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Open file (455.64 KB 500x311 hanging lights.gif)
Welcome to /comfy/ Anon 06/01/2020 (Mon) 18:52:53 No.1266 [Reply]
For advertising use the designated thread >>1157 no more advertising The rules are: >Follow the global rules >Take it easy >Keep it SFW >No rabble rousing That means no unrelated political posts, intentionally provocative posts, posts insulting someone's race or religion or promoting committing crimes >No boat rocking That means no uncalled for insults, rudeposting, or instigating drama. other nice boards: https://late.city/late/ https://kind.moe/kind/ https://otterchan.net/wakaba.html
Edited last time by Butterberg on 08/14/2021 (Sat) 12:57:43.

Open file (542.36 KB 1024x702 ClipboardImage.png)
daily checkpoint Anon 06/04/2021 (Fri) 20:07:23 No.4977 [Reply]
what did you do today? and how was your today? and date
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Fell asleep at 5:30pm and woke up around 12:30am. Oh boy.
No one on this forum cares about you.
>>5688 WRONG. We all care about eberryone else in the world. Deeply so. Just not you. Truth be told, you are literally the only person in the entire world we don't care about. Bad things happened to you today? LOL TL;DR It must be a sad, strange existence for such a sad, strange little man as you are. Regardless, farewell.
everyone cares about Anon
Struggled to get out of bed, posted here and elsewhere, still dark out.
managed to come to class, not sure how the rest of the day will fare, probably won't do much after getting home

Open file (1.43 MB 2560x1440 hammock.jpg)
Anon 05/27/2021 (Thu) 21:58:02 No.4886 [Reply] [Last]
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #5 Sunshine edition Previous: >>3183
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go ahead and kill you worthless clucks. thats all you are good for anyway maybe you never existed. maybe i never its not like you need anything to exist but you
since you all win me so much already and is correct compared to anything i say i guess you wont be going to heaven anymore lol you dont need math or science or ruler or counting its always correct whatever you say so... i guess you ll be going to hell? haha
tldr cuz you are lazy
threatened to be raped and mutilated sexually by islam unless i do hugs and kisses and trespass their personal table while declaring it illegal this is how open minded islam is i guess
at class, not berry comfy tbh lost my motivation have a nice day anons

Anon 07/19/2021 (Mon) 12:52:33 No.5261 [Reply]
>Nanochan base >remove name, email and sage options (no attention-seeking hobbits!) >remove eberry formatting option except quotes and links (isn't plaintext UTF-8 enough?) >remove images (they are more often than not cacaty irrelevant wojaks and avatars) >no /pol/ board Ah yes, perfect-chan. Don't you agree?
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>>5275 i'm already a user
>>5275 >add grassy meadows, blue sky, and clouds >add trees and a river >add birds and deer and rabbits yep... I'm thinking its perfect bros
>implying I don't have an imageboard on my local network where I'm the only user its for dev purposes and image transfer, but it's not bad >>5261 >they are more often than not poopy irrelevant wojaks and avatars No offense intended; browse better imageboards. There's one that's been up and famous since '07 and you can count the wojak-derivative images on one hand. Maybe two hands if you include threads still up from 2014. (And yes, they don't have a /pol/ board. All politics in one thread, which is mostly dead. It's unintentionally an honorary /comfy/ site) >isn't plaintext UTF-8 enough? 🤷 I'm not going to say a perfect-chan, as a graphics person, but it wood rank berry highly provided enough content and users existed. >>5270 >I genuinely never see anyone posting wojaks outside of the big chans though. To overgeneralize, I notice three crowds of alt. imageboard users; those there for niche interests, those there for less moderation (often politics-related, drama-related or wojak-related) and those there to escape 4chan's increasingly monotonous anti-culture.
>>5261 maybe you wood like to use a textboard instead
>>5838 Not OP, but I visit a few textboards from time to time. I wish they were more popular, it's berry slow to the point of being almost dead, sometimes there are several days with no new posts at all. https://4-ch.net/4ch.html <-- Ancient, my favorite. https://dis.tinychan.net/ https://dis.4ct.org/ Might be interesting if some of the bigger altchans opened textboards to increase interest in other existing textboards as well, but I fear they'd just be dead on arrival.

