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Open file (191.53 KB 850x531 spring_forest.jpg)
Anon 05/09/2023 (Tue) 02:37:28 No.5351
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #7 Springtime Edition Prervious >>1956
>>7190 >I don't like the fall colors It should not be tolerated XD Kidding, I understand how it can affect someone negatively. There are some ways to mitigate seasonal depression, maybe try eat more fruits and vegetables, take some food supplements, improve your sleep schedule... But I guess you're already knowing these stuffs. Be brave anon. I'm ill today and I have to go to night working. I tell my boss I wood not be productive because I'm like a bag of tiredness and pain, he said it's OK. I wood like to rest at home but I know there is nobody to replace me tonight...
Open file (169.48 KB 2000x2000 blaupunkt-2000w-heater.jpg)
Recently moved into a bretty cacaty apartment with improperly sealed windows and broken radiators, but this little guy is keeping me comfy. I love my heater. I might name them.
>>7198 Your landlord's not your friend, Anon. If you can strongarm them into fixing things by using the (also not your friend) local authorities, then I'd suggest you do so. Winter's going to be berry cold. Don't wait, do it now before it gets severe.
>>7199 I don't really have the time to go back and forth with them. If I spend my day focusing on how bad this place is I might just an hero. No amount of nips and tucks will make it better. I plan to leave early next year anyway. Just gonna hunker down and stay comfy. That's how I stay happy.
>>7200 Fair enough, I hope you carry through exactly with your plan. In the meantime, a) buy two more heaters -- you'll need them, and b) do eberrything you can to caulk up the cracks, etc., on your own. The Hawk is going to bite hard this Winter, Anon. Good luck.
Open file (135.58 KB 828x600 farm.jpg)
hello /comfy/. all this gardening talk makes me want to finish at least one harvest moon game
>>7203 Sounds /comfy/. Good luck Anon. :)
>>7195 I guess I'd just be better off in a warmer, sunnier climate. >I'm ill today and I have to go to night working. I tell my boss I wood not be productive because I'm like a bag of tiredness and pain, he said it's OK. I wood like to rest at home but I know there is nobody to replace me tonight... Having to go into work when you're sick really sucks. Like you said, it's hard to get anything done when you're tired and in pain and just want to go home.
>>7208 It was a berry difficult night, but I managed. Today I'm better, but I have to wash my sheets because I've been sweating a lot because of the fever. I've been having the strangest fever dreams... Yesterday I spent the day at home but I couldn't get anything done, I spent the day lying comfortably dazed.
Came down with something today too like eberryone else on this thread. Staying in bed with a pot of minestrone soup. Stay /comfy/.
>>7220 Get better soon, Anon! :)
I just ate lefse for the first time in decades. Now I'm stuffed. >>7212 Fevers are the worst. Going to work with a cold isn't necessarily all that bad, but fevers really make it hard to do anything.
>>7220 >>7212 >>7208 Is all of /comfy/ sick? I hope all you anons get better soon. >>7203 Reminds me that I need to play Shepherd's Crossing some time.
Open file (65.06 KB 456x531 1656285653295.jpg)
You guys ever had someone who had an unhealthy obsession with you? I just wood like to know why some people act like they can break your trust and then act like the victim when you don't want to see them again. Also, I can't sleep. Hilariously enough, because I also have an unhealthy obsession with someone, but because I know it's better for her for me to not intervene, I try to be as distant as possible as I can.
Open file (339.57 KB 1514x1136 salad.jpeg)
>>7227 >anons get better soon Since friday, no bettering. I'm usually not sick more than 2 days so today I will see the doctor. Also I crave for a Piedmontese salad. Take care of you /comfy/
Garden update. I've had at least two pumpkins bloom last week and it looks like they're pollinated. Days are getting cooler and soon it'll be frost season so I'll need some row covers to pull them through I think. But if I can make it to the end of October I believe that they'll mature enough. >>7235 Is that a savory salad? From the thumb it looked almost something like a watergate salad. >so today I will see the doctor I hope he can give you something to help.
