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Open file (57.18 KB 600x800 1544540343982.jpg)
Advertising thread Anon Board owner 05/26/2020 (Tue) 08:43:02 No.1157
You can advertise other sites, events, communities, etc. in this thread, please don't make new threads for advertising from now.
>>3924 >>3925 Ok who invited the bots?
>>3926 it s like no matter what i do it ll just make you look sad this is unfair, you should have more charisma! not be a retarded IRL stalking pricks
>>3926 ....the anon thinks itself is funny. because no one irl does so. this is terrible. we should be more than IRL not ironic sad shipposters
>>3926 shhh just leave it be. theyll die in their own irony. yheres no helping. they ll remain hateful,
>>3926 look, do you need help? pls dont sound so malicious....it makes eberrything looks so gay and...gay.
>>3926 It's an Indonesian with .. social inexperience. Unfortunately they don't seem to notice that posting many posts in a row makes other users dislike them. We've told them before, but they think that 'no matter what they do' we all act like bullies, when if they just took the advice then less people online wood recognize them or be annoyed.
Open file (333.42 KB 478x480 coreubena.png)
Lets get this place rollin... lolifox.club
Open file (53.08 KB 435x800 IMG_20210323_050232.jpg)
Shippost with us and do it an english imageboard https://lolifox.club/ukko/
Trash board >>>/pro/
Open file (130.80 KB 1024x768 likmgmo8xq641.jpg)
>>>/retro/ is now part of anon.cafe.
It has come to our attention that Ganbatte is running a Paedophilia network of spambots. The lead admin is called Patch is running bots from South Korea and Russia. We are warning imageboards and textboards to block Ganbatte bots from posting. https://dis.4ct.org/read.cgi/lounge/1616604390/73 https://archive.vn/Om9s2 http://bbs.4x13.net/threads/0chan/1616871061/ https://dis.tinychan.net/read/prog/1616616491/ They now have a list of boards to spam Including this one.
>>4048 None of those links have proofs though
>>4048 wizchan is down due to cp
>>4079 Okay
>>4079 expected
Not sure if I should make a thread for this or not, so I'll just post here. I went on an autistic search going from image board to image board and sometimes even text boards to try and find a place I liked. It didn't work. I'm pretty sure I recursive checked most advertisement threads, but maybe I missed a link or the site was down when I tried. The closest I found was wirechan, but the place just didn't click with me and the no-porn rule is slightly restrictive. I just want an anonymous funposting IB with varied topics and seemingly non-existent moderation, with emphasis on seemingly. Something in the range of jp sushichan(but not as strict as us sushi) and mewch(but not as shipposty as kc/int/). Are there any such places left on the internet?
>>4116 >Something in the range of jp sushichan(but not as strict as us sushi) and mewch(but not as shipposty as kc/int/). >Mods help prevent shipposting WAH! NO MODS!11 WAH! NO SHITPOSTING!11 Kek, you're a tough one to please lad. Here's a thought: Be the future you imagine. Why not get up and show us how it's done instead of moaning about things mate? No one is happy with the way things are r/n. Most of us are just trying to muddle our way through. If you have a better way then please show it to us all.
>>4117 >no mods See "with emphasis on seemingly".. I don't want a lack of moderation, I just don't like when mods stick out too much. Old sushichan was perfect in that if a post was against the rule it was nuked, but the mods never used tripcodes unless it was absolutely necessary to make that post. >Why not get up and show us how it's done instead of moaning about things mate? Servers are expensive, I'm probably too autistic, spastic, and incompetent to properly make the place I want to make, and it wood probably die day 1 due to CP and me not being present enough to moderate it without trustworthy mods. I know the kind of place I want, but I have absolutely no idea how to get there from scratch.
>>4118 >I know the kind of place I want, but I have absolutely no idea how to get there from scratch. Alright fair enough, then. At least you responded like a man. So, why not give it a shot over at Endchan or some other self-serve/low-entry barrier site? Thousands of us are running our own boards that way w/o having to manage the actual site itself. Regardless, one thing's certain Anon: If you never try, you'll never know for sure. Proof's in the pudding, as the saying goes lad.
