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Anon 08/08/2020 (Sat) 01:08:54 No.2377
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread number three. Autumn edition. old thread >>1239
>>2632 Im complex soul I see comfy on overboard I post
>>2635 Being back on overboard has caused a wave of new posts, it's berry comfy
For the last month or so some boards on here have been in a heated debate on which one is the gayest. I think /comfy/ has been the least gay so far.
nice to see /comfy/ indexed again >>2637 honestly it's just one annoying board
I came I saw I posted
I posted I posted I posted
>>2637 And that my good man is a good thing
>>2601 Effeminate behaviour is comfy for effeminate degenerates, anon. It can also be fun and comfy to indulge a little bit of self-deprecatory humour by acting like a massive hobbit from time to time. Also, non-weebs get the rope.
>>2637 >>2638 Berry uncomfy posts
>>2646 Comfy = thing i like
>>2648 Yes
>>2648 Obviously.
>>2649 >>2650 you = comfy
>>2614 Hot chocc with recently added whole milk on a snowy night while covered in a sweater or blanket is MAX comfy
>>2653 That is also correct
>>2655 No, you are correct
Got a long drive back home tomorrow Maybe it'll be comfy
>>2657 Did you get some rest time on your trip?
I'm here, I post. Good to see that /comfy/ is back.
>>2663 >/comfy/ is back. We've always been here
>>2662 It hasn't started yet
>>2663 We never left, welcome back though
>>2635 I see anon post I post
veni vidi post on comfi
Open file (94.44 KB 640x480 1531750740783.png)
La la la la la la la la la
>>2662 It was ok, i had a headache the whole time but now i'm ok
it's /late/ for me now, and it's raining. just finished watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, now listening to some Jimi Hendrix's slow songs while sipping some originally-hot-but-now-is-cooled coffee berry /comfy/
I hope you have a godo day to day
Open file (23.37 KB 250x249 1584054784315.jpg)
Have you smiled today?
>>2691 I just did when I read your post
>>2692 Mission accomplished.
Open file (321.79 KB 600x800 stay_hydrated_anon.png)
>>2693 ALRIGHT, BACK SLOWLY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER Do a 360 and go drink some water :^)
>>2694 Water? Like out the toilet?
>>2695 Only if you're a dog
>>2694 I'd rather drink some hot choco, friend, gotta enjoy the few cold days I have left until next year.
>>2698 I'm envious of you, I like cold days more than hot days. Pls save me.
>>2699 I like cool days and warm nights.
Open file (968.95 KB 2803x2673 3e46.jpg)
which fast food joints/franchise is your go-to /comfy/ food, if any at all?
>>2700 does such a place like that even exist?
>>2701 sitting around late night at >local fast food place< in the 1-4am range has a specific feel to it i cant describe
>>2702 If it did i wood move there
>>2701 I live in a small town and there are no such places, so I've never been to a McDonald's or anything like it. I still don't see how it wood be comfy, I imagine it being full of people and really noisy all the time
>>2701 nice try, marketing department
>>2705 I woodn't be jealous, it's not as cheap as it should be. Funner when you are a kid. There are some alright novelties but it's hardly good food, assuming you live in a western nation. I'd be more jealous of foreign food restaurants, do you have any?
>>2707 >I'd be more jealous of foreign food restaurants, do you have any? Nah, just local small restaurants where they serve regular food (what's regular in this country I guess) and a lot of pizzerias
Open file (245.25 KB 796x551 20191218202529bad.jpg)
Open file (355.44 KB 900x600 20191218202530c20.jpg)
Open file (337.99 KB 900x600 20191130230932d5d.jpg)
Open file (108.28 KB 900x604 2020031022112606e.jpg)
Open file (305.43 KB 900x600 2020032510533664d.jpg)
>>2709 Autumn in Japan is so comfy bros
I am never /comfy/ painful pinches on my shoulder in back area always hurts for some reason especially when sitting or carrying things on my side . I must of injured it last year because that was when it started but I never went to a doctor because I can't afford it. I went on vacation with my parents but bags that I had to carry was too heavy for me. At least I could lay down at pool comfy during my stay.
what's good my dudes.

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