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Christmas Radio Thread Anonymous Board owner 12/18/2021 (Sat) 17:17:17 No.267
Stream on intermission. Connect to PLW's stream! /animu/ stream: >>40 Good morning, anon! Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful Winter Solstice! Enjoy your Yule! Happy Hanukkah! Something something Kwanzaa! FUCK happy holidays Have some wonderful winter festivities! Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are a ways away but since we might not see each other until then I'll wish you guys a joyous Ramadan as well! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend before Christmas! Is anon eating and sleeping well? Make sure to stay hydrated and to take a nap if you're feeling tired since the event is gonna go for 12+ hours. Feel free to join in and out over the course of the day at your leisure! I had some beer cheese soup this morning that was quite delicious. Got some split pea/lentil and ham for later in the day. There are various winter festivities that will be taking place. Officially, Gliding Simulator Veloren >>233 will be the social server since it can handle a lot of people and runs on potato PCs, but as more events comes up anon should keep an eye on the events sticky! I'll try to update it every couple hours or sooner: >>188 Current stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/christmas.m3u Just download the m3u and roll with it in your audio or video player of choice (mpv, vlc, and foobar are confirmed to work). If you're having issues with that, try accessing: https://radio.anon.cafe/ When/if it's time to swap streaming servers, I'll edit accordingly. Fatchan has generously donated an IRC for your livechat pleasure: https://irc.fatpeople.lol/#christmas Technical difficulties or info to import into your IRC client: >>160 With all that said, I hope anon will enjoy today. After a quick pre-stream connection test for a half hour, I will be streaming mostly traditional Christmas music (Manheim Steamroller, Bill Crosby, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) with some international (Read: Russian/German/Japanese) twists mixed in. /r/s in all languages are allowed! The other streamers will likely have their own music so I'm not totally sure what they will be doing, but it doesn't have to be Christmas themed all day if they want to play other things. If I'm back on later it might be weeb music for a while and some tavern songs later tonight. I mostly just sent out mass advertisements to what seemed to be the central hubs on each imageboard, but everyone is invited today! If I didn't get an invitation out to your board, or if your imageboard wasn't mentioned, then you have my heartfelt apologies since it was my fault for starting the process so late in the game. I was hand-typing the invitations outside of the copy/pasted greentext and was short on time, so I didn't get one out to everyone, but an invitation should have gone out to everyone in the grand scheme of things. Please enjoy the festivities and come on in; the fire is warm and the drinks are plentiful! With all that being said, let's have a wonderful day together, anon! Ah right, for those unfamiliar with Radio imageboard subculture, the idea is that we all gather and socialize in a thread together around some music. Banter, blogposting, etc. are welcome so long as anon doesn't get into a screaming match with each other (and even then it's fine unless it gets out of hand). That's why I'm mostly restricting banter to the Radio (polite banter) and Thunderdome (essentially fistfight) threads. I saw some wine aunts/grumpy uncles when I woke up this morning and I don't know the culture of every board so I'll probably issue some warnings around the board here during the technical testing/Old Ones Solstice block. If your board is alright with heavier banter just yell at me for doing it. If your board isn't alright with heavier banter in your exchange threads, file a report and I'll hop on it when possible. And once more... Thank you to anon.cafe's site owner for being a generous host for this event today! I-I'll try to keep the headaches to a minimum. Seriously thank you for letting me do this though.
Edited last time by NeneSeal on 01/16/2022 (Sun) 08:31:36.
>>267 Christmas is coming, the Goose is thawing out. We've all got salmonella, And the Doctor's not about.
>>267 > an IRC for your livechat pleasure I'd rather stay in the threads and go without usernames. >Is anon eating and sleeping well? I had some beer cheese soup this morning that was quite delicious. Got some split pea/lentil and ham for later in the day. I'll be making chili later. I know some anons are absolutely disgusted by how I make it; i include crushed tomato and lots of beans. But I'm not disgusted and I'm the one who will be eating it, so nuts to those anons.
Open file (3.88 MB 400x515 grow corona grow.gif)
Open file (2.92 MB 400x800 coron dance.gif)
don't touch me
Open file (885.17 KB 1270x1105 sawa-cross-legs.png)
>>274 >But I'm not disgusted and I'm the one who will be eating it, so nuts to those anons. I've had similar discussions with Anon over tea-drinking before now. Gotta make it the way you like it best.
Open file (17.59 KB 470x702 sadd.gif)
>>275 I can't believe the drawfag for the first gif just dissapeared from existence
I'm gonna go around and give boards a heads up that the event is live now. Old Ones carols soon. After informing anon I'll take a look at the /r/ pre-game thread (post /r/s after I lock it over here).
I'm very sad that timezones mean I'll sleep through most of the stream, but I'm happy that I got to hear this little bit. Looking forward to listening to it when I wake up again. Good night.
>>284 Oyasumi anon~
Open file (514.47 KB 407x431 pizza camp.gif)
>>267 >Is anon eating and sleeping well? Not at all. For some reason my eyes have been irritated lately, and I'm sure the left one is bit further forward than usual, hopefully just from some sort of inflammation. Now I'm buying a pizza. I just need to decide where to order it from.
>>284 Sleep snug, Anon. Waking up to Radio is a comfy feeling.
>>267 >Is anon eating and sleeping well? Winter always fucks up my sleep schedule, I've stayed up until 8am+ for the past 4 or 5 days and then I sleep until 4pm. Gotta unfuck my shit, I miss the sun.
>>292 The sun is good for you. Have you considered a sun lamp or vitamin D pills? I used to think they were bullshit but they really do help. Also consider a redscreen program like Twilight or f.lux for your computer if they don't make your GPU shit the bed.
>>293 Seconding both of these. It sounds like a meme, but a good daily dose under a big bright sunlamp makes things much better. Gotta get a proper one though, not the Chinese knockoffs that don’t put out the full spectrum.
so what is the idea behind this christmas event? just talking about things in general?
Shit thread
>>293 don't listen to him. don't take pills and get a sun lamp, just go outside. if you don't you become so lazy
>>295 Just general merriment and holiday spirit while listening to music and playing games.
>>298 music and gaymes are for fags and there for not halal
Open file (1.55 MB 1914x1497 DRBUUFF.png)
>>299 That's the thing anon, I'm gay Now kissu
Greetings from Prolikewoah /animu/. Merry (early) Christmas anons! What are you guys drinking tonight? For me, just some eggnog. It's always nice to drink that this time of the year. Instead of playing games, I'll just be reading visual novels for maximum comfy. Pic related, Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 came out a day or two ago. They're about dating and fucking dragon girl NEETs. It's comedy and romance. >Slobbish Dragon Princess https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3371507 >Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3539967
Open file (5.09 MB 426x240 pizzzzzzzzzzzzza.webm)
Open file (12.47 MB 1280x720 pizza_time.mp4)
Open file (970.05 KB 1275x1041 ramsee haets pizza.png)
>>287 I want a pizza now. There's this place that does really big pizzas that also taste incredible. Gonna get me some pepperoni for dinner.
>>301 >What are you guys drinking tonight? Water. Green tea later.
Open file (668.37 KB 878x1000 27371259_p0.jpg)
>>299 >>300 It's funny you call it gay and haram because I was just thinking I want to join a Great Old One cult.
>>292 same I installed blackout curtains because they changed the streetlights to very bright led, now I can't if it's daytime or night some days unless I look at my compute clock and open the curtains but I became lazy because of work makes me tired to do anything on my days off especally this time of the year. I need a large clock in my room
>>302 On my end, friends of relatives presented pizza. I rejected it -- it is not the kind I consume.
me i'm drinking milk
good morning sirs!!
Open file (218.67 KB 1779x2376 oj cola.jpg)
Aren't there supposed to be OJ games today? >>301 I'm drinking root beer, the cheap kind. >>302 I wish I could have a big pizza. Some places make XL, but it's usually shit.
>>302 Something is wrong with the stick of pepperoni I picked up recently, and it makes me ill. It sucks; I was planning to make pizza yesterday but I need to wait until I go shopping and buy more.
>>310 >Aren't there supposed to be OJ games today? OJ-anon is probably gonna be asleep for another hour or three. If anon wants to get a lobby started I'll post it to the sticky though.
>>300 hhhmmmmmmhhh *spits on the floor*
>OJ >>312 what is oj???
Open file (52.79 KB 680x540 wine_cat.jpg)
>>301 Right now I'm drinking coffee but I might open a bottle of wine later on.
>>267 >is anon eating and sleeping gud? yes. finished lunch of big ass soup and giant sammich. I do have to sort out the fact that my computer is screaming bloody murder at me for trying to join the stream however. minor problem though, so not worried too much about it.
>>314 Multiplayer party games: https://store.steampowered.com/app/282800/100_Orange_Juice/ I think there's a non-steam version as well but I don't remember.
>>314 oj bobby johnson
Open file (16.05 MB 600x480 Кукушка, 1990.mp4)
>>318 looks gay as fuck. anime, really?
Happy Christmas. Drinking absinthe and eating gas station pizza.
spooky x-mas
>>323 >Absinthe Good stuff. I like the licorice flavor when mixed with sugar cubes and sparkling mineral water.
>>323 I don't generally drink alcohol, but I do kind of want to try absinthe. I like anise flavour.
>>324 It's just some existential dread from the Old Ones to get us started, friend.
