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Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 02:05:16 No.358
>>360 Posting Hitler's public speeches to the people of a country that was 95%+ Christian at a time does not prove anything. Hitler was not a Christcuck. Cope.
Not a surprise you use tiktok, sodomite larper.
>>362 Your god is a jew
>>363 Your leader is likely in hell
>>364 Nooo not the fire pit!!! NOOOOO
Open file (58.64 KB 362x281 Gott Mit Uns.jfif)
Open file (1.19 MB 400x400 1490071047819.gif)
>>370 >discord
>>361 Hitler was not a liar.
>>358 let me guess next you'll post a grainy jpeg of the "pope" kissing some nigger's foot
>>410 t. ignores all the evidence because muh jew on a stick
>>413 And who put him there? Jews.
>>413 Right, evidence such as the proven fake Goebbels diary and zweites buch
>>358 Get this disgusting, effeminate, and reprobate sissy out of the church.
>>506 Are you a christian? If so, do it yourself. God might be testing your faith right now.
>>507 What is the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost?
>>358 This is wickedness and abomination.
I find it funny that almost every argument on imageboards relies on cherrypicked examples and should the poster's arguments fail then they can at least spam more cherrypicked "evidence". The fact that you're taking time out of your day to shit up a board you have no interest in just to try and get a (you) is beyond me, it really is.
>>506 Agreed, but you should've saged the thread. We don't want to see this degeneracy on the front page.
>>512 Hear hear
Effeminate men will not inherit the kingdom of God, OP.
>>358 >Atheists: tear down Christian societies, promote apostacy, and infiltrate the churches so they follow through. >200 years later >Neopagans (aka, Atheists): *points to secularized church* "This is the true face of Christianity guyz!!!!"
>>510 OP isn't making an argument though, it's just bait. It's easy to find some liberal faggot pozzing as a particular group and say "see! they're liberal faggpts!", but anyone who's been on imageboards long enough knows that it won't change anyone's mind because it's just anecdote. The only reason these sorts of pics are posted are to get a reaction. Although, unlike Christianity, there's no evidence that pagan religions opposed homosexuality.
This pissed me off more than it should have.
Rather effeminate... low testosterone?
Talk about being lukewarm and conformed to this world...
>real christianity has never been tried
>>1204 Martin Luther did nothing wrong.
>>1205 >>1204 >bumping a 2 month old thread
>>361 No argument.

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