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Open file (292.49 KB 1920x2328 roman-nechaev.jpg)
/late/ meet up emergency thread Anon 01/02/2023 (Mon) 14:04:05 No.1512
As our friends of /late/ are offline and posting on /shelter/ is not really convenient it may be a good idea to have a thread here for the latefrens. >follow the rule and keep it /comfy/
>>4156 yeah the domain got renewed. It was suggested on the discord that the admin doesn't want people to continue /late/ without them. So they locked up /late/ and essentially walked away with the key
Open file (1.35 MB 616x927 incakola.PNG)
>>4153 I think making a new board like this with all these things could be cool and valuable to anons at large but it doesn't sit right with me to suggest that late's userbase specifically go to a board so drastically different. I don't want some new fundamentally different thing to replace /late/. I want /late/. A board that different shrimply woodn't be /late/ it wood be something else. Moreover, late's userbase is not large enough to support that many boards (and I don't want it to be that large either) Late's varied threads and feel were a result of just enough activity to keep its various threads going. Late doesn't need to be organized into different boards and its topics didn't suffer, that was part of the boards character. Anons made minecraft threads when they wanted, they made feels threads when they wanted, they shared musings on esotericism and philosophy and their favorite soft drinks when they wanted. Generally there weren't many obnoxious threads. That's all /late/ was and needed to be. As for needing a big team of "dumb" mods I'm good. If some coherent friendgroup that isn't filled with drama wants to take over that's fine. If a dedicated anon builds a new /late/ and slowly lets in anons as mods who are established users that actually care and show they care by having stuck around so long, that's fine. What's not fine and I've rarely seen work on any board (or internet community for that matter, coming from someone who ran teamspeak communities and source game servers for years) for berry long is introducing some new complicated governance system that always leads to drama or some anon(s) going apecaca at some point and ruining it. I don't mean to discourage you in general though. I do think making new governance models for boards can work sometimes, and dedicated people can make bigger projects work. And you should make /lore/ and some of those other boards on a different site! /lore/ sounds amazing! I think there's space for more altboards in general and I hope we have a renaissance of them! But /late/ specifically doesn't need all that. It wood be welcome to let us know if you do make a new board with these new ideas though, I'll certainly check it out, and maybe become an active poster, just don't try to claim that it's /late/ please because it woodn't be. (Unless a critical mass of lateanons disagree with me and flock to it, in which case I cede my points.) The only board that should succeed /late/ should be /late/ itself. Since Quilt doesn't seem to be coming back that means we have to start a board, go through the arduous process of rebuilding all the threads from the archive, and then maintain the ruleset and moderate the board as it had been before. Once we do all that if we get some new ideas on how to make minor or maybe a rare major modification to late's structure and it's board culture that's okay. But we absolutely cannot radically and suddenly change that board culture and still call it /late/.
>>4265 This lateanon gets it.
Ah~ It's so late~ it makes it harder to get to bed nya~
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/28/2023 (Sat) 10:43:33.
>>4265 Couldn't have said better anon. >>4153 The idea is interesting but to divergent from the original /late/ feeling.
>>4153 mmm yeah so uh no. Theres no reason to drastically change the culture and feeling of /late/ for popularity. the board was small but it was comfy. Almost like a group chat filled with your friends. /late/ has developed its own comfy and cynical culture. I dont think it should change.
>>4269 I am enslaved to /late/ changing, fren. I only wish to see it avoid another demise. The culture of /late/ was by far the best of all imageboards I have seen. That is not in question. What is up for discussion is whether offering SEPERATE spaces for similar Anons wood be beneficial to the site on which /late/ or its successor is held. I want the old site back just as much as you, but unless Quilt shows up it shrimply isn't habbening.
>>4272 >dumbquack I meant not enslaved to it changing.
>>4265 I agree with your sentiments but the fact of the matter is that (while not necessarily following the plan I suggested, anything will work), doing exactly the same as before will only lead us back to /shelter/ threads and the drawing board. Yes, the /late/ we had was the best board yet, but we can still try again. The overreliance on Quilt and the isolated nature of the board has flaws, clearly. I understand especially your wariness of board staff, the jannies of halfchan alone are more than adequate justification for that. Still, having one moderator (or worse yet, an inconsistent one) means there are slow-on-the-draw responses to posts containing [illegal content], as there were on /late/. Even if that troll caca stays up for a day or two, it can cause glowie attention or board drama.
>>4272 >but unless Quilt shows up it shrimply isn't habbening. Not true. There are ample possibilities for ressurrecting a board in various ways. An anon ITT has already offered to fund the hosting, just as one example. There are nearly-complete archives of the board at hand. Now it's shrimply a matter of will. I no longer think the original idea of waiting for the domain to expire before moving is now relevant if the old Admin has in fact renewed it again. Can other anons confirm this fact?
