with". This topic is better discussed else where than here any way. The softies will start crying if we keep it up. Best childhood vidya that still stands up when you replay it as an adult?
>>1738 >if I keep repeating it it'll become true
>arguing about race on /comfy/ stop it now
>>1752 Yeah alright. Sorry
>>1750 >If we return to your plant example than your argument is closer to "A rose can become a tree if it has enough good soil to work with". More like 'well these plants literally became trees, so maybe they aren't roses like I was told they were'.
>>1750 >Best childhood vidya that still stands up when you replay it as an adult? early Crash Bandicoot games stood up pretty well. Wood I be disrespected for saying linerider or rollercoaster tycoon? They both still have active communities, I recently discovered. >>1757 just go to another board for that discussion mate.
>>1750 >Best childhood vidya that still stands up when you replay it as an adult? Something tells me Starfox 64, but I haven't replayed it yet, just playing SNES Starfox is entertaining as hell
Here's a new thread for vidya >>1760
These hobbits really wanna tell us it's comfy to fawn over mass shooters and dicuss their ideas for genocide. Whack
>>1608 >>1610 Well the crossboarders are here now. The question is what we can do about it, just ignore them?
I wonder about if there are high quality newer comfy games, since the rise of indie and 'games as art' sentiments. There are bound to be some good games that are comfy by design. >>1763 Let's continue discussing comfy, and that includes you too anon.
Pardon me for the earlier post then, but I do agree with >>1782 this is still a letting off steam thread however, and I just wanted to say that being able to do that helped a lot. Please don't worry about it huh?
I got into imageboards 5 years ago and with the current pandemic around I really wish I've discovered early enough to lurk /ebola/, now that some anon here mentioned it. It has been so fun seeing eberrything develop this year, but I wood've loved to see the development of the original virus-tan. The aura from lurking on the remnants on 8kun just gives this careless joy that the first months of this year gave, though they seemed to last a bit longer in 2014.
Open file (413.49 KB 680x680 1593317273504.png)
>>1791 2014-2016 was a high water mark for imageboards and internet culture, better even than initial /b/, imo. The attrition and burnout started to show about mid-2017 and by 2019 things were really ship. I think the webring is a good stopgap until someone writes a distributed system.
How do i fug waifu ;_;
>>1794 You need to go to heaven first and there you can fug as much as you like. However, this is a world full of suffering and you gotta get through it first.
2015 onwards was certainly not a high for any any imageboards outside /pol/ or most of the people inside. Gamergate, mass influx from reddit and facebook to /pol/ and the election year in general (astroturfing state-sponsored shills suck whether they agree with you or not) destroyed a few boards and spilled out over many more. It set in motion the biggest downfall of 4chan (even topping the 'INTERNET HATE MACHINE' and mobileposter crises) and lead to gookmoot finally taking over and adding malware ads and shilling for 4chan passes. The only reason I could consider it a high point was that it prompted a mass exodus from 4chan and its issues (most specifically Google and ship staff).
Thanks to anon.cafe, /pol/ is finally comfy again.
>>1797 Comfy sure but almost dead. I need to wrote more poems there to bump it up our PPH list. I might post some poetry and lit from other people just to start a discussion or two. This will be my reminder.
>>1793 I don't know if it's because I stopped caring as much as I used to, but I find myself enjoying IBs much more than I used to. Previous years I was just kind of lurking eberrywhere and absorving info like a sponge, but now I just know what content I like, what people I like to be with, and how do I want to feel, and that is all /comfy/. No meaningless fights, no dumb gatekeeping, no bad vibes, just comfy. Learning something useful and being /comfy/ is the best choice I am making right now
I dont know what anime,manga,games are good anymore. I dont know what to play or watch. I feel like i have nothing. If i cant cope with anime,manga or games then what am i supposed to do? I have nothing. Im sick of it. How did my life end up like this?
>>1796 /pol/ got hit worse than any where. It's no longer worth reading. >>1802 Being a pussy doesn't stop people ruining your body. You complain about gate keeping and then expect to keep what you like from being destroyed. If you don't gate keep you get /r9k/ which is now known more for it's cancer then it's original userbase.
