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Comfy Animals Anon 12/29/2022 (Thu) 14:50:20 No.464
Open file (567.53 KB 1600x1063 binturong-534078_1920.jpg)
>>2623 That's good at least.
Open file (355.66 KB 956x1536 comfy_kot.jpg)
>>2702 Berry comfy kitteh!
Open file (3.77 MB 510x640 knoxy-knox.gif)
>>2984 What a good doggo! I love that breed. :)
>>2985 Same. I love their personalities.
Open file (1.29 MB 400x224 Hammock Dogs.mp4)
Open file (61.48 KB 660x880 Flk7c-qXwAIfU5R.jpg)
Open file (132.06 KB 739x673 1673791101719323.jpg)
>>3826 I'll see your doggo, and raise you a Deer-sama.
Open file (88.85 KB 750x750 1548707117728.jpg)
Open file (1.45 MB 460x816 aYVQWeq_460sv.mp4)
Open file (220.47 KB 1500x1855 51m3MEME270223.jpg)
>real world gondola
Open file (36.27 KB 546x545 bred_doge.jpeg)
>>4726 lol
>>4726 >in bread dogs
Open file (271.76 KB 901x1200 animal_28.jpg)
>>4726 lol
Open file (1.77 MB 1893x774 stare.png)
When I feel a litlle bit sad, I look at this image. Nothing more comforting as the pooping doge stare.
Open file (11.48 MB 640x360 bathtime_owl.mp4)
Open file (7.87 MB 640x360 bavi_bath.mp4)
Open file (1006.64 KB 640x360 relax_owl_float.mp4)
Open file (4.41 MB 720x1280 watering frogs.webm)
>>4769 Cute birbs!
Open file (188.49 KB 640x799 faon-fleur.jpg)
>>4816 I think one of those frogs is a crocodile.
>>4816 all I can think of when I see that
>>4891 W... Why does big birb pour oil on owl ?
Open file (170.28 KB 1200x767 o.jpg)
>>4900 Dr. Seuss teaches the alphabet and that is page 'O'
>>4915 Oh I see. Makes sense in english yes.
Open file (71.02 KB 600x800 og.jpeg)
Open file (14.47 MB 432x768 ride_da_wave.mp4)
Open file (5.51 MB 480x360 catworm.mp4)
Open file (288.89 KB 1052x1022 caipycat.jpg)
Open file (3.59 MB 1080x1920 tapir-gratouille.mp4)
>>5104 I used to have a pet hedgehog. Unfortunately, the poor little guy was old and sick and didn't live berry long after my family got him.
Open file (2.74 MB 1280x720 ravens in the snow.mp4)
>>6386 Thanks Anon, Raveys are awesome! >from the 'Did you know?' dept: For some measure of 'intelligence', did you know that Ravens are literally the 2nd most-intelligent species on the planet (behind homo sapiens sapiens). Smarter than any form of whale, smarter than any form of mammal other than us, smarter than any other birb (Jays are next) or fish. >tl;dr Raveys get a bad rap, Anon. Don't add to the problem Love your local Raveys today! :)
>>6387 Where I work, I sometimes deal with birbs stuck in the grain elevators and I can assure you ravens are by far the cleverest when I try to catch them to set them free. They litteraly brainquack me. The dumbest birds I have to catch are by far the pigeons (those are bretty easy to catch). I love ravens, they are beautiful and misunderstood birds and have an important value in the folklore and ancient mystic.
>>6386 Those guys are clearly just playing around in the snow for fun, just the way some kids might do so.
one of my outdoor dogs has been inside the past week and a half since he recently got neutered. it's been bretty comf having him with me at night:)
Open file (161.23 KB 1175x716 doog.jpg)
>>6493 It's always a nice feeling having a good dog at home. They can bring so much life and happines in our life.
Open file (3.01 MB 480x640 lick-pug.gif)
Open file (7.55 MB 638x640 hug-cuddle.gif)
>>6497 Dogs really are man's best friend.
Open file (87.38 KB 750x905 1690840652148.jpg)
Open file (505.52 KB 1440x1800 micedance.jpeg)
>>6609 sleepy cat is sleeping :)
>>6556 tbh love giving the dog a cuddle maximum comfort achieved
>>6626 cuddling the dog is an instant soul heal.
>>6626 >>6627 >>6556 My kitty cuddled with me the exact same way last night.
>>6654 my dog kinda acts like a cat but is dog sized so the best of both worlds
>>6668 I was going to say that I've found some of the best cats are the ones that are a little bit "puppyish".
>>6693 Canine and feline energy in the same animal is a good mixture. My dog lounges around and refuses to interact like most dogs do (tail wagging, greeting you at the door etc.) but he sits in the room near me like a cat does. I'd call it "aloof companionship". In other way's hes like a dog especially when it comes to begging for food or going on walks. But sometimes I cant tell if he was raised with cats originally because of his behaviour - hes a rescue dog I bought from a shelter when he was 7 years old so no idea what his upbringing was like.
Open file (1.48 MB 360x640 kop1s.mp4)
>>7197 >It's all fun and games until the kitten grows into a cat What could possibly go wrong?

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