>>4278 Yes, that is true, but I fear attempting the exact same design again will only lead us back to this berry thread. Even if it was as shrimple as you pose, why hasn't it been done yet? I'm not demanding we destroy what was, only that we adapt it as little as necessary for the future.
>>4282 With all due respect, you definitely appear to be an outsider. Now you're engaging in fallacies ('why hasn't it been done yet?', 'shrimple as you pose' [sic]) to support your call to action. What's your agenda here fren? The reasons are abundantly clear ITT. It'll get done when it gets done. This 'bunker' thread is to come to a consensus first, and that without cajoling. Patience Anon.
>>4283 Well, not an outsider, but maybe ambitious for /late/? Not trying to make bad faith arguments, but I'm saying for all the despair we saw at the loss of the site, there seems to be little action to back that passion up. Also, making discussion and offering suggestions and points/counter-points (as we have both been doing) is not cajoling, and the suggestion that it is betrays a reliance on indecision. Yes, I have an agenda. I want to see a board that offers the best services to all, regardless of interests or sub-cultures. If expanding our horizons and alliances is the best way forward (though it is far from decided), then we have to be open to that. Just the same, if we get /late/ back as you intend, that's fine by me, as long as we are able to avoid similar events to those of the past days. If the shrimple act of pushing discussion forward or offering suggestions is cajoling, we can't expect to get anywhere.
>>4286 >and the suggestion that it is betrays a reliance on indecision. Lol what does this even mean? >Just the same, if we get /late/ back as you intend, that's fine by me, as long as we are able to avoid similar events to those of the past days. That's a good attitude for sure, but there are no guarantees in this life. Just eberryone move forward in good faith together, eberryone use BUMP to keep the new board backed-up as well (or at least curl/wget), and we'll all do our best. We're in a war over protecting our freedom of speech Anon. There's always a back and forth during war, and you have to plan for that accordingly. But we'll be fine as we stick together in this. I do however, agree with you that the time for movement has come. If the Anon who will fund the server is still willing, I'd say let's move. I'm willing to Janny it, or even BO if that's what it takes to move forward. I have more on my plate and wood prefer not to, but I'll do so if that's what's necessary here for /late/ 's reconstruction.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/30/2023 (Mon) 13:47:24.
Open file (107.97 KB 1080x1219 quiltcontext2.jpg)
Open file (246.14 KB 1080x2997 quiltcontext.jpg)
safe to say /late/'s not coming back, at least in it's current capacity...
>>4293 Sounds like he was under a lot of pressure in general. But these were from almost 1 year ago Anon, anything from him more recent? What about the radio? That was plainly a big draw for the site.
>re: ideas to add other boards to /late/ redux the single board with a bunch of topics mashed together was one of the things I liked about it. Multiple themed boards makes sense for a large community, but for a small one the single /late/ board I think is what added to it's pleasurable vibe. My 2 cents.
Open file (29.83 KB 1080x1015 ELgeCL8U4AEBheG.jpg)
Linking my post on /kind/ here in case /late/ has difficulties getting set up on their own hardware and domain: https://kind.moe/kind/res/1119.html#1731 Carving out space on Junkuchan woodn't be tough and I'd love to help out if need be. I'm merely a lurker but I think having a single board is the best way forward. Activity will be stifled if people are spread about on multiple boards. Let the community build back up and, if /late/ gets too fast, you can reconsider making an extra board or two.
>>4293 Does anyone have a link to this discord? As much as I loath the platform I'm on it because of other people I talk to that will never leave and it wood be nice to have another place to talk to lateanons until the board gets going at least. >>4296 >>4295 100% I'm >>4265 and really want us to just have our one board again. Junkuchan and wirechan both look comfy, though I'm not super familiar. I woodn't be opposed to becoming a board on a more established and stable imageboard. We'd have more protection from those awful bots that way too. I admit, the one thing I consistently dreaded about /late/ which wasn't Quilt's fault, was randomly seeing things that terrified and depressed me. Also, Quilt if you're reading this. Thankyou for the years of work you've put into the board and if you keep the minecraft server and radio going on any domain I'll use them!
>>4299 It was in the latest issue of the /late/ Zine. Heres the link and the zine. https://discord.gg/RuXQAUPBPk
>>4294 That was the last time we ever heard from him. all we got was radio silence until the admin blog was made >>4299 There was a request for a bunker made on /meta/. I encourage people to go support that so we can at least get our own space (no offense /comfy/ <3)
>>4293 That's really a shame. I hope it works out well for him and for you guys. I really do. I hate to see this habben to a board and community.
I have to agree with the people saying a single board wood probably work best.
>>3453 the .static directory (which is supposed to contain the CSS and JS files) is empty tried extracting the zips twice but the folder is still empty am i doing something wrong? if not, does anybody have the .static folder?