>>4120 I've thought about it, but even if I was to try I'd have no idea how to go about it. With other boards you can start with some resources or stuff, but since what I want is pretty much a /b/ with quality control I have no idea how to start it. Samefagging is NG, making a bunch of no reply posts makes the place feel like a schizo den at best, and without posts there's just rules. This way wood take too long even with shilling and by that point I'd get bored and give up.
>>4121 Hate to break it to you, but none of us 'knew' what we were doing when we started. >tl;dr Stop making excuses and go make a board Anon. If you have something good, we'll show up there eventually.
>>4118 >Servers are expensive Kek no they aren't, my IB runs on $5 a month.
Open file (100.49 KB 560x700 herd.jpeg)
Come on down to Freech! We have flags. All goons, herdsmen and anons welcome. https://freech.ltd/intl/ Tor: http://freech74amlzoxrrv2c2yi4l2q6qqk5rlo6lrhhq6phdr2ddxkwuinad.onion/intl/
Open file (537.87 KB 702x540 1421836122226.png)
>>4189 Isn't this site an IP scraper?
>>4191 Technically, eberry site is.
>>4124 >$5 a month you're gettin ripped off anon i'm paying $3.50/mo
>>4193 Don't shout at me I don't know.
>>4195 Alright my apologies. I presumed you were the spammer. Freech are berry un-/comfy/ bunch of retards BTW.
>>4196 Freech.ltd is quite comfy tbh.
Come shippost on https://coronachan.me which is the best chan apart from here of course
Open file (3.12 KB 146x169 cat_leaf.gif)
>>4207 that website is full of coomers desu. They are horny and horny is not comfy. >>4331 why does a onion website has a clearnet link? Does it have a relation to our shiny neighbours? If i get it correctly gif below is copyrighted by a crazy catlady, use at your own risk in normiespace.
Open file (24.12 KB 300x298 anarchan.png)
>>4371 Be warned, this is another generic "no deletion" imageboard that's already being hit with illegal pornography spam.
>>4427 >no not the law! don't break the law but yeah, it's ship. no theme, no community
Open file (433.88 KB 700x600 1596037877529.gif)
https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php Forum for retro ship, you can post anonymously too.
/kind/ is back up, for anyone interested who doesn't know.
>>1519 link s dead fren
hi guys if anyone alone and want to talk ı created a telegram groub where you can talk with new frens t.me/frenworld
Open file (1.14 MB 1000x1200 1619664338017.jpg)
why not come hang on with us on leftypol anons? We don't bite, that hard... leftypol.org / bunkerchan.xyz / http://wz6bnwwtwckltvkvji6vvgmjrfspr3lstz66rusvtczhsgvwdcixgbyd.onion/ We also have a catalog for our overboard.
>>4963 Never mind. They're having problems again.
Open file (30.63 KB 516x376 lchan_logo.png)
Lchan. Tor-only imageboard. User board creation is enabled. 50 MB file upload. http://lchan7pikmwcsrgrn3mg6rtv4c4dlmqnfe34df4v2dym3goggsrphcad.onion/index.html
Open file (59.81 KB 250x250 logo.png)
I made a new imageboard. It's got loose global rules for free speech. It's slow moving right now but we are hoping to see some quality communities spring up. Come funpost or lolipost on /b/ or /lg/ or make your own board, no email verification required (just contact the SO eventually!) Find us at https://smolbox.pw Tor posting mostly works and tor address in the future (probably)!
>>5020 The smaller boards and non-USA country threads are actually pretty comfy, :0
>>5087 >>5030 >Cunny boards Eberrytime.
>>5090 The tech board is berry top tier, tbh.
>>5092 Many such cases! Sad!
Vox Populi imageboard. The voice of the people. Come post and have some fun. :) https://voxpopuli.to/

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