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Anon 05/07/2021 (Fri) 18:27:15 No.4616
The adventures of the Traveller and Genet Season 2 Previous season: >>4369 The stage is set ten years after the encounter with the wicked merchant Olivarius:
"Perhaps we should go on a trip, you've never left the village have you?" said the Traveller.
"I wood love to travel with you and Genet," she stepped on the table and held her fork like s swork, her poise was impressively correct for her age " Helping the poor, fighting dragons,making fortune between villages, finding talking animals to befriend, it wood be awesome" She said dramaticaly, Genet purst into laughter right before she finished and now the furball was rolling on the ground.
Genet looked out through the window and saw that mighty tree on the hilltop where she met the traveller glistening in the sunlight, “Why did the tree turn into gold and silver” said Genet not knowing that she said it aloud.
“I don’t know, old friend” answered the traveller, “I once wrote about wanting to know the secrets of that tree in my journal but I, as you remember, accidentally dropped it into the river Kidra under the great bridge three years ago.”
"Maybe i will find the secrets of the tree!" Matilda said excitedly," We can go on a adventure together to reveal Tree's secrets" I can't believe 4624 called the Genet "his cat"
"Oh, finish your breakfast first" said Traveller in an amused voice. "You can go on an adventure when you have what it takes" this isn't making sense the tree is berry far away
"What do you mean?" said a flustered Matilda. "I'm ready to go right now. I'm sure I can find the tree and uncover its secrets!"
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Traveller got up to see who it could be.
It was a young man, dressed in beautiful garments who was also the same age as the traveller.
"The tree is in danger" said the young man named Elavon. >>4646 perhaps the traveller renovated and enlarged Olivarius' house during the past ten years which made it possible to see the tree from the window
The confused Traveller turned around to look at Matilda and Genet to see if it was some sort of practical joke, untill a rock hit him on the back of the head and eberrything went black.
Matilda and Genet crying "CORNELIUS" in unison was the last thing he heard as he drifted out of consciousness and felt his body being dragged out of the doorway. We are past season 1 and we still don't know what the traveller's name is lol. His name is Cornelius
Genet and Matilda had none of it and quickly moved to attack the wicked invaders. >>4651 maybe she just imagined it >>4654 I thought his name was Traveller
There were 2 soldiers alongside a long female figure at the doorstep alongside the Elavon who was wearing a dirty smirk on his face. i wood rather always call him the Traveller Maybe they aren't in Olivarius's home, i think they wood rather live away from the village and villagers considering Genet didn't like the village to begin with.
The soldiers held back Genet and Matilda with their lances, while Traveller was being dragged away.
The party left on a black cart drawn by beautiful white horses, leaving Genet and Matilda alone. "Where are you taking him?!" they asked, but received no response.
They ran after it until it outpaced them, and as they watched it drive away, Matilda asked Genet: "He's gone! What are we gonna do now?"
"We have to ask the Tree for what he wants us to do, we can't fight with whatever we are facing." they started walking towards the tree. Why do they always seperate?
Traveller awoke in a room lit by candles. He was bound to a stool, and Elavon and the woman were facing him.
>>4681 cause it makes some good yarn
They were talking when Traveller woke up,"I gave you eberrything you asked, what do you mean i won't deserve my reward?", women was smirking as Elavon spoke, she was playing with 2 dices on her hand. can we end spoilers with '&' soo i can find them easily while formatting the txt? 4683 i can write better if they were in the same place tbh&
"Oh just be patient, why are you always in such a rush?" she replied. "Ah, look..., our prince has woken up."
Matilda and Genet began the three day journey toward the Tree. Matilda was happy to finally go on an adventure, but she was worried about Traveller.
On the first day Matilda walked all day without rest; she carried Genet on her shoulder when she was tired.
"Tell me what you want from me" Traveller said while his head was still hurting.
"A impatient one,aren't you" she said "but i like impatient ones, they make unpredictible choices, lets talk about botanics, ones that turn gold especially" she said calmly then looked at the dices she was rolling on her palm,both were 1, "Oh my, you are one unlucky soul,Elavon"
"What do you mean?... Who are you?" Traveller tried to get up from his chair, but he was bound. Elavon got up, he said "I'll leave you two alone," and left the room, closing a heavy door behind him.
"Skin him alive" the mysterious figure screamed towards the heavy door, "i thought travellers were smart,darling" she said calmly contrary to her anger a second ago,"tell me what you know about that tree near your home, i know you have a relation with it".
"Nothing, it's just a tree" Traveller started becoming nervous. "I don't know anything...!"
She looked at her dices that had two 6, then said, " I know you do just like i know how i can make you say them but dices say i should be good you you, what shall i do to make you spill your knowledge"she said seductively, sound of a fight were heard outside the heavy door.
"Okay, okay, I once sat under it and it's where I met my friend Genet, is that what you want to know?"
"Genet, eh?" she asked, "...tell me more of this Genet, and what it has to do with the tree?"
"She talks, thats all i know about her" she looked at the Traveller with a raised eyebrow "she doesn't know anythin about the tree, thats what she says at least" where did all the activity go this season.&
He hardly finished the sentence when the door swung open, a man in a purple robe walked in smiling, accompanied by guards. "Well, well, well" he said, "Cornelius, you've made it here at last. I, am the Queen of Chaos, and this is my lair!"
"Perposterous!" exclaimed the Traveller, "How is it that a man can be a queen? 'T'will be many centuries yet before the prophecised Current Year."
"I woodn't be chaos queen if i cared about the prophecy " he said, "don't you dare lie to me ,darling what did he said?" he said to the mysterious women.
"Oh well, he's acting super silly, your majesty..." the woman said. The Queen glared at Traveller, responded and said "well let's lock him up for a few days and see how it treats him... Guards! Away with him!"
While Traveller sat in his cell, unsure of what awaited him, Genet and Matilda reached the River Kidra and decided to rest for the night.
They drank from its clean, refreshing water and made themselves a bed in the bushes - keen on avoiding being spotted.
"This is not how i imagined my first adventure" Matilda said as she nibbled on a piece of bread," I thought Traveller wood be with me"
"Oh Matilda, this is exactly how I remember my first adventures with Traveller ... it was just the two of us back then, too!" Genet said to Matilda, "I am with you just as I was with him!". Matilda smiled as she chewed the last bit of her bread.
As the sun set, dark clouds appeared on the horizon.
"Bad luck follows us" Genet said," we should find a cave if we want to stay dry tonight" Just like any catlike creature, Genet hated water.
Matilda saw a farm with a small barn a few hundred paces ahead of them. "Look! We can sleep in there, it'll be warm and dry and we'll be gone in the morning before anyone finds us!"
"Let me check who's inside before you show up, i woodn't want you to sleep somewhere unsafe." said Genet as he accelerated towards the farm.
Genet peeked through a crack in the barn, but it was dark. However, she could smell something quite interesting inside.
She smelt bread in the making and smoke, wood cracking from a fire could be heard from the other end.
>>5056 It reminded her of another place:
This is just how that one pastry shop where she always used to go for breakfast with Traveller on the weekends smelled.
She decided to take risk and try to get in throught the door, she didn't had time to waste on speculations.

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