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Open file (148.30 KB 1125x1113 IMG_2543.jpg)
Anon 01/03/2023 (Tue) 01:32:41 No.1956
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>3976
Edited last time by Taulier on 01/16/2023 (Mon) 03:31:39.
>>5117 Hello Anon, welcome! Please enjoy your stay. We are currently having a series of community jigsaw puzzles (>>4861), please participate if you'd care for that sort of thing. Cheers.
>>5103 Thanks, you too Anon! >>5116 Help him /comfy/!
>>5116 Nothing serious I hope, take some rest anon and take care of you. >>5117 Welcome in anon, we have comfy things, jigsaw fun and cute animals. Enjoy your stay !
>>5116 I'm sorry that you got hurt anon. I hope you feel better soon.
hi. i found a youtube channel that livestreams an abandoned house with raccoons in it. they're rly cute. i hope you guys like it.. https://www.youtube.com/@RaccoonSaloon/streams i just wanted to share hope is okay. it makes me happy. i read books with it on and watch what the raccoons do sometimes. i listen to them shuffle around and eat food. i think they're my friends. i love them.
>>5140 It's more than ok, but why aren't you posting it in /pro/?
>>5141 If coons made anon happy and wants to share his joy with us, it's /comfy/. >>5140 If you like coons take a look at >>>/pro/
>>5142 Understood. I just wanted /pro/ to have more traffic.
>>5143 I will share there too, thanking you for letting me know! hope they will like
>>5144 Sure they will :)
I just want to go home, take a shower, eat my bowl of corn flakes in my bed and fall asleep on a Shrimpsons episode.
>>5160 I plan on going full boomer and watching some Mary Tyler Moore and Muppets tonight.
Hi /comfy/ friends, it's been a little over a week since I last came. Life's been kind of rough on me recently but after today it seems like it may finally be settling down. I hope you are all well.
i dont want to post here
>>5164 Life sometimes can be quite hard, I guess that's what makes it interesting. The most important is you can overcome the hurdles, then take a rest and look back and appreciate the calm after the storm. I'm in a same situation right now, struggling with an project regarding my professional life but things go in the right direction so it's quite satisfying. Stay well anon and never give up. >>5165 You can't fight the comfy.
>>5167 NTA, thanks Anon that's quite encouraging to me right now. Much appreciated.
>>5167 I don't want to.
>>5168 Eh, we all need some encouraging words from time to time :) >>5173 */comfy/ looks at you with benevolence and satisfaction.*
>>5116 Are you doing better now? >>5164 Hopefully things are looking up for you. I've been unhappy recently too.
I put out my tomatoes and peppers today. It was sunny and warm. Tomatoes: 1 Yellow Pear 1 Sun Sugar 1 purple Cherokee 1 Mr. Strippey Peppers: 1 Habanero 1 green bell 1 purple bell 1bannana 1 jalapeño 1 large jalapeño 1 Cajun Bell 1 pablano And also 2 broccolini plants. It was a full day. I feel accomplished.
>>5167 thank you for your kind words anon, it's always nice to know that there are still kind people out there. >>5187 I hope you've been feeling better
I propose you a silly challenge Go to urbandictionary, write some goobered thing, and then see how many posts it takes to see something insanely goobered involving sex or genitalia I got this for JAV, was the 7th result
Open file (269.38 KB 515x505 1680100116812711.png)
good morning /comfy/ how are you doing?
>>5228 Aww, thanks Anon. :) >>5229 Breddy gud (apart from the roomate). Working on some schoolwork.
>>5200 >Mr. Strippey You're a good anon.
hi /comfy/ it's "reach out to randos on the internet because you're drunk and lonely" time hope you're all having a blessed day I appreciate you :)
>>5249 I appreciate you too anon.
>>5249 Better alone than with psychos Take it from me
Open file (24.24 KB 692x171 ClipboardImage.png)
On another note, do you guys wanna see me stream Alien Isolation? lul
>>5249 Thanks! >>5254 This >>5255 Lolno
Long time no see, /comfy/. Here's a cute anime girl for lack of comfier things to post
>>5261 Berry cute, saved! Thanks Anon, glad you're back. :)
Open file (1.07 MB 533x400 dancing_baby.gif)
>>5261 Thnx anon. In a melted mood between light sadness and hopeful joy. Hope eberrybody's fine there.
>weird child porn is /comfy/ riajuu should explode
>>5273 >weird cp is comfy Are you referring to the creepy dancing baby gif ?
Open file (182.90 KB 340x340 dance chair lion.gif)
My sense of humour has devolved into emojis Oh jeez
Open file (7.12 KB 141x123 ClipboardImage.png)
I mean just look at this quacking doood
Weird times, weird feels. Hope you're all fine /comfy/
Open file (100.94 KB 1000x750 so comfy I'm liquid.jpeg)
Just went back from a good climbing session, drank a cold beer and took a shower while listening Shizuka. I'm in a berry good state of comfyness guys. Will make some sandwiches and eberrything should be alright.
I can't think of anything to post. I just want to say that I hope eberryone is doing well tonight.
I spent the whole day in bed, sleeping I can't believe this
I've almost gone 24 hours without eating anything.
>>5318 Why Anon?
>>5319 I ate some pizza yesterday that filled me up while also messing up my stomach. I started getting hungry again last night but decided to see how long I could hold off for. I do intermittent fasts bretty regularly anyway, but this is probably the longest one I've done. I'll let myself eat again in another half hour. Then it'll have been a full day since I've eaten.
Hope you're all having a comfy time
>>5332 A bit tired because danced like a mad man late night but it's a nice sunday doin' nothin' moment with a gentle spring rain outside. I want to bake a cake but have no fruits (apples wood be great).
Open file (6.50 KB 480x480 barney smoke.jpg)
my legs are still sore from exercising last saturday's morning
>>5343 >that 'you will witness unimaginable man-made horrors' pic Lol. Haven't seen that one in a while. :) Just keep at it Anon. It will get better soon.
To follow the tradition and celebrate the spring, new thread >>5351

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