>>325 Haven’t tried it with sparkling water yet. Its really nice with the sugar and water though. . >>326 Its strong if you drink it straight. Needs water and sugar. Otherwise its really good. Gives you a very mellow buzz.
>>323 if you come by the green fairy tell anon says "hi"
>>309 Good morning! >>310 >I wish I could have a big pizza Why not make one? I love making big pan pizzas with a nice herby sauce reduced nice and thick, with tiled mozzarella underneath. You can always use a beer dough if you can’t or don’t want to wait. Last time my dough stretched so well that I was even able to roll the crust over some slices of mozzarella to make my very own stuffed crust.
Open file (53.28 KB 1024x890 sawa-chan-sensei.jpg)
I have a little mead left from the other night, then some tea.
>>326 Absinthe can be strong and take people by surprise. Take it slow and it'll be nice and don't chug it like some frat guy would.
Open file (101.21 KB 1125x1043 20211211_034221.jpg)
>>267 >Is anon eating and sleeping well? I'm on my 7th nightshift and stuck in work on my birthday, I shall be having copious amounts of tea however, finally got actual sugar cubes for extra aesthetics. At least I have some tunes!
>>336 What type of tea anon?
>>267 >Is anon eating and sleeping well? Going to have some pancakes for dinner. As far as sleep goes not great. Been having a lot of nightmares lately due to stress. >>323 >absinthe I envy you anon, I wish I had some.
>>336 It can't be helped. How are nightshifts? I might be getting an overnight trucker job depending on what happens in the next few months.
>>338 Stress nightmares are the worst, but at least it's not stress-induced sleep paralysis. Right?
>>335 >stronk Yeah, a little bit goes a long way. One drink is ussaly all I need. >>336 That sucks but happy birthday.
Alright I'm gonna try loading into Veloren. Gimme a heads up if the stream starts crashing from internet shitting the bed. Moving into some proper Christmas music now.
>>323 >gas station pizza Gross, but at least you have pizza. Mine finally arrived, but I wish I had absinthe. >>332 Self-made pizza means work and buying ingredients which I don't have. >>336 Happy birthday, anon.
Open file (797.68 KB 1280x1838 085.jpg)
Are any of you buying family/friends presents or getting anything from other people? I've bought presents for friends and family for years now but have gotten nothing in return, though I tell them not to get me anything since I already have what I want. I was thinking of grabbing some new cooking utensils and possibly another 5TB external HDD. >>336 That was me 2 months ago. Made the most of it by having tons of reading material and games to keep me busy during the night. I could have just slept but it was too cold to sleep.
Hello Christmas Radio, I hope everyone is having a joyous and fruitful holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy Saturnalia.
>>346 Yule modafockaaaaaaaaaa!
Open file (154.73 KB 948x810 1572869703574.jpg)
>>327 i can appreciate
>>344 I jus buy stuff for my nephew. Figure adults can buy themselves stuff. Got the little autism so legos and Minecraft gift cards.
>>344 I got stuff for my nephews/nieces and mother/father. Bought my Grandpa some fancy salami and my grandmother some fancy flowers with a practical vase that can be repurposed as a box later. Also bought birthday presents for my little brother and some D&D dice and crochet hooks for my Onee-sama.
Open file (52.78 KB 720x610 1443724470541.jpg)
RIP billy
>>346 Welcome, Erischan! Thanks for the Saturnalia/Christmas wishes!
>>356 Too soon.
>>267 >Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha are a ways away but since we might not see each other until then I'll wish you guys a joyous Ramadan as well Are we gonna get an /eid/ celebration going here too?
>>344 at this point the only thing that really happens on christmas is my idiot sister coming to my house. don't do gifts because of a combination of lazy and not knowing what to get each other. low key but eh, I can live with it.
To the /v/ or /hgg/ anons out there. Have there been any good games to play as of late? I've been out of games for ages now as I've just been reading manga/LN and watching anime instead.
>>359 These events are a lot of work but I can show you the ropes if you wanna run one for /islam/ when it gets a little closer.
>>362 depends. what are your tastes?
>>362 I enjoyed Dohna Dohna. Keeping your whores in pristine state while keeping up with the story and finding good new "talent" was quite fun.
Open file (1.33 MB 1480x1993 if2gol.png)
>>362 I've been too autistic over the Black Souls games this year if that counts
>>352 I've been trying stuff like prosciutto and salami from a fancy butcher shop and they are really good. I can see why the Italians and Spaniards get so big.
>>363 I wouldn't even know what to do tbh, sacrifice a lamb in Minecraft?
>>362 > reading manga/LN and watching anime instead. Doing the same, and playing /tg/ since nothing vidya really has been worth investing the time.
>Oomori Toshiyuki & Iwato Takashi - Christmas & Trance (Opening Arr) Pretty comfy song. >>350 >>352 Man I barely talk to my family so I wouldn't even know what gifts to get my younger siblings. >>361 It is nice to just enjoy yourself, appreciate what you have, and not worry about gifts though.
Open file (156.68 KB 512x512 Hihakase.png)
>>348 >>348 Merry 67th of Aftermath.
>>362 As >>301 wrote, Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 is out now. Venus Blood Hollow recently received its international version, and I think it was even released on GOG. While its tags aren't great, they're mostly there for the non-vanilla route. Kimagure Temptation and the first Aikagi were translated last month.
Open file (30.65 KB 480x325 ADMECH tv.jpg)
>>359 By Inshallah, have a happy heresy.
lol this is cute is she actually singing Jingle Bells?
>>369 A music stream would probably be fun. You can always use the Veloren server for social gatherings if anons want since it's just low-CPU autismblocks.
>>372 Finally some good Christmas music
>>376 It's a cute jingle bells, yep. I'll upload a song list post-stream and can pull individual mp3s at a later date for anon.
Open file (491.22 KB 1192x894 gambatte.jpg)
>>380 Cool thanks. Merry Christmas greetings from /robowaifu/ BTW.
>>384 Thanks for stopping by, /robowaifu/!
>>364 Fighting, visual novels, RPGs, beat em up, STG (I suck at these but like them) dungeon cralwers / DRPGs, adventure, TPS, turn based strategy, action RPG, action adventure, puzzle. Those are usually what I play. Last game I really enjoyed are Rune Factory 4, Sakuna of Rice and Ruin, Nitroplus Blasters, Arcana Heart 3 LMSSE, Cotton 2, and Fight N Rage. Looking forward to Little Witch Nobeta, DNF Duel, Rune Factory 5 and EDF6. >>367 Haven't played any of those. How are they? >>376 Wouldn't be surprised if it was a Vtuber.
Open file (124.77 KB 1079x830 20210503_204225.jpg)
>>337 Rooibos and some lemon. >>339 Securityfag so not bad now that people are off for Christmas. One site is comfy and i'm essentially paid to shitpost and watch animu, the other has cameras in the control room so 50/50. >>344 >buying any presents Just alcohol as usual, though my families small. >too cold to sleep Have you looked into heated vests ? They're like wearable lightweight electric blankets you connect to a powerbank in your pocket, saved me a lot of discomfort.
>>385 YW, and thanks to you for /christmas/! It's nice to take a break from slaving over engineering for a bit tbh. :^)
Open file (41.07 KB 720x1152 0000a.png)
>>362 I recommend Hotdog Storm.
Open file (110.59 KB 900x600 cowboys_sunset.jpg)
Merry Christmas anons thanks for putting together this event.
Moving into a Mannheim/Trans-Siberian mix block in case some anons like or dislike that content.
>>377 It's gonna be some manner of stream, I suppose. We'll see if anyone would even want to participate from outside the board.
>>393 Merry Christmas Anon. There's this great story song about Australian Cowboys. Do you know it? >>394 I don't know about it, but it seems fine to me. It's nice, thanks.
>>393 Just remember old Revenants don't die, they just get more powerful.
>>396 I can't promise much but I'll at least stop by if I'm around at the time.
>>387 been playing a gook game recently. don't drop it just from that, it's called troubleshooters it's alright. tactical squad game, it's fun. it feels less infuriating than games like xcom because you can't just randomly lose characters, they just go back to life, at most you lose a mission. just play at the hardest difficulty from the start because it's not particularly hard
Merry Christmas and thanks for putting this together
Open file (101.38 KB 650x366 touhou sdm karaoke .jpg)
>>336 Happy birthday, dork, haha!
Open file (161.79 KB 1080x1078 D0NDhveWkAAeSdo.jpg)
merry christmas to all from Costa Rica
Open file (1.97 MB 900x1350 1600456934398.png)
>>387 >Haven't played any of those. How are they? They're great, but require dedication. The games have multiple endings, but to get to the canon route for each one of those you have to do certain things in repeated playthroughs. And to getting to finish each one of them is fairly obtuse. The porn in the first game and the spinoff is not great, it improves in 2, but it does serve its purpose to the story. I never played a game that used sex as a narrative tool so well, so I can only say good things about it. Combat can be a bit tricky, with many enemies one-shotting you and having to sometimes break the game to go forward. It's anything but boring. The story is also really convoluted, cryptic and obtuse, so if you ever feel like there's something that doesn't make sense don't feel bad to ask about it if you know someone that knows about the game. Even then, it's still really good. Oh and it's also really dark so you should take that into account. I think the game has a readme file for all the hidden routes if you ever download it. Best games I played this year, and probably in a long time.
>>336 Happy birthday Anon.
