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Anon 01/10/2023 (Tue) 17:47:06 No.2990
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number three. Autumn edition. old thread https://web.archive.org/web/20201124060427/https://anon.cafe/comfy/res/1239.html
>>3454 >Something like Summer Memories? Seems kinda hard to pull off Doesn't have to be anything special, just a suggestion. Better to try and fail than do nothing and entirely waste your money anon. Even if you fail, you get something out of it.
>>3457 >no art/music You can always learn how to draw or play an instrument, it just takes some commitment I did ragequit drawing though, doing loomis heads got into my head because I was tired of doing them but it was necessary to learn construction
>>3459 I feel like I'm too old to learn anything and I'll never be competent at anything.
>>3460 Again, it's all about commitment, Leonard Cohen put out Songs of Love and Hate when he was 37, Painkiller was made when Rob Halford had 39, and if you want an even more drastic example, Goya made Saturn devouring his Son when he was 80 years old. You just have to be interested enough to make an attempt, that's all it takes
>>3461 >Painkiller was made when Rob Halford had 39 After learning how to sing, compose and release productions since he was a teenager. Music is a difficult beast for older people but it can be done for sure, at least done by feeling, interest and passion is fuel enough. >>3459 >got into my head I wanted to start this winter, too bad you went out i wood've liked to have some company, i will try to draw some "construction" related stuff architecture perspectives so hope you can visit later on.
>>3462 Not saying music isn't hard it is but the "tricks" that sometimes impress the normalcattle is berry easy. learning solos pulloffs and hammer-ons isn't berry hard to learn. What is berry hard to learn is learning to keep eberrything on time and in rhythm. It takes years and lots of skill to do but most of people that aren't in music don't see it that way and are impressed by the shrimple things.
>>3463 (me) since we are talking about instruments does anyone else play anything. I used to play the baritone but once I got of school I decided to use my sister's guitar because she quit after the first year of using it. I find practicing berry /comfy/ because it's just you and instrument at your own pace. I can't describe the feeling but I feel at peace even when I was bad it. It is berry meditative, really recommend learning an instrument it just silences the world around you.
>>3464 I've been practicing guitar for the last few years. I'm not as good as I should be by this point because I usually just play shrimple parts I already know while watching YouTube videos, but the main thing for me is learning to play in time properly. If I'm playing somebody else's music, I just try to learn riffs and chords I like rather than entire songs. I'm aiming just to use my playing a source for samples and will just end up chopping up my bad off-time playing if need be. I started off on electrics but ended up going acoustic for the clean sounds. I don't see much use for distortion in what I'm currently trying to do and can always add other effects after I'm done recording. Recently I was looking into lap harps and came across this instrument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHA2kFjoGSQ Harps and wind chimes have always been two of my favorite acoustic sound sources, so I fell in love with this due to it sounding like a harp with the sustain of a wind chime. I was wondering what it is about it that gives it that sound and if it wood be cheaper to get something similar custom made that's more tailored to people who want a more traditional instrument in terms of options. I have a cheap fife lying around that I need to learn to play. Other than that, I learned a little bit of basic keyboard stuff a while ago. Synthesizers are my main interest musically, and I'm just venturing out into these other areas from there to spice things up and to try and learn to record things live. I actually plan on shelling out a bunch of money for a new synthesizer toward the beginning of next year.
>>3464 I played piano in my teen years, dropped it for dumb reasons. This thread made me think about playing again though.
want to play cyberpunk but won't be able 'cause I have no GPU
>>3467 That sucks bro. I have a bretty cheap one so I probably won't be able to play it either, it's a shame looks nice
>>3466 I used to play guitar a little, don't really feel like picking it up again. I've been thinking about getting an ocarina though.
>>3461 >>3462 >>3463 >>3464 Can I learn guitar with a cheap (around $100) guitar, like an ibanez or squier. I don't have a lot of money to spend on something I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to get into.
