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History of ancient Israel. Anonymous 05/02/2021 (Sun) 18:08:51 No.724
The truth is that ancient Phoenicia and ancient Israel were one and the same. The Pheonician's were a seafaring people who used their sailing skills to traverse vast distances and this is where the majority of the revenue for solomon came in, Moreover the sea people as they are called by modern scholars were also the ancient Israelites, Mainly because if you look what happened is that the only country that wasn't majorly affected by it Assyria was never in close proximity to Israel during the exodus this is also the reason why Egypt fell, And more importantly the canaanite/hittite empire fell completely. It also makes sense why solomon would've been highly regarded among the other rulers at the time. Solomon himself was best of friends with the king of tyre, So Phoenicia was most likely a union of many smaller kingdoms.
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