>>7227 Can anyone recommend any supplements for people who otherwise get sick regularly? My roommate is sick because I gave him cheese and bread using hands that had touched the packaging that my dad had touched earlier. I ate the same cheese and bread. I'm not sick. He takes multivitamins and they absolutely do not work. The level of hygiene required to keep this guy well... I fear for when he's old. I want to help. >>7230 Research limerence, love sickness and love addiction. Unlike a woman you're capable to study and improve yourself. Even if you're not one of those absolute addicts, it tells you why you make decisions while your view of the world is distorted and has become not objective any more. I chose the cold turkey drop rather than being an orbiter at least in my case. She did not respect how in love I evidently became, it's bretty typical. Also the attachment mechanisms wiki article if you feel like it. Apex mindset, and dread game theory if you want behavioral case studies. October Man Theory/Sequence if you want to study how relationship dynamics feed off of the back of negative reinforcement. Kids need to learn the actual what habbens in relationships and not "how not to be a rapist - t. all men" while celebrating buggery month.
>>7237 >Can anyone recommend any supplements for people who otherwise get sick regularly? Vitamin C and zinc are always good. Vitamin K & D complex can help too. Other than that if he's already sick, echinacea-goldenseal, assuming he doesn't have severe composite family allergies.
>>7237 >Unlike a woman you're capable to study and improve yourself That's a berry stupid thing to say, considering that the stalker that I got is a man who broke my trust by being a secretive snake and taking without ever giving. But fine, let's pretend women are not capable of doing or being anything but babymaking machines
>>7237 Wood it be wrong to recommend drinking green tea? I've previously been addicted to drinking it but whenever I got sick I'd drink the stuff and it wood just work. Different things for different people I guess. On another note, your second reply sounds a bit weird to me. Are you trying to give advice or shrimply preach something that isn't exactly helpful to anon?
>>7236 >the salad Hey, maybe the name differs depending where you live. Basically it's potatoes, ham, tomatoes and pickles in a mayonnaise. I added more pickles because... I LOVE pickles ! >>7236 >I hope he can give you something to help. He gave me treatment against fever and told me I just need to rest for few days. Most importantly he gave me a "sick leave" for work so I can take care of me a little.
>>7239 >I so can TOO take the advice Great. While I wood not rule it out, I typically woodn't try to help women because I'm an asshole is all I couldn't advise on how to put off a woman's obsessive followings because I dunno, I guess the same tactic in reverse, but to put a man off just be like eberry other girl he's ever likely to meet. Be the opposite of an angel in his company. Get loud, physically heavy-handed about eberrything and I mean even subtle stuff like closing a window, steal stupid caca like stationery then gaslight about how it was your property all along. You can basically be as cruel as you want too, if you like so long the man is clever; it correlates to having impulse control and so he's unlikely to put a dent in your skull if that is the case. Bear in mind women get off on degradation and on picturing the man crying in the corner while they quack some other fella, so maybe don't let things get THAT far as weaker men are still dangerous men. Better yet if you actually care about the guy, tell him he needs to do the things that I told YOU to do and that he has a problem that warps his reality and that it's treatable. He should listen regardless of whether you're being sympathetic or being accusatory. I can't comment either way on being a slippery snake behaviorally. Basically confront directly if he's not a sub-human. >>7242 I can do it, not sure it'll help much more than fresh air will. I meant to give him something that will be preventative. Study behavioral dynamics. It's my savior gospel. You're not damned without it but you're better off with it. If it should help tear down the old church and build another one, then good, but that wood be a side-effect of it. Don't worship it. It's main job is to help you. And remember to make lots of babies =)
schizo above me
>>7244 > I typically woodn't try to help women because I'm an asshole is all A) There are no women on the Internets, and B) you're not being an asshole, merely sensible. :^) Women have proven themselves (in general) countless times to be faithless humans, with little agency above a child. It's only reasonable after say, the 100 billionth time this has habbened, to not be gullible any longer, and treat them exactly as the irresponsible children that they are.