Open file (964.80 KB 498x266 feels wave.gif)
There is no need to be upset. Anger leads to destruction and may hurt your loved ones. Rejecting something doesn't make you a complete enemy of it, just that it's a fine characteristic that isn't the whole focus of your life. Though I do have to admit that since I've been acting less aggresive I'm more fearful of eberrything, as if eberry moment I'm not doing something I'm commiting a felony. I'm always expecting to get my head hit for some reason, and this same fear is obstructing me to do something productive. So it's like a negativity feedback feeding itself neverendingly.
>>1820 Anger leads to motivation. Motivation leads to change. Change fixes the problems that made you angry. To not be angry makes you worthless because it means you don't care about anything enough.
>>1822 Anger is only effective when you control it.
>>1822 Depression in appropriate situations can serve as a self-preservation mechanism, preventing you from going kamikaze in a blind rage.
Open file (1.35 MB 540x302 15483286024.gif)
>>1822 >Anger leaves to motivation Explain all the houses where husbands kill their families and themselves later then. Anger may be the reason as to why prisons are filled to the brim, along with ethnical issues already known and lack of morals due to necessity If it's good for you, dandy, but sadly others end up expressing their anger in the worst manners possible. I know because I'm one of them, I almost got to prison because of it. Trucking retard
>>1823 Which as an adult male you should be able to do. Emotions are fuel for greatness, they're not a means to an end on their own. >>1827 >Explain all the houses where husbands kill their families and themselves later then. Explain all the houses where the husband kills an intruder who tried to harm his family. Anger is a tool it's the same way vigilante justice can be a mob hunting an innocent man or removing a rapist from the streets the police refuse to touch. You can't control your anger because you haven't learned to use it. You're still mentally a child and so you think anger is bad. A man knows how to control his emotions.
>>1836 You didn't explain the former though, just mention an exception to the rule. Anger in the right moment can and should save lives. Living in anger is just searching for misery, and bottled anger bursting out just leads to complete destruction, like the riots that just happened a month ago >You're still mentally a child and so you think anger is bad No, I think living solely on anger is bad. You're not going to send me to prison
>>1838 And defending your home isn't even anger, it's just righteous justice and what has to be done. Next you're going to tell me that to squeeze lemons you need to be pissed then you should be pissed 24/7 and let you be used as a tool erratically and that all acts of terrorism are just motivation and what has to be done. You follow your philosophy of destruction, the only thing I want to do in life is to create but to learn to create you need to be patient and tender, not mad because then you're left writing paragraphs and paragraphs. Guess I should stop lurking here then.
>>1839 *wanted to do in life
>>1839 Righteous justice is anger. If you aren't angry about a man breaking into your home and endangering your family then you don't love your family. You've got this weird Jewish morality going on where you separate good violence from anger and only associate it with bad violence. You want to be a docile little sheep who hides away from emotions which force you into action. Anger doesn't mean you immediately act unless you're a moron. You don't have to be calm to create, the most creative times in human history are during war. Nothing makes technology grow faster than a war does. And as someone who is creative and not a weeaboo posting screencaps I can tell you anger makes me berry creative. If I can't get a colour just right it will annoy me, that annoyance will lead me to trying harder to fix it until I do get it right. Anger motivated me to be a better artist, to create better work. If I had just been calm I wood of left it inferior. Tell us all what you did to end up in prison. Admit you're at fault and you're looking for excuses to stop taking responsibility for yourself. So instead of facing reality you try to hide from it. It's the classic born again christian mentality of "I was a drug addict whore so eberryone else is as bad as me and I need to save them all now".
>>1782 If there's a problem that affects us then it's no good to ignore it, anon.
>>1796 Most of the people posting on the webring frequently used the small boards on 8chan. /bane/, /ebola/ and /monster/ all come to mind as great boards that were great well through 2015, and /sp/ did some really good getball. 2015 was definitely not that bad of a year for imageboards.
I just spent the morning doing absolutely nothing because I'm waiting for a database to be updated, I feel guilty
>>1859 It's good to relax sometimes, the human lifespan is as long as it is so we can have time to stop and rest.

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