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Open file (141.30 KB 900x750 EqAF2EFXIAEfLD5.jpeg)
Anonymous 12/28/2020 (Mon) 05:43:26 No.319
Was it autism?
>two men in dresses touching each other It was worse than autism
>>319 Yes, Santa was autistic for Christ. >>320 Shoo shoo!
>>326 >Shoo shoo! Silence, semite
>>320 Oh hey, it's that one faggot from /fascist/! You pagan niggers were so upset at me showing the light of Christ that you banned me. Cringe!
>>328 Absolutely seething
The Orthodox certainly had some good points, but overall it did more harm than good. So no.
Open file (452.84 KB 1080x978 nordic discord.png)
>>329 Cringe!
>>331 Yikes!
Open file (170.63 KB 435x767 GOD WILLS IT.png)
>>327 You have no power here LARPagan!
>>338 >doos bolt die for Israel Yikes

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