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The /christmas/ Game Room Anonymous 12/18/2021 (Sat) 04:24:44 No.161
Welcome to the Christmas Game Room. Here you'll find a fine selection of multiplayer video games for you to play with your fellow webring shitposters, just ask to play with someone in the thread and go. The BO is planning on coordinating with smug /vg/ to set up some multiplayer servers, but the goal of this game package is to highlight good multiplayer games that don't qualify for a weekend gamenight due to being console. Using Mednafen fixes this - if there's already people playing a game, just wait, you can split off your own game easily with game keys or just take turns. THE FULL PACKAGE: https://pomf2.lain.la/f/z5aux37w.7z Includes emulator (Windows and source code for Linux users) as well as PS1 firmware and and a brief guide on how to use netplay with Mednafen. Plus a little extra. If you want a separate gamekey/lobby to play in, post it here along with the game you want to play. If you don't do this nobody will know how to join your game. Other than that, just sign in, relax and have a merry /christmas/!
Neat. I'm mildly interested in playing Dungeon Explorer, hopefully I'll have the time.
SUGGED MEETUP TIMES Saturday 12:00EST / 17:00UTC Saturday 17:00EST / 22:00UTC Sunday 12:00EST / 17:00UTC Sunday 17:00EST / 17:00UTC
Playing Pocky & Rocky, null gamekey
Open file (141.21 KB 480x480 aaa.mp4)
>dead thread **I mean I knew I should have expected this when someone decided to host SRB2k out of the blue, but still
>>2139 It probably also would have helped to actually say what games are in the zip with pictures so anons can determine if they want to play at a glance than take a chance on a 500mb zip that might have absolutely nothing interesting. I will probably try and play some bomberman in an hour and fifteen if anyone's interested (assuming I can get it to work).
>>2139 No on wants to accidentally end up playing with a nazi or a commie by accident. MMO folks keep to their own groups, co-op players probably already have a dedicated game and group to play with and they don't want to babysit newcomers. RTS/TBS can take too long to organize and set up so good luck finding enough people with "that game" and the time and patience to actually play it. You wanna get a bunch of randos playing games together it needs to be simple and easy to play and cheap or preferably free. >You don't know JACK >Zombie Estate 2 >Castle Crashers >BLOONS TD 6 or god forbid >Among US
Open file (88.47 KB 220x160 mfw earthnoids.gif)
>>2160 t-thanks anon == GAMES == >Bomberman '94 (1994, PC Engine) It's Bomberman, nigger. >Crash Team Racing (1999, PSX) Hell yeah motherfucker it's Crash Team Racing. >Dungeon Explorer (1989, TurboGrafx-16) Gauntlet clone with support for 5 players at once. Pick from eight character classes on your way to reclaim the ORA Stone. Not much to look at, but graphics were never the appeal of Gauntlet, were they? >Panel de Pon (1995, SFC) A versus puzzle game for only the manliest of men. Your friends have been brainwashed by the demon king, are you a pretty enough fairy to save them? If you've played any of the Puzzle League games (or Tetris Attack) this is the OG. >Pocky & Rocky (1993, SNES) Slip'n'slide simulator 1993 Youkai themed run-and-gunner. Play as a cute miko and Tom Nook's great grandpappy as you shoot Japanese folklore in the face. Just remember to not dash into each other or both of you are going for a ride. >Pocky & Rocky 2 (1994, SNES) Reimu Hakurei's Tanuki Toss The sequel. Choose between fat fucking bear, loli ninja and bro-tier monk to shoot Japanese folklore in the face once again. You can also toss your partner at enemies for big damage now instead of playing slip'n'slide. >ToeJam & Earl (1991, Genesis) An edutainment game warning kids against letting obese space aliens pilot rocket ships. One of the original roguelites, crawl through randomly generated islands looking for the parts to your rocket ship and presents to defend yourself against hostile life forms. Just don't be the one who picks up the Randomizer. >Wild Guns (1994, SNES) Wild-West-with-mechs gallery shooter, with rail shooter elements as enemies will try to walk up and attack you in melee or leave dynamite for your character to step on. No, this isn't just a Nintoddler meme, despite being firmly in "hidden gem" status before getting dragged out for the Switch. Also try the actual shooting gallery in "Vs. Game" mode.
