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Open file (87.86 KB 720x750 cesareborgia.jpg)
Cesare Borgia Anonymous 05/08/2021 (Sat) 22:24:27 No.855
Your daily redpill about the organised mystery religion called babylon which has been wearing the mask of the papacy, orthodox, and protestant institution. >And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. >My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD. >Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you,
It should be obvious to any christian that the effeminate man portrayed is not Jesus.
Open file (41.13 KB 850x400 bdc43f2cf.jpg)
Indeed, OP. It is quite telling that forces of this world have tried to create a visual link between the person of Christ, and this 16th-century Italian noble whose debauchery became the inspiration for one of the most god-hating publications of our times, Machiavelli's The Prince. Not to mention his appearance is presented as somewhat effeminate as well. This book teaches its reader to promote lies knowingly and superstitions, and pretend outwardly to be Christian (in name only), in order to keep control over the people. We see this in Catholicism of the modern day. [Source for pic related quote is Mysterium iniquitatis by Philippe de Mornæi (Saumur, 1611), page 1368.] Back in 1577, the atheism of Machiavelli and the Italians in question was called out by a Frenchman who lived at that time called Pierre de La Primaudaye. For added context to this discussion, I quote his summary of the situation on atheism and Machiavelli below, for those with the reading comprehension. ...So a man would think that France, having been for these thirty years & upwards almost continually scourged with civil wars, and that for the cause of religion, should be so far from being stained with the least spot of Atheism, as that it might now at the length truely say with the Prophet David, "It is good for me that I was afflicted," for thereby have I learned to keep thy law. And yet both this our Author and some other of that nation, knowing that this infection hath seized upon many of their country-men, have laboured by their writings to suppress the same. And surely it is greatly to be feared, that as their disguised attire covereth the bodies of many of our people, and maketh them deformed, so this poison of Atheism hath passed the narrow seas, and is landed in the hearts of no small number, to their utter destruction both of body and soul. Neither is this the fear of some few without any ground, but of a great many wise and godly Christians, who seeing the general profaneness of mens' lives almost everywhere, both publicly cry out against the present infection, and privately bewail the future evils that necessarily follow the same. And albeit peradventure there be none amongst us, that are so far gone in Atheism as Ligneroles a French Courtier of late days was, who is said to have made open profession thereof, yet if the tree may be judged of by the fruits, and the outward effects of mens' lives do shew the inward affections of their hearts, he that hath but half an eye may see, that there are a great many amongst us of those foolish men of whom David speaketh, "Who say in their hearts that there is no God." In the forefront of which company, the students of Machiavels principles and practicers of his precepts may worthily be ranged. This bad fellow whose works are no less accounted of among his followers, than were Apollo's Oracles among the Heathen, nay than the sacred Scriptures are among sound Christians, blusheth not to belch out these horrible blasphemies against pure religion, and so against God the Author thereof, namely, "That the religion of the heathen made them stout & courageous, whereas Christian religion maketh the professors thereof base-minded, timerous, & fit to become a pray to every one": "that since men fell from the religion of the Heathen, they became so corrupt that they would believe neither God nor the Devil: that Moses so possessed the land of Judaea, [just] as the Goths did by strong hand usurp part of the Roman Empire. These and such like positions are spewed out by this hell-hound sometime against true religion, otherwhiles against the religion and Church of Rome, sometimes also taxing the religion of the heathen, of falsehood, and cousinage: so that in truth he would have all religion to be of like account with his disciples, except it be so far forth as the pretence and show of religion may serve to set forward and effect their wicked pollicies. And for this cause he setteth down this rule for every Prince and Magistrate to frame his religion by, namely, that he should pretend to be very religious and devout, although it be but in hypocrisy. And to this he addeth a second precept no less impious, that a Prince should with tooth and nail maintain false myracles and untruths in religion, so long as his people may thereby be kept in greater obedience. Now what fruits we are to expect from the students of this profession, let all men judge. . .
Open file (1.92 MB 1768x1272 cesare borgia.png)
>>855 The popular, long haired depiction of Jesus is unrelated to Borgia. That's not to say it is a historically accurate depiction, but it was not invented in the 15th century. I would advise to be weary about spreading information without checking to see if it's true first, lest you spread misinformation.
>>866 It does not matter. The effeminate god of catholics is not the true Jesus Christ. It is a shame for a man to have long hair.
Pray for people who are bewitched by this mystery religion so that they may come out out of the whore and see the truth of God’s word.
>>866 >The popular, long haired depiction of Jesus is unrelated to Borgia. I wouldn't be so fast to make that decision. It is clearly a big influence on the depictions as we see today.
>>867 Based.
>>855 WOW it's almost as if a controversial figure who didn't spend much time being portrayed when he was alive has its feature changed throughout the years to better depict the tastes of the era! Absolute shocker!
>>884 *when He
Open file (2.27 MB 1736x1443 b517524b3.PNG)
>>860 By the way, if anyone wanted to know the source on the pic quote, it is quoted as factual in Encyc. Brit., 9th Edition, Vol. 20, p. 386; as well as Encyc. Brit. 14th Edition (1929), Vol. 19, p. 127. The encyclopedia seems to draw the same version of the quote as that given by Giesler in Text-book of Ecclesiastical History (1836), Vol. 3, p. 396. The historian in turn gives the ultimate source as Philippe de Mornæi, in Mysterium iniquitatis (1611), p. 1368. This book was apparently on the index prohibitorum, so it is lesser known, but it is the oldest known source of the exact phrasing of the quote used by our later sources. Mornæi himself cites as coming from "Index Hispaniens. fol. 139". Two older sources predating Mornæi also give a partial or slightly modified version of the quote. John Bale in "The Pageant of Popes" (London, 1574) gives a modified form of the same quote - as well as Pierre de la Primaudaye who gives a (very) shortened form of the same quote of Leo X in "Academie francoise" (Paris, 1577), a book which was eventually translated and printed in England in 1594. With this it is likely (as well as accepted by multiple independent sources), that this quote actually originated with Leo X. Pic related goes into an even more outrageous claim by those of the Roman papacy. In it, it is claimed that the pope should be referred to as a god. This was first done in 1325, as can be seen in the attached article, and continued for nearly three hundred years. Furthermore, the pope was claimed - in an open declaration - to be infallible in 1870. All of these things are blasphemies against the Lord, who sees the doings of men on the earth, and those that disregard him. He warned us in the Gospel of Mark when He was yet on the earth, saying: "Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men,"
Dead men plotted to possess the living, it is as deep as many canon verses. The demonic possession is real, the deceit is fiction - based on a true story.

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