>>404 Merry Christmas Costa Rica! Beautiful jungles there I hear?
Open file (250.40 KB 503x449 1631176874978.png)
>>373 It's no holyday, but a holiday will do.
Open file (756.14 KB 640x480 happy birthday.webm)
>>336 Ah right, happy birthday, anon!
>>301 >slobbish dragon princess Thank you for reminding me to continue that, very comfy shenanigans with forward dragons.
Open file (87.04 KB 534x413 74721824_p2.jpg)
>>267 Hello.
>>362 >I've been out of games for ages now No way, nigga. What about all those games you can emulate? It's impossible to run out of games. If you want recs, the stuff I've been playing is Freelancer, Ginga Force, Ape Escape 3, Baldr Sky, etc. Stuff like that. Play em.
>>407 yeah!, is like jurassic park irl haha
Open file (42.12 KB 629x720 1632690620094.jpg)
>>411 Good morning!
Open file (271.98 KB 600x600 cursed.png)
Am I supposed to actually install vidya today what's the turnout gonna be
>>413 Anon probably hasn't had time to look through past libraries. 5th generation console games alone would take years to go through.
How many different boards do we have represented here? Its nice to see anons from all over.
>>414 Haha neat. I've spent some time in the Belizean jungles near the Mojo river and the Bay of Guatemala. They filmed a movie there with the guy who played Han Solo.
>>416 Don't know. There's about 40 anons listening right now if you wanna play some games though.
>>418 I guess we should have a callout? /robowaifu/ here.
>>418 Off the top of my head there's about 30ish-40ish split between about 20 imageboards? I'd have to go through and count which would take too long.
>>418 >>422 Smug/a/ is here.
Open file (968.00 KB 1900x1440 the hill.png)
Open file (560.37 KB 1200x790 image0.jpeg)
>>418 I came from /monster/.
>>422 I was thinking it was a little early for role call but I guess we can do them throughout the day. Not like we have a limit of threads. Well, other than the global limit and I don't remember what that is. /l/ - Virtual Livers/Virtual Youtubersreporting in! Fun things are fun! Take care of your Oshi!
>>267 Merry Christmas, fag.
>>425 you anons have a nice robutt thread going, but that's about my limit haha.
Open file (1.81 MB 2480x1754 PLW boards.png)
>>418 PLW resident here, I sometimes go checkout what's happening over at PTchan and sleepychan but these days I'm mostly shitposting on /animu/
>>430 I think someone on 83chan was asking about you earlier.
>>424 Merry Christmas Smug/a/, I stop by there once in a while.
>>428 cute miku
Open file (435.53 KB 1280x1280 eris.webm)
>>422 Erischan reporting
Open file (628.74 KB 747x718 chiri4.png)
Why are people pretending it's Christmas?
>>431 >>430 Nevermind it was PTchan and I'm a baka. https://ptchan.org/i/thread/216007.html
Open file (1.06 MB 2500x2500 descubrimentos.png)
>>431 Sorry my monkey brother, but I don't visit the jungle.
>>434 Nice cats threads tbh. >>435 Well, it's less than a week away now right? Pretty traditional I'd say.
>>435 Because most anons probably work on Christmas and the holiday spirit extends through most of December.
Open file (77.37 KB 800x800 wissuwachu.jpg)
>>418 It's /time/!
>>435 shush
>>436 Oh yeah that's me hue.
>>438 thanks bro
>>441 neat, I didn't know about /time/. Where are you at?
>>272 >>279 >>333 lovely christmas cake itt
>>444 Nice digits bro. Have a gondola.
>>435 Its a Christmas party and were drunk.
>>435 we slipped forward in time a bit so it's the 25th now, but for that, everyone who's here now goes back to 2006 after the event's over
Go back to the jungle (PTchan)
>>448 cute gondola, thx
>>451 >everyone who's here now goes back to 2006 after the event's over LOL. What I would give to be able to do that! :-DDD
>>451 >Go back to 2006 >Become millionaire on Crypto Sign me up!
>>447 The best.
>>418 >>422 Kemono! Anon.cafe /kemono/ on the scene.
Nice song actually pretty dramatic for Christmas music. I like it.
Open file (2.96 MB 1447x2150 1563678732683.png)
>I hope you are having a wonderful weekend before Christmas! Is anon eating and sleeping well? Make sure to stay hydrated and to take a nap if you're feeling tired since the event is gonna go for 12+ hours. Feel free to join in and out over the course of the day at your leisure! Nice, thanks christmas autist. I am not really a big fan of this holiday. Feels a bit too forceful at times, having to pretend to get along with people and all. But I can appreciate an event like this between anons and I've been looking forward to it. >Eating. I've been trying to cut back on some things a little bit to try and lose some weight. I've become a fatass over the course of the past year or so, due to a mix of depression and (resulting) alcoholism. Used to work out a lot and could even do chinups. Now I can barely manage a pushup. Sad, but what can you do. Wish I still had the drive, but at least I can work on a better diet. >Sleeping. My favorite part of the day. Mostly because you can forget about all your problems. It helps that it hasn't been terribly hot here or anything. If anything, this spring has been somewhat mild, outside of a few warmer days. One of the reasons I hate this time of the year is the sweltering heat. And this year we're mourning since grandma's doggo passed away last week. We've received her ashes yesterday, in fact. Personally, I'm looking forward to spending this christmas by myself. No family. No annoying people or insane narcissists. Just me, some music, some vidya, and so on.
>>457 Welcome to the party, /kemono/!
>>426 Merry Christmas /l/
Open file (20.01 KB 600x600 dork prone.jpg)
>>445 Unfortunately just in memory for now, we were never a huge board in old h8channit, but we were a fun chibi board.
>>435 It was originally "have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Christmas season up to and including all other traditional winter holidays you just so happen to be celebrating" but it got shortened down a bit over time as a matter of practicality.
>>459 >spending this christmas by myself Its kind of nice to be alone on holidays. Family can be draining.
>>459 some anonymous posts from all around the webring are here to keep your company in your solitude christmas, anon.
>>457 Merry Christmas, /kemono/
Open file (729.94 KB 1400x1069 Qg3NO.jpg)
And a warm hello from >>>/pro/.
>>467 Afternoon, /pro/! Hope you are doing well. How's the animal thing going by the way?
>>371 this is true. neither of us mind and/or care about it. makes things a lot simpler. >>422 another /monster/ fag reporting in
>>469 >How's the animal thing going by the way? Uhhh, which thing? Animals go pretty good in general
>>462 Ah I see. We actually have Chibi-esque project started over at the board now. Maybe you can have your favorite ones real someday Anon. Sorry I missed you guys back on 8ch. Merry Christmas /time/ !
Open file (2.97 MB 2048x1152 ClipboardImage.png)
Are you guys reading something while listening to the radio? I'm working on college homework but later I'm going to read pic related. I recently bought the second novel of the Hilda series and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's quite comfy. Regarding the radio, could you please add these songs? https://youtu.be/Fk0g1Yy7THs
>>472 You guys are one of the newer boards, right? I've lurked once or twice but I haven't had a chance to hang out yet.
>>267 >I hope you are having a wonderful weekend before Christmas! Is anon eating and sleeping well? You really wanna know? I'm gonna spoiler my post because I don't want to openly be a debbie downer for everyone to unwillingly see. If you don't want second-hand suffering, I'll at least give you the option of ignoring it with spoilers. >it'll be the first Christmas I'll spend without my mom because she decided to abandon the family >probably not going to hear much from other family because my mom is a professional liar and manipulator who blatantly paints a false bad narrative about me and my dad and nobody is willing to talk to us yet(?) >it was only a two weeks ago that I had a Jimmy Neutron Brain Blast™ that made me realize that a lot of my bad habits and shitty/self-destructive behavior is because of my mom emotionally neglecting me while my dad was overseas at war in the Middle East for 5 of my developmental years, and it's extremely hard to kick any of those habits due to how ingrained in me they are >all of that lets me disown my own mother during the holidays, which are supposed to be a happy time meant to be spent with... y'know... family. how ironic. >money is really tight right now >been extremely busy with work for the past year so it doesn't even FEEL like the holidays like it used to when I was a kid >don't really have any close friends IRL (I only have acquaintances from my day job), only people I met on the internet. they're good people and I have a lot of great memories with them from the last 2~3 years, but it's just not the same as being face-to-face >in the middle of moving to another state too, and our landlord is a textbook example of a Scrooge (attempted fraud by trying to cash a check he said he'd throw away, actively trying to kick us out because we didn't pay rent due to trying to move at the end of the year, overall just a very shitty person that deserves a lead pipe to the shin) >I'm one of those weirdos that pays a lot of attention to politics and it's mostly only bad news (RUSSIA WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING) >there's no weed or alcohol around because we can't get a hold of our hookup and alcohol is expensive respectively, so I have to face most of this shit sober >I don't want to do anything other than sleep these days - Now with all my retarded whining about my life out of the way, there's a few good things too. >I'll see if I can make some time to hop into the Veloran server in a bit to get my spirits up. >As an early Christmas present to myself I downloaded a shitload of old Sonic games. Sega did a lot of really weird experimental shit while trying to put Sonic in a 3D space, huh? I don't like how Sonic 2 did special stages though, it's really hard to make sure that Tails doesn't eat shit and lose all the goddamn rings. Thank fuck for save states. >I got an idea for a webcomic that I'm strangely passionate about. I gotta learn how to draw because I didn't draw enough as a kid, but I've been discussing story elements and lore with some very helpful internet friends. >There are a few people in the state I'm moving to that aren't blood related, but are still considered family >Me and my dad are also basically hired for high-paying jobs in the state because of a friend too, so money will stop being an issue soon I just need to push through until the move is complete, then things will likely improve. I hope the rest of you have a good Christmas.
