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Open file (48.68 KB 768x562 MARGHERITA-768x562.jpg)
Anon 03/08/2021 (Mon) 06:15:16 No.3938 [Reply]
Hey anons! Are you feeling fine? What's going on in your life?
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>>4014 u are brainwashed
>>4014 It seems like half the people on imageboards are autistic.
>>4178 and a quarter of that half are being groomed into being grannies by psycopathic glowneighbour bikes
Open file (2.33 MB 200x190 1402533597079.gif)
>>4206 >those wordfilters
>>4206 The wordfilters are a work of art

Open file (1.21 MB 530x327 1.png)
Anon 04/19/2021 (Mon) 22:14:56 No.4220 [Reply]
I am new to anon.cafe, can you sage threads here? If yes, how?
Welcome! Sage works the same as on other sites.
>>4221 Thank you for your hospitality, anon. So, just to be sure, you sage by just typing sage in the email field, correct?
>>4223 Yes, you successfully sageposted. Now, you're not going to use that on any of my threads, are you?

Anon 04/02/2021 (Fri) 20:47:47 No.4110 [Reply]
>>4107 He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. There is a difference between the papist pagan system with her protestant whore daughters and christians who know the Lord Jesus Christ.
When you talk about religion, do not forget to remain comfy.

Open file (221.35 KB 527x263 2.png)
Please give ear to this message. It's high time. Anon 04/02/2021 (Fri) 12:09:03 No.4091 [Reply]
Anons, it's high time to get right with God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Things are happening quickly. Obey the gospel and you shall be saved! “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized eberry one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” - Acts 2:38-39 The only thing that will matter 10000 years from now is whether or not you have obeyed the Lord Jesus Christ.
A human being is not God. Jesus, the son of Mary - peace be upon him - is the messenger of God, but not God himself. In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful. 1. Say, “He is God, the One. 2. God, the Absolute. 3. He begets not, nor was He begotten. 4. And there is none comparable to Him.”
>>4092 Why wood an Islamist be here claiming anything about Jesus? Jesus isn't just a good man, or a prophet. He claimed repeatedly and clearly to be God Himself. This is why the Jews had him murdered. Liar, Lunatic, or LORD; pick only one, friend.
>>4103 Sorry /comfy/, I didn't check first and just assumed this was /islam/ lecturing /christian/ . For my part I'll stop now.
>>4101 Based and Amen.
>>4101 You are following Saul, not Jesus. Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent with the miraculous Qur'an to teach the world the true way to God. This is a book of guidance for those who fear Him. >>4103 Muslims are closer to Jesus than Christians. We pray in the same manner as him, we dress like him and look like him. Jesus only claims to be God according to the Gospel of John; the other sources mention no such thing. In fact, Jesus came to teach the same message that all prophets before him came to teach - peace be upon them all: That there is no god except the One God, and to worship Him alone. Christians however worship others beside God.

Question Anon 04/02/2021 (Fri) 14:40:24 No.4094 [Reply]
What does the checkbox do?
It's for deleting and reporting.

Newbie Anon 03/30/2021 (Tue) 00:23:38 No.4050 [Reply]
Greetings, anons. I am new here. Looking forward to spending time with you here on this board. See you around!
Open file (229.77 KB 540x304 tenor.png)
Welcome, my friend, grab a chair, a cup of tea and get comfy.
>>4050 >>4051 Thank you for being /comfy/.

Account on anon.cafe Anon 03/30/2021 (Tue) 04:33:51 No.4053 [Reply]
What is the purpose of having an account on anon.cafe? Are there extra features available for people with accounts?
>>4053 It's for making boards That's it
>>4054 But theres the... shhhh, don't mention the gold-member content though

Open file (122.65 KB 1240x1020 1512279724609.jpg)
Anon 04/20/2020 (Mon) 13:16:44 No.305 [Reply]
good afternoon, I am relaxed
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>>1852 >>1848 It’s also his feeling in the back of my mind that I’m going to lose eberrything one day and I don’t want that to happen.
>>2360 As the saying goes, the Lord give the and the Lord taketh away. In a sense you do lose most of eberrything when you die. You have to accept that and, whether or not you believe there’s something after death, live eberry day to as full a degree as you can manage. Cliche I know, but cliches become that for a reason. >>2351 Heh, I do the same thing. Sometimes I frame it as being a comedian who goes off the rails and just starts lecturing his audience.
>>2389 I personally pretend to be a politician on a news show who just breaks and starts talking against the network.
>>305 This thread is almost a year old
>>4006 Still here, still relaxed.

Open file (4.24 MB 4608x3456 IMG_20200508_153628.jpg)
Anon 05/08/2020 (Fri) 13:44:44 No.804 [Reply]
Tendies with hunny mussy, fries and dewie. ;)
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test post
>>1886 How do I delete my post? I've set a password.
eat more healthy, Anon you will get fat >implying
>>2086 implying what?
Open file (2.41 KB 125x109 pepelooky.jpg)
this thread alone makes comfychan my new favorite imageboard. bought tendies recently and did not regret, i have more still so when I get to shopping again Im buying some pahtaytas and making my own fries. Alrady have huny mussie so Im gonna replicate this now kek

Anon 03/06/2021 (Sat) 01:44:42 No.3921 [Reply]
helllo how should you plan your one shot comics/debut so it can garner attention and crowd my plan is to have like 20-30 pages like most one shot but idk how should i plan the content to be as exciting before running full series(because im reenacting JUMP's accepting through one shot and similarly before series and also cuz i have no idea if a series is good anyway) cant wait for your input!

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