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Open file (1.43 MB 2560x1440 hammock.jpg)
Anon 05/27/2021 (Thu) 21:58:02 No.4886
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #5 Sunshine edition Previous: >>3183
Should try to read than get stressed,is what i wanna say but most material is against me as usual. "Think about those with less." Yes. Like the distant one man battle shinji ikari does against the a group of EVA type.... no wait he didnt.
quack the majority i guess. being like a child and completely "loving myself" like how eberryone does. as someone said "i dont care. i have done my responsibility!" is the ironic nonsense i can only repeat since i cannot acquire any new skills completely nor usefully. Goobered
well with C and I being the onset of majority, respecting the elder and whatsoever it seems i also have to do the stoopy job that takes 10 people too. how fair. no wonder C failed. now wonder I is cacating itself. you didnt have a quacking talent for it. Give up and die, it says but you went ahead and blew eberryone. How superb. Kicking ass at kids despite being more "loved". No different than the cow worshippers state of corruption i guess.
well no worries i am good i am perfect i am the best pilot my friends come at bell ring like waiters i have 8 arms and i excel at eberrything eberryone loves from all kinds of spectrum and i always have billions to donate and still have trillions to stack and have a bath with i also am a certified legalized pedophile so berry easily competing with anyone and anybody my life is good, why should i try so hard for something so miniscule?
also eberryone understands and supports me since i live in another human bubble of reality, my competitive nature will affect or hurt nobody so uh nvm this is SMT caca and generally eberryone moves away from my street and they are al richer and cooler so i am totally on the side of winning and caca blabla
i should be grateful but i dont need to the president is praying my thanks for me duh also a gifted certified pedophile basically not some, berry slow unlucky goober.
complaining about me not sucking up to friends i dont like, i guess you also dislike your friends huh? but somehow modulate better than me on average of course. am i still in the lucky side? keep listening you complaint now without being able to retort anything worthwhile or even equal grounds. somehow losing to you all the time dont make me smarter either, are you actually teaching or just being trashy goober? maybe your friends should all die and burn so you can be the poor hobo and i ll do the job with the "friends" i excel, help me leverage my score once awhile you worthless needy loser nvm, i support your bullying. IT MEANS I GET TO BULLY YOU TOO DONT I
i am also sucking up to all these ugly things o didnt really care before duh. praise me for that at least. cant wait for the end war that is heaven and hell it seems full of self pitying idiots, so it s gonna be fun to watch
>>5643 Nature is super comf.
>>5662 We live in extreme times.
>>4902 i went drinking a couple days ago, and i realised then that we were really only convincing ourselves this was more fun than just hanging out. we're a tightly knit group of friends, and we don't need to drink to feel at ease with each other, so why bother? plus caca's expensive, i drank a whole £8 bottle of vodka out there (350ml)
hello it's my first time here and i don't know what's going on around here. red beans paste is tasty
Open file (448.40 KB 480x480 XTWkUg.webm)
>>5693 well, welcome! Don't feel stressed about needing to paticipate in conversations. Lurk around and stay /comfy/.
What is with all the weird spam on comfy?
>>5746 Are you talking about those rambling schizo posts?
Open file (3.61 MB 480x404 1628373972596.gif)
>>5596 they reconsidered, it's desvenlafaxine that i suggested myself many months ago (which they forgot about), and also to my great surprise pregabalin and to use it daily and i'm not so sure about this i've been off meds for a month and i feel better, more energized, absence of side effects is berry nice, but i'm less productive which i care about a lot, i am not finishing anything i start, even tiny things like move photos from my phone
>>5751 Yes.
Open file (65.55 KB 640x637 0c8eabc283703d82.jpg)
>>5756 I'm sorry you're not feeling productive. That's how I am on my mood stabilizer, ironically. Or it's probably just one of many other drugs I'm on. Or my depression is just too powerful.
>>5763 This should have a Nightmare Warning!
Open file (1.23 MB 1280x1920 download (2).jpeg)
Open file (6.09 MB 5120x3200 download (1).jpeg)
Open file (2.34 MB 5788x3646 1631358819285.jpg)
I sleep too much.
Lots more pictures of hugs! https://neckbeard.xyz/hugbot
Open file (12.77 MB 4441x6213 92708207_p1.png)
Postponed all my worries Comfy day today
>>5794 Olá, meu amigo. Bem-vindo a / comfy/.
>>5800 You sound nice!
>>4987 posting
Open file (3.25 MB 336x480 1632014665798.gif)
Open file (74.16 KB 500x702 heybuddyclownworld.jpg)
Open file (153.96 KB 1001x823 happy wojack sunset.jpg)
I don't really have anywhere else to say this but I just wanted to tell my imageboard bros that I at 22 years old held hands with a girl. I never thought it was possible. that is all
>>5824 Nice! Don't let imageboard culture get you down. :)
>>5824 > at 22 Normies.
>>5824 Does shaking hands over an agreement counts? If so I held hands with my crush once.
>>5832 thanks lad >>5834 I'm becoming a proto-normie now and I can blend in which I think is pretty neat as long as I don't expose my power levels, but I do anyway because I don't really care that much about looking weird anymore I guess >>5835 I guess it does, kind of. The only time I held hands with a girl before this was in middle school when my crush held my hand and I was speechless only to find out that her friends dared her to do it and she said "ew" afterwards. that one hurt for sure
quack you. what a bunch of hypocrites. you say you know me and will justly avoid hurting...ah wait there it is. you ll always hurt. just because your gift is so special and important, you think you have all the right to disappoint me. despite me trying so hard to not do the caca i am not supposed to, and yet you quacked me over and destroy eberrything i build just to spite me eberry single moment hah i dont even think you read this because you never care you care only to win.
go ahead and kill you worthless clucks. thats all you are good for anyway maybe you never existed. maybe i never its not like you need anything to exist but you
since you all win me so much already and is correct compared to anything i say i guess you wont be going to heaven anymore lol you dont need math or science or ruler or counting its always correct whatever you say so... i guess you ll be going to hell? haha
tldr cuz you are lazy
threatened to be raped and mutilated sexually by islam unless i do hugs and kisses and trespass their personal table while declaring it illegal this is how open minded islam is i guess
at class, not berry comfy tbh lost my motivation have a nice day anons

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