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Anon 04/18/2020 (Sat) 17:35:08 No.268 [Reply] [Last]
>holy moly an SFW anonymous board >oh nevermind it is as inactive as a dead sea cucumber.
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>>270 imagine wanting to initiate conversations lol
>>268 Activity breeds activity, friend. Make some posts and you will generate more. Also better to have a slower post rate but maintain a high post quality than a high rate of posting but a low post quality. I don't think it suits a comfy board to have a really high pph either.
>>268 I was about to argue with you about sea cucumbers being pretty active, but then I read it again and saw the word dead.
Open file (457.25 KB 1500x1299 seacucumber.jpg)
Stop bullying the cucumbers. Not cool bro
Open file (392.70 KB 1094x1646 marcille.jpg)
Dropping by again to say Marcille is a cute! A CUTE!

How was your day, anon? Anonymous 09/17/2019 (Tue) 03:39:35 No.694 [Reply] [Last]
Divulge your failures, your triumphs, and your struggles from the day. No event too small to mention!

Today, I had a lot of fun cleaning the floors in the home. I ran up and down the hallway with a soapy towel, got on my hands and knees and scooby-doo scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors, and was completely exhausted and satisfied by the end of it.
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new poster here, this feels very comfy to post here, so well... here it is.
I felt very bored today (maybe because i'm behind a device most of the time), but decided to visit the city and go to my ususal stores. Surprise, surprise, my social awkwardness kicked in and caused me to feel very unconfortable near people. Nonetheless, i still managed to get my arse outside, so it was still a good day.
I am noticing lately that i am not really feeling like myself anymore. The past feels just like a glass wall, where all my mistakes and mishapes are contantly being shown to me as a way for my inner self to say "You already made a fool out of yourself, what is even the point of trying?" I need to fix and act on it myself, but can any of you gve me some advice on hot to deal with this?
Where are you from anon?
>all my mistakes and mishapes are contantly being shown to me as a way for my inner self to say "You already made a fool out of yourself, what is even the point of trying?"
This is a very common thing. The part of your brain that is doing this thinks it’s protecting you but it’s not too clever so it’s actually holding you back by doing what it thinks is it’s job. The trick is to make it feel satisfied so it stops.

For example, another anon once gave this tip: When your brain replays an embarrassing interpersonal moment from your past - perhaps a time when you felt ashamed or did the wrong thing - freeze it, and pick out the other person or people involved. Say to yourself, “This memory has helped me to learn <whatever> and now I can put it away.” In your imagination, go back to that situation as vividly as you can, allow the memory to happen, and then before it fades, imagine that the other person or people speak to you and forgive you for what you did, felt, said, or whatever. Make it simple, clear, and to the point. In this way the part of your brain that tries to keep you from repeating mistakes will be able to stop tracking that memory because it will feel that the matter has been settled, and the memory will trouble you less. If it comes back at all, it should come back with reduced intensity, and you will be able to repeat the process. Other memories from your embarrassment stack might begin to trouble you instead, so simply repeat the process for them. In this way you can become able to put away those memories where they belong and free up your energy for use in the moment to help create for yourself the future you want.
Open file (78.86 KB 660x400 filthy keyboard.jpg)
grats anon this is cool as fuck
pretty sure i got a legitimate compliment today but other than that it's pretty shit :)

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