Open file (2.04 KB 469x45 ClipboardImage.png)
Alright, I configured my bomberman controls, but I got an error for the server. Is this because no one is playing?
>>2188 Shit, it's "ny.yuribacon.com" not .net.
Open file (3.85 KB 658x95 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2191 Alright, do I just wait for more players, or is there anything else I have to do?
Was fun, and a surprisingly simple process. Hopefully next time I can play with more than one anon.
Open file (196.70 KB 584x508 here you go kings.png)
>>2203 There's always next week, anon.
Gauging interest in random public zeus server of arma sometime week before Christmas. Don't know how to make it chistmas themed, but shooting stuff is always fun. Thinking out of touch Thursday.
>>2217 Thanks, I'll consider it. Any particular vidya board I should keep my eye on?
>>2139 You probably could have advertised it better, half the people playing sanic didn't even know about this. There's also the fact that these games can't really be hopped in and out of easily, you kind of have to commit to playing the whole thing which puts people off.
I started extracting, how late am i to the party?
>>2229 What do you wanna play?
I am willing to play, I think. Though I'll probably be too busy playing milsim crap or dealing with family when people actually do show up.
Open file (4.21 KB 234x300 love.gif)
WE'RE DOING IT AGAIN My existing christmas plans fell through due to one of my family being a fucking rona death cultist, so here are some more days to play video games with people. Friday, December 24 12:00 EST / 17:00 UTC Friday December 24 16:00 EST / 21:00 UTC Caturday December 25 13:00 EST / 18:00 UTC Caturday December 25 17:00 EST / 22:00 UTC Remember: the netplay server is ny.yuribacon.COM, not ny.yuribacon.NET This is a typo in NETPLAY.txt which I probably should have fixed, but whatever.
>>2325 Christmas Eve and Christmas it is, then.
anyone wants to play CTR with me tomorrow??
>>2325 Sounds breddy gud. Will probably try and join for the 16:00 session. Hoping for maybe a game of mario party. >>2334 I'll probably try.
>>2334 What time?
>>2335 Game pack list is here: >>2182 No N64 games because N64 netplay is dogshit.
>>2340 at 16:00 EST I guess. So in 2 hours.
Just got the game running. Will probably try and join a game in a few minutes after I figure out the controls
Just joined the yuri bacon server. Do I need to give the port number or do people just auto connect to my game when connecting to yuribacon?
Open file (11.55 KB 619x77 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (56.00 KB 308x276 ClipboardImage.png)
Also is there any reason the 3 player and 4 plaers are greyed out?
>>2364 Team Deathmatch
I'll probably wait for 5 more minutes, and if no one joins I'll just call it there.
>>2367 I joined
>>2369 That's odd. What is your port number?
>>2370 4046
>>2370 what game though? I am on bomberman.
>>2372 Oh, I'm playing CTR. I'll join you guys.
I'm confused. I opened bomberman and connected to yuri bacon, but I don't know what to do know to join. Help a retard out
>>2374 All good now. Ignore me.
Game key?
>>2376 Nobody's using a game key right now. Just start Bomberman '94 and connect, unless there's something else you would rather play. Boring technical details: Mednafen's netplay servers are routers for input messages. When you connect you're added to a list of IPs the server will messages for the ROM hash of the game you're playing. To support multiple games, Mednafen lets you add a game key that gets mixed with the ROM hash before it gets sent to the server. One game key = one "lobby" but without the bloat of a lobby interface.
Now playing Dungeon Explorer, same no-gamekey as last time.
My man Judas
Says peer disconnected
Now playing Crash Team Racing
okay so mednafen doesn't sync multitap settings, so to play CTR: >find mednafen.cfg it should be in the same folder as the exe >CLOSE MEDNAFEN >ctrl+f "psx.input.pport1.multitap" >set it to 1 and save mednafen.cfg >IT IS NOW SAFE TO OPEN MEDNAFEN AND PLAY CRASH TEAM RAPING
Bear ded. If anyone's still awake I'm up for playing ToeJam & Earl or something.

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