>>3471 Yeah but you should buy it used or in a store you can try it in person, the frets should not be properly leveled, not worn out and they should not make buzzing sounds. Try to get made in japan or korea guitars, they are often berry high quality, japanese even more so.
>>3472 Maybe I should bring along someone who knows his ship because I could probably get ripped off easily now that I think.
>>3471 Yeah, I started on a crappy Behringer guitar from back when they made those. It makes sense to get a cheap one when you're just starting off and it's uncertain whether or not you're going to enjoy it. At some point I'd like a custom guitar, but I plan on holding off until I can actually learn to play in time. Right now I have stuff from brands like Epiphone, Squier, and Yamaha, which are perfectly fine to me. >>3472 Sweetwater is probably a good bet as far as ordering off the Internet goes. They supposedly have a bretty good inspection process before they ship their stuff out.
>>3473 Yeah that's a good idea, generic strat is just fine but consider what kind of frets you like, small or jumbo frets, what scale length for a new player I'd recommend smaller scale for noobs who cant stretch yet which is a bit rarer, you will be dependent on this scale though once you get used to it else you will kind of have to relearn your muscle memory if you get another one with different size, smaller scale i find is great for access but its all personal pref and your hands. >>3474 Instruments are really personal guy needs to go in a guitar shop and cop eberry guitar and ask for different spec to get to whats comfortable
>>3471 Get a brand guitar+amp combo, it should be around 200, or buy a better guitar now and amp later. Then just go on youtube and find a tutorial for a song you like, most playing consists of bar and cowboy chords. Cowboy chords are nice to learn and just play something out of your head.
im feeling a little sick so i bought some honey and vitamin c gummies also trying out a new tea: passionfruit and apple, smells nice hope eberryone is comfy
How do I do tremolo picking?
>>3006 check out healthteahouse on chinkexpres or yunnansourcing (not on aliexpress) they ship worldwide
>>3347 azu nyan is so comfy
>>3471 i started off learning the basics off a sub-$50 classical guitar. though the music i play aren't too complicated.
>>3480 she be angry if you are not serious in what you do though
Does any of you like candles?
>>3478 You mean to get that tremolo pump slide sound or just by wiggling your fingers on eberry tap
>>3483 I like candels.
>>3483 I like to blow them out and then light them using the smoke trail.
Over 3000 posts already, congrats /comfy/.
Day off, it's bretty hot but still having a comfy day, hope you guys are doing well
>>3488 >it's a bretty hot day Argentina or 'Straya? because i'm freezing myself here at dry 5 celsius. With a pillow and a bed sheet it turns berry cozy tho
>>3488 >AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaA
>>3490 haha i used to do that all the time as a kid. probably annoyed the crap out of the adults around.
>>3489 >Argentina or 'Straya Yes The former
>>3489 Shippostin's a good job mate. Challenging work >, inna doors. I guarantee you'll not go hungry. Cause at the end of the day, long as there's two anons left on the board, someone is gonna bait someone.
>>3483 I like to burn cheap indian incense sticks after bath.
Howdy. >>3492 Salu2.
Too sleepy...
>>3496 Sleep is such a bliss.
>>3495 holi >>3496 Wish I could just go to sleep for a berry long time.
>>3497 >>3498 >sleepy at daytime >not sleepy at night AaaahhhhHHH STOP IT
Finally my favourite board is back.
I am here! Are you here?
>>3501 I'm searching for an image I made of a /comfy/-tan, I think the thread where I posted it died.
>>3502 where didst you post it? didst you check the archives?
>>3503 There are archives for this board?
>>3504 Both of the old "post here when you visit comfy" threads are archived, did you post it there?
>>3504 >>3505 Usually, I archive them when they get around 400-450 replies. That's when loading them becomes slow, at least for me. The old ones are found here. https://anon.cafe/archives.js
That being said, new thread >>3507 >>3507 >>3507 >>3507 >>3502 I wish you the best in your search.

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