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Christmas Radio 2022 Anonymous 12/17/2022 (Sat) 23:06:06 No.2643
Christmas Radio 2022 Evening anon. This is christmas radio, a thread where we listen to music while we drink, blogpost, banter and shitpost to our heart's content. That's pretty much it, so don't be afraid to talk about anything that comes to mind, be it your day, your life, games, movies or whatever. The point is to get together to share a good time with all dat Christmas Spirit™ and shit. That being said, last year we had multiple DJs through the whole thing so we ended up partying all night. That was good and all but time is different, because there's only me (heh) and we have around 7:30 hours of music if the night goes as planned and I don't mess around with the playlist after a few drinks. It all points out to a long, interesting, yet crowling slow night. No refunds! As for the playlist itself without getting into details: we'll start with instrumental funk and jazz, followed by some ska and weeb music for the first hours until we slowly move towards the west with slav and balkan tunes mixed in, then we'll get into proper western european and burger music. After that, I throw in a mix of everything. Don't like something? call me a faggot and /r/equest something of your own instead, I'll put it somewhere in the playlist as long as it's not SHIT. -All flavour of spics and hues are kindly welcome to post, as long as you keep español al minimo. -Don't forget to check out the other fun happening on the board >>188 -Current stream can be found here: http://radio.anon.cafe:8000/christmas.m3u Just download the m3u and roll with it in your audio or video player of choice (mpv, vlc, and foobar are confirmed to work). If you're having issues with that, try accessing: https://radio.anon.cafe/ Cmon let's get to it you FAGS CMON.
Open file (8.96 KB 255x143 1586804073120.png)
Oh hell yeah mein nigger, let's fuckin' get to it.
Open file (74.36 KB 600x471 Chii.600.761218.jpg)
ROLL CALL /robowaifu/ reporting in.
Open file (940.04 KB 1000x1192 233252356.png)
>>2653 >>2655 I hope you niggers start working harder, I don't want to die without the experience of having a personal ponko >>2651
/ac/ here
>>2655 I admit that I am even more cut off from social interaction than before in that I don't browse imageboards as much anymore but... /a/+/k/=/ak/ will stay in my blood even once said blood becomes a stain in the dirt.
>>2656 Roger that. We're trying, habeeb me we're trying! :^)
Open file (914.87 KB 480x480 1521937536385-0.gif)
>>2655 Hello from smug!
Open file (7.83 MB 480x360 343463469034.gif)
Open file (772.28 KB 320x180 334435893456.gif)
Open file (277.49 KB 663x737 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2643 >keep español al minimo. no me digas que hacer gringo, feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo, y EN ESPAÑOL, si te gusta bien, si no vete al diablo
Open file (305.62 KB 370x300 ClipboardImage.gif)
Hello~ anyone here?
>>2758 Sup, nerd.
Open file (478.78 KB 800x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2773 nice music anon
Open file (1.61 MB 1200x675 1623510696510.gif)
>>2773 Let's do it, faggit.
Where muh streloks, /k/?
its over, thanks for tuning in those who did. Thank you spics for the great night, thank you anons have a great christmas you niggers
>>2789 Thanks! Is there another stream going on now/soon you know of DJ?
>>2790 animu stream happening tomorrow i think
Open file (153.04 KB 640x360 headpat.gif)
Don't care much about christmas, but I do appreciate the festivities. How's anon doing?
Open file (138.29 KB 786x817 5464564346.jpg)
>>2792 >How's anon doing?
>>2655 Well, it's a lot to learn and to do. We could always need more help.
Open file (464.30 KB 700x1043 Sadako.full.1475997.jpg)
>>2655 8/a/ reporting

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