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Open file (1.43 MB 2560x1440 hammock.jpg)
Anon 05/27/2021 (Thu) 21:58:02 No.4886
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #5 Sunshine edition Previous: >>3183
Have been meaning to ask: Maybe it's about time to make a new thread? Winter / End of year edition?
>>6156 This one's not full yet
>>6157 OP does not match the season though. Not berry comfy...
Just found the site and the board. I have to say it lives up to the name, the conversation and atmosphere are quite comfortable.
>>6161 It does below the equator
I was wondering. Does 4chanX work with anon.cafe yet? I can't seem to figure it out. Not having some of the convenient features it provides seems berry uncomfy to me
I found a really cool spiritual dude, who explains a lot thing while being fun. https://www.rahanspirituality.com/healthenvironment/10-things-to-improve-your-health I think a lot people could learn from him a great deal.
Open file (909.64 KB 292x255 spongebob-fast.gif)
Open file (2.59 MB 1167x1715 87426094_p0.png)
Eberrybody got their tree up?
>>6167 Different board software. It can't work.
Im feeling sleepy and berry comfy It's berry warm in here
Anyone feeling generous? BTC: 1N9zuVxL3na4ojByQmafWhuFMiMvHhn2FN
My first visit.
can i post?
odd, I can't post here from firefox, but I can from chromium maybe I have something in my uBlock Origin list that doesn't let me post
No I have nothing This is really weird, why can't i post from firefox?
Open file (76.27 KB 762x762 1638468809236.jpg)
ok, NOW I can sorry for all of this, have a good day
>>6220 Hello and welcome. Are those bunnies? Cute.
Open file (948.26 KB 499x477 snow.gif)
>>6227 They're chinchillas.
>>6240 Merry Christmas /comfy/
>>4919 Listening to the rain and occasional thunder while warm and snug in bed is peak comfy. >>4926 >The north can be pretty comfy, but from what I understand, they can get pretty uncomfy with having snow and cold weather for four to six months of the year. I live in the north and we have about 4 months of snow plus a wet/cold November. We get by since we appreciate the need for staying comfy. See "koselig".
>>6240 >>6240 Merry Christmas Anon!
>>5499 ZARDOZ A R D O Z
Happy New Year comfy frens!
Water is boiling for green tea, Hilda S2 is installed and soon The movie will be installed too, this will be one good night
>>6248 Happy New Year, /comfy/ ! Make it a great year please, thx.
i love this board
>>4886 This hammock is making me feel things. While I like a bit of fog and rain, some sunny days right now wood be welcome, oh well, it'll be Spring again in the blink of an eye anyways.
It is berry snowy and chilly where I am now.
>>6263 Same. I'm sick of it.
>>6263 Man, I miss when we used to get more snow. Hasn't snowed properly in years, always just a couple of days per winter now
Open file (1002.77 KB 968x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6263 Where I live, it hasn't snowed for some time, though I should expect it since I live in a rather southern country. Though, it does get unnecessarily cold from time to time.
>Post here when you visit /comfy/ Hello /comfy/
Reminder that AGDQ is running this week.
Open file (137.38 KB 810x1000 Дед_Мороз.jpg)
How has eberryone's new year been so far? Merry Christmastide to all Russian anons.
>>6275 Not good nor bad, best part was the christmas celebrations in /christmas/, thats for sure.
Just slept for 13 hours. Feels bretty gud.
>>6281 I get a headache whenever I try to sleep more than 8 hours or less than 6 hours.
The first real snow of the year happened where I'm at. It's not even berry cold and the wind is calm. If I didn't have these sniffeles and sinus headache I could completely enjoy it stress free.
Open file (79.24 KB 469x413 sad_gondola.png)
My lady-slipper orchid failed its blooming cycle. I don't know what caused it but this is the first time it ever happened. If it doesn't generate new buds then I'll have to wait an entire 'nother year for it to bloom again.
I feel comfy, because GIMP works on Alpine. Krita and eberrything that uses GTK+3 is flickering. LEL GNOME is cancer Good software is rare and should be cherished. :^ - ^
>>6287 Do you need some plant nurturing books?
>>6289 I'm fairly good with plants to tell the truth and I've had this orchid for around 10 years and she's never failed to bloom before. The thing is the orchid didn't just simply not bloom. It produced 3 bloom spikes and they got to the point where they were just getting ready to expand the flower buds when they all suddenly turned yellow and died. The plants themselves look fine the only thing I can figure is that maybe I let the pot get too dry at a critical time and the flowers were aborted.
Bored of the internet already. Wonder if that’s eberry going to change
comfy chan. i like it.
what the quack is she saying in Loomer bros... mbv is on to something here
I hope eberryone is having a berry comfy friday.
>>6305 My fry day has been berry comf, how has yours been?

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