>>475 looks kino
Shit, I forgot to add the second video: https://youtu.be/goXDAFtkJLw What I was going to add is that the first song basically sumarizes the entire christmas on latin america, since it's summer over here. And the second is the christmas truce sabaton song, I love it.
Open file (4.01 MB 640x480 1449509269954-1.mp4)
Hope every admin puts up a board banner so we can shitpost in even more numbers
Open file (70.00 KB 991x493 kemono chart.jpg)
>>457 Merry Christmas, /kemono/. I didn't even know you existed.
>>467 Can haz a coon for Christmas plox?
>>456 love her so much
>>405 Thanks, I'll give them a try. >>413 Meant out of the gaming scene. There are always games to play, especially older games. There are plenty of PS2 games I need to play as well as 4th gen.
Open file (43.53 KB 1087x449 ClipboardImage.png)
>>476 Relatively new, we get some spikes in posts but don't have a major amount of visitors of course. But that's okay.
Open file (157.24 KB 1280x1444 ayase has been broken.jpg)
>>464 I hate how forced it can be, especially since my family has all kinds of issues. But every damn year we need to get together and have dinner on christmas eve and lunch on christmas day and I've always hated it, even as a kid. I believe in the sanctity of tradition, but it has to be something that's nurtured naturally, and adapted if it can no longer fulfill its purpose. December is the time of the year when people are most depressed and most likely to an hero, yet everyone still pretends we should be happy and love our insane narcissistic parents because TV and shit said so. Don't even get me started on christmas movies; I hate those with a passion. I guess I am kind of a grinch.
>>483 Be careful, coon is fragile.
>>475 I'm taking a break from working for the rest of the day. Just shitposting here and checking out a few other boards I usually don't see often.
>>475 I have watched the animated series and i was thinking about reading the books, Hilda is the comfiest series there is.
>>487 thats why (((((they))))) invented covid
Open file (464.27 KB 600x338 ClipboardImage.png)
>>483 >*gets stuck in the chimney*
Open file (486.65 KB 500x370 dancin.gif)
I'd very much like the album for wherever these metal christmas tracks are from. They're great.
>>477 Thats some sad shit anon. I feel for you. Hope it gets better. >>487 We do the same at thanksgiving, what am I supposed to talk about with people I see once a year and have no connection with? Just pretend to watch football and talk about the weather and then go home. Waste of a day really.
Open file (1.25 MB 708x1000 94611278_p0.jpg)
>>457 Merry Christmas. I need to remember to pay you guys a visit from time to time.
>>487 not him but anon you don't have to care about christmas or your parents. The only reason I care is because it gets people together, and after the 8ch shutdown/fragmentation i think bunkerchans should stick together. I dunno it's comfy
Open file (16.13 KB 271x262 futaba.JPG)
>>475 >Are you guys reading something while listening to the radio? I'm mostly jumping back and forth between Veloren and checking the threads and here. >>477 Sounds like you've been having a pretty rough time, friend. >all of that lets me disown my own mother during the holidays, which are supposed to be a happy time meant to be spent with... y'know... family. how ironic. As they say, the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. It sounds like you've had to make some tough decisions to find your true family. Hopefully you'll be able to reconcile in time, as time heals most wounds. >been extremely busy with work for the past year so it doesn't even FEEL like the holidays like it used to when I was a kid That's basically been every Christmas since I turned 20, so I feel your pain. >(RUSSIA WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING) I'm the anon discussing them on /k/ if you want to check out a moderately pro-Russian opinion. Ganbatte, anon. Sounds like tough times but from personal experience once you hit rock bottom you can only hit new rock bottoms learn to roll with the punches and see things get better.
>>487 >December is the time of the year when people are most depressed and most likely to an hero Just a note that this is actually a false statistic, and December is the lowest rate for suicides. The highest point is in the spring and summer. That doesn't mean that depression isn't high in the winter, that being cooped up indoors from the cold doesn't contribute to deaths, or that suicide doesn't happen in massive numbers all-year round, but it's still inaccurate. The over-commercialized mess of the winter season is still a complete mess, though, and it's a shame how fake people behave. The more you can get away from those things, and just try to relax, the better.
>>490 Merry Christmas Anon
>>481 Good idea Anon
>>490 Merry Christmas /tv/, you did good work!
>>491 Yeah, the novels are more melancholic compared to the animated series and Hilda acts like a brat kid rather a sweet cinnamon roll in other words closer to the comics; not a bad thing, tho, I prefer the comic narrative so I'm really enjoying the novel. I'm missing luke pearson's illustrations, tho. Seaerra Miller illustrations are simply not as good.
>>494 I can post the Mannheim Steamroller albums later, but the more metal tracks are from Trans-Siberian orchestra who I mostly downloaded off of hitvk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Siberian_Orchestra_discography
>>498 >i think bunkerchans should stick together. I dunno it's comfy I agree. In a large part you all are my family. Kek, what a family. :^)
guess i'll give downloading the vidya a go
Open file (980.55 KB 500x281 hug.gif)
>>477 I guess I'm not the only one in a bad mood these holidays. Hope it gets better for you, anon. It really is strange how all these family issues seem to burst at the seams at this time of the year. I think all the focus on family gatherings makes some people snap. None of it feels genuine, and you can only play pretend for so long. >As an early Christmas present to myself I downloaded a shitload of old Sonic games. Sega did a lot of really weird experimental shit while trying to put Sonic in a 3D space, huh? I don't like how Sonic 2 did special stages though, it's really hard to make sure that Tails doesn't eat shit and lose all the goddamn rings. Thank fuck for save states. That's why I've always preferred S3&K. I'm not even as huge of a sonicfag as I used to be but I play it at least once a year. >I got an idea for a webcomic that I'm strangely passionate about. I gotta learn how to draw because I didn't draw enough as a kid, but I've been discussing story elements and lore with some very helpful internet friends. I always appreciate anon's creativity. Hope it goes well. What's it about? >>498 Yeah, now that I'm older, I'm trying to develop my own traditions even if my family's against it. My mom insists on going a trip every fucking year and it's a pain in the ass because neither she nor the rest of my family are remotely good company but I ranted about that enough during last week's r/a/dio so I'll stop here. >>500 Is that how it is? I guess that's what I get for relying on jewish psychology sites. Oh well. Still a shitty time.
Gonna move into a more unorthodox block to play some /r/s. I think Jazz Streamer was planning to play for a bit so I'll transfer to him when he's ready and then pick back up the playlist wherever we leave off for later while I make a booze run.
>>493 Oh noes! If Mr. Coon eats too much grease, he'll get stuck. Help him!
Open file (916.59 KB 800x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
>>510 We are at least 50 men, we will pull him out
>>510 You can't fix stupid.
>>487 I know exactly how you feel, but to a lesser extent. I've greatly enjoyed family time during Christmas, but a lot of the time I just want to be left alone. I only enjoy specific Christmas movies/specials that are animated too, like pre-Teen Titans Go Cartoon Network show specials, Polar Express, The Grinch (the live-action one everyone hates is a guilty pleasure because I grew up with it), etc. >>496 >>499 Thanks fellas. >>508 >I always appreciate anon's creativity. Hope it goes well. What's it about? >>What's it about? Uh... It could get really autistic. I'll vaguely warn you now, it's fanfiction autism with an original(?) twist.
>>509 Bring back enough for all of us Anon?
>>515 I've been a very light drinker, but you're welcome to some of my scotch and eggnog.
Open file (1.54 MB 320x180 YEEEEESSSSS.gif)
>>514 >It could get really autistic. Even better! Don't hold back for us, webcomicfag!
dat sweet canon in D
I like this song, thanks
>>511 Please post more in /bun/, I know someone who really loves bunnies and I like to send the pictures from there
>>494 Pretty sure that's trans-siberian orchestra
>>422 >Robowaifu The ultimate wife. Merry Christmas /robowaifu/! What's your favorite type of robot? I like girls with doll joints and some robotic features like Dorothy from Va-11. >>460 >>466 >>482 Merry Christmas anons. The anon.cafe kemono board is merely a bunker for the Kemono Threads on /animu/. https://prolikewoah.com/animu/catalog.html
>>514 >Polar Express, Really? The uncanny valley factor of that movie was absurd. >>508 >Is that how it is? Yeah. The thing with the holiday suicides is a pop-culture phenomena that probably developed because of the relative amount of attention suicide gets during the holiday season. I wouldn't be surprised if it had its root, at some level, in some corporate marketing push "better get everyone gifts so they know they're loved, you wouldn't want to feel responsible if they necked themselves, wouldja?" to help push more product. Which really just reflects on another problem - if you actually care about someone, you should care about them all year round, not just during the days; and if you don't care about them, you shouldn't start caring during the holidays. If more people understood that then you'd have a lot more happiness all around.
>>514 I wanna go to see The Matriks. But i dont wanna get the nose rape thingy to get acess. :(
>>513 We all have good points and bad points Anon!
