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Open file (376.48 KB 1280x960 6565432112213.jpg)
/animu/ Christmas Stream Anonymous 12/08/2021 (Wed) 04:55:16 No.40
Grab a drink and enjoy the day by listening to some christmas music at 18 Dic. If you have some requests leave a link below and I will add the song to the stream. Starting at 1 pm PST / 20 UTC Tune in with any media player (I recommend VLC or MPV) at: http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.xspf
Open file (206.98 KB 832x818 Sola_Padoru.png)
I can't download m3u. Keeps giving me a network error. What do?
>>639 You don't download m3u. You put the URL into VLC or drag it over MPV
>>639 Try with the xspf link instead.
>>655 >>656 Can't download, but drag'n'dropping into mpv works. I htink I'm just used to downloading a file.
>>655 oh you drag and drop it in the vlc got it
Drag'n'dropping into Foobar works too. How long were you planning to go today for a rough estimate, flen?
Open file (1.47 MB 1120x1280 Padowo.png)
>>669 It will end at 10:00 PST.
Open file (1.46 MB 320x240 1457677506173.webm)
Is it going to be animu music or just American Christmas music with PADORU in-between?
>>682 A mix of the two.
Okay, I made it work.
Cheers you faggots
>>699 Some savages will call this gentleman and his wife "weird"
>>680 Cool cool, gave the others a heads up to leave the stream to you for at least the next fiveish hours before jumping on the ABS. Up to them how they wanna handle it.
Open file (687.40 KB 808x1100 90916750_p3.png)
>>682 When uploading Christmas music I mainly focused on western music. Tried to avoid the most popular music played all over shopping centers but tried getting stuff worth listening too. >>697 Welcome to the comfy Christmas Stream. >>699 Cheers!
So are we hanging here or in the old thread?
/r/ing every Snow Miku song. Or just this one if you don't have the set.
>>712 I'm hanging out in both.
>>699 Cheers! What are you fellas drinking? I am having some leftover coke.
Open file (1.08 MB 280x480 popcorn rin.mp4)
>>718 I drank green tea for the first time in my life, i wanted it to be a substitude for by black tea addiction but it isn't enough, i might brew black tea later
Open file (538.09 KB 1200x1212 ClipboardImage.png)
Will there be a tracklist soon? Was grooving out to one song earlier, but I don't even understand Japanese or watch that much animu so I don't know what it was called, I don't want another earworm white whale pls. Thanks for the stream!
>>699 cheerios
>>718 Drinking absinthe and pretty toasted.
>>729 wuts the vol.?
what are we listening to? doesn't soud christmas music
Open file (1.81 MB 480x200 1432576869456.gif)
>mfw all those replies. >>707 The more options the better. >>716 Should be coming right after this song.
>>729 >Lucid Not for long.
>>725 >Will there be a tracklist soon? If you can't identify a song, just tell me.
>>732 750ml >>737 Its a good kind of hazy. Lke, the worlds just a comfy cloud.
>>748 >Lke Already slurring your words. Are you sure you'll make it through the night?
>>745 No Alone for Christmas with My Waifu? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwP7-VpYtp0
>>735 Everybody is replying on the other thread, lmao.
>>748 aktualy is 62% don't lie
>>755 I’m already sleepy.
>>759 Should be right about now!
Open file (1.07 MB 2480x3508 cup_late.png)
iI am sleepy too, i will try another tea.
>>748 >wuts the vol.? <750ml Wew, I believe he was asking the alcohol %
Open file (1.18 MB 540x579 sparkling.gif)
Open file (902.64 KB 1920x1080 1577553570855.png)
Santa was just here. He was on a fire engine. It made a lot of noise. There weren't any candy canes. I still hear the sirens.
damn I love my waifu so much
>>779 how can u tell it wuznt the ayy?
>>725 See >>745 For the previous section see >>782
>>777 >I believe he was asking the alcohol % If he wanted the alcohol content he should have asked for it. Instead he asked for the volume and anon answered him.
>>729 Lucid is a tasty brand, but that's like one and a half bottles worth of liquor, anon.
>>766 >>777 Kek I am drunk and retarded. Yeah it’s 62% its strong stuff and a little bit puts you out.
>>779 Don't worry, he'll be on his way back up shortly.
>>791 I assume it was meant to be alcohol by volume: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcohol_by_volume
Open file (108.07 KB 1200x1015 65654654132213.jpg)
>>790 >hope I didn't violate OpSec >no qt yandere christmas cake FBI braking into my house for christmas
>>799 >ywn get your dog murdered by qt yandere christmas cake FBI It hurts
OJ lobby is still up >>733 2 more players needed.