Open file (736.52 KB 636x844 38jgpn.png)
I went to turn on my NES, and I got blue screens and scrambled-looking games. I had it sitting in a container, so dust shouldn't be to blame. This sucks. I hope the pin thing doesn't need to be replaced or straightened out, but it looks like I'm still going to have to open the system up.
>>7252 I've got the same problem with my SNES and I don't even know where to start.
>>7253 I know the NES has a reputation for the connector doohickey going bad. I wonder if the same thing habbens to the SNES. It seems like it doesn't quite have the same reputation for problems that the NES has.
hello comfy. im preparing mentally myself for the bike ride tomorrow. and hoping playing some ETS2 with some buddies tonight.
>>7272 Is it a race or a difficult ride ? Have fun anyway.
Open file (180.96 KB 1245x1010 Pikachu-Stetson-Space.jpg)
Getting the strong urge to get good at Melee and enter local tournaments. The scene seems berry comfy.
Haven't been here in a while but it's finally starting to be comfy season where I am so I've been spending more time in the little corners of the internet I used to lurk around. Brings back so many memories...
Now the illness had fade away. Despite having to spend my sunday night at work and being a bit tired, I'm in a good mood. I'm feeling romantic as quack and I enjoy it. Hope you'll all have a good sunday night :)
>>7284 Glad you're having a good night, Anon. Cheers! :)
This album is wonderful, one of my fav from the shoegaze genre.
Some days off work, I feel so comfy rn. Listen music, cooking and spending some well deserved time with the gf.
>>7175 >>7178 Update: My little pumpkins have set at least 2 fruits and they're growing quickly to good size. For the kind of pumpkin that they are anyway. I'll be getting at least one more bloom this week, this time of a different, slightly larger, strain of the same landrace of pumpkin. It was my intention to combine the two over a few seasons so that I wood have access to both kinds of fruits from the same patch. I've also started having (male) flowers from my figleaf pumpkin. Not much chance of it setting fruit this late but I enjoy watching it grow anyway. It'll fill up my yard with pumpkin vines for October. I need to take a cutting of that one and bring it inside under bright light before it gets chilled some time next month.
>>7301 Nice. Congratz, Anon.
Hope eberryone have a good day :)
>>7301 Bigger type female is blooming this morning. I'm starting to push the season but days have still been hot and will likely continue until towards the end of October. I need to get some row cover. If I can combine it with that and possibly a light tarp I should be able to get pumpkins to mature. >>7305 I've still got some bug. Otherwise bretty good.
>>7273 thanks. it was a tough one
>>7306 >If I can combine it with that and possibly a light tarp I should be able to get pumpkins to mature. Sounds a plan, good luck Anon!
not feeling too /comfy/ anons, right side of my face/body has been paining bretty bad. other than that I've been playing some mystery dungeon on my phone. it's a comfy game but bretty boring in the beginning (sorry if i posted an image from the second one its all I have on my computer rn)
>>7310 Hope you'll get better anon, take care of you :(
>>7309 I'll try to take some pictures when I harvest them and share them with /comfy/.
Open file (186.66 KB 995x525 Paul-Desmond-Blinks.jpg)
Making friends in this new place I've moved to. Was worried my 'tism wood scare people away. But I've found people who are pleasant to be around, even if they aren't quite on my wavelength. Keep bouncing :D
>>7324 That's good news then, Anon. May your new place become berry, berry comfy for you! Cheers. :)
I miss my anon friend who liked architecture, sports cars, and dark fantasy. I hope you're OK wherever you are.
Open file (72.35 KB 640x360 Mr-Tea-Infuser.jpg)
Is anyone here big into tea? It's been keeping me comfy while the seasons change. What are you favorite types?
>>7339 I use to be but I haven't had the time in several years. >What are you favorite types? I'm not sure if these count as "tea" proper but I always use to enjoy herbal and fruit teas like mint or chamomile or combinations of raspberry and roselle (usually just referred to generically as hibiscus.)
>>7339 >that steeper tho Lol.

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