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Open file (446.05 KB 1400x934 IMG_2435.jpg)
Anon 12/11/2020 (Fri) 14:20:38 No.3183
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number four. "It's warmer in the south" edition. Old thread: >>2377
Over 4000 posts already?
Open file (236.42 KB 480x270 1599859563469.gif)
>>4023 /comfy/ is a big board!
>>3983 >>3995 Welcome to the comfiest place on the internet.
>>4024 Excitaru Squid Grill a cute.
Hi /comfy/!
Open file (588.84 KB 500x281 1613727438822.gif)
>>4038 Hello there. How's things Anon?
>>4039 I trucking hate this rain, been working under it for 3 days and have no clothes left.
>>4038 Hi there friend. Hope you're comfy today.
>>4040 Shame you don't have a good, old-fashioned Franklin Stove Anon. They're both good for staying warm, cooking, and drying out wet clothes. Hope you get relief soon.
Je suis ici
>>4045 Juicy ice?
Open file (179.25 KB 500x500 suprrise.gif)
What does /comfy/ think of sleeping at the right time and then waking up in the middle of the night?
>>4056 嫌いっす
Open file (59.35 KB 720x925 Xf779657661py.jpg)
>>4056 what is the "right time"? 10PM? for me any time is the right time to sleep haha! Though I guess if you haven't have at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, try to change your night time routine?
>>4056 Sometimes it's nice, like if I wake up at 4am to pee or something, then watch the clock and think "oh I still have 3 hours left of sleep". But I'd rather have unintemrrumped sleep, that's why I don't eat or drink anything right before going to bed.
>>4057 y-you too...
Open file (45.71 KB 259x224 SLAM THE DESK.png)
Open file (144.76 KB 197x251 thumbs upp.gif)
Open file (529.31 KB 860x773 uwaa.png)
Who is this girl and why do I have so many pictures of her?
>>4070 She reminds me of sometsuki. >why do I have so many pictures of her? She is cute.
>>4070 >having a waifu >not realizing this fact I suppose you're soon to be in for a new world of exploration then Anon. :^)
>>4074 advertising thread is here >>1157
>>4072 my actual waifu is or was Corona-chan, I just want to know who that girl is
Today is a day of relaxation.
give me tips for improving my patience /comfy/, I woke up really pissed this morning
>>4097 What appened anon? And why is the site loading so slowly today?
>>4097 I read in a game that people who have anger management issues can pick up some wood and start itching away at it to craft something else. The motion releases your inner anger at an object while the amount of time spent doing it slowly cleanses your thoughts. It could also be literally anything else, like baking or painting.
is eating sweetcorn comfy?
>>4111 That depends, does it make you comfy? Then it's comfy.
>>4098 I didn't sleep properly, ended up taking some naps and that did actually help
Open file (41.80 KB 325x247 yotsuba sips.png)
tea is /comfy/
>>4056 I heard that it helps with lucid dreaming
>>4137 how so? my sleep has been ship and i don't find its helpful at all unfortunately.
>>4139 ship*
Open file (9.94 MB 720x1280 Xylorobo.mp4)
Just running a speed test while I visit anyways. A cute and comfy robot should post if I am incorrect.
>>4135 Indeed it is.
Birb at my window! Birb at my window! Birb at my window!
>>4141 Cute robotot >>4145 Say hi to birb for us Anon!
Open file (15.69 KB 294x317 88o34nfwg.jpg)
Currently reading old strips of Snoopy comics may also find and read old garfield comics i find reading them really /comfy/, brings me back to a time when i do not know what "responsibility" is, being /comfy/ and getting lost in my imagination
>>4156 It's charming to see kids talk about grown up stuff, yes
Lately I just wanna sleep all day. Wish I had an 'Off' switch.
Open file (303.22 KB 1920x1080 1584132876761.jpg)
>>4156 Calvin and Hobbes was the only newspaper comic of that type I ever got into. I plan on buying the complete collection at some point. I intend to get around to checking out the Little Nemo comics at some point. They seem interesting.
>>4158 >Wish I had an 'Off' switch You'll be fine Anon. Just eat & get some rest. Eat and get some rest. You'll feel better after a while, then turn off the computer and go get into the sunshine. Cheers.
I feel like trucking dying hold me /comfy/
>>4166 What's going on anon?
Open file (503.50 KB 247x300 1587944229458.gif)
>>4167 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA It feels like I'm dissassociating from my body again, lost a nut and I can't find it. Haven't sleep all night last night because yaddah yaddah yaddah AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SOMEONE HELP ME
>>4168 Uhh, sorry, I don't understand.
>>4169 It will be all over when I go to sleep, but for now I must endure more hours awake
Open file (364.88 KB 1894x1636 161808159837.jpg)
qt compu-t
>>4173 Lol. That's a new one on me Anon.

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