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Open file (249.70 KB 590x771 1487643791395.png)
Anon 05/29/2020 (Fri) 09:17:11 No.1239
Post here whenever you visit /comfy/ The second thread. Old thread: >>19
Edited last time by Butterberg on 06/01/2020 (Mon) 18:57:47.
Since when is /comfy/ hidden?
>>2273 Since last week.
>>2274 I hope we can go public again and not be invaded by political crossboarders again.
>>2276 >I hope we can go public again and not be invaded by rabble-rousers again. ftfy
I've been feeling kind of tired these days from morning till night, I wonder what's wrong with me. I hope eberrybody else is doing better than I am.
>>2280 I know how you feel fren, I've been feeling just as tired as you have. I suppose it isn't due to a lack of exercise or general activity?
I just realized that I'm poor
Open file (157.57 KB 1024x768 9e8f519f4c5473.jpg)
>>2274 >>2276 Oh ok. Sorry, I come here once a week at best, missed out on this one.
>>2283 You're not poor if you are happy.
>>2284 That's a pretty comfy desktop, takes me back to my days of browsing latin american anime forums. Those were comfy times
>>2286 >takes me back to my days of browsing latin american anime forums Do you know where I can see anime in a good quality and subbed in spanish? I can only find stuff in english in nyaa and the stream sites have terrible resolution
>>2287 No idea man, I just use animeflv but the quality isn't anything special, I have a small screen so I don't mind.
My local chinese restaurant gave me an extra fortune cookie tonight!
>>2289 Great! What did it say?
It said, "You now have WuFlu"
Open file (24.05 KB 500x454 1.jpg)
>>2293 Hello there, how wood you like your beverage today?
>>2295 Cold and refreshing, please.
I hope you has a comfy weekend and I wish you an even comfier week
Perhaps the Webring wasn't such a brilliant idea after all.
Open file (648.49 KB 300x254 1583584361186.gif)
>>2302 I am too comfy so I get nothing done which makes me uncomfy
>>2306 Gotta find something to do, I tend to help with my parents chores like cleaning dishes whenever I have time. Hope you have a comfy night.
>>2308 I already have things to do, that's the problem.
Open file (168.31 KB 2493x1637 2bbrx.jpg)
>>2309 Well, better to do them as soon as possible and be done with them so we can enjoy the fruits of it.
Open file (62.02 KB 413x578 nui547_01.jpg)
Hello I'm new here
Open file (121.08 KB 867x685 apu butterfly.jpg)
>>2318 Hello newfren, I hope you're comfy.
Open file (696.13 KB 446x522 YZOzwfc.gif)
>>2318 Welcome, it must have been a hard time finding us considering we are currently not indexed on the board list. Glad to have you with us here.
>>2318 Welcome! How did you find us?
Open file (60.40 KB 612x472 1573169675469.jpg)
There's people interfering with my comfy time.
>>2328 whats happening anon?
coffee? more like covfefe
>>2328 Same lad. It's rather upsetting.
>>2332 What have they done to cause you so much stir in you?
Open file (665.85 KB 891x686 ww1_German_2.png)
Hello hello
Who do you think you are? You think you can just come up and tell me to post in your thread because you posted a cute girl like that? Without even saying please? Not this time, suckers....
>>2276 No it's great. I didn't have to clean up any bad post since we did it. I think I should keep it this way. >>2346 Stop resisting.
Open file (282.92 KB 1365x2048 2bwig.jpg)
>>2346 As time goes your resistance drops too with it.
>>2328 Who and why?
Just got banned again from /f*scist/ for being biracial, lol. Im sorry if mentioning that name disturbed anyone here. Have a nice day anons.
Open file (115.11 KB 797x749 sip.jpg)
Sup guys. Week's almost over, don't give up. >>2361 Pretty sure anyone who can't handle mere words won't go near an imageboard, and I hate censored words. Either say it or don't, no sense in mangling it. Also how were you banned for being a mutt? That's not in their rules and wood mean a third of the posters wood be gone if it were enforced as such
>>2362 There are many censored words here.
>>2362 >>2363 /comfy/ is a family friendly board
Open file (698.89 KB 2081x2601 5tge5e.jpg)
so what does /comfy/ means? is there a set of standards on what do count as /comfy/? don't wanna post something that's /comfy/ for me but got pointed out they are not.
>>2367 /Comfy/ is just general comfy things. People have different standards for Comfy and many of us don’t really care if they fit a mold.
>>2367 yes if it makes you comfy, it's /comfy/
>>2367 /comfy/ is basically a place where you should be able to forget about most things that agitate you and make you unsettled, instead you should feel relaxed and completely at peace. For a live example you can see the rabble-rouser(s) that made us go unindexed.
>>2372 Let's not obsess over the rabble rousers all the time. That wood be agitating too. They're being kept out now.
Open file (43.16 KB 640x640 1596546905635.jpg)
>>2362 I think it was avatar-fagging and double posting, but thing is they kept insulting me for being a PoC so i started intentionally derailing their threads. >how were you banned for being a mutt? the BO is appealing to the WNs now and alot of them told him to ban all "mutts" and coloured people sad thing is that board used to be berry comfy and diverse, we used to have alot of coloured people and people of different political backgrounds(left and right) discussing the third position. Our mascot is a brown girl because BO wanted to trigger the angry /pol/ types, but sadly he became one now. All they do now is mindless hate and race worship. >>2372 don't worry anon, I'll report eberry thing those White nationalists post until i take that uncomfy board down. >>2373 I'm sorry anon, I'll spoiler it
>>2375 Non, don't do that, just let them have their own board otherwise they'll spill over to the others.
A new thread. >>2377

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