>>4302 >all we got was radio silence until the admin blog was made Is the admin blog still available? >>4306 >the .static directory (which is supposed to contain the CSS and JS files) is empty You're doing nothing wrong Anon, that's my fault. I never added that to the program, and then lots of other things habbened after. My apologies. If someone ever did a 'save page as...' from their browser, the CSS can be retrieved that way. The new version of the software will be much better, and this will be included in it.
>>4307 What software did you use to archive the webpages? and also, are they still accessible (the website in its actual state)? or is the zips the only things remaining from /late/ ?
>>4308 >What software did you use to archive the webpages? It's called BUMP. We wrote it for preserving our board. https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/12974.html#14866 >and also, are they still accessible (the website in its actual state)? or is the zips the only things remaining from /late/ ? https://late.city/late See for yourself, Anon. Thankfully we had been archiving /late/ periodically as was our wont. We've pushed them publically now, to help rebuild /late/ wherever it lands. (>>3453)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/31/2023 (Tue) 14:36:43.
>>4307 No, both the backup hiddencorner domain and the one on late.city both went down with he site
>>4313 I see. Welp, he certainly gave plenty of advance notice. We wood have made more frequent backups if had known. We hope he's doing OK. Thanks for the information, Anon.
>>4306 If you still need the .static files it looks like they were archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/*/https://late.city/* Filter for ".static" of course.
>>4315 Excellent. Good job Anon.
tysm anon!
>>4317 Where!?
>>4153 Anon from the above post here. I'm actually really glad you guys were so responsive and productive in discussion. I was worried you guys woodn't like a single board because most sites hate general-purpose boards. I like them for their refined culture and /comfort/. Anyways, based on eberryone's input, I'd now advise we discard my original post and instead either bring the site back or move to wirechan. It seems to be just a little bit closer to our native culture. Anyway, I have no idea how hosting works, but I could contribute up to 75 USD for hosting expenses if we went independent.
Open file (1.26 MB 911x781 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4322 Based beyond belief, thank you fren.
>>4322 Alright. Someone made a request to the wirechan admin (Koi) for a new board on wirechan. Someone said that it doesn't feel right and koi joined the discord to see what was up. We all agreed we wood use it as a bunker since the cafe admins haven't replied yet to the post on /meta/. I'd be nice if whoever made the request come forward on the discord so eberryones on the same page
Open file (2.55 MB 2537x2526 25.jpg)
Well, I'm off to late.bunker. I hope to see the rest of you /late/ frens there
Open file (344.31 KB 1600x1200 Photo-0036.jpg)
Hi to all my /late/ friends, /comfy/ BO here. I was not really active lately but lurked with attention. I think we should really move on the issue and start creating the new /late/ on a dedicated domain (if the anon wanting to paid for the server is still up to). I see a bunker was created on Wirechan, it's a good start but we need to work on a dedicated site and keeping it as close as the original was (ie. no multi boards. Despite the idea is interesting it's not close to the /late/ feeling where all the threads in their diversity were on a single board). I may not be a really helping hand on the technical stuff but I may willingly be vol. Especially because in my part of the world /late/ hours are different I was noticing the bad posts when the staff were asleep yeah those disgusting p*do ones. To be sure we may at least be two vols as I'm not on the internets 24/24. Hope /late/ reborn soon and thanks to all involved in the process. Also, Quilt take care of you and thanks for having maintained this nice board.
Edited last time by Taulier on 02/01/2023 (Wed) 15:11:48.
Hey, I have a question. Wood anyone be interested in bringing back /late/ station? I know how to get a web radio up and running. But I wood need help with getting songs to play as I don't trust myself with picking the right music. Also any ideas on what to do with a domain? Buy a new one just for the station? Wait till someone buys a lain domain and ask for a subdomain?
really wish we had a chatroom that wasn't on discord, even IRC wood be better. Not that I like boards even having an offsite place for discussions, it tends to be detrimental to the traffic and discussions on the actual site, I understand why /late/ needs one, but it still doesn't feel right, and discord communities are just gross
>>4598 >o be sure we may at least be two vols as I'm not on the internets 24/24. I've already offered to janny as well, so with the new BO, that wood be 3 of us. More than enough.
>>4600 >Wood anyone be interested in bringing back /late/ station? That was a great thing about /late/ IMO. If someone will build it, then we'll find good music to play, Anon. >>4602 >and discord communities are just gross This. Doxxcord is anti-Anon.
>>4598 While I have you 'on the line' BO, can we start a /meta + QTDDTOT thread pls? Our 'rebuild' thread kind of served as that for a few days but now we need a dedicated one, I think. Pardon for off-topic, /late/.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/01/2023 (Wed) 22:52:38.
>>4600 I will greatly appreciate to submit some music to the radio anon. Hope we'll bring back Latestation. >>4605 Done. Was it really needed on /comfy/ ? Hey, lets see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>>4626 Nice.
>>4626 Anoncafe Admins are legitimate, and clearly part of helping the Internet communities. Good decision Lateanons.

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