>>801 Anon, you are thinking about the ATF.
>>792 Its pretty much the only brand I can find around here, and the only sized bottle. It usually last me two weeks or so. It is tasty.
>>805 We ar da pirates, yarrrr
Open file (351.70 KB 625x453 Comfy Palpy.png)
>listening to comfy music >drinking hot chocolate >shitposting >mfw
Open file (369.29 KB 880x529 0).png)
>>810 Once i got a 85% on vacay, i think it was from Spain. Boy oh boy even the ATF couldnt stop me...
Tonight i have a weebshit kick, songs like these are nice
>>824 Is that an issue in other states? They sell 87% and 93% everclear out of the stores here. It hurts to drink.
A nice mix between western vintage and otaku anime music.
>>836 im not a statian. But shoulnd that be iligal since moonshinig is forbiden and absinth was not even legal till not so long ago?
>>843 Seemed like the right choice, good thing that everyone is liking it so far.
>>844 Depends. My state has it grandfathered in that moonshine is legal for production, think it's actually in our constitution. It's just illegal to sell without a liquor distribution license.
i'm too schleepy for this
>>836 >about the taist my cousin put this lime powder kool aid thingy, it got much better
Night anons. Its been fun hanging out with you. The music was good. Have a merry Christmas.
>>869 The issue isn't the taste (that's bad too), it's the hangover later. The two closest things to the prolonged pain of everclear hangover are seafood poisoning and severe Corona symptoms.
>>869 and i think they used to disolv it on wather back in da day
>>874 Sleep snug, anon. Stuff might still be happening when you wake up.
>>874 Good night, anon and Merry Christmas!
>>874 good night PADORU PADORU
>>874 see ya anon
>>874 Merry Christmas and goodnight.
Open file (1.09 MB 640x360 Padoru.mp4)
>>874 Bye, see you next time!
>>878 >>860 Was not yesterday or the day before, the celebration on the bill of rigths? In here absinth was baned even tho its a national treasure, all the writters and painters took it.
What album is this? It's making me too comfy.
>>893 I have no idea, anon. I was just grabbing a ton of music, but I will be uploading this so you can grab it too.
>>893 Here you go, maybe you can find the name. https://anonfiles.com/74723ci7wd/4894165564489_WebM
Open file (83.01 KB 512x512 fist pump.png)
>>893 I don't know, but I like it.
Damnit I want to cook but I don't want to stop listening.
>>911 I just cooked beans and ate them, just stand up and walk away. You got this
>>911 Put the stream on your phone? Make the music louder?
>>911 There is a version of VLC for most mobile tracking devices.
>>911 There's a mobile version of mpv.
Well this is Yamashita tatsuro anyway
It is becaming late, i must zzz. Good night and merry christmas.
>>933 Good night, anon and Padoru Padoru.
Open file (1002.87 KB 843x1200 1611283753042.jpg)
Very nice stream, thank you guys. Merry Christmas.
>>935 Glad you liked it.
Open file (487.33 KB 1326x825 NOPE.png)
>>915 >>925 >>929 >>931 I made something in a rush and completely fucked it up. Garbage that I wouldn't even feed a dog. I'll just make some rice and figure out what to make it with later.
Open file (142.70 KB 444x440 how horrifying.png)
I played this piece in concert band years and years back, ah.
>>946 I suddenly feel a powerful lust for pipe organ music.
>>949 Would you like some?
Open file (626.42 KB 1451x2048 1609559017113.jpg)
I've got a game night to do to right now, but I hope I'll be back for more of this. This is much nicer than r/a/dio or meguca in general. I didn't think I'd listen to this for so long.
Open file (3.26 MB 640x360 earcleaning.webm)
>Aria music Now that hits the spot.
>>951 It will last until 10:00 PM PST
Open file (20.73 KB 245x326 1595019369651.jpeg)
This music is too comfy; it's going to put me to sleep.
>The Lord's Prayer sung by Frank Sinatra Isn't Sinatra a jew?
Open file (83.30 KB 589x570 1623159755731.jpg)
>>950 Of course!
>>958 Nope.
Open file (54.39 KB 400x349 new_image.jpg)
I wish I had some alcohol right now. I feel like that all the time, really, but now seems a little more intense than the average.
Open file (1.26 MB 1471x1836 94240819_p6.jpg)
>>959 Gotcha. Uploading a bunch now.