>>528 I think matrix is being released same day on HBO so there'll be a torrent up on release night for you
I got you covered fa/tg/uys.
>>524 Sorry I don't have any bunny pictures, I'm more of a civet person. But Flickr usually has good photos https://flickr.com/search/?text=rabbit
>>274 >I'll be making chili later The Instant Pot I'm cooking it in went into shutdown mode with a burn warning before it even reached pressure, despite this exact recipe working the past five times I cooked it. I have no idea why it failed. I cut my knuckle on a knife while I was filling the dishwasher and I got hot cayenne pepper juice in the cut.
>>532 That being said, this is a civet.
>>526 >Site ate the Dorothy pic Fuck that, have some more clang.
>>533 Good job. Dip your finger in milk maybe?
Open file (139.78 KB 354x354 ClipboardImage.png)
The christmas truce always makes me cry.
>>537 What are we even fighting about? Nobody knows!
>>537 It really was a beautiful event. I don't think it will ever happen again, but it should if there is ever another war.
>>526 >Merry Christmas /robowaifu/! Thanks! You too /kemono/. >What's your favorite type of robot? The one that's real. That's the day we're all working towards. But till that day dawns bright for all men on earth, have a nice meido Anon. >like Dorothy from Va-11. She would be fun to drink with.
>>539 There are wars ongoing right now...
Open file (1.82 MB 1198x892 sacrifice.png)
>>537 Not one of those men had a reason to kill each other - their lives were thrown away at the behest of wealthy, cowardly men trying to advance their own positions. It's not a miracle that the Christmas Truce happened, but a tragedy that it wasn't allowed to continue.
This song is great!
>>537 Men were gentlemen back then.
>>541 Not at that scale. Well there are but they are mostly in parts of the world I don't pay attention to.
santa claus is cumming
>>542 Sadly the chance for lasting peace after WW1 was squandered by revenge-hungry hawks who set the stage for WW2. Maybe things will get better now.
>>543 the sabaton one or this weeb overload one?
>>541 Wars only matter if the Europeans fight them.
>>549 >sabaton Ah, so that's what it's called?
>>541 Are there? Afghanistan is over, Iraq and Syria are mostly stable, and Russia is just saber-rattling. Where are the actual wars? Apart from maybe Yemen?
>>551 The group is named Sabaton and the song is called Christmas Truce
>>550 Soon anon. When Putan goes into Ukraine.
>>487 >Don't even get me started on christmas movies; I hate those with a passion. I guess I am kind of a grinch. But there's some great ones. Such as >National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation >A Christmas Story >Die Hard
>that veloren soundbyte on the music stream kek
>>551 Also, i said something similar in IRC channel
>>553 Thanks, I'll look it up Anon. Merry Christmas.
>>555 Nice trips Die hard is best Xmas movie.
>>548 >chance for lasting peace after WW1 a 0% chance isn't much to be happy about, anon
>>554 In that case, how do you say I'm defecting in Russian?
Open file (11.90 MB 640x480 barbecue.webm)
>>555 Don't forget webm related.
>>554 I don't think he wants to. >>>/k/21172 Don't feel like reposting my opinions so here's a link.
>>559 >IRC channel I don't know about that. >>561 >Die hard is best Xmas movie. Heh, it's a good one. But I like the classics. It's a Wonderful Life.
>>563 сука блять.
Open file (1.69 MB 1417x1034 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (625.98 KB 968x670 ClipboardImage.png)
If you guys are interested on the Christmas Truce, we are going to live stream later this day. If you want to hang out, check >>391: https://ghostscreen.neocities.org/ We are starting in three hours
>>558 Eh? Did it accidentally cross streams?
>>548 The Christmas Truce was towards the beginning of the war. But then immediately after, the commanders told everyone to get back to killing. In the following years the commanders cracked down at "truce" activity, to keep the men killing each other even on holiday. If it was up to the regular soldiers and common people, the war would never have dragged on as it did - the only reason that happened was the politicians, government officials, military leadership (the ones nowhere near the front-lines), and the massive propaganda machine and militant system those people used to keep people killing each other. The world would be a better place if all wars required the politicians pushing for them, to stand directly on the front lines. Then they could all get killed off in the opening volleys, and everyone else could go home.
>>565 I think he dreams of rebuilding the CCCP. And this is his best chance. Biden wont stand up to him. >>563 Я дезертировал >>566 Its a wonderful life is good too.
Open file (1.04 MB 600x500 thumbs up.gif)
>>555 >Die Hard Okay, you got me there, anon. Good taste. I am a sucker for old action movies like this, even though I haven't watched nearly enough of them.
>>570 I think so
Open file (162.39 KB 512x724 1904.jpg)
Open file (580.80 KB 512x724 S190_Stage1-3.png)
>>540 I await my clang wife too. >>542 That's the moment they all should have joined together to kill their leaders and anyone in their country in power who would bow down to the Federal Reserves.
>>571 'Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come.'
>>521 Alright nigger you asked for it. Don't say I didn't warn you. Okay, so remember Sonic.exe? One concept that I'm surprised that nobody has ever TRULY delved into was taking a video game/lost episode creepypasta and applying it to the actual game's world and lore. The premise is that it's a Sonic alternate universe with no anthros, only humans. The world is somewhat cyberpunk-ish, but it mainly resembles how most anime (like Sonic X, remember that shit?) depicts America from 1990 to 2030. It also takes the "Eggman did nothing wrong" theory and makes it real, and the Eggman character is actually the main character. It's a (...female...) mad scientist that, by night, runs a shadow war against this world's version of GUN with robots because they're legitimately tyrannical in this universe. By day, she runs a distraction racket by staging battles with a trio of teenage mercenaries that are supposed to represent Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Due to her own brand of autism, she considers them her friends but has enough self-awareness to know that it's one-sided. She has several contingency plans to revive/heal them if something bad actually happens to them because of her antics. They are all fooled into thinking that the Robotnik woman is the bad guy, and actively chase the bounty on her head for all the various crimes and international agreements about nuclear devices she's broken. The webcomic is planned to be in two parts. Part 1 is full of light-hearted (but violent and occasionally bloody) action, comedy, lore and worldbuilding, etc. Part 2 is where Sonic.exe comes in. Something happens to Sonic, and something evil manifests. The monster (which I've internally labeled as EXE in my notes) kills several animals, important characters, GUN soldiers, and many faceless civilians. Part 2 is mainly about the Robotnik woman's gruesome war against EXE and her attempts to rebuild after it's all over. Pics related are the only concept art I've made so far. The quality of the images are the reason why I'm trying to learn how to draw. The most autistic part about all of it is that it's inspired by the Friday Night Funkin' Sonic.exe mod. pls no bully, I just like the idea of musical battles, but find the lyrics in a lot of them to be cringy throughout various media.
>>576 So Mexican cartels, Yemen, something in Africa, and Myanmar which has been going on the backburner forever?
>>582 anime tummy
>>578 Anon I cannot help but want to bully you
>>585 You ask for autism, you get autism. Don't blame me.
>>582 Merry Christmas
>>586 i wasn't the one who asked but i'm insulted anyway
>>579 Speaking of which, has there ever been a moment in history where there were no wars at all?
>>576 >18,900 deaths for Tigray War in Africa >nobody gives a shit >144 deaths with Russia and Ukraine >Putin treated like the greatest threat to western civilization >>589 The moment humans invented war, it never ended. If you define war as any conflict between two tribes of primates, then it's been going for a lot longer than that.
>>589 Globally, probably not.
>>589 After the fall of man, never. It's not in his nature to do so.
>>584 Be careful. Don't eat too much anime belly before bed.
>>589 >Season unending Its part of being a hummie.
>>595 itadakimasu
>>590 >humans invented war Who invented it?
>>578 I asked and anon delivered. Today will be a good day, it seems. I'm genuinely surprised this is related to Sonic, but you did say it's pure autism, so I suppose that was to be expected. I was really into creepypasta back in the day and sonic.exe always stuck to me for some reason, even if it's really crappily written. But stories like these almost always have great ideas behind them that were just poorly executed, and if you put that into a cyberpunk setting, it could definitely work. I can imagine this "sonic.exe" being some kind of rogue AI or cyber ghost looking for revenge or something, or simply following its prerrogatives of "tormenting and destroying everything and everyone" which works well enough. And that first pic you drew looks genuinely creepy. Something about the typical sonic eyes being drawn blackened with red pupils always gets to me. Hell, if you're going full autismo, you should insert some Pokemon creepypasta in it. I've always thought all the glitches and bugs in Gen 1 were creepy as hell, and the garbled graphics of "gods" like Missigno always scared me as a kid.
>>579 Killago its worst than all those put together
>>598 Bob.
Open file (154.06 KB 860x755 too-lewd.png)
All I want for christmas is (you)'s
>>601 Dang it Bob! What were you thinking bro!?
>>603 Merry Christmas Anon. Here's your (you)
Open file (22.66 KB 512x361 1615750442332.jpg)
Good afternoon, work kills the soul. Thanks for reading my PSA. Merry Christmas
Open file (469.96 KB 700x775 1374918550502.png)
>>590 >humans invented war It was mostly likely invented before modern humans even emerged as a species. Wars have been observed between chimpanzee tribes as well (e.g. the Gombe War) and I don't think it's unlikely that pre-human apes engaged in war too.
>>606 Merry Christmas. I hope you get off work soon Anon.
