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zzzchan.xyz/v/ Anonymous 12/25/2021 (Sat) 17:09:56 No.2409
A sincere merry fucking Christmas from me and the boys at zzzchan.xyz/v/ to each and every one of you webring bastards, anons, mods, board owners, admins and all of your families. I didn't personally plan any good shit but anons have something going here >>161 so be sure to check that out. Special mention and thanks to the anon that set all of this up and best wishes for you to get your shit sorted. Yeah, video games or something.
Open file (278.29 KB 800x1157 Toshiro.png)
Merry Christmas from your pals at /tv/, /v/ =^_^=
>>2437 Big love to my dunkaccino broskis.

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