>>911 I'm going to drink whiskey and eat doritos and some cake!
>>958 No, while he was prominently pro-Israel, he himself was Italian and Catholic.
>>963 You're here to enjoy yourself, not suffer.
>>963 I'll have a drink for you anon.
Open file (34.41 KB 640x480 1483252217812.jpg)
>>976 I don't think I'll ever be able to let go of the suffering, at least not as long as I'm living where I am.
>>966 >>976 What is it about deadpan girls that's so cute? Why do I like them more than happy girls?
Open file (75.03 KB 900x675 LotGH friend.jpg)
>>982 Gambate, anon!
Open file (101.38 KB 640x480 niggerplease.jpg)
I suppose I'll connect to the Christmas Radio in 20~ minutes, my feller jazznigger.
Open file (169.74 KB 453x449 doin_good.jpg)
Open file (8.35 KB 349x344 1566856634864.jpg)
>>988 I read that as 'jizznagger'.
Open file (131.66 KB 219x426 1448483014872.png)
>>994 >jizznagger
>>994 I'll show you jizz, nagger.
>>959 >>966 >Iain Quinn - Haydn_Organ Concertos (2020) [24-96].zip https://anonfiles.com/z5f475j9wc/Iain_Quinn_-_Haydn_Organ_Concertos_2020_24-96_zip >Mozart Complete Works Brilliant: Volume 6(CD15) Organ Works.flac https://anonfiles.com/n5N28dj5w9/Volume_6_CD15_Organ_Works_flac Quality organ music is ready.
Open file (9.78 MB 1280x1754 01_-_Check_em.mp4)
Somebody play video games with me.
Open file (29.60 KB 455x451 1438906520122.jpg)
>>1003 Downloading. >1.6 GB >mfw
>>1018 Website is broken, can't sign up for an account. What about >>161?
>>1003 >Mozart Complete Works Brilliant: Volume 6(CD15) Organ Works Lock and loaded, it should play after this song.
>>1025 What browser are you using? The register button wouldn't work when I used Pale Moon but in ungoogled Chromium it was fine.
I've never heard a single Mozart organ piece ever.
>>1003 i really love organ music
Open file (39.64 KB 390x478 1517829078.jpg)
>All this talk about organs S-STOP BEING SO LEWD
>>1025 If you forward the user info to NeneSeals@protonmail.com in an email I can register it for you. Same goes for any anons having technical difficulties. Forgot to turn off role signature.
>>1042 What's lewd about someone fingering away below a huge pipe, using their hands and feet to achieve a perfect climax that will bathe the entire audience in bliss?
>>1042 A real organ isn't something you just listen too, you feel it through your whole body.
>>1050 I've had a fantasy for years about wanting to build a pipe organ from scratch.
I didn't actually expect you to play the organ music. But I hope others enjoy it.
Anons this has been good fun. Have a good night and Merry Christmas.
>>1063 I am satisfied.
>>1063 A request is a request.
>>1065 Good night, anon!
Is this Dancing Mad?
>>1082 I have no idea.
>>836 A bit late, but never ever drink alcohol this strong straight. It's for making your own liqueurs and extracts. Which I highly recommend, by the way. At that percentage it actually dilutes itself whenever you open the bottle, it's so strong it pulls water out of the air.
There is now multi-stream dorifting. This stream is more Christmas oriented. Other one seems more r/a/dio oriented right now.
Open file (131.40 KB 320x400 s.png)
What is the stream playing from right now?
>>1127 How long is the r/a/dio going to last?
>>1159 I think the next streamer planned to start in about an hour or two, then BO was gonna jump back in and stream some tavern songs, so probably through the rest of the night. It really just depends on what anon wants to listen to. I'm jumping back and forth periodically.
>>1160 Thanks, is there a playlist?
>>1162 It is here >>745
>>1165 Ah, sorry.
>>1169 Sorry for what? My daddy told me not to not be ashamed about not checking the thread, since they are big and all.
>>1119 Go home youre drunk anon
Just got home from wageslaving, doing God's work anon.
Open file (281.12 KB 444x716 7TZb12ks.png)
>>1372 You are welcome.
Would anons be upset if I enabled per-captcha post for the rest of the evening? Debating, don't have to but I'm jumping around a bit right now and might miss the spam for a bit.
>>1584 Go for it, it should stop the (((spam))).
Alright, went ahead and enabled. If the board gets more than 30 posts in an hour it'll probably kick in.
