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Open file (1.43 MB 2560x1440 hammock.jpg)
Anon 01/16/2023 (Mon) 01:04:27 No.3976
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #5 Sunshine edition Previous: >>3507
Open file (174.24 KB 1080x1350 crowded_windows.jpg)
hello my comfy negros
Open file (153.37 KB 400x300 1613668632565.png)
>>4549 I am hello'd.
Open file (51.19 KB 279x394 kind-bday.png)
Today is /kind/'s bday, so I'm in the drawroom making some bday art You can join in here; https://flockmod.com/r/kind
>>4551 thank you!
>>4551 Happy belated birthday, >>>/kind/ !
Open file (577.45 KB 1200x1200 a0258144491_10.jpg)
I like the bizarre artwork you sometimes see on indie albums.
Open file (22.27 KB 500x667 1399083054493.jpg)
Still so cold. So cold.
A classic spook.
>>4539 sounds comfy, i'm jealous. Is it difficult to move out to a cabin if i'm a young college student without a job?
▲ ▲ ▲>>3976
Thinking of picking up writing. Seems fun to get ideas out of my head and into paper, as well as make stories about fiction I like.
Open file (938.43 KB 1920x1080 1626615073350.gif)
anyone knows where /liberty/ has gone? I have to do some research about economics and they always had a good library
>>4560 Are you doing it or just thinking about it?
>>4561 Aren't they on Cakechan now?
>>4563 nope, I don't see them
>>4563 oh wait, they're there but it seems like the activity is fairly low considering they don't even appear on the top boards
Open file (84.90 KB 645x465 bear.jpg)
>>4548 Those are beary crowded windows.
>>4562 Just thinking about it for now... >>4561 Only know of the one on 8chan.se, no library thread sadly.
>>4566 yeah, i'm not sure how comfy it is for them really
>>4568 The 🐻 are resilient creatures, they will be allocated to wider plush bear camps soon
>>4569 Bears are wonderful creatures.
Open file (35.89 KB 800x889 searx.mha.fi.jpeg)
Open file (35.34 KB 220x310 kuma.gif)
>>4571 Gau!
Open file (175.64 KB 350x345 zorbo.png)
>>4572 Gau gau.
Open file (14.00 MB 1366x911 1622943571812-1.gif)
Open file (250.85 KB 703x805 1501282206-2.png)
>at the end of fall I had 5 moon cacti >now at the beginning of spring I have 1 moon cactus It's not a great feeling.
> post filthy frank to my dad > "That was the worst thing I've seen in a while." Mission complete.
>>4039 >I'm convinced people only like beer because they think they're supposed to. I like the taste of some beers more than others. But there are some beer that just doesn't taste good at all.
>>4403 >except for complaints about gas Ultimately, this post has not aged well. 8Kun's /pone/ still has a BO, but it's users have fled to the hills. Have a comfy cat. No, wait, he's not comfy. Not until he eats you. Or maybe just your bird.
Open file (248.75 KB 724x1042 snow_leopard.jpg)
>>4578 >Not until he eats you Snow leopards are bretty harmless. They just want to be cool and fluffy.
Open file (407.86 KB 860x489 1627464972130.png)
>>4577 >there are some beer that just doesn't taste good at all.
Open file (42.10 KB 439x361 d24855146ae36.jpg)
>>4581 Ded compu.
Open file (9.72 KB 604x399 mmm.jpg)
>>4581 ceiling cat is watching your meghurz
Open file (9.83 KB 300x250 Ceilingcat.jpg)
Open file (446.35 KB 650x650 sad_cirno.png)
ZUNE why'd ya do it?
>>4586 See this character eberrywhere, don't know but she is cute.
>>4586 What habbened?
>>4588 That's Cirno! Ice, bratty mage; really popular with touhou fans.
Open file (229.56 KB 1647x992 3baed01449220.png)
>>4589 Not the Cirno poster, but I think they are referring to how Zun and/or his legal team filed DMCA notices and that, coupled with the efforts of some overzealous copyright troll of a translator, have caused problems for moriyashrine.org and Touhou fans are now scrambling to archive content that, up until now, was seemingly safe from such legal shenanigans.
Open file (37.98 KB 200x200 c4a0066a3315l.png)
>Cirno and since I'm making autistic Touhou postings, I feel compelled to double post and mention that Cirno is an ice fairy and more of an elemental type of entity, not a mage... but, yeah, she is most definitely a brat and has become really popular.
>>4590 Oh yeah, I heard about touhou but never played it.
>>4591 This again. So many great content creators who, once they get successful and popular, turn into mammonish nesting birds. Maybe they will live to see the last of good days, maybe they will see that eberrything they clutched onto in their hearts was nothing but dust. Even if they don't, they will anyway, in the afterlife.
>>4595 Beautiful.

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