>>598 Any group of people that wanted something from another group and said group didn't want to give it up.
Open file (40.28 KB 715x724 LTve8Wt.jpg)
>>605 >>608 thamks
>>609 chimpz are just humans before prometheus mess whit them gens
>>603 I'll give it in exchange for a kiss.
Open file (6.45 MB 480x480 345349582355.gif)
evening fuckos, i just woke up
>>611 Creepy. Do people actually want robot wives?
>>611 >saved to ~/robowaifu/ >>612 >saved to ~/caturday/
>>609 >e.g. the Gombe War The eerie part here is that kind of wars had happened thousand of times during millenia without humans even noticing.
>>616 Would you rather have a biocunt who wont love you?
>>615 Merry Christmas Anon. Sleep well? >>616 Sure, ofc I do.
Open file (162.08 KB 778x1100 DmzWXxrXoAAJiWd.jpg)
>>614 >a kiss come get it
Esta es una corriente ahora mexicana. >>616 Absolutely. You can even give her a spinning robot pussy attachment.
>>616 Are you afraid of losing video game to your wife?
>>609 Hence: >If you define war as any conflict between two tribes of primates Which is what we certainly observe in chimps. The definition of "war" as used in a formal modern context applies to conflicts involving state actors, which would imply that formal war requires the existence of a state. But if you're considering any large conflict between tribes as a war, then it's not unthinkable their were pack-like dinosaurs slaughtering each other.
Open file (143.02 KB 560x573 04.jpg)
>>422 >>418 Merry Christmas from /yuri/!
>>619 get a statue n' some shrums do it the aesclepius way
Open file (14.18 KB 495x448 09809238509.jpg)
>>622 Feliz Navidad, Senor
Open file (12.66 MB 3720x5262 JS Nene.jpg)
Looks like /animu/ stream is starting over at: >>607 So I'm gonna go on hiatus to grab some booze and take care of some stuff for a bit after Old city Bar plays.
Open file (107.34 KB 500x500 1624156360992.jpg)
>>625 Merry Christmas, /yuri/
>>599 >I'm genuinely surprised this is related to Sonic, but you did say it's pure autism, so I suppose that was to be expected. The funniest part is that I rarely get into Sonic autism, and I'm actually not even a massive Sonic fan. Most of my fandom autism lies elsewhere. >I can imagine this "sonic.exe" being some kind of rogue AI or cyber ghost looking for revenge or something, or simply following its prerrogatives of "tormenting and destroying everything and everyone" which works well enough. I want what EXE is to be vague and left up in the air. Sure in the original creepypasta/remaster it's a ghost or demon or some retarded shit, but I want ambiguity in my own story as to play into the fear of the unknown. >And that first pic you drew looks genuinely creepy. Something about the typical sonic eyes being drawn blackened with red pupils always gets to me. Really? You're the second person that's said it's creepy or disturbing in some way, which is surprising to me. I'll take it as a good sign. It's a scrapped design because I'm going for the lightly-armored look, though. >Pokemon creepypasta I see where you're going with it, and I'll definitely keep glitchy stuff in the back of my head while writing, but I think I'll keep the autism confined to one franchise. Thanks for indulging me, anon. It feels genuinely nice to discuss autistic creative ideas with other anons or people with imageboard backgrounds in general.
>>622 can you put the bean fart extract extension?
>>619 I want a loving human wife, yes, not Alexa from Amazon.
>>630 Thanks BO. Merry Christmas.
Open file (27.71 KB 720x383 at least it's female.jpg)
/r/ing another type of All I Want for Christmas.
>>635 She will run free software, it is radically different than alexa.
Open file (1.28 MB 768x522 _0000.gif)
>>614 kissu
Open file (143.61 KB 600x600 chen gyate.jpg)
>>595 I want to stick my tongue in her belly button so bad, my benis hurts!
>>616 Merry Christmas. This was a cozy stream.
Open file (1.03 MB 868x1228 94537838_p0.jpg)
>Christmas Eve - Yamashita Tatsuro We played this on the /animu/ Jazz Night streams. But I don't remember what album it was. >Tatsuro Yamashita - Opus- All Time Best 1975-2012 (2012, Warner-Japan).zip https://anonfiles.com/hcoey6Udu2/Tatsuro_Yamashita_-_Opus-_All_Time_Best_1975-2012_2012_Warner-Japan_zip >Tatsuro Yamashita - 1999.02.11 Osaka LIVE https://anonfiles.com/t138L7V2ua/Tatsuro_Yamashita_-_1999.02.11_Osaka_LIVE_zip >Tatsuro Yamashita - 1998 - Cozy https://anonfiles.com/z035LfV8u6/Tatsuro_Yamashita_-_1998_-_Cozy_zip >>625 Merry Christmas /yuri/! >>634 Absolutely. But that will cost you many pesos my friend. Niche products cost more.
Open file (38.97 KB 540x808 1597342813777.jpg)
Does anyone have a solution for network errors connecting to the stream? I got a blast of eurobeat from the bot when I tried smug's stream so I'm not sure what the problem might be.
>>627 >not Pygmalion+Galatea Amateurs.
Open file (40.06 KB 446x534 merry mokou.jpg)
>>603 Merry christmas, slut!
>>640 She isn't running anywhere
>>645 This is running on the ABS. PLW's is running on their servers over at http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio
>>274 >>533 Despite the issues, I ignored the burn warning and just pushing through to keep cooking. It turned out pretty good, actually.
>>641 Very adorable.
>>635 Women don’t love men. They only love what the man provides her. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.
Open file (151.33 KB 685x247 pogemang.png)
>>590 >The moment humans invented war, Humans merely adopted the war, insects were born in it, molded by it!
Open file (101.31 KB 729x707 marcy.jpg)
>>622 >corriente ahora mexicana Come one, hermano chicano you are making us latinos look bad. >>631 Perú present.
do we stay here or do we go to the /animu/ thread?
>>648 >running That's actually an interesting problem to think about. Being a ballet or ballroom dancer will require some really aesthetics-oriented control & mechatronics software. Much better than the parkour robot from Boston Dynamics for example.
>>635 >Not a monstergirl wife >>645 I've been using VLS to run the stream. So I don't have a problem with it. >>658 DeepL can only do so much.
Before I drop the stream, is everyone able to connect to PLW's stream over at >>659 >>659 Up to you. I'm fine with you using either thread tbh. Linked their thread at the top of the OP if you refresh the page.
>>652 They do love me.
>>635 Cute Sophisticated AI with Desktop UI > Uncanny Valley Robots > Scummy Meat Humans
>>664 she cute
>>664 I'd have a robot maid, maybe, but not a robot wife.
>>633 It's all good, anon. I appreciate creative efforts like this, mostly because I've always wanted to delve into it myself, but lack the drive. You're letting your imagination flourish, which is a great thing. Keeping it contain to a single-franchise autismo is a better idea for now, I agree. And the fact that you're playing with the fear of the unknown is already a good sign, as a lot of horror writers put so much emphasis on showing how horrible or violent the monster or demon or whatever is that you feel more 'tense' than scared. Keeping something's origins unknown is a good way to trigger your audience's fight or flight instinct. As for the creepiness of your art, I think it's a combination of the familiar sonic design, the simplicity of the art itself and the juxtaposition given by the black sclera and bloody mouth. As if it's a children's cartoon character, corrupted by something deranged, twisting and subverting it. It's offputting, in a good way.
>>649 This works for me.
>>667 pervert
>>661 I am going to milk her hair
>>664 She's really cute Anon. Naicu choice tbh.
>>663 If you believe that more power to you. But ive dealt with enough women to see their true nature. They aren’t worth the effort.
Open file (173.21 KB 1181x1181 Ek-DNTIU0AAUnml.jpg)
Animal woman or robot woman? Who would win?
>>664 >Kagerou Project Haven't seen that in a long time, or anyone reference it before. Funny to see it here.
>>676 I will give my robowaifu a nucleer weapon, animalgirl has no chance
hey host if I make an OJ lobby do you want me to make a thread for it or do you just add it to the OP? is anyone even up for some OJ?
>>678 That's only effective at very long range
>>681 I would be up for some OJ, but we need at least 3 people for it.
>>370 Same, for the most part. Just finished a Star Wars Saga Separatist campaign Have a promising new game for the New Year. DM is obsessed with Christian barbarians, and wants to do a GURPS campaign in an alternate New World settled by converted Vandals. Also featuring are demonic Carthaginian ruins, savage Nephilim-led tribals, and hideous monsters, the three strongest of which are named after Noah's sons. And my character is obsessed with slaying one of things to become the "New David." Should be some autistic fun.
>>660 BD is boomer tier, the hotstuff is Ameca, anon.
>>676 Robo > bio
did the moosics deded is it just me?
>>687 Floof is comfier than metal.
>>688 check >>630
>>688 The stream is in /animu/'s thread now.
>>688 It looks ded on my player too. Did the DJ pass out drunk again!?
>>688 Changed to /animu/ stream: >>40
>>688 anon you baka pull this link into mpv, vlc, foobar or etc. http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio
>>686 >BD is boomer tier, the hotstuff is Ameca, anon. We have one Anon who stops by and really dreams of the day he can take his robowaifu ballroom dancing. Probably is a boomer, so yea. But the problem got me to thinking about how to weave it all together to make it happen for him. Interesting issues tbh.