I want to lewd momochan.
Open file (409.85 KB 625x453 christmas comfy palpy.png)
And that was the last song! Thanks for tuning in! MARRY CHRISTMAS NERDS!
>>1736 Thanks for streaming, Jazz anon. It was a lot of fun. Gonna have at least one more guest streamer on the other stream and that'll probably be it for tonight.
Open file (27.38 KB 600x478 1632013756635.jpg)
>>1736 Nice job today man. I loved it. Merry Christmas.
Open file (631.09 KB 1286x1207 64645654321321.png)
/animu/ makes jazz streams every friday, since this is the 24 of Dic the stream will have Christmas song. So grab your nearest loli demon and give her a big present. Starting at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC Tune in with any media player (I recommend VLC or MPV) at: http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.xspf
Open file (665.59 KB 1350x1920 65465432113.png)
Open file (150.94 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Enjoying it Anon, many thanks. Merry Christmas, /christmas/ !
this reminds me of a Ghibli movie theme
this is wonderful, i've never heard this before.>>2383
And that was the last song, merry Christmas!
Open file (85.06 KB 750x802 lol_wtf_japan.jpg)
>>2399 Thanks /animu/ MERRY CHRISTMAS You guy's streams really made Christmas a fun experience this year. :^)
Grab a drink and enjoy the afternoon listening to some jazz and other anime tunes from Streamfriend every Friday. Starting at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC Tune in with any media player (I recommend VLC or MPV) at: http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.xspf HAPPY NEW YEAR!
>>2526 Thanks. Happy New Year.
Thanks Anon, that was enjoyable!
Is there going to be a stream today?
>>2623 There will be a non-animu stream at 23:00 UTC-
Something I am listening to before the official streams kick off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwJcCh8i9nY
When's the stream start this year?
>cuckime merry christmas from /tv ya losers
>>2638 >/tv/ cancer board. I hope you have an awful christmas and your dearest family member dies
>>2639 why so mean?
Fug, did I miss the stream?
>>2637 I would like to know too.
Open file (582.21 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
There is going to be a stream today at 3 pm PST / 22 UTC
>>2803 >3 pm PST / 22 UTC PST is -8h right? Wouldn't that mean 1400h PST (2PM) if the 2200h UTC is correct Anon?
>>2804 >nobody noticed until now There is going to be a stream today at 3 pm PST / 23 UTC
>>2805 Got it thanks! Heh, probably b/c old Ben Franklin strikes again with his silly """savings""" time? :^) BTW, will that be the animu stream or the anoncafe stream? (I presume /animu/ one).
>>2797 >Argentina got refball in favor again Shamefur dispray
>>2806 /animu/
Open file (406.38 KB 1373x2048 media_FkBRBvLUoAAd75Z.jpg)
Open file (596.40 KB 206x276 1596087669334.gif)
It's /animu/ Christmas stream again!
>>2811 I'm already into the spiked eggnog.
alway rember hotto chokoreeto FTW
If I am quiet, it is because I am enjoying the relaxed stream. Know that this is greatly appreciated.
Open file (1009.02 KB 532x640 98794566.gif)
Open file (247.89 KB 1600x1132 qbwyduozqee32.jpg)
REMEMBER: It's important to dress appropriately.
Wow this is really soothing music DJ, thanks! :^)
And that was the last song, time to sleep!
Thanks so much /christmas/+/animu/ . The music was wonderful!
Thank you for the music! Lets see each other next year and in any events between, /animu/!
Open file (799.75 KB 472x1025 84984854666.png)
CHRISTMAS STREAMING STARTS NOW! Since its friday, /animu/ is streaming christmas music, so tune in!
Open file (6.41 MB 700x394 catgirl.gif)
And that was the last song, see you tomorrow, because I will be streaming more christmas music, so don't forget to tune in!
>>2890 Thanks that was nice! Much appreciated /animu/.
Open file (921.66 KB 1163x1006 Boatslut Christmas.jpg)
>>2903 I'm enjoying the stream so far Merry Christmas
Open file (228.51 KB 506x900 Reindeer with gift.jpg)
>>2924 Thank you!
>>2664 Anime rots not only the brain but also the soul, no worries for i have gotten used to the words of weebcucks, their feeble insults are innefective against the superior men.
>>2937 >superior men I also am a superior man that likes cute things, anonkun.
>>2639 /tv/dup btfo
And that was the last song, Merry Christmas!
>>2941 Thanks /animu/ !

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