Book discussion Anon 04/20/2021 (Tue) 23:25:49 No.4258 [Reply]
‘’’Book thread!’’’ Anon, what is the best book you have ever read? Why do you like it? Has it changed the way you view the world?
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>>4635 >Corpus Hermetica I need to read that someday.
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of my favourite books and was a major factor in my eventual conversion to Christianity. I'm not great at writing but I think primarily it has to do with Dostoevsky's understanding of the human condition and without spoiling the story I found the main character's thoughts relatable and the ending in regards to the characters' resolutions rather beautiful in a way.
I can't decide which one but one from Alan Watts. Maybe The Wisdom Of Insecurity, Psychotherapy East And West, Become What You Are, The Way Of Zen, Tao: The Watercourse Way.. I can't decide.
I could never pick a "best" book out of what I've read. I don't really know why. Right now I'm reading Congo by Michael Crichton.

anon 04/12/2021 (Mon) 21:20:05 No.4179 [Reply]
Tea or coffee?
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Open file (132.43 KB 1057x1200 a2200008381_10.jpg)
Coffee is good for when I just woke up and need to get ready to work. Tea is good for late night get comfy and watch anime time. And hot chocolate is good all the time but I need to watch my calorie intake
coffee is bad for heart and makes black teeth tea of of course
I prefer hot chocolate with a small amount of coffee in it. tea and coffee is good too tho
Cawfee. With milk if it's cheap coffin and I intend to chug.
>>4179 I prefer coffee, but tea is more /comfy/

Open file (1.90 MB 2736x3648 comfycirno.jpg)
So anons, how's your life going? Anon 07/09/2021 (Fri) 20:33:28 No.5219 [Reply]
Me, I'm thinking of getting the ASVAB because well... I don't exactly know where to go in my life than just being a neet and I don't want that. Might as well make my self useful huh
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Open file (2.06 MB 3600x3000 New_World_Order.jpg)
>>5219 >back in college full-time >got a job working 30 hrs/wk >running eberry other day >practicing spanish >reading more It feels nice to be doing something with my life, but I'm so tired...
>>5845 my goodness sounds like a recipe for burnout (if i were in your shoes)
Life should be going good. New job that I really wanted with lots of training and potential. Health is going OK. Spooky season is imminent. But, I'm feelin kinda lonesome. Got a case of the melancholy. Wood like someone nice to hold hands with and look at the sea.
>>5848 Wood, not wood. But I was thinking of a nice forest walk to be fair
>>5849 You shouldn't try to fight the filters, to bee honey.

Comfy Wallpapers Anon 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:05:54 No.2522 [Reply]
Post comfy wallpapers, looking at the same screen eberry day can be tiresome.
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Open file (846.81 KB 1920x1080 japanese backyard.jpg)
>>2732 Higher resolution.
here is a nice autumn wallpaper. I change my desktop background to suit the season, generally.
>>3978 Me too. But it makes me feel a little sad, too. I never really got to fully experience school in many ways, and it's a melancholy feeling to think back on what could have been.
Open file (543.19 KB 1311x1520 alucard.jpg)
>>5827 I know that feel. I seemed to have missed out on the usual rites of passage teenagers go through.

Open file (151.43 KB 1200x1200 er6j5dale00.jpg)
/Comfy/ room Anon 02/26/2021 (Fri) 01:11:48 No.3834 [Reply]
Is your room /comfy/ as of now? Are there anything you will do to make it even more so?
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>>3984 but I barely have the motivation to go anywhere. when I return, crushing despair sets in
>>3996 Welp, as my old granpappy used to tell me "Just keep throwing sh*t up again the wall some. Eventual somethin will stick". Just keep at it Anon, things will get better somehow.
Mine is pretty comfy. The main thing I think is to have good lighting which means warm light, not cold and soulless white light. In my desk lamp I have an incandescent bulb that has more filaments that a standard bulb you'd buy and it glows a berry rich amber color. I don't always use it, because I have a regular soft white bulb in the floor lamp in my room, but sometimes late at night I'll use it. Berry comfy. Also I have some houseplants and my room looks like it could be from the 90s which is also /comfy/. I like to relax sometimes and listen to some records.
Mine is not comfy. It is too warm unless it's cold out and then it's too cold in here. It's small. What few shelves and drawers fit are crowded.
>>5833 unfortunately I don't suppose there's much you can do to cool it down when it's hot apart from having an air conditioner. You might try covering the windows with some sort of shade or blackout curtains to stop sunlight from getting in and heating things up, though. I almost always have a window open in my room when it's warm outside as well. When it's cold you should bring out some blankets and stuff to get cozy when you're sitting at the computer

Chats NudeNinax 06/24/2021 (Thu) 14:10:32 No.5173 [Reply]
Hey I'm new does anybody want to talk?
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>>5774 Nothing exciting. Kind of disappointing.
Open file (463.81 KB 500x281 headpat8093589539853.gif)
Open file (13.93 KB 324x291 smile3.jpg)
It can be fun to walk up to people in a public setting and strike up a conversation.
Open file (1.17 MB 942x1168 santaexterminatus.png)
>>5810 What conversations have you had with strangers? Anything you can greentext?

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