>>685 Did you/youguys ever read the SW books?
>>678 >robowaifu fires a nuke >EMP disables all robowaifus in a 100 mile radius
Open file (109.93 KB 960x960 padoru-mm.jpg)
Open file (544.27 KB 498x498 padoru.gif)
>>685 Nice. Saga ED is pretty good. Not sure about GURPs but a good group and Dm can make any system work. >>689 Implying you can’t put a comfy hole in your robot.
>>681 Mention it in the events sticky (it's not locked) and I can mention it in the OP too.
>>676 >>701 Oh, and uh, animal girls.
>>702 You don't wanna even cuddle with your wife?
>>677 Jin is still alive and well, so KagePro still gets new releases, even now. Same for Evilious, for that matter, even after Mastery of the Heavenly Yard released.
Open file (104.07 KB 818x446 sekibanki padoru.png)
>>701 PADORU!
>>705 >cuddle robots will never get headaches or sleep with other men
>>711 But they are just robots. Cold, hard, calculating.
>>688 >>693 It's on /animu/'s end for now. Refresh the page and check OP or just connect to >>695 and stay in-thread if you want. I think the next streamer plans to hop on in about 7 hours on the ABS so I'll edit the OP when it's time or let him make a new OP at that time, up to him.
>>713 Bio cunts are just cold and hard. They’re programmed to steal your cummies and money.
>>719 But who programmed them? Who?
>>723 Bob.
>>713 >cuddle with my cuddle robot >suddenly google cloud goes offline >firmware crashes because it can't record my conversations anymore >get stuck in cuddle robot's grip >can't even reach my VR headset so i can call the fire brigade in the metaverse
>>698 Yeah, why? Loved those things when I was a boy, especially the guides to vehicles and droids. >>702 Right. He cut his teeth with that Star Wars game we barely survived a close encounter with General Rahm Kota only thanks to the timely execution of Order 66, and should put his knowledge of how our ridiculous little group prefers to play to good effect. Pretty sure he's memorized the Song of Roland by now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOwFnBar4bk For added fun, I'm playing a converted Injun slinger, and a friend is playing a Vandal Cataphract. A Goddamn Cataphract.
>>713 >Cold, hard, calculating. Meh, that's most of current era western 3DPD wahmen as well though? I for one welcome our future soft robot maids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifLvpxMuos8 With or without tenctacles. No homo.
>>719 They are actually quite warm and soft.
Open file (297.10 KB 702x476 sailormum.png)
>>731 You're mum is haha!
Open file (132.70 KB 1217x1622 44130_1.jpg)
>>622 non intellego. Hoc Latinum non est? Non sum ex patria tua, Quid venistis?
Open file (906.94 KB 884x1200 81732318_p0_master1200.jpg)
https://youtu.be/vZbDkMRsM5o For some reason I think of this as a holiday song. Gives me similar vibes. What other non-holiday songs give you holiday vibes?
Open file (1.49 MB 1434x1434 sailor inabas.png)
I love baka sailor rabbits!
>>740 Romanes eunt domus!
Open file (100.24 KB 750x1000 platonists forms.jpg)
>>726 >suddenly google cloud goes offline Lol. Stopped reading there. Only a F*NGS-NPC golem would attach himself to something so repugnant, Friend. Opensores all the way.
>723 God made Eve out of Adam's rib. Now man wants to do it again by himself. He will never trump God.
>>728 You the saga anon from /tg/?
>>750 Should have been a bood boy
Open file (47.67 KB 736x460 sakuya marisa.jpg)
>>750 It's just a fat man with a big sack who wants to come down your chimney chute, no worry.
>>750 Don't worry, it's not like he can get into your house without a fireplace.
>>730 >With or without tenctacles. No homo. leld. you can't hide, /monster/. what next snekgrils? >>741 manuel's GAS, GAS, GAS. lolidunnowhy.jpg
The stream is up, right? I can't get any of the links to open.
Open file (168.31 KB 1444x2048 uslavi squat.jpg)
I think Usagi is a pretty cool Sailor. Esh kills gembithtches and doesnt afraid of anything.
>>757 Help is on the Way / Slipknot
>>761 Not the one in the OP, we are listening to the /animu/ radio >>40
>>751 Tha's me, yes. Our sessions got a bit too convoluted for me to try and type out, but they also got batshit crazy, as you might've guessed.
god i love magical girls
>>765 >>767 >>768 I just figured it out as you posted.
Open file (256.90 KB 566x800 aqua thumbs up.jpg)
>>770 But do you make love to magical girls?
Open file (412.36 KB 703x532 ClipboardImage.png)
>>750 This post reminded me the Futurama Santa.
>>769 Cool, nice to see you here. i played D6 I imagine. SW games can get crazy.
Hm, mixxx is doing some weird stuff on these newer versions... Here's the playlist, hope I didn't violate OpSec since file pathways are apparently included now. .txt now exports as ANSI instead of UTF-8 which is bullshit. https://anonfiles.com/pcocT4h7w7/2021-12-18_2_csv Saw some other embarrassing metadata that didn't used to be included but... Eh.
>>775 Not that anon, but yes, I married one.
>>762 anymagicalgrilwithaleanlikethatisfinetoo
Open file (14.27 KB 320x269 dont tread robosnek.jpg)
>>758 >what next snekgrils? That's silly, your silly, stop being silly.
>>775 i wish i could every day
Open file (27.75 KB 640x480 644818.jpg)
>>780 Truly a great episode. >>785 Comfy tbh.
>>781 I am also Carstein-anon, and have been mulling over possible things to do in the Aetern thread...orrr, if you went to /monster/ and have a long memory, the anon who made the Shoggoth and Pharaoh rewrites which were generally liked. I'm waffling over finally getting over myself and posting a thread for that setting for anons to rake me over the coals help with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahRhXfZdyGE Yep. Our sneaky operator man killed four ARC Troopers during our campaign (counting assists). Somehow we all survived to escape Kota. Might continue that campaign in the New Year, might not, we'll see.
I want to make an honest woman out of Venus and make her my wife, sofa king much.
Never actually used an IRC before >newfag True, I've only been browsing for seven or so years. It might sound like I'm being sarcastic,,but I'm not.
Anyone else getting an error for the stream? I tried VLC.
>>812 If you are using linux >install irrsi >open irssi >type "/connect lol.fatpeople.lol" >after you join fat people network type "/join #christmas" >you are in I have no idea what client works with windows
>>812 >7 years Isn't the proper terminology agingfag? 7 years is a decent amount of time to be browsing imageboards.
>>812 don't feel bad anon. i guess it has uses, but i enjoy IB far more.
>>815 working fine for me w/ MPV ?
I like all these classic old songs. Thanks to the DJ, whereever he is.
>>819 >working fine for me w/ MPV ? same here
>>812 Are you using the right link? VLC's doing me fine.
Open file (48.84 KB 437x251 AdiIRC_ffFMsLU0yU.png)
>>812 Not a big deal, IRC is stupidly simple once you've used it for more than 5 minutes. I'd recommend AdiIRC since it has inline images which is nice, if you want something completely FOSS then use HexChat.
>>812 If on linux see >>816 If on wangblows and you don't want to use the web browser, consider hexchat since it's pretty intuitive.
>>815 we're in the wrong thread for the wrong radio http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u
>>825 I'm using the fatpeople link
>>815 running vlc, it's fine for me.
>>815 Worked for me in mpv and foobar.
>>815 Sounds like your version of VLC needs to be updated.
>>807 >Venus Shit taste, Mars is best sailor.
>>826 you can see here pantsu
>>834 eroi
>>815 It works for me. I like to keep a log of the tracks so I'm running it in terminal with mpv http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u | tee -a StreamOutput-Christmas-`date +"%F"` I don't know if code tags are enabled on this board.
>>816 >>[etc] It was the cafe link, not the PLW link. Thanks.
>>833 You shut Uranus mouth, Mars is a slut, S L U T!
>>812 Just type "/me waves" to pretend you're a pro.
neat. i've never heard this before. didn't know that sinatra sung this stuff.
Open file (163.74 KB 850x597 nano yuuko.jpg)
>>841 > to pretend you're a pro. But I am an aminay pro, I've been aminaying since summer. This year!
>>802 You should post it, I think /tg/ needs something new to talk about these days.
>>841 pfft real IRC pros arrive (if they ever left, as you know they leave their PC's on for that e-peen IRC bonus) with their self-hosted proxy (to hide their IP) and say "h". they're so cool they don't even need to finish it with "ey" or "i".
>>845 gonna have to steal that. Nano-chan best waifu tbh
>>841 /me slaps Anon around a bit with a large trout
Open file (10.05 MB 3510x4950 94581420_p0.png)
>>842 If you attach Rutracker plugin for your torrenting software, you can find a ton of music on that site. Even all of Frank's music. That's how I got it.
>>851 Do it pussy, i dare you
>>840 Don't you dare to besmirch Mars good name! She is a pure and honest maiden. It is Sailor Venus who is the loose women!
a true classic
>>852 thanks i'll check it out anon.
It's Christmas for fuck sake, stop talking about summerfags
Open file (1.09 MB 371x209 1384140273735.gif)
I want Anon to recommend me somethinh alcoholic I can get in a supermarket to drink that's not vodka, wine or beer.
>>858 It's summer in australia
Open file (763.16 KB 2026x2865 1636955754450.jpg)
Have a blessed night.
>>862 Merry Christmas Anon. Thanks you too!
>>861 Do we have any australians? i hope not
>>859 Eggy nog and irish cream.
>>861 Land of the Summerfags.
Open file (944.12 KB 1024x1001 ClipboardImage.png)
Frohe Weihnachten aus Österreich.
I’m going to bed Its been fun chilling with anons from all over the webring. Glad we haven’t all abandoned our boards. Everyone have a merry Christmas.
>>870 Have a good night, anon. Festivities will probably still be going when you wake up.
Open file (1.02 MB 900x900 ClipboardImage.png)
>>864 >Do we have any australians? Yes
>>868 Haven't seen that one in a long time Anon. >>870 Merry Christmas.
Open file (34.63 KB 464x422 reimari pits.jpg)
>>854 >pure and honest maiden >a miko Pick one and only one!
>>870 Good night, man, I hope you have sweet dreams with Rei
Open file (80.05 KB 204x258 1583904621740.png)
>>870 Sleep well!
>>858 It's summer in latin america
>>870 Goodnight and Merry Christmas.
Good night.
>>865 Patrician
>>888 Merry Christmas, digits man.
>>857 The site is great and I've been using it to find tons of music. Even discographies of 80-90s JP artists. >>870 Night anon.
Open file (2.45 MB 1360x1338 yui1.png)
Meidos blew up my off-topic thread, so I'm forced to hang out with you faggots. What's up?
>>891 sounds good. btw > icy-title: ? - 4894165564489 not sure what that is, but i kind of like the ethreal parts of it like r/n >>895 merry christmasing it up anon. you?
>>895 What was the thread's topic?
Open file (172.81 KB 1024x998 D73C40TUIAAdgGS.jpg)
its not christmas tho
>>900 I'm doing some calisthenics, and finding resources on how to built plastic model planes. I miss working with my hands, but don't want to get into 40k again. Plus it would be cool to have cute planes in my room. >>901 It was basically cafe, but intended for just Saturday night. Seemed like something I could get away with since we have r/a/dio's on Saturdays. Oh well.
I'm getting a 404 when I try to play the .m3u in my music player.
>>905 we're in the wrong thread. op stopped a while ago. >>40 http://prolikewoah.com:8989/radio.m3u is correct one
>>905 Whats your music player?
Open file (134.62 KB 568x564 1285322721080.jpg)
>>906 Why are there two threads? It's making me feel like an idiot!
Well lads it's been fun. Time for me to get some Zzz's. Merry Christmas to every Anon on the webring.
>>909 because we're all idiots
>>904 >I'm doing some calisthenics, and finding resources on how to built plastic model planes sounds interesting. keep it up.
>>910 Sleep snug, anon.
>>909 Because there's two threads? There might be three later.
>>910 Merry Christmas
>>910 Merry Christmas, have a nice night.
>>895 You can watch some anomay with some anons. https://cytu.be/r/animenabe
Open file (109.12 KB 816x979 1437247134075.jpg)
>>922 thanks anon this is nice
>>904 i thought you might get away with it too, but I guess not.
>>922 kill yourself cringelord
>>948 No need to get upset.
>>948 But I have no life insurance?
Did someone just put moonman on the radio? Thank you I was having suicidal thoughts
Nooo don't turn it off ;_;
Open file (112.73 KB 907x720 1469331982875-0.jpg)
>>967 That was a test, thank you for your attention.
So is the anon.cafe stream still on intermission?
>>970 How big is that box of tissues holy shit.
Open file (822.31 KB 796x621 1638701226962.png)
>>970 Well fuck you for shutting it down And thank you at the same time for making me get out of a rut
Open file (194.26 KB 448x468 (You).png)
I'm just getting a little prepared and organized and giving PLWJazzanon a bit more time before starting up.
>>983 Best.Christmas.Stream.Ever. Thanks Anon!
>>846 So noted. I've been rolling it over and growing it in my head in the years since /monster/ chased me out for my mistakes. It needs to be let loose.
>>983 Watching a movie in one of the streams, will join in for a while in 4hs. or so. Thanks, (You) Christmas ghost.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Thanks Anons. Merry Christmas!
Merry fucking (almost) Christmas, faggots! Let's get on with this shit.
Open file (439.14 KB 584x413 1561493345.png)
>>1000 Witnessed. 1000 posts in a day probably makes this the fastest board on the webring right now.
Open file (1.83 MB 1022x590 2hu cheer.mp4)
>>1009 Christmas miracle!
>>1009 Around the time the stream switched from this one to /animu/'s, it was reporting over 200PPH.
Open file (41.65 KB 749x640 1621345258241-1.jpg)
>>1000 Merry fucking Christmas. I'm gonna check these digits and no tightass meidos can stop me.
Open file (449.66 KB 237x211 1584149115695.gif)
I can't keep track of all these streams!
Open file (63.36 KB 727x660 1553823974.jpg)
Merry Christmas /christmas/ and all anons everywhere!
Oh right, 60-70% is >weeb music, heads up.
Open file (68.44 KB 467x640 35858420_p0.jpg)
Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone.
Open file (507.56 KB 600x338 NYN Instant noodle.gif)
The pizza place I order from has no power I am sad.
>>1000 checked, nice get MERRY CHRISTMAS
Open file (319.66 KB 450x253 1313785541074.gif)
Open file (784.07 KB 480x270 party hard9.gif)
Thread is past the bump limit if you guys wanna make a new one. I can edit in details as needed.
Open file (944.77 KB 394x338 qsfz JaDMkDZ5wG4J.gif)
Oh shit, I almost completely forgot about the kurisumasu party. Am I late? I hope I didn't miss anything.
Open file (697.16 KB 500x376 1620014146414.gif)
Merry Christmas Anons
>>1057 >thread has been in lock Make a thread and let's light it up like a slutty Christmas tree.
>>1058 Sorry anon we already ate all the food and drank all the booze, sucks to be you.
>>1058 We've got at least six more hours of partying. I'll stick around until anons are partied out.
>>1051 Was it a wood fired pizza then?
>>1073 No just a local place with good pizza.
Open file (551.89 KB 785x719 1467950667764.gif)
>he watched an anime called boku
Open file (838.55 KB 352x240 aniki shirt tear.gif)
>>1076 >he didn't enjoy an anime called boku
Open file (12.08 KB 472x357 aniki.jpg)
Open file (205.08 KB 468x345 anikisleeping.png)
>>1059 Happy Padoru, anon!
Open file (2.50 MB 1280x720 1510463674207-1.gif)
Open file (4.10 MB 854x480 boku.mp4)
>>1081 I laugh every time.
>>1078 I LOVED an anime called Boku!
Open file (678.40 KB 988x1062 demon girl rave.gif)
Open file (375.24 KB 528x858 santa.png)
Open file (1.97 MB 520x292 1589081363558-2.gif)
Santa's a fucking nigger faggot fucker. Dance.
Open file (574.89 KB 774x809 23523582378234.png)
Just in time, im about to make some burgar. What should i put in it?
Open file (795.71 KB 320x265 wrasslin.gif)
>>1097 Pickles.
Open file (7.06 MB 480x360 big_think.gif)
Open file (342.10 KB 340x289 345435512.gif)
Open file (554.22 KB 1192x810 3073361_p0.jpg)
Open file (943.92 KB 500x371 dancetime.gif)
Mozart is going hard.
Open file (10.22 MB 480x360 Boromir.gif)
Open file (8.69 MB 480x360 Boromir2.gif)
>>1097 Barbecue sauce. Trust me.
Open file (1.77 MB 257x359 1527982820032.gif)
Open file (299.01 KB 1429x1500 DJ Poorfag.jpg)
New thread: >>1113
Open file (132.53 KB 600x675 7.jpg)
This is something I'm surprised I never hear on the radio during Christmas season. The regular radio, not R/a/dio.
>>1143 Anon, this thread is dead. >>1113
Open file (60.55 KB 680x370 1630026151929.jpg)
>>418 Smug/tg/ is here.
Open file (126.78 KB 1019x688 pmx.jpg)
>>418 zzz/japan/ shitstirrer here. Merry Christmas, everyone. Thank you for all the good times, and thank you for existing.
Open file (224.68 KB 629x250 buttstuff.png)
All I want for Christmas is a kiss from my wife Eden under the mistletoe!
It's becoming increasingly harder to communicate with my mother. My sister has a job and is away for the holidays. I almost envy her for being able to be away from it all, but her job is hard and stressful. I got my own work to deal with, even if I'm mental. I don't know what it is with my mother. Several times now she has just hung up on me during phone calls. As recently as a few minutes ago. I couldn't hear her, wanted her to move closer to her microphone or switch device, but she hung up on me just as I could hear her clearly. And then she blames ME for being irritable. Maybe I'll just fake a sickness on Christmas and stay home if this keeps up. I could use a Christmas miracle. Or get isekai'd. Wouldn't mind just escaping it all to some sci-fi, reincarnate as a robot. I could be a mechanic aboard a space-ship. That could be fun. I've taken up streaming movies for the guys over on cake/v/, it's been fun watching old action movies with everyone. Even showed some of my favorite stop-motion films. Here's a manga recommendation for you all, read Super Doctor K, it's good fun from the late '80s. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, guys. Here's hoping something good happens.
Merry christmas >1998 Fuck off redditor
Do it. It's your Christmas Gift.

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