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Anonymous 01/06/2021 (Wed) 05:49:50 No.324
Whoever you and your group are, if you declare yourselves enemies of the Cross, then you shall perish without fail.
>>344 This. I understand why any right-minded individuals would want to call out the evils of the Globohomo machinations going on -- of which Jewish men constitute the large majority. But attempting to conflate that Satanic evil with the astoundingly loving and sacrificial propitiation the Son of God Jesus Christ made for us to afford salvation for us all is ludicrous. Not only is it misguided to the highest degree possible (b/c as you imply, you by definition exclude yourself from eternal life that being the only route) but it's obviously yet more puppeteering by Satan against humanity. Set up a cadre of globohomo kikes into power, then point to them and say "See! Look how God is!11". Utter insanity.
>>324 Yet Adolph Hitler himself was a Roman Catholic? The man even married Eva just before his own death!
>>346 >Adolph Hitler himself was